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by the Rev. T. W. Barlow, Prebendary of 13. At Walthamstow, Thomas Charlton Bristol, the Rev. Andrew Bowlt, of Bam Speer, M.D. of Bath, to Catharine, eldest borough, Northumberland, to Miss Cathe daughter of Thomas Templeman, Esq. of rine Sharp, of Clare Hall, Middlesex, only Whips Cross. daughter and sole heiress of the late James 14. Charles Scott Stokes, Esq. of Basing. Sharp, Esq. of Leadenball-street, London, hall-street, to Miss Emma Jeokins of Beachand great grand-daughter of the most Rev. ley, near Chepstow. John Sharp, some time Archbishop of York, Mr. Jaines Martin Knight, of Graceand niece to the late William and Granville church-street, to Eleanor Heale Burrows, Sharp, Esqrs.

daughter of Mr. James Burrows, surgeon, 9. Charles Snell Chauncy, Esq. of Mem of Bishopsgate-street. den, Herts, to Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel 19. Capt. William Patterson, of the Hon Beale, Esq. of Fitzroy-square.

East India Company's service, to Sarah, 11. At Ware, the Rev. Thomas Pavili, to daughter of the late Thos, Bolton, Esq. of Miss Creasy, both of the same place,

the Temple. - Francis James Adam, Esq. youngest 23. At St. Bride's Church, Mr. William son of the Right Hon, the Lord Chief Com. Thompson Turtle, Surgeon, of Buntingford, missioner Adam, to Mary, daughter of his Herts, to Frances, youngest daughter of alr. Excellency General Poliaratsky.

Bonner, of Fleet-street,

MONTHLY OBITUARY, ATELY, in North Cumberland-street, Mellish, Equerry to the Prince Regent; a

, a Major in his Majesty's 5th regiment of 25. At Ewood Hall, near Halifax, the foot, eommanded by the late Duke of Rev. John Fawcett, D.D., aged 78. Northamberland, aged 68.

Ai Chichester, the Rev. John Moore, Lately, at Oaks, Ospringe, Kent, John M.A., Vicar of the Cathedral, &c. &c. Toker, Esq. aged 71.

In Pulteney.street, Bath, Mrs. Thoon Lately, in Upper Seymour-street, Mrs. son, Lady of George Nesbitt Thomson, of Frances Manners, daughter of the late Lord Gloucester, and of Penton Lodge, Hlants. William Mauners,

She was a near relative of the Right Hon. Lately, at Marseilles, Robert St. John, Nicholas Vapsittart.- Aged 50. Fsq. son of the Right Hoo. Lord Bollin 27. At Lamer, Charles Drake Garrard, broke,

Esq. aged 62. Lately, the Right Rev. John Flynn, Ro. At Heytenbury House, in the 70th man Catholic Bishop of Achonry.

year of his age, Sir W.P.A. à Couri. Lately, in Rutland-street, Dublin, Mrs. 29. At a quarter before nine in the mornE. Bury, aunt to the Earl of Charleville, ing, at Higham Hill, Walthamstow, in the aged 85.

79th year of his age, John Harman, Esq. Lately, at Bath, George Whiteheadl, Esg. 30. In Exeter, William Todd, Esq. forof Weston House, near that city, Mr. White. merly of the South Sea House, aged 75. bead was formerly a banker in London; 31. At Cheltenham, James Steers, Esz. he was also a Member of the Society of of Bernard-street, Russell-square. Friends.

In Upper Brook-street, Benjamin Lately, at Boston, the Rev. Samuel Par. Hall, of Hepsol Castle, Esq. M.P. for the tridge, M.A. F.A.S., Vicar of that parish county of Glamorgan. upwards of 32 years.

Aug. 1. At St. Catharine's, near Dublin, Lately, at Morant Bay, Jamaica, Mr. the Right Hon. David Latouche, many years Hill, the once celebrated singer at Covent one of his Majesty's Privy Council, and Garden, and other Metropolitan Theatres. : for forty years a Member of the Parlia

July 17. Robert Crowe, senior, Esq.; in' ment of Ireland. He was the senior part1797, Mr. Crowe went into Parliament for ner in the great banking house of Latouche the Borough of Philipstone, under the pa and Co., Dublin, long celebrated in every tronage of an exalted Nobleman : but find part of the British Empire for probity, hoing his palren an advocate for the Union, nour, and solidity.--Aged 88. be vacated his seat,

At Ditton Common, Surrey, Samuel 19, lo Charles-street, Bath, Jobo Palmer, Johnson, Esq. in the 70th year of his uge, Esq. many years city architect and surveyor, and in the 53d of the service of the East aged 78.

