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SATURDAY, Nov. 1st, 1817, remains separate from his troops, and often THIS NHIS Gazette notifies the appointment changes his ground. He is now stated to of Admiral Sir George Campbell,

have retired across the Kistma, towards

Darwar, but the fact is uncertain. His K.C.B. groom of his Majesty's bed-chamber, in the room of Charles Herbert, Esq.

troops are now chiefly in the district of Jut,

between Punderpoor and Bejapoor; troops deceased.- Alexander Ferrier, Esq. to be

also still continue to be raised io Canbis Majesy's Consul for the Ports of Rotter.

deish. dam, Helvoet, Dordrecht, Schildam, and the Brill, and the following persons to be

Copy of a Despatch from Captain George Consuls for the kingdom of Hanover.

Sydenham, Political Agent in Berar, to Mr. James Day, at Cowes; Mr. John Han

Mr. Elphinstone (no date), with an enbury Williams, at Yarmouth; Mr. Joseph

closure. Frankel Alexander, at Bristol; Mr. Richard Langworthy Kingston, at Dartinouth; Mr. SIR, F. Sansom, at Harwich; Mr. Gutherus I have the honour to forward to you a Kloff, at Liverpool; Mr. William Walker copy of Caplain Davies's report of a very Bentham, at Sheerness and Chatham ; Mr. brilliant and successful attack which he Henry Dobree, at Gornsey ; Mr. William lately made on the insurgent horse io Can. Lake, at Falmouth; Mr. Robinson R. deish. Grenwell, at Newcastle ; Mr. John Nicholas As the enemy have left the froosier, the Hawker, at Plymouth ; Mr. F. Cobb, at troops engaged in the attack bave for the Margate; Mr. Adrian von den Bergh, at present been recalled to Aurungabad. The Portsmouth; Mr. James Frederick Dono Risala, which was on the way to join them, van, at Leith; Mr. Thomas Boyer, at lull; has been stationed at Kanpur, and the post Mr. Bedingfield Day, at Soutbampton.

at the Gootalla Ghaut in its front strengthened by a company of regular infantry.

My birkarrabs are watching the enemy's TUESDAY, Nov. 4.

movements; and if they sbould again ap

proach the frontier, the Nizam's troops. This Gazette notifies the appointment of

will be reinforced, William Stokes the younger, of Fakenham,

I have the honour to be, &c. in the County of Norfolk, gent, to be a

GEORGE SYDENHAM, Agent io Berar. Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.

Camp, April 21. I have the honour to report, that in pur. snance of the intention expressed in my

letter to your address of the 19th instant, I TUESDAY, THE 4TI OF NOVEMBER, put the infantry in motion for the Gootalla

Ghant at three o'clock that afternoon, fol. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5.

lowing myself with abont 600 horse at four INDIA BOARD, NOV. 5.

o'clock, and reached Saegaon, a village Despatches have been received at the East belonging to Moorteza Yor Jung, about six India-house, addressed to the Secret Com miles from the foot of the Ghaut, at ten mittee by the Governor in Council at Bom o'clock at night, where I waited one hour bay, enclosing reports of the measures to collect the men, who had scattered, owing adopted for suppressing the insurrection to the badness of the Ghaut. By the (1) raised in the dominions of the Peishwa, by patell of this village I was informed, that Trimbucjee Dainglia, of which reports the the enemy had stationed mounted videttes following are copies or extracts :

at every village between that place and

their camp, which was about 12 coss disExtract of a Despatch from the honourable

tant; but there was a road leading to it Mountstuart Elphinstone, the resident at

through the jungle, frequented only by (2) the Court of the Peishwa, to the Governor

Brinjarries, by which I might advance unGeneral, dated Poona, April 7.

observed, and be offered to conduct me: I Since I had last the honour to address your accordingly mounted him on a horse, and lordship, Trimbuckjee has gone on increa proce ding by the route he pointed out, sing bis force as usual.

