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RUSSELL, DAN. Downham, Cambridgeshire, vic

toaller, Sept. 30, Eagle and Child, Cambridge,

[Smith and Co.] Aug. !9. RANKINE, DAV, and Co. Prati-p!, Camden-town,

and Sydney-st. merchants, Sept. 9, and 30. (Robinson and Co. Austin-friars.] . Aug.

19. REEKS, WM. jun. Wimborne Minster, Tanner,

Sept. 1. &, and Oct. 4, New-inn, Wimborne Minster. [Rowden, Wimbome; and Allen, Clifford's.

inn.) Aug, 03. RIPLEY, JOHN, Lancaster, merchant, Sept. 4, 5,

and Oct. 4, King's arms, Lancaster.) Willis, Lancaster; and Alexander and Co. New.inn.] Aug. 23. SPALL, GEO. Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, coach. maker, Sept. 6, Angel, Bury St. Edmund's. (Blagrave and Co. Symond's-inn, Chancery-la.] July 26. SANDMARK, ANDREW, Mark-la. merchant, Sept.

6. (Murray, Sun-co. Cornbill.) July 26. SMITH, ELISHA, Derby, Derbyshire, bleacher,

Sept. 6, King's arms, Derby. (Simpson, Derby ; and Barbor, Fetterla.) July 26. SLIPPER, JÓS. Crostwick, Norfolk, carpenter and

wheelwright, Sept. 9, Rampant-horse, Norwich.
Sewell and Co. Norwich; and Tilbury, Falcon-st.

Falcon-sg.) July 29
SCHOLEFIELD, NATH. and Co. Greenwich, ha.

berdashers, Sept. 13. (Cranch, Old

Broad-st.) Aug. 2.
SKYRING, ZECHARIAH, Threadneedle-st, builder,

Sept. 20. (Hutchinson, Crown-co. Temple.)

SALTER, JAS. Halberton, Devon, dealer, Sept. 93,

Angel. Tiverton. Partridge, Tiverton; and Gray,

Gray's-inn.) Aug. 12.
SALMON, JOHN.° Westbury, Somerset, dealer,

Sept, 23, White-hart, Wells, Somerset. (Welsh,
Wells; and Dyne and Co. Lincoln's-inn.) Aug.

SCOTT, WALTER, Longtown, Cumberland, dealer,

Sept. 1, 9, and 23, Grey-goat, Carlisle. (Pearson,
Carlisle; and Burkite, Cloak-la.) Aug, 19.
SHAW, SAM. London, merchant, Sept. 9, and 87.

(Niblett, Cheapside.) Aug. 16.
SPINK, HENRY, Dury-st. Westminster, smith,

Sept. 9, and Oct. 4. (Pinkerton, Clement - inn.

Ag 99.
TAYLOR, GEO. Garton, Lancashire, cotton-manu.

facturer, Sept. 13, Star, Manchester. [Adlington

and Co. Bedford-row) Aug. 2. TAYLOR, JOHN, Credinball, Herefordshire, shoe.

maker, Sept. 13, Greyhound, Hereford. (Platt,

New Lincoln's.inn.) Aug. 2. TAYLOR, JOHN, Gosport, pawnbroker, Sept. 30,

Star, Gosport. (Hardy, Bucklersbury; and Hose kins, Gosport.) Aug. 19. THOMPSON,JAS. Atherstone, Warwickshire, linen

draper, Sept. 6, 8, and 30, at the Royal, Biriningham. (Swain and Co. Frederick' Old Jewry;

and Whateley and Son, Birmingham.] Aug. 19. TORY, EDW. Christchurch, Hanis, grocer, Sept.

1, 2, and Oct. 4, New.inn, Wimborne Minster, (Rowden, Wimborne; and Dean, Guildford...)

Aug. 23.
WELDON, JAS. Budge-row, Warehouse-
man, Sept. 9. (Walker and Co. old Jewry.]

July 29.
WARNER, JOHN, Great Wigstone, Leicester, lime

merchant, Sept. 16, White-hart, Leicester. (Bond,

Leicester; and Alexander and Co. New-inn.) Aug. 6. WISE, WM. Bath, bookseller, Sept. 20, Full-moon,

Old-bridge, Bath. (Young, Charlotte-row, Man

sion-house ; and Wingale, Bath.) Aug. 9. WEITALL, BEN. Manchester, tailor, Sept. 20, Dog,

Manchester. [Baron, Manchester; and Hurd and

Co. Temple.] Aug. 9.
WALDUCK, HENRY, Homer-st. $t. Mary.le-bone,

cheesemonger, Sept. 23. (Burdon, Coldbath-89.)

Aug. 19,
WOLSTENCROFT, JOSHUA, Salford, Lancaster,

common brewer. Sept. 12, 13, and 27, Palace,
Manchester. (Kershaw, Manchester : and Hurd
and Co, Temple.) Aug. 16.
WEALE, WM. Birmingham, brazier, Sept. 17, 18,

and 30, Royal, Biriningham. (Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.; and Webb and Co. Biricingham.)

dug. 19. WITIERS, JOHN, Bristol, hat manufacturer,

Sept. 2, 3, and Oct. 4, White-hart, Bristol. (Frankis, Bristol; and King, Serjeant's inn.) Aug 23.