India Company; 33 of which he filled the 24. In East-street, Red Lion-square, Mr. oflice of Examiner of Indian Corresponda Alexander M.Lauris, Commander of the ence with ability and integrity, equalled shup Tobago.

only by his modest worth. At Hodsack Priory, Lieutenant-Col. A1 Rudary-building, Kent road, Alex.


ander Murray Shields, Esq. of Lloyd's Cof - Downing, Rector of that place, and fee flouse, aged 69.

perpetual Curate of Nonington, Keof. At Newington, Mr. T.J. Sterrey, aged 13. On the Parades Walk, Bath, Wu, 48.who was knocked down about two months Gray, Esq. banker, of Crewkerne, and sioce in Blackfriars-road by some person formerly a Major in the Crewkerne Voluo. unknown, by which accident his leg was so teers, seyerely fractured as to occasion his death. In Hanover-square, Harry Darby, Esq. Arcbibald Paxtoo, Esq. of Bucking

aged 74. ham-street, York-buildings; and Watford. 14 In Upper Grosvenor-street, John Cle. place, Herts ; aged 80.

ments, Esq. aged 86. 3. At Knockbarn, Kirkhall, Mr. Jobo 15. Benjamin Cherry, Esq. solicitor, and Fraser, aged 102.

21 years Town Clerk of the Borough of 4. At Wandsworth, Mrs. Philippa Gee, Heriford. daughter of the late Richard Gee, Esq. of In Southampton-street, BloomsbaryOrpinglon, Kent.

square, William Huson, Esq. aged 73. 8. The Right Hon. Henri Benedict Jules In Oxford-street, Major-geveral Str de Betizy, Lord Bishop of Uzes, in France, Montague R. Burgoyne, Bart.of Sutton Park, aged 73.

in the county of Bedfordshire, after a lovg 12. At Qainton, Bucks, the Reverend and painful illness.

J. Travels.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pennant's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literatore, are respectfully informed, that a Few proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are struck off on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure them, as the nuinber printed is very LIMITED.

S. Hawkins's Inquiry into the Nature, The Third Volume of M, de Humboldi's Poetry in general, but more particularly of By the Rev. T. Jobostone, a History of Dramatic Poetry.

Berwick-upon-Tweed and its Vicinity, inHorne's Introduction to the Critical Study cluding a compendium of border history. and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, in The Works of the Rev. Oliver Heywood, two octavo volumes.

with an account of bis life, and will form Wilkes's second and third volume of his four octavo volumes. Historical Sketches of the South of In The late Mr. R. L. Edgeworth has left dia,

some memoirs of his life, which will soon Donnoghue has in the press, a Series of be given to the public. Practical Lectures on the leading Doctrines The Theological Works of Dr. Isaac Bar. of the Gospel, principally intended for row are printing at Oxford, in six 8vo. vols. young persons.

The Essay on Public Credit, by David Accum's Chymical Amusements; com Hume, is reprinting, with cbservations on prising a series of curious and instructive the sound and prophetic nature of its prive experiments easily performed, and unat. ciples. teaded by danger.

Mr. Pope's corrected edition of his Nemoirs on Enropean and Asiatic Tur. Abridgement of the Laws of Customs and key, from the manuscript journals of Excise, including all the alterations made in modern travellers in those countries, edited the last Session of Parliament. hy Mr. R. Walpole, will soon appear in a Miss Lucy's Memoirs of the Court of quario volume, illustrated by plates. Queen Elizabeth.

