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SEASON, 1817-18.

EAST INDIA SHIPS, With their Managing Owners, Communders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming afloat, &c.

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Commanders. First Officers. Second Officers. Third Oficers. Fourth Officers. Surgeons.

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86Oct 10 Nov. 87 Dee,

9 Earl of Balcarras.. 1417

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London Publishert for the European Magazine, 613. Asperne, 32. Cornbillet1817

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Engraved my Mever.jrom

an original Painting br S. Drummond 1/9. RA.








BY SAMUEL DRUMMOND, ESQ. A.R.A.] Το μεν έν επίλιμάν, ίσως φήσαι τις αν βαδον και παλος είναι το δ' υπέρ των παρόντων και

τι δει πράττειν αποφαίνεσθαι, τέτ' είναι συμβολα. Δημοσθ. Ολυθ Γ. ζ. It may, perhaps, be said, that it is an easy matter, and within the compass of every one's

ability, to call others to order ; but that it requires a skilful adviser to decide upon what is expedient to be done in circumstances of present exigency. Demost. Olynth. fi. 7. THERE never existed a period of lities and personal worth of the new of our country, or that more seriously its experience warrants, to pronounce implicated all that could concern the that these expectations could not be of character and credit of its Government, greater extent than the knowledgo, than that during which Mr. Abbot, now judgment, and diligence of him who Lord Colchester, filled the Speaker's was the object of thein ;- since, in no Chair in the House of Commons: instance has it occurred, among the nuand it is our duty, as it is our pride, merous difficulties and intricate cases to declare, that this high office has at which presented themselves, many of no time, nor by agy individual, been which were without precedent, that Mr. more ably sustained, and its laborious Abbot gave a wrong decision, or misavocations more assiduously attended to, led the confidence of the House ; – than by that Gentleman.

insomuch that party feeling at once Jo the year 1802, which, from the surrendered all its excitements of paspeculiar circumstances that opened sion and prejudice to his unbiassed diupon its commencement, and increased rection and well-grounded conclusions. in momentous progress towards its close, - And when it is recollected, that in may justly be considered as one of the no æra of our Parliamentary history most eventful in the revolutionary an have more stormy debates been known nals of the last twenty-five years, Mr. within the walls of St. Stephen's than Abbot was elected the successor to Sir during the last fifteen years, it conJohn Mitford, who, after having conti. veys no inferior teslimony to the connued in the Chair for a short interval in ciliatory influence of the Speaker's persuccession to Lord Sidmouth, was ap- sonal worth, and the respect with which pointed Chancellor of Ireland by the his oflicial authority was acknowledged, title of Lord Redesdale. — The consum when it can with truth be observed, mate talent with which Mr. Speaker that the profound wisdoin of his corAddington had fulblled the duties of rectives and counsel has in all cases that exalted station, was strongly im- been invariably admitted, and his adpressed upon the recollection of the vice accepted and followed, by both British public, when Mr. Abbot suc sides of the House :-indeed, so thoceeded to this office ; and it may, with roughly versed was be in the law of out any adulatory reference, be asserted, precedents, and so promptly did he dethat a brighter example of dignified velope the bearings of every anomalous integrity and faithful service could not and incidental question, that this ad. bave preceded a succession in which that mission retiected equal honour upon example was emulated with all the jutel. the House and the member whom by ligence and inßexible impartiality which its uvaninous suffrages it had selected that estimable man and conscientious as the arbitrator of its debates. mipister bad uniformly displayed.

On the 10th of February, in the year

d, but expe

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Grant, The Master of the Rolls, who obedience to order, decide every conwas" seconded by Mr. Baker, member test, avd declare the law and usage of for the county of Hertford. At the Parliament on every disputed point ; same time, Mr. Sheridan nominated and all this he is expected to do, what. Mr. Charles Dundas, and was seconded ever may be the pressure upon his by Lord George Cavendish. The pro- health, or the necessity of wearied poser, however, of the latter gentleman nature.-- Nor is it only during such ingenuously professed, that he bad no fatiguing calls upon his attention objection to urge against the other that his powers are kept in action. In candidate ; and avowing bis unseigned the Speaker's office all the money esteem for the talents and virtue of and other bills which originate with Mr. Abbot, contented himsejf with the House are first engrossed ; and the observing, that “ in periods of more whole of what may be termed the meprosperous and less constrained circum- chanical business of Parliament comstances of pational condition, it had

mences and is carried forward, under been the practice of the House to elect the Speaker's inspection and control; a Speaker from the landed-interest.” -- so that the plans and operations not A plain, disinterested, and liberal an. only of the members individually, but swer was given to this observation, even those of the whole branch of the Legisla. by the gentleman in whose favour it ture, are thus silently in was advanced." The Houourable Gen- ditiously, effected. The Speaker is also, tleman,” said Mr. Dundas, “ who has er officio, a Member of the Privy Counpreviously been proposed, is so much cil, and his attendance can seldom be better qualified than myself for the dispersed with in this department of his office to which I should have other

parliamentary employ:-he is likewise wise aspired under such flattering a Trustee of the British Museum, and auspices, that I do not hesitate to one of the Governors of Greenwich declare I feel myself bound in con Hospital :---hence, therefore, it will be science to support his nomination." perceived, that the multiplicity of his This maply declaration decided the services, and the responsibility of his question, and Mr. Abhot was chosen station, imust keep his body and mind without a dissenting voice.

continually exercised in those personal The office of Speaker is certainly the and mental cxertions which can allow highest dignity with which a Member of him but litile remission from the most the Comuions can be invested--but its laborious anxiely :-and even the sea. duties are most arduous, nor can its sous of his relaxation are, during the eminence of station be adequately main- silting of Parliament, burdened with the tained without the most unremitting formalities of official state ;-for the perseverance in the performance of Speaker is supposed, and indeed enabled, them, and a self-devotedness of mental to exercise the rights of hospitality, and vigour and physical strength to the in- that too with a magnificence beconing cessant toil' which is unavoidably at- his exalted station ;-it is true, that for tached to them. Its requisites also are this purpose he is provided with a splenof the first order, as, in addition to did service of plate, and a liberal allowan unblemished character, and a marked ance, to which a spacious mansion in reputation for talent, much learning, Palace-yard is added. Still, however, dignified deportinent, uncommon pa even this hospitality, wilh all ils facitience, and unyielding imparliality, lities, is to him a business; and how. added to an extraordinary degree of ever acceptable it may be made to those research, are all required:-when also who participate in it, by the urbanity it is known that the whole business and polished courtesy of such a man as of the Commons of Englard is organ- the noble subject of this Memoir, it is ized, adjusted, and completed, by their evident, that as far as the Speaker is Speaker, it will be allowed that the individually concerned, it must lake fatigues of his office make it necessary, the character of effort, when the mind is that among all the other indispensable so incessantly pressed upon by the puu qualifications just enumerated, that of a merous avocations which leave him but quod coustitution should not be the least; very few intervals of leisure al bis owa for independent of his constant attend- disposal. ance in the House, it very frequently Yet it appears that, notwithstanding happens, that the evening debate is pro- the incessant calls upon bis attentiou, tracied to a late hour in the morning, Mr. Abbot met them all with an unand from beginning to cod the Speaker subdued energy, and even attached a

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