FROM SATURDAY, JULY 26, TO SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1817. ABBOTT, R. Coventry, Aug. 23 Colee, F. and Co. Mincing-la. July, Fincham, O. High-st. Sept. 5 Angell, J. Reading, Aug. 5


Foster, W. Leicester, Sept. 19 Ash bey, J. Boxstead, Dec.s Clarke, M. jun. Colchester-st. Aug Foster, S. Leicester, Sept. 19 Amox, J. and Co. St. Helen's-pl. 23

Ford, H. Portsmouth, Sept. 15. Aug. 30

Cooke, L. Winsley-st.' Aug. 9 Ferguson and Co. Kendal, Sept. 13 Adair, A. and Co. Winchester-st. Cullimore, J. Lawrence Pourtney. Grani, c. Aug. 16 Aug. 30 la. Aug. 26

Gaze, M. Mircham, Ang. 23 Abbotts, G. Lacher, Ang. 30 Cohen, B. Bisliopsgate-st. Aug. 26 Gray, J. Billier-sq. Aug. 23 Asling and Co. Bermondsey, Sent i Clarli, T. and Cis, Keswick, Sept. 2 Gwdyear, J. Hood Grange, Aug. 97 Atkinson, B. Doncaster, Sept. 25 Crump, T. Bishop Burinn, Sept. 2 Grainger, J. Martin' Aug. 30 Adie, F. Armitage, Sept. 16 Chesney, H. High Holborn, Sept.s Goundrill, J. Gracechurch-street, Bursidge, S. G. Deptford, Aug. 19 Caine, H. Austin friars, Sept. s Sept. 5 Bruton, T. Kilcnt, Aug. 21

Channer, G, Sutton, Sept. 1 George, J. G. N. New Bond-st. Braithwaite, J. Leeds, Aug. 10 Cranstone, W. Hull, Sept. 20

sept, 5 Buits, G. Ing. 19 Carbuti, F. sen, und Co. Manches. Green, J. (. Bath, Sept. 6 Bwves, B. Tokenhouse va, Aug. 16 ter, Sept.

Gould, C. Kingston Farm, Sept. I Biriu, W. and Co. Fieet-st. Aug. Duncain, J. East Teignmouth, Gregory, Z. Aston, Sept. 16 19 Aug. 18

Gammon and Co. Austin-friars, Borland, J. Liverpool, Aug. 22 Dixin, J. and E. Liverpool, Aug. 22 Oct. 11 Bechinan, S. M. Turowheel. la. Dawson, J. Derby, Aug 20 Gillingham, H. jun. Corse Castle, Aug, 25 Dupe. W. Oxford, Aug. 23

Sept. 16 Brennan, J. Upper Russell-st. Aug. Duckworth, H. Manchester, Aug. Green and Co, Nottingham, Sept. 15 26 26

Gondvear, W. Sept. 18 Blackburn, P. Turnchapel Dock, Delahov, J. Deptford, Aug. 30 Harvard, J. Blackmore-st. Aug. 16 Ang. 16

Disston, W. Worcester, Aug. 29 Hoolboom, J. E. Union-co. Aug. 19 Bessill, C. Sept. 10 Duchmarch, T. and Co. George-st. Hawkridge, C. Brearton, Aug. 20 Bell, W. Horncastle, Sept. 1

Ang. 23

Haines, R. City-road, Aug. 19 Binyon, E. Frnchurch st. Sept. 1 Du Bois, G. London-wall, Sept. 19 Hull, G. sen. Hillmorton, Sept. & Baxter, R. Talbot-inn-yard, Oct. 4 Dikie', J. Plymouth Dock, Sept. 9 Harris, T. and Co. Market-st. Aug. Benson, S. Houndeditch, Sept. 6 Evans, T. Moninorth, Sept. 2

26 Donwn and Co. Sept. Eegar, T. Holy burn, Sept. 5 Hamlyn, R. and Co. Bideford, Aug. IS Ellwood, R. London, Sept. 2

os Bargerbar and Co. East Smithfield, Edwards, R. Great Surrey-st. Sept. Halmarack, J. Newcastle-underSept. 16 90

Lune, Aug. 26 Bridgman, J. Torquay, Sept. 15 Earl, J. sen. Sept. Harvard, J. Aug. 26 Bates, J. Bishop Stortford, Oct. 10


H. Stratford-upon-Avon, Earl, J. jun. Preston, Sept. 10

Sept. 2 Burgess, J. Coventry-st. Sept. 13 Flynn, M. Wardour-st. Aug. 16 Hetherington, F. Kirklinton, Aog. Choion, T. Much Marcle, Aug. 14 Fisher, W. Cambridge, Aug. 23 us

Hawkins, J. Radipole, Aug. 26 Marler, J. and Co. Ironmonger.ia. Siordet, J. M. and Co. Austin-fri. Hennikson, J. Litchfield, Aug. 30 Aug. 23