Dr. Roches' Inquiry relative to the pro An cctavo edition of Mawe's Travels in per Objects of Philosophy, and the best the Brazils. Modes for conducting Philosophical Re The Poetical Remains avd Memoirs of searches, in an octavo volume.

the late Johu Leyden, A translation of Prof. Orfilia's Elemen The Personal Narrative of M. de Humtary Treatise on Chymistry.

boldt's Travels to the Equinoctial Regions The Poetical Remains and Memoirs of of the New Continent, the late Dr. John Leyden,

By Mr. J. N. Brewer, a Collection to. The Knight of St. Joha, a Romance, by wurds a Biographical Account of the late Miss Anna Maria Porter. Hugh, Duke of Northumberland.

The fourth edition of Lalla Rnokh. Rosabella; or, the Mother's Marriage, in A third Volume of the History of five volumes, by the author of the Runance Brazil. By R. Southey. of the Pyrenees.

Marcet's Essay on the Chemical History Mis A. M. Porter, the Koight of St. and Medical Treatmeot of Calculous disJoko, a sumauce, in three volumes,


In the press.

Miss Benger's Memoirs, with a selection Cornelius Nepos, with English Notes from the Correspondence, and other one and Questions, by the Rev. C. Bradley, pablished Writings, of the late Mrs. Eliza M.A, for the use of schools, duodecimo. heth Hamilton.

The Classical Journal, No. XXXI, for An Universal History translated from the June 1817; containing a variety of clasGerman of John Müller, in Three vols. 8vo. sical, biblical, and oriental literature, pub

A new edition, much enlarged, of a lished quarterly. Treatise on the pature and cure of the Gout The Pamphleteer, No. XIX. ; being an and Rheumatism. By D. Scudamore. impartial record of the best pamphlets of

Mr. Moir, an indefatigable Compiler of the day on all subjects of general interest. several useful Publications, announces ano The Ægis of England; or, the Trither selection under the title of Curious avd umpbs of the late War, as they appear in Interesting Subjects of History, &c. the thanks of Parliament, progressively

The fifth and last part of Albert voted to the Navy and Army; and the Durus' Prayer Book, with introductory communications, either oral or written, matter.

on the subject, chronologically arranged, A folio Work in Forty pages, containing with notes biographical and military, by Ornaments from the Antique for the use of Maurice Evans, Navy and Army Agent. Architects, Sculptors, Painters, and Orna 8vo. mental Workers.

Chromatics; or, an Essay on the Ana. Miss Lefanus' new Novel, entitled Helen logy and Harmony of Colours. Manteagle.

The Genuine Works of William Hogarth, A new edition of the abridgement of with Biograghical Anecdotes, by John Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, revised by Nichols, F.S.A. and the late George Stee. John Carey, LL.D.

vens, F.R.S. and F.S.A. The Christian Faith stated and explained. Clavis Hogarthiana; or, Illustrations of by the Rev. H. C. O'Donnoghue, A.M. Hogarth, from passages in authors he never

Also, by the same, Early Piety, a Ser read, and could not understand. mon on Prov. iv. 9. addressed to Youth. British Monachism ; or, Manners and

A digested Index to the first Twenty Customs of the Monks and Nuns of Eng. four Volumes of the Evangelical Maga- land. zine.

An Essay on Public Credit, by David Zapolya, a dramatic poem, by Mr. Cole. Hume, first printed in 1752, with a letter ridge.

to the people of Great Britain and Ireland A IIistory of St. Domingo, from the on the prophetic character of its prin. earliest period to the present Time, from ciples. best authorities.

The Second Part of Lackington and Just published,

Co.'s Catalogue. Armageddon, a Poem, the first eight Ormerod's History of Cheshire, Part books by the Rev. G. Townsend, Trin. Coll. IV. Camb, 2d edit. 8vo.

GURES. Trial of Watson, 2 vols.


PUBLISHED IN AUGUST, Al the Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE.

Coxe's Guide through France, 7s. 8vo, 11. 4s.

Authentic Memoirs of the Revolution in Whitaker's Abridgment of Universal llis. France, 8vo, bds. 10s, 6d. tory, 4 vols. 4to. 81, 8s.

Shaw's Zoology, Vol. 10. 21. 12s. 68. Essay on the Mysteries of Flensus, by M. Memoirs of the Montague Family, 11. Is. Ouvaroff, translated from the French by Evening Hours, a Collection of Original J. D. Price, 8vo. 103. 60.