He has persons

arrived at the village they were reported to scattered through the villages for a consi be encamped at, ten coss distant, a little derable extent of country, recruiting for him, but finds some difficulty in raising men; (1) The Patell, or Potail, is the head man some refuse to join him, unless he will show of a village, who collects the repts, aod has a warrant from the Peishwa, in whose name the general superintendence of its conhe recruits; while others join bim with less cerns. difficulty, but desert whenever there is any (2) Brinjarries collect grain for the report of an attack, Trimbuckjee himself army,



after day-break, when I fouod that they ball Soffdeer Ali, had collected about 200 mea marched from thence the evening before to on the banks of a nullah, with whom they Gunoaispoor, about two coss. I advanced kept the enemy in check, by a fire from with five or six horsemen to reconnoitre, their matchlocks: the instaot they saw oor leaving orders with Captain Pedlar to bring line advancing they went off at speed in a up the horse, and desiring Captaio Pedlar north westerly direction; and our horses to leave the knapsacks of the infantry in a being completely jaded by the length of tbe savine, and to follow with the utmost expe march and pursuit, i considered it useless to dition: I had advanced about a mile, when follow them. I discovered one of the patroles of the A few prisoners were taken, from whom enemy, whom I immediately pursued, and I learnt that the body of horse collected, took two of them prisoners; a third man which they stated to be 2,000, was comescaped through the jungle to the left: from manded by Godajee Row, a nephew of the two prisoners 1 ascertained, that the Trimbuckjee Dainglia, aod that Trimboek. enemy had their horses ready saddļed, but jee himself was shortly expected to join had not received any information of our them with a large reisforcement. The body approach. I sent back to desire Captain of horse which threatened to renew the Pedlar to advance at a brisk pace; he over. combat were said to consist of 500, which took me in a short time, and we pushed on. bad been detached to a village at some at a smart canter, and in ascending a rising distance, with about 300 of the fugitives ground perceived the enemy drawn up to wbo had rallied. One of the prisoners also receive os, their right flank protected by a stated that they had been joined the evening strong (3) gurhee, into which they had thrown before, by about 150 bone from the southsome infantry, and their front covered by a ward ; that a body of Arabs, from Mulle(4) nullah with steep banks. As they con gaon, was expected in two days; and tbat siderably outnumbered us, being about two Godajee Row Dainglia had written to Setoo thousand strong, and chiefly armed with for assistance, who had promised to send matchlocks, I determined upon instantly him a large body of Pindarries. charging them with the sabre, and accord. I am happy to say the loss on our part was ingly ordered the men to sling their match as little as can be expected; and I should locks, and advance in as compact a body imagine it cannot exceed 10 men killed, and as the nature of the ground, which was 20 or 25 wounded ; amongst itie latter, I covered with low jungle, would admit of; regret to state, is Captain Pedlar, severely. on receiving this order our line advanced at I shall have the honour to forward a foll speed, every man endeavouring to be returo (5) of the killed and wounded as first on the enemy; they fired a few shots soon as it can be prepared. froin their matchlocks as we were crossing I cannot close this despatch without es. the nullab, which fortonately passed over us pressing the high sense l entertain of the witbout doing any injury. The instant we assistance I received from Captain Pedlar got over the nullab the enemy broke and and Lieutenant Rind, who joined me as a filed in all directions, and were pursued volunteer on this occasion; the former of upwards of three coss, sustaining a loss of whom had charge of the riglit, and the latter about 200 men killed, besides a great non of the left wing. I have much pleasare ber of wounded ; amongst the latter was a in assuring you, that although we had person who appeared to be a chief of con. marched upwards of 30 miles before the sequence, called by his own meo Appah attack commenced, not a man of the infas. Saheb, and who when wounded threw down try had fallen in the rear; and I feel conhis spear, and being well mounted made his vinced, from the eagerness they displayed escape. Finding the enemy by this time on the occasion, ibat if an opportunity had completely dispersed, I ordered the pursuit offered they would have afforded me every to cease, and the men to return to the enemy's assistance, camp,

The behaviour of both officers and men Having been wounded during the pursuit, composing the detachment of reformed I had dismounted to tie up my arm, when I horse with me in this affair exceeded my was informed that a fresh body of the enemy most sanguine expectations. There was not was coming down on our right: I ordered a single officer who did not distinguish bioCaptain Robinson, who had arrived with self, and they were most gallantly sopported the infantry during the pursuit, to fall in by their men. his men. I mounted, and collectiog as many