Aug. 19 Hird, S. Bishop Wearmouth, M'Clary, J. Sept. 6 Simpson, W. Manchester, Aug. 15 Sept. 1

Mathews, P. Sept. 10 Shepard, s. Wellington, Aug. 29 Heathfield, T. Tiverton, Sept. 19 M'Carthy, C. Long-la. Sept. 10 Search, F. Clerkenwell, Aug. 26 Hales, C. Bolt-co. Sept. 17 Mortall, W. Birmingham, Sept. 16 Smith, c. S. Clare-st. aug. 3 Hole, W. Islington, Sept. 8 MacNamara, R. Pentonville, Sept.20 Scarborough, J. Buckden, Aug. 28 Hughes J. and Co. Štorrington, Macnair, A. Queen-st. Sept. 27 Scarborough, W. Stilton, Aug. 28 Sept. 8

Matthews, W. Winchcomb, Sept. 13 Salisbury, J. Exeter, Sept. 4 Haywood, J. W. Naylor, R. Chigwell, Sept. i Shutt, J. Paternoster-row, Aug. 26 Sedt. 8

Naish, J. Edward-st. Sept. 26 Shorte, T. H Exeter, Aug. 26 Harvard, J. Chiswell-st. Sept. 16 Neale, J. Milk-st. Sept. is Stubbs, D. Liverpool, Aug. 23 Huram, C. and Co. Limehouse, Newcombe, B. Bowbridge, Sept. 13 Sutcliffe, T. & Co. Lad-la. Aug. 30 Sept. 8

Oakley, W. Bath, Sept. 3 Squire, C. Furnival' Sept. Hanly, M. Mitre-co. Sept. 9 Pearson, J. Wombwell, Aug. 95 16 Hayter, W. Whitchurch, Sept. 23 Purley, J. High st. Aug. 16 Slater, A. Gawsworth, Sept. 11 Higgins, W. Newport, Sept. 9 Pugh, E. Lewes, Aug. 16

Stevenson, W. Preston, Sept. 19
Hall, R. Liverpool, Sept. 13 Parsons, B. Somerset-st. Aug. 10 Shout, B. Bagnigge-wells, Sept. 9
Haycock, J. Wells, Oct. 23 Phillips, J. & Co. Mortlake, Aug.19 Standen, J. #1. Dover, Sept. 11
Henberthy, H. Helston, Sept. 14 Pereira, M. and Co. Oid Bethlem, Samuel, A. Aldgate, Sept. 11
Isaac, E. Queen's sq. Aug. 23 Aug. 19

Siinson, E. Globe-st. Sept. 11
Jolliffe, T. Warwickshire, Aug. 26 Price, G. Threacneedle-st. Aug. 25 Sadler, F. Wilmslow, Sept. 19
Isaac, E. Queen's-sq. Sept. 27
Pywell, J. Oxford, Aug. es

Stoec, I. Little Yarmouth, Sept. 18
Jones, H. Deptford, Sept. & Pickering, J. Hatton-wall, Aug. 26 Tulor, J. and Co. Upper Thames-
Land, J. Wakefield, Aug. 29 Paxton, W. Gordington, Aug. 30 st. Aug. 20
Livic, R. Austin-friars, Sept. 10 Pearsoni, G. Leadenhall st. Aug. so Tindie, J. Minories, Sept. 16
Lande, J. Tokenhouse ya. Sept. 8 Peirson, T Nov. 8 Tartt, W. M.oid Broad-st. Sept. 11
Lucas, w. Cheapside, Sept. 10 Pyne, S. Horsely down, Sept. 18 Topham, C. Stourport, Sept. 16
Loggin, F. Aylesbury, Sept. 10 Paterson, W. Leargill, Sept. 13 Willins, M. North Shields, Aug. 18
Miller, T. Great Wakering, Aug. 9 Pugh, J. Red-lion-si. Sept. 10 Willins, W North Shields, Aug. 18
Machell, R. Dewsbury, Aug. 2 Pearson, R. oncaster, Sept. 28 Woolcombe, W.jun. St. Michael'on
Maitland, D. New Bridge-st. Aug. 2 Peachey, J. Fordham, Sept. 19 alley, Aug. ?
Maileson, J. K. Sweeting's-alley, Rickwood, J. T. Devizes,' Aug. 29 Weston, P. Bilton, Aug. 18
Aug. 19

Keiley, J. Manchester, Aug. 15 Watson, J. Tothinaine, Aug. 27 Mercer, T. and Co. Tonbridge, Aug. Rutt. T. Dalston, Aug. ?