Poems, 5s, 60. Phillips's Lectures on Astronomy, 6s. 63, The Works of Claudian, translated by A. Porteus's Works, 6 vols, new edit, 21. 8s. Hawkins, Esq. in 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Ils. 6d. The Principles of Midwifery, by Professor, Beauties of Massinger, 12mo. 85. Buros, 4th edit. 8vo. 148.

Wiiks's Historical Sketches of the South of An Account of the Revolution in Spanish Wales, Vol. 2 and 3, 4to. 41. 4s. America, 8vo, 9s.

The Edinburgh Annual Register, Vol. 8, for A Botanical Description of British Plants 1815, II, Is.

in the Midland Counties, by T. Purton, France, by Lady Morgan, 2 vols. Syo. 2 vols. Sro, Il.

Il. lls, 6d.


Jules duch;

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. N reply to the remarks of several Cor. OD Church and Chapel Singing, and Charity

respondents, the Editor regrets bis ne Sermon puffing'-in which, however, the cenity of apoligising to the Subscribers of many improprieties of that system it labours the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE for the very infe. to support are made still more apparent, rior engraving of Mr. BLANCHARD, which from ihe weakness and absurdity of this ate accompanied the last Number, arising from tempt at its vindication. That ibeatrical the incapacity of the Artist. The circum melody should constitute part of the attracstances, however, under which it was una tions and service of the House of God, voidably inserted can never occur again; surely cannot be justified by asserting, that and in soliciting his Friends' indulgence for "it promules the interests of religion and the disappointment, the Editor begs leave morality!and it is, we are confident, a lio to refer to the unvaried excellence of the bel on the Ministers of our Church to say, Magazine's Portraits for a proof of the bio it is at their instigation."-Veritas gravely cerity of this excuse.

assures us he is not a Clergyman, and we We have not forgotten the former kind. most readily believe him, for be also as seriDesses of G. F. M. and we hope to convince ously assures us, that “ He is a stranger to him that his future correspondence will be the feelings of charily and humanity, who not less estimated than those that preceded it. could convert the best measures (Les Con

We presume “ Poetic Justicewas not certs à la Theatre!) to forward the culture serious in requesting an insertion of his of religion and virtue in the youthful mind, Epilaph on Burns."

into criticism and derision !"-In declining The observations of G: C, H, A. shall re the insertion of this letter, we take the liceive all the attention they deserve. The berty of recommending to its Author the Jioes accompanying them were certainly not study of the "

Book of Common Prayer," intended for insertion, as whatever merit and “ Linley Murray's Grammar." they may have possessed at Bristol, they re The Enigma attributed to Miss SEWARD sembled nothing in the shape of Poetry on has been too frequently before the public to their arrival here.

acquire any new interest from its re-insera New books intended for reviewal are

tion. usually sent to the Editor.

Fragmenta, No. XXI. and Viater in our Viator has our best thanks for his polite. next. ness, and our request for a continuance of W. F. is unavoidably deferred till oor his communications.

next. We have been favoured with a most vehe Cypher as soon as possible. mert epistle signed Verilas, replying to T.-Elvira-W, E. are inadmissible. on some observations in our April Number, AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BANKRUPTS,


Extracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Altornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. BROOKE, JOHN, Brakenborough, Wiltshire, dealer, GARDNER, THOS. CHRIS. Brentford, iron-monAug. 2.

ger, dug. 9. BRISTOW, JOHN, Cholsey, Berks, shop-keeper, HUGHES, E. E. Red-lion-sq. merchant, Aug. 16. dus. 9.

MASON, PAUL, New-mill, Derbyshire, grocer, COOPER, HENRY, Portsea, Southampton, print. Aur. 2. seller, Aug. 10.

NORRIS, PHILIP and Co. Liverpool, merchants, FEARD, RICH. Westoe, Denham, ship-owner, Aug. 13. Aug. 2.

STORY, THOS. South Blyth, Northumberland, FISHER, WM. Union-pl. Lambeth, Surrey, mer master mariner, Aug. 9. chaut, Aug. 16.

WEST, GEO, Kingston-upon-hull, draper, Aug 9.