I have the honour to be, &c. of the horse as I could, advanced with the infantry in column left in front, and the

Evan Davies, Captain, horse formed in line on the left of the infan.

commanding the Reformed Horse, try, abont five miles, when I found Risaldar Alum Alie Khan, and first Jemedar Meer Captain George Sydenham,

Political Agent in Berar. (3) Gurbees are mud forts; some of them are surrounded with ditches, (4) Nullah, a rivulet,

(5) Not yet received,

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Copy of a Despatch from Colonel Lionel nation to make a final effort to overtake the

Smith, of his Majesty's 65th Regiment, fugitives, if possible, before they crossed commanding the Poona Subsidiary Foree, the river: while bere I reaeived io fosnato Mr. Elphinstone, with three enclosur es. tion of their having again deviated from

their route, and gone to Gareeagaum, due SIR, Camp, Guardoon, April 23. west of that place, and eight coss from I bave the highest satisfaction in laying Moaz: we were again in motion at five before you two despatches which I received p. 1n.; and on my arrival at Gareeagaum, I late last night from Major H. Smith, of the learnt that they had halted there the night 1st battalion 14th regiment, Madras Native before ; having satisfied myself of the corlofantry, commanding a detachment of six rectness of this information, I continued my companies, composed of Bombay and Mad. route to the westward; and, although tas troops, which had been sent out from Dearly two hours were lost by our guides the reserve against a large body of horse in taking the detachment a wrong road, yet I the service of Trimbucjee Dainglia, and conceived that ibere was still a possibility announcing the result of his persevering of coming up to the pursued before dayexertions, in completely putting the whole break of the 17th. In this supposition, I to rout, killing and wounding about 70 men, am happy to say, I was not deceived, for making some prisoners, and capturing a at three o'clock I instructed two of my quantity of baggage and arms, and many commissioned and non-commissioned confihorses.

dential officers to enter a village in disguise, I cannot sufficiently praise the excellent who seized upon a man, whom I afterwardy conduct of Major Smith and bis detach. compelled by threats, to conduct us to the ment, and trust their services on this occa Mahratta camp, which I had reason to sion may prove acceptable to the Right suppose was abont four or five miles off. Honourable the Governor-General.

During the time we were going this disI bave, &c.

tance, I made the necessary arrangements LIONEL SMITA, Colonel. for an attack in three divisions, by the two P.S. I have the further honour to enclose in front, consisting of the Bank companies a copy of orders I considered due to the of the 14th Madras, and two companies of detacbioent,

the 3d Bombay Native Infantry, under

L. SMITH. Captain Smyth and Deschamps, diverging The Honourable Mr. Elphinslone.

from the head of the columo to the right

and left on entering the encampment, and Sir, Camp at Paltre, April 18, 2 a.m.

by directing the 3d division, two companies As you are already apprised of my of the 20 Bombay Native Infantry, under having marched from camp with a detach. Captain Spears, to move steadily into its ment, consisting of 600 raok and file, on centre without breaking, with a view to the eveoing of the 12th instant, in pursuit of this division becoming a point upon which a body of horse of suspicious character, tbe others migiit rally in case of necessity. which by report amounted to 5,000, I pro On cording within two miles of the village ceed to detail my movements accordiogly. of Pattre, the forces of the encampment

After marching the greater part of that were clearly discernible, upon which the night, I reached Cambergaum on the Beemal column moved forward with a hastened step, on the morning of the 13th, when I fortu. and shortly before day-light entered the ennately succeeded in falling into the track of closures of the village. it was then that we the fugitives, who had taken the direction of plainly perceived that the Mahratta or the Carrungee Ghaut, east of Nogger. On Pindarry horse were either mounted or iny arrival at the top of the pass, at 8 p. m. mounting for a march; under these circunon the evening of the 15th, I found the party stances no time was to be lost, and being had gone down it the evening before, and then only a few paces, as I supposed, from though I was not disposed to relax for a their rear picquet, I directed Lieutenant noment in the pursuit, yet the difficulties I Beach to give them a volley from the front bad to surmount, from the extreme bad state rank of the leading division, having previs of the roads, winding over hills, and through ously ordered the front ranks only of the stony by-paths, induced me to halt for a few leading divisions, of the 3d and 14th to hours to refresh the men, who appeared much Joad ; this was accordingly done ; and fatigued. At two a. m. however, of the the column immediately after rushed 161h, I descended the Gaut, and did not forward to the charge. The forse fled reach the village of Sirree, which lies at the in all directions, leaving 50 or 60 killed bottom, until broad day-break; there ! and wounded on the ground. They were gained inforination of their baving struck pursued for some distance, when the exinto the great road to Toka, though I was hausted stale of the men, and the scallered previously assured that they were directing order which they were necessarily obliged their course to Pictim on the Goodavery, to assume for a pursuit, induced me to con. with the intention of crossing at that place. centrate my little force; and I was the inore I halted again at Moaz, on the Toka-road, persuaded of the propriety of this measure ço give the detachmeat rest, with a determi. from observing considerable bodies of borse