Watkins, J. Chapel-st. Aug. 26 26 Rowe, J. Castle st. Aug. 26

Weston), P. Bilion, Sept. 15 Mansell, S. Stow on the Wold, Aug. Ranson, J. jun. Sunderland, Sept. 1 Williams, T. Coleman-st. Aug. 30

Rope, J. Shoreditch, Sept. 2 Wilson, W.jun. Banbury, Sept. 2 Marsh, H. Brentford, Aug. 28 Reilley, J. Manchester, Sept. 15 Webb, J. Wolverliampton, Sept. 9 Montreth and Co. Gracechurch-st. Rose, J. North Basham, Sept. 4 Wright, M. Derby, Sept. 19 Aug. 30

Rain, J. Baynigge-wells, Sept. 9 Wooldridge, G.jun. Plaistow, Sept.17 Mancaster, J. Lancaster, Sept. 4 Russell, J. štrand, Sept. 11 Woodrow, J. Sijuth-row, Sept. 15)


FROM SATURDAY, JULY 26, TO SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 1817. ADAMS, D. Fleet-st. Aug. 30 Hellyer, J. Lloyd's Coffee-ho. Aug. Rhodes, J. Stockport, Aug. 19 Arnold, W. G. Great Tower-st. 26

Roberts, R. Quebec-st. Aug. 30 Sept. g

Hindley, T. H. Liverpool, Aug. 30 Reed, W. Fleet-st. Sept. 2 Astley, F. Dukinfield, Sepi. 6 Henderson, W. Great St. Helen's, Roadknight, T. Aldersgate-st. Sept. Abbott, R. Coventry, Sept. 19 Aug. So

13 Adie, F. Armitage, Sept. 13 Hague, G. Sheffield, Sept. 2 Strong, R. Whitehaven, Aug. 16 Bush, J. Bishop Storiford, Aug. 10 Habilion, C. Hexham, Sept. 2 Swilt, W. Staveley, Aug. 19 Benkhausen, J. Austin.fii. Aug. 10 Hunt, J. Bishop's Sutton, Sept. 2 Stokes, J. (,reat Malvern, Aug. 25 Barlow, T. Appleton, Aug. 23 Hayward, R. D. Plymouth Dock, Sheppard, C. Balli, Aug. 30 Baker, G.juul. Stantun l'rior, Aug. 29 Sept. 6

Stiel, J. East Stonehouse', Sept. ? Boyes, J. jun. Wansford, Aug. 30 Hassell, s. Betchton, Sept. 9 Sarige, W. Corporation.row, Sept.9 Bracken, R. and L. Coleman-st. Hewitt, C. Norwich, Sepi, 13 Siringer, J. H. Canterbury, Sept. 19 Aug. 30 Job, J. Isy-la, Aug. 16

Thwaites, T. Heat Mill, Aug. 16 Brovell and Co. Newcastle, Aug 30 James, R. Hampstead, Aug. 43 Tripp, J. R. Congresbury, Aug. 16 Burghart, C. Sepi. 2 Jeffrey, H. New Sarum, sept. 2 Tronbeck, W. H. Minories, Aug. 29 Barber, E. Yarmouth, Sept. 6 Lunn, C. Tamsrorth, Aug. 19 Taylor, T. A. Totness, Aug. 26 Bush, R. Gloucester, Sept. 13 Lane, R. jun. Norwich, Aug. 19 Triiey, M. Seeds, Sept. 6 Calaum, M. Bridlington, Aug. 19 La Porte Mer, M. Old Jew:y, Traer, W. Exeter, Sept. 6 Critchley, J. Liverpool, Aug. 23 Sept. 19

Tushingham, J. Chester, Sept. 9 Cockill, J. Bristol, Aug. 23 Lees, J. Whitehall, Sept. 2

'laylor and Co.Whitchurch, Sept. 13 l'ull, J. Wareliara, Aug. 26 Liddard, L. A. Langbourn.chamb. Voilans, J. Leeds, Sept. 13 Curtis, k.and Co. Aug. 96 Sept. 6

Whirung, C. Bristol, Aug. 96 Collver, J. China-walk, Aug. 30 Murray, C. Bath, Aug. 19

Wilson, J. Goswell-road. Aug. 30 Chettins, P. Much Hadham, Aug. 30 Morrison, J. J'entonville, Aug. 23 Walker, J. Piriseа, Aug. 30 Coleman, T. Birmingham, Sepi. 6 Morgan, J. Bedford row, Aug. 23 Whistle, J. Liverpool, Aug. 30 Cortissoz, J. Spital-sq. Sept. 13 Morgan, A. (armarthen, Aug. 26 Wever, J. Shcheld, Sept. 2 Dowse, W. R. Sept. 2 Metcall, w. Great Diifield, Aug.30 Williams, J. Cornhill, Sept. 2 Dudley, R. Dudley, Sept. 13 Mears, J. Stourbridge, Sepi. 6 Worrall, T. Wrexhamn, Sept. 2 Fasterfield, w. rece-mar. Aug. 26 Merchant, J. Maidsione, Sept. 9 Wrigglesworth, J. Barton.common, Flintoft, T. New Malinn, Aug. 16 Mathews, J. Penzance, Sept. 13 Sept. 6 Grant, J. Gracechurch-st. Aug. 16 Morris and Co, Leeds, Sept. 13 Wharton. W. Manchester, Sept. 6 Gray, R. jun. Leeds, Aug. 23 Miller, W. Rye, Sept. 13

Willey, W. Leicester, Sept. 6 Green, J. Choreham, Sept. 2 Newberry, J.ot. Clement, Sept. & Wilkinson, J. juni. Newcastle, Griffiths, R. Pool, Sept. 9 Nevile, s. Leeds, Sept.