BANKRUPTS. ABRAHAMS, MICH. Minories, merchant, Sept. 9. monger, Sept. 19.(Coombs, Lambeth-road.) Aug, l. (Abraham, Jewryast. Aldgate.) July 29.

BATE, WILL. Birmingham, victualler, Sept. 13, ASH MEAD, THOS. Bristol, haberdasher, Sept. 30. Royal, Birmingham. [Clarke and Co. Chancerys

Ruminer, Brissol. (Walker, Bristol; and Adlington la) Aug. 2. and Co. Bedford row.] Aug. 19.

BYERS, ANN and Co. South-shields, Durham; and BUSST, JOHN, Aston, near Birmingham, Warwick, Mile end, slip-owners, Sept. 23. (Lang, America. gum-barrel maker, Sept. 6, Royal, Birmingham. $) Aug. 19. (Maudsley, Birmingham; and Punton, Wine BEAL, GEO. King's-armg.chambers, merchant, ottice co. Temple. ) July 26.

Sent. 9, and 30. (Hull, Staple.inn.) Aug 19. BEAVAN, LAWRENCE CREW, Clifton, Glouces. BEST, JOS. Birmingham, pochet-book-maher, Sept. ter, baker, Sept. 6, Commercial-rooins, Bristol. 6, 8, and 30. Royal, Birmingham (Egerton and (Mereditli, Bristol, and Price and Co. Lincolo's Co. Gray's-inn-sq.; and Spurrier and Co. Birming, inn.) July 86.

ham) dug. 19. BIDDLE, JOS. Birmingham, factor, Sept. o, Wool. COLE, JAS. Plymouth, Devon, tope-maker, Sept.

combe, Moor-st. Birmingham. (Webb, Union st. 6, King's-arms, Plymoutis. (leach and Co. Ply. Birminglum; and Wmnule, John-st. Bedford-row.)

and Jakinson, Middie-zeinple.] July 9.

. BOARNE, JOHN, London road, Southwark, cheese. COTIELL, JAS. Duncombe-mi!!, Wiltshire, paper


maker, Sept. 2o, Full-moon, Bath. Hodgson, Bath; and Highmoor, Scots-yard, Bush-la.]

A. 9. COULTER, JOHN, Chatham, carpenter, Sept. 6,

and Oct. 4. (Lamprey, Maidstone; and Jones, Millman-st. Bediord.row.) Aug. 99. DRUITT, GUSTAVUS RICHARD, Winchester, linen.draper, Sept. 6, George, Winchester. (Godwin, Winchester; and Emly, Temple.)

July 26. Davis, CHAS. Southampton.row, Bloomsbury: cabinet.maker, Sept. 16. [Poole, Adams-co. old

Broad-st.] Aug. 5. DAY, WM. Providence-buildings, New Kent-road,

plumber, Sept. 16. (Marson, Newington-butts, Surrey.) Aug. 5. DOWSETT, SAN. Stewart-st. Spitalfields, silkman,

Sept, 20. (Sweet and Co. Basinghall-st.) Aug.9. DIGGLES, GEO. Newman-st. Oxford-st. money

scrivener, Sept. 20. [Barrett and Co. Gray's inn.) DAMAN, THOS. Tiddington, Middlesex, farmer,

Sept. 83. (Rose, Percy-st. Bedford-sq.) Aug. DONALD, JONATHAN, Abbott-lodge, Westmor.

land, catile-dealer, Sept. 1, 9, and 29, Grey-roat, Carlisle. (Pearson, Carlisle; and Birkilt, Cloak:

la.) Aug. 18. DAMAN, THOS. Teddington, Middlesex, farmer,

Sept. 23. (Koce, Percy-st. Bedford-s1.] Aug. 19. ELLIOTT, GEO. Woodchurch, Kent, butches, sept.

9. (Reilley, Clementis.inn.) July 29. ELTONHEAD, JORN, Liverpool, spirit-merchant,

Sept. 16, George, Liverpool. (Grittith and Co.

Liverponl.) A . PKY, EDM. Hound dirch, apholsterer, Sept. 30.

(Wilks, Finsbury-sq.) Anm. 19. FENNELL, THOS. and Co. Aldgate,

soap-manufacturers, Sept. 6. (Lewis and Co.