Sept. 9 Holditch, G, and Co. Bank-side, O'Reilly, T. Lawrence Pountney-la. Winship, T. Mount, Greenwich, Aug. 19 Aug. 16

Sept. 9 Hawkins, W. Bicknell, Aug. 19 Piper, w. Hammersmith, Aug. 18 Young, G. Lawrence Pountney. Hooper, H. Frome Selwood, Aug. 10 Peploe, R. Kennington-cross, Aug. bull, Aug. 16 Podgson, R. Bisliop Wearmouth, 16

Young and Co. Water-la. Sept. 13 Parry, T. Kington, Sept. G Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXII. Aug. 1817.


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1 FROM SATURDAY, JCLY 26, TO SATURDAY, ACGUST 23, 1617. ARAM, J. and J. G. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Hoppe, C. and Edgelev, T. Pig's Quay, Bridewell DNT men.

Precinct, Crai-berdauis. Astity, P. sen. Astley, J. Astley, M. and Astley, P. Hebden, A. O. Culouhoun, J. and Deacon, J. H. 19. Manchester.

Partiainent-st. armiy-contractors. Burr, J. and Bailisati, G. Gracechurch-st. map Hill, J. Hill, D. and Patrick, J. Vauxhall, stone sellers.

potte:3. Bryer, J. and Bradberry, H. Bolton-le-Moors, cot Jervis, J. H. and Power, T. Deritend, Birmingham, ton-manufacturers.

brass-founders. Beardmore, J. jun. Beardmore. J. Parker, T. and Jones, J and Rogers, J. Brunswick-sq. Shackle, J. Wood ». Cheapside, besiers.

brusi-makers. Baker, B. and scott, R. Newcasuie-upon-Tyne, fruit. Johnson, C. and Shaw G. Wheelock, Cheshire, ironmerchants.

merchants Briggs, T. and Minchin, T. Essex-st. Strand, attor. Jaccard, J. Boudry, F. and Jaccard, D. Clerkenwellpies

green, waich-thakers. Brown, J. and Gordon, S. Liverpool.

Kidd, E. Fisher, G. and Buckham, W. London and Baker, R. and Matthews, W. H. St. Paul's-church Bristol, ship owners. yard, lace-merchants.

Kent, W. Kent, S. L. Tomkins, S. and Williams, Backman, J. Atchison, W. and Bacon, J. Hoxton, R. Carpenters' Hall, London-vall, carpet Inallucolour-manufacturin.

facturer Bruce, J. and Herbert, H. Clement's-la. Lombard. Kilby, T. and Venables, J. Houndsditch, butchers. st. discount-brokers.

Knight, 11. H. and G. Kutcliffe, coopers. Bradford, N. and Allaway, R. T. Winterburn, Glou. Lloyd, J. and Fowell, R. Ninories, corn factors. cestershire, surgeons.

Lyne, C. Hathorn, J.and lieberis, H. E. London. Buckley, J. and Wrigley, J. Saddleworth, York. Lingard, W. und ). Blackwell, Derbyshire, farmers, shire, cotton spinners.

Large, J. J. and A. Wootton Bassut, Wilts, bauders. Bancks, W. and' c Windmill End, Staffordshire, Leech, J. and Withington, J. Manchester, letter. iron masters.

press-printers. Blundell, J. and Pritchard, R. Liverpool, bakers. Lowes, W. and Shires, W. Borough. Baker, C. and Tapsell, R. Newington, cari.grease Lawton, J. and Smith, C. Newark-upon-Trent, manufacturers.

maltsters. Cooke, K. H. and Plumbe, J. S. Liverpool, solicitors. Lovell, W. and Franklin, J. Tottenham-court-road, Curtis, T. and J. Leman-sl. Goodmau's-fields, corn. tailors. dealers.

Matland, R. West I yna, St. Peter's, and Gondsin, Clarke, G. B. and Platt, W. Kirby-st. Hatton-gar. F. King's Lyon, Nortolk, white-lead-manufactu.

den, wine and spirit merchants. Caparn, W. Barber, J. Hare, W. and Caparn, R. Moore, S. Moore, B. and Longmire, s. Nottinghamn, Newark-upon-Trent, maltsters.

lacc-manufacturers. Campain, W. and Rose, J. Giltspur-st. auctioneers. Murray, T. Jones, J. Griffith, T. and Hughes, J. Dubois, J. and L. Church-st. Spital-fields, silke Liverpool, general merchants. manufacturers.

Mackenzie, š. Fichet, C. and Bertram, P. A. Davy, 1. Roberts, J. Davy, H. S. and Mends, W. Tower-st. brokers. Gould-sq. druy inerchants.