Prince's-st. Bodford row.) July 6. FARRELL, CORNELIUS, Gosport house, linen.

draper, Sept. 6, India-arms, Gosport. (Minchin and Co. Gosport; and Briggs and Co. Essex-si,

Strand.) July 26. FRISBY, RICH, Leicester, horse-dealer, Sept. 20, stag and Pheasant, Leicester. (Pilkinton, Leices.

ter; and Makinson, Middle.temple.] Aug. 9. FREWING, JAS. Blackwater, Surrey, grocer, Sept.

20, at Mr. R. Bartham's, Oxford. (Walsh, Ox. ford; and Pownall, Staples.inn.) Ång. 9. FUSTAIN, WM. Liverpool, wholesale grocer, Sept.

23, George, Liverpool. (Rosson and Co. Liver.

pool; and Clarke and Co. Chancery-la ) Aug. 12. GRIFFITHS, WM. Beauinaria, Anglesea, currier,

Sept. 9, White-lion, Chester. Finchett, Chester;

and Philpot and Co. Temple.) yuly 29. GREEN, WM. Lloyd's Coffee-house, underwriter,

Sept. 9. (Lindsay, St. Thomas-st. Southwark.]

July 29. GOODIE. JOHN, Liverpool, ash manufacturer,

Sept. 13, George, Liverpool. [Blackstock and Co.

Teople.1 Aug 9. GOM PERTZ, HENRY, North-end, Hampstead,

inerchant, Sept. 13. (Sabine and Co. Carmarthen-st. Bedford. q.) Ang. 2. GLASSON ROB. Graisbeck, Cumberland, dealer in

butter, Sept. 1, and Oct. 4,, Penrith, Harrison, Penrith; and Addison, Staple's inn. Auz. 23. HOSEASON, WM. Jamaica, merchant, Sept. 6.

Paterson, Old July 26. HOLT, JOHN, I awrence, Manchester, dealer, Sept.

1. White-bear, Manchester. [Ellis, Chancery

la1 Aug. 2. FANNUM, EDW. Threadneedle-st. ship-broker,

Sept. 16. (Reardon and Co. Corbet-co. Grace Aug. 5. HUMPHREYS, SAM. Portland-place,

merchant, Sepi. 90. (Knight and Co. Basing-hall.

st. Aug. 9. HISCOCE, EDW. Abingdon, Berks, woollen-draper,

Sept. 23. New, Abingdon. (Morland, Abingdon; and Blagrare and Co. Symond's-inn.) Aug. 12. HAZEL, GEO. Salford, somerset, victualler, Sept. 23, Angel, Bath. (Gaby and Co. Batlı: and

Adlington and Co. Bedford row ) Aug. 19. HANBURY, CHAS. Shoreditch, distiller, Sept. 87.

(Walter and Co. Girdlers.hall, Basinghall-st.)

Aaz. 15. AAN BURY, WM. Shoreditch, distiller, Sept. 27.

(Walter and Co. Girdler's hall, Basinghall-st.] HAYNES, MATTHEW SAM. St. Mary-axe, dealer

in wine, Sept. 9, and Oct. 4. (Griffiths, Clement's.

la. Lombard-st. Aug. 23. JOHNSON, THós. Billy.mill, Northumberland,

miller, Sept. 2, and 27, George, Newcastle upon. Tyne. (Reymour, Newoastle-upon-Tyne; 'and

Bell and Co. Cheapside.] Aug. 16. KEARNEY, PATRICK, Manchester, tailor, Sept.

20, Dog, Manchester. (Clave and Co. Manchester; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.) Aug. LYNCH, PATRICK, Liverpool, woollen-draper,

Sept. 5, George, Dale-st. Liverpool. [Phillips, Liverpool; and Windie, John-si. Bedford-row.) July 29. LEE,'WM. Church-st. Rotherhithe, ship-chandler,

Sept. 9. [Ingold, Jamaica row, Bermondsey.)