Mainwaring, P. and Appleton, D. Liverpool, blockDavey, 8. and Hancorn, T. Old-street-road, coopers.

makers. Dela field, J. and Dell, J. Threadueedle-st. mer. Moore, M. and Williams, M. East Teignmouth, chants.

Devonshire, school-mistresses. Dickson, A. and Fry, A. C.

Mills, J. Robinson, J. and Young, S. Ewar, W. and Walker, W.W. New-st. Shadwell, attornius. manufacturers of stone-ware.

Needham, C. and Aubrey, G. E. Liverpool, mer. Fairclough, R. and Willmott, J. Liverpool.

chants. Fussel, H. A. and F. Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, Noli, J. and Bale, J. Whitechapel-road, grocers. blue and medley dyers.

New, G, and lorier, C. Southampton, mercers. Francis, R. and Clarke, W. Frederick' Old Nation, W. Humphreys, J. and Pye, E. Exeter, Jewry, yarn-merchants.

snutf-makers. Franhlyn, S. and squire, G. Plymouth Dock, Price', E. and West, A. Bath. dress-makers. breners.

Pame, E, and W. U. Richmond, butchers. Froggati, J. and Blakey. J. Marh-la. London. Port, T. and Carthwaite, J. Brook-st. Fitzroy-sqa Furniss, J. and Parker, B. I.eeds, rope-makers.

grucers. Freoch, J. Cooper, J. and Tidswell,' R. Leeds, mer. Powix, R. and W. Greenwich, brewers. chants.

Parrey, B. and Ray, E. Towel-se, auctioneers. Green, S. and How, T. Berwick st. Soho, tailors. Proctor, J. and Suriin, G. Stockton, Durham, gro. Greenhaigh, T. Greenhaiglı, J. and Greenhaigli, C.

Goodge-st Tottenham-court-road, butchers. Parkes, 7. Parkes, M. Green, G. J. and Grainger, I. Greaves, J. and J. Oldhaun, Lancashire, cotton Holly Hall, Worcester, glass manufacturers. spinners.

Poits, F. and S. Birmingham, brass-founders. Green, J. and Petrie, W. Martin's-la. Cannon st. Price, W. Postlethwaite, and Lawrence, R. Queen. Gardiner, J. Allies, J. and Gardiner, M. A. Bristol, st. Cheapside, wholesale linen-drapers. hal-manufacturers.

Porrington, A. and H. Pall-mall, drapers. Gilpin, J. and Grace, J. jun. Bristol, woollen. Power, 1. F. Power, J. and Rebello, F. London-st. drapers.

Fenchurch-st. merchants. Grocoil, J. jun. and Billinge, J. G. Liverpool, Pidcock, J. H. Pidcoch, J. Barker, G. Homíray. T. printers.

and Humfray, M, Hyde, Staffordshire, iron-ma. Grant, J. Exion, W. and Lawford, E. Bedfordshire, bufacturers. timber Dierchants.

Rururtord, s. and Gibbins, W. Croydon-st. St. Hannum, E. Dows, S. and II. jun. and Parison, Mury.le-Bonc, builders.

T. R. Reston, J. and Taylor, T. Liverpool, booksellers. Houseman, R. and Lawson, J. Yorli, wine-merchants. Robarts, N. Plowman, J. B. Gritti ulis, D. and Crick, Hubball, T. and E. ('lerkenwell-close, japanners.

S. Chandos-st. silk-mercers. Wunt, J. and Wiison, J. Buchiesbury, insurance Roberts, H. and Heywood, G. Manchester, grocers. brokers.

Riddell, J. and Henry, R. Rochdale, shopkeepers. Hulbert, J. and J. Bath, cabinet makers.

Sheen, C. H. and Clarke, F. H. Charlotte-st. Black. Icllen, E. and Maxfield, T. Sudhury prrcers.

friais'-rad, Irix provision merchants. Heywood, J. and lieald, G. Manchester, manufac. Singer, W. and Gandell, J. Charing Cross, auc.

tionetta. Hesselline, S. R. and Billingsley, J. Harwich, ship Smith, J. and Walker, J. Liverpool, general bro.

hers. Harrison, J. P. and Poulsen, T. Chester, wharf. Sedwick, M. and (arter. R. Chearside. ingets.

Sparrow, F. kniebt. W. Caslon, W. rufeld, c. Hillon, T. and Dennison, M. Liver; 001, whip brokers. Parcher, W. Puchnell, W. Hutchins, C. Ljuu, J.



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Ward, H. and Smethurst, J. London, gas light Waring, J. Fisher, G, and Fisher, G. jun. Bristol: and coke copartnership,

timber-merchants. Sloan, S. Sloan, A. and Kemp, M. Greenwich, linen. Waterhouse, J. and Rawlins, J. Carey-st. law.stadrapers.

tioners. Searle, J. and Hill, G. Mortlake, Woolley, W. and Dethick, J. Dowgate-dock, fax, ters.

manufacturers. Shepherd, J. and Lebrun, P. F. King-st. Covent Webb, T. and Basset, s. Conduil-st. Hanover-sq. garden, chemists and druggists,

linen-drapers. Savory. W. H. and Colbourn, J. Love la. Lower Walesby, É. and Mason, J. Louth and Wainfleet, Thames-st. fish-salesmen.

Lincolnshire, mercers. Taylor, W. and Reader, R. Houndsditch, timber. Wilson, J. and Dew, J. B. Cheapside, hosiers. merchants.

Whishin. T. and W. Hand-co. Holborn, fishmonThorpe, W. and Fearnehough, T. Sheffield, saw. gers. makers.

Wilsin, F. and Andrew, J. Stockport, Cheshire, . Tlmas, B. B. Franklyn, T. and Squire, G. Plymouth porter-brewers. Dock, brewers.

Wright, J. and J. Goswell-street-road, pawnbrokers. Thompsou, W. sen. Thompson, W.jna, and Glass, Ward, T. and Scott, J. Narrow-st. Limehouse, J. Red-lion-st. Spital-tields, calcuderers.

dealers in ropes. Torriano, L, and Porter, J. Maida-hill, Edgware Williamson, J. and Scott, J. Milk-st. Cheapside, * Toad, school mistresses.

warehousemen. Toxnend, R. Close, J. Jackson, J. Townend, T. Williams, P. Jones, W. W. and Gibbons, B. jun.

Melville, W. Reinhold, s, aud Townend, W. and Wednesbury, iron-workers.
T. Manchester, cotton-manufacturers.

Whatts, R. and Martin, E. Wapping-st. anchor-
Underwood, R. and Life, R. C, Wiebeach St. Peter, smiths.
Isle of Ely, grocers.

Wood, c. and Gooch, T. Red-lion-st. Southwark, Varlow, s, and 3. E. Bristol, hair.dressers.

hop-merctiania. Waiker, W. Doyle, W. and Walker, J. l'all-mall. co. Westininsies, army-agonis.


(Continued from page 91.)

, , Charch.yard, London; for an elliptie valve pumb Agricultural linplement Maker; for certain

box. Dated July 16, 1817. improvements on ploughs. Dated July 5, 1317. • REUBEN PHILLIPS, of Exeter, gentleman; for DAVID BREWSTER, of Edinburgh, Doctor of a method of purifying gas for the purpose of illumi.

for a new optical instrument, called the nation. Dated july 19, 1817. Kalcidoscope, for exhibiting and creating beautilul: GEORGE WYKÉ, of Bath, Somersetshire, Esq. forms and patterns of general use, in all the orna and EDWARD SHORTER, of Union-st. Borough, mental arts. Dated July 10, 1817.

Surrey, Mechanic; for certain improvements in the SAMUEL BROWN, of Mark-la. Commander in construction of wheel carriages. Dated July 19, His Majesty's Royal Navy; for an improvement in 1817. a construction of a bridge, for the formation and PETER HAMLIN, of Albany-pl. Kent New Road, uniting of its component parts, in a manner not Camberwell, Surrey, Merchant; for an improvehitherto practised. Dated July 10, 1817.

ment or improvements in the making a cement WILLIAH HENRY SIMPSON, of Bickington, or composition for ornaments and statues and for Depopshire, mechanic; for certain improvements in making artifcial bricks, or an imitation of bricks, the machinery for the spinning of wol, cotton, tiles, and stones, and joining and cementing the and other fibrous substances, Dated July 10, 1817. saine, and for erecting, covering, and decorating

RICHARD FARMER BRAIN, of Saltord, Lancas. buildings, internally and externally; and also an ter, brewer; for an inprovement, or apparatus, improvement or improvements in the mixing, workcalcnlated to obtain or generale gas in a more econo, ing, and moulding of the said cement or composition, mical manner, than heretofore froin coal, or any. upon any sort of materials, or in working and mould. other article, material, or substance, for lighting or ing whole and entire erections and substances there. heating houses, manufactories, or other places, withi. Dated July 19, 18.7. where light or heat is required. Dated July 10, 1817. FREDERICK BRUNTON, of Fleet-st.

HENKY TRITTON, of Clapham, Surrey, Esq. ; London, Gentleman; for a mode of employing silk for an apoaratus for distilling. Dated July 15, 1817. or other materials, in the making of hats and bon. THOMAS ASPINWALL, Esq. of Bishopsgate

Dated July 19, 1817.




By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL. 18171 Barom Ther. Wind Obser, 1817 Barom Ther. Wind Obser. July 26 29.92