July 29. LAKEMAN, DAVID HICKLEY, Liverpool, mer

chant, Sept. 20, York, Liverpnol. (Whitley, Li. verpool; and Windle, John-st. Bedford-row.) Aug... LEWARN, WM. Taunton, Somerset, carpenter,

Sept. 9, und 93, Lamb, Bridgwater. (Boys, Bridge water; and Blake, Cook's-co. Aug. 19. LINDEK, ROBT. Hart-sl. Crutched.friars, ship

broker, Sept. 23. (Hackett, Crutched. friars.) Aug. 12. LEWIS, EDW. Slanbester, Radnorshire, farmer,

Sept. 5, 6, and Oct. 4, Duke's arms, Knighton. (Meredith, Knighton: and Meredith, Lincoln's. inn.) Aug. 29. MANŃ, Jos. Sen. Templesowerby, Westmorland,

tanner, Sept. 13,, Penrith. (Lowden,

Clement's-inn.) Aug. l. MOSLEY, JOHN OSBORNE, and Co. Sidmouth-pl.

Gray's-inn-lane, inannfacturers of toys, Sept. is.

(Abbott, Mark-la.) Aug. 23. MANN, JACOB HUNNAFORD, Aveton, Gifforda

Devon, cider.merchants, Sept. 16. (Robert, Greystoke-pl. Fetterla.). Aug. 5. MITCHELL, JOHN,,

brewer. Sept. 16. (Clarke, Bishopsgate-st. With

in.) Aug. 5. MEACOCK, BOBT. Liverpool, ship.chandler, Sept.

16, George, Liverpool. (Crump and Co. Liverpool; and Bative, Chancery-la.) Aug. 5. MORGAN, JOHN, Taunton, linen-draper, Sept. 20.

White-lion, Bristol. Clarke, Bristol; and Jen

kins and Co. New.i Aug. 9. MYCOCK, HENRY, Manchester, shop-keeper,

Sept. 23, D.g, Manchester, (Clarke, Manches

ter; and Milne and Co. Temple.] Aug. 12. MEREWEATHER, W 11. Aborfield, Berkshire, tim.

ber-merchant, Sept. 29 and 30, Pelican, Speen. hamland. (Welford, Marlborough ; and Phillips, Sise-la.] Aug. 19. MAYOR, JACOB, Camomile-st. merchant, Sent.

16, and Oct. 4. (Avison and Co. Casile-st. Hol.

horn. 1 Aug. 28. NORTHALL,' WM. KNIGHT, Woolverhampton, school-master, Sept. 17, 19, and 20. (Griffiths, Bromley, Salop; and Mayhew and Co. Chancery

la.] Aug. 9. NICHOLLS, THOS. and Co. Birmingham, leather

sellers, Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 4, Littleton-arms, Penkridge. [Forster, Walsall; and Swaine and

Co. Frederick's-pl. Old Jewry.) Aug. 23. PARDOW, GEO. Coughton, Warwick, needle

maker, Sept 6, Angel. Alceston. (Cheek, Evesham, Worcester; and Boustield, Bouverie-st.

Fleet-st ) July 2. PARKER, WM. Hawkesclough, Halifax, merchant,

Sept. 13, Dog, Manchester. (Ellis, Chancery-la.]

Aug. 93. PHILLIPS, HENRY, Carey-st. Chancery-la. Coffee.

house-keeper, Sept. 20. (Knight and Co. Basing Aug. 9. PLACKET, THOS. Brearton, Derby. butcher, Sent.

23,, Nottingham. (Enfield and Co.

Nottingham.) Ang. 19. POWELL, RICHMONT), Carlisle, Cumberland,

inn-keeper, Sept. 23, Lion and Lamb, Carlisle. (Saul, Carlisle ; and Clennell, Staple's-inn.)

Aug. 19. PHILLIPS, ALEX. and Co. Salter's-hall-co. mer.

chants, Sept. 23. (Pearce and Co. St. Swithin's

la.) Aug. 10. RICHARDS, SILAS, Liverpool, merchant, Sept. 13,

George, Liverpool. (Low and Co. Southampton

bds. Chancery-la.) Aug. 20. REEVE, THOS. and Co. Bucklersbury, warehouse

men, Sept 20. (Adams, Old Jerry. Aug. 9. ROBERTS, OWEN, Amlwick, Anglesey, shop-keep

er, Sept. 29. George, Liverponl. [Gonnery, Liver. pool; and Chester, Staple's.inn.) Aug. 18,

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