S Rain

Aug. 11 29.88 60 SW Fair 27 29.68


12) 29.47

62 SW Rain 28 29.90 60 W Fair

13 29.23 60 SW Ditto 29) 30.05 63 SW Ditto

14 29.70
63 SW

Ditto 30 29.80

W Ditto

15 29 78 64


Fair 31 29.75 62 W Ditto

16) 29.92 61 SW Ditto Aug. 1 29.80 60

W Ditto

17/ 29.71 62 SW Ditto ** 2 29.98 62 NW Ditto

18 29 98 61 SW Ditto 9 29.74 61 SW Ditto

19 29.11 63 SW Rain 4 29.88 60 N Ditto

20 29.65 6+ SW Fair 5 30.00 61 E Ditto 211 99.73 61

N Rain 6! 29.96 66 S Ditto

2:1 30.1554 N Fair 7 29.90 | 70 S Ditto

23 30.03

ESE Ditto 8 29.61 62 SW

211 29.77 60)
9 29.70
63 SW


Ranna 10 29.801 61 SV Diito


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LONDON MARKETS, Aug. 19, 1817. COTTON.-The East India Company cat.; fine middling Dominica realized 110s. bave declared 1500 bags Bengals for sale the latter the most superior description (bat 22d jast., and it is anticipated that the we have seen for a length of time in the quantity will be increased to 3000. Tbe market; some good middling 1033. 60. Jate speculative demand for Bengals bas The Datch desriptions of Coffee may also entirely ceased. The sales of Cotion since be stated 23. higher; good to fine ordinary Tuesday last little exceed 1200 packages- 90s. 6d, to 975. 6.; middling 98s. Jamaica 290 Boweds were sold 19d. to 200.; 200 Coffee, with the exception of a few lots Surinams 29. 04d to 2s. 14d. ; 100 Maran. middling, which sold ai higher rates, could bams at 23.; 50 Pernambuco 2s. 20. ; 31 not be stated at any variation. The Foreign Bourbon 29. 4d. to 29. 6d.; and exclusive descriptions were invaried-very brown of duty, 400 Bengals were sold 1030. to Havannah being sold 89s. 6d. 10 91s.; and 124d. , and a small parcel Surats 154d. to with colour 92s. to 94s. 160. SUGAR.-Since Tuesday last the demand


considerable interest excited as to the prices for Muscovades became limitted, and pur

at which the ensuing season will open : chases might be made about . per cwt. lower; the demand for the home trade and prices will opeo at high rates, and that

a general opinion is entertained that the for refining has however been so very ex

the supply will not be extensive : this antitensive, that the holders of Muscovades are sanguine that high prices will be maintained, by Government, have occasioned the bolders

cipation, and the extensive supplies required and though the market was heavy, there of Beef and Pork to be indifferent as to were few holders inclined to effect sales effecting sales at the present currency: by submitting to any depression; a few parcels were however disposed of at a reduc

Bacon cootinues heavy, and no immediate tion of is. A sale of Barbadoes Sugar little variation in the demand or in the prices

prospect of an improvement. There is Jast week, 189 hhds, and 51 tierces, went

of Butter, off freely, much about the late prices.

The market this forenoon has been equally benvy, and though many of the holders will CORN.–There had been several samples submit to no depression whatever, yet the of new Wheat and Oats exhibited at prices may be stated fully ls, lower than Mark-lane some days ago, but until yester. Tuesday last; the accumulation of the stock day there were no new parcels of any is trivial for the season of the year, on

consideration; the few new samples of account of the extepsive deliveries; last Wheat were of an uncommon fine quality, week above 4600 casks, chiefly for the the Oats were also of a good description home consumption and refining; the quan and heavy. The supply of English_Wheat tity exported is about 350 casks.

was limited, and the arrivals of Foreign The supply of Refined goods at market were unimportant; the sales were notwithhas been inore considerable than for some standing difficult to be effected at a farther lime past, and as the extensive purchasers reduction of fully 4s. per quarter on every have for the present supplied themselves, description. In Rye or Barley scarcely the market is rather heavy at a reduction of any thing was done; Oats were very heavy ls, to 25.-- Molasses is in good demand. at a decline of 1s. ; new Beans were 25.

In foreign Sugars the business done has Jower; Grey Peas without alteration. not been considerable; the market this fore There was a small supply of Rape Seed, Boou is rather beavy.

and many porchasers; the samples were

taken off freely at 481. and afterwards COFFEE. - The Market continues suh we believe 501, was obtained.-Linseed was ject to great Auctuations: On Wednesday, also much inquired after, and if any had By public sale and private contract, the been offering for sale, a considerable ad. demand was languid ; the prices Is, to 2s. vance would bave been obtained. There per cwt, lower. At the sale of Thursday, were a few samples of new Trefoil exhibited; 408 casks 157 bags, the demand again re

the quality fair, but not nearly of so fine vived; two or three extensive purchasers on“ a description as the crop of 1815; the speculation appeared at market, selecting whole went off at 26s. to 36s. according the middling and good middling Coffee,

to quality. American Flour was in very which has for a length of time rated much cousiderable request. lower in proportion than the ordinary des. criptions; the whole of the sale went off SPICES.- There is little variation in with inuch briskness, and the prices were the prices of Spice since the sale at the India considerably higher-middling Dominica, House ; on Wednesday the Cassia Lignea in large parcels, selling formerly at 95s. sold at 1A. to 131. for small bundles ; large and 963. was iramediately run up to 9ss. 91. 179. to Ill. 10s. ; good Buds 161. 3. 10 to 101s, being an advauce of 43. to 58. per 171, 15s. The Ginger sold 42s, to 4is,

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