apparently well organized, in commanding I have the bonour further to mention, that situations on our flanks. This arrangement, the number of killed and wounded found I presume, induced them to draw off ; nor on the ground, and in the neighbourhood of did I deem it right or expedient to continue Paitre, has been ascertained to have exa pursuit after a fresh body of horse, with ceeded 70; and presume, from the nature infantry jaded and exhausted from our loog of the attack, that many of those who fled marches, continued for five successive days must have been wounded also. and nights.

I have the honoor to be, &c. At 10 or 11 a, m, we were called to arms,

H. SMITH, Major, 14th Reg. by the re-appearance of a body of about

coinmanding detachment. 200 well-mounted horse, in promiscuous Colonel Lionel Smith, order, who, after firing a few shots from

E.xtract of a Despatch from Mr. Elphintheir matchlocks at the party brought out to

stone to the Governor-General, dated keep them in check, retired.

April 26. I omitted to mention before, that this body of horse, which could not have been The body of Trimbuckjee's borse that was less iban 4,000, murdered Lieutenant Warre, pursued by Colonel Smith, crossed the Neera, of the Madras Artillery, and his sepoy

at a place to the south-west of Barramatty, guard, at the village of Soonie, on the even

and the Beema at Coomargong ; some pas. ing of the 16th, a few hours prior to my

ties and many individuals separated from passing through it; and that they plundered

them about this place and beyood it, appaall the smaller unprotected villages on their rently with the intention of returning to route from the southward to Paltre.

their own country. This reduced the party Some baggage, a quantity of arms, and from 4,000 to 3,000, during the period they from 100 to 150 horses of different descrip were closely pursued by Major Siniih, of tions, were left upon the ground; the greatest the 14th regiment Madras Native Infantry, part of which were pillaged by the villa

whom Colonel Wilson had detached frue gers in the neighbourhood during the pur

the reserve to march to the south of the suit, &c.

Beema; Major Smith came up with the I am happy to add, that we met with no enemy on the Paiza, after the admirable casualties, with the exception of one non

march which has already been reported to commissioned officer of the 20 Bombay your Excelleocy, and beat him up at Patra, Native Cofantry wounded.

as recounted to your Excellency in the same Had we not unfortunately been led out of despatch.' This occasioned fresh desertions the route by the guides, as before-mentioned, to a great extent; many of the fugitives we should in all probability have found the came back to Poonah, and the body was enemy less prepared for flight, and conse now reduced to 2,000. This body was taken quently have been enabled to give a better up by Colonel Milnes on the Godarery, as account of them; as it is, however, I hope reported in his despatcb (6) of the 19th, you will give me credit when I assure you,

transmitted to Mr. Adam, and pursued down that every exertion was made by both the Rajapoor Ghaut into Candeish, by a officers and men for the public service; and

detachment of 300 men under the command I feel great pleasure in having this oppor

of Captain Swayne, of the 13th regiment tunity of bearing testimony to the cheerful

Madras Native Infantry; at this place they ness with which they bore the fatigues, and were taken up by the Vinchookur, whose the zeal and alacrity with wbich the officers own account of his proceeding I have the performed their several duties.

honour to enclose, He states himself to I estimate the distance traversed by the have taken many horses, but does not meg. detachment to be about 150 miles, including tion any loss on either side. During the the morning it marched with the camp; and period of this pursuit, the body of freeduring the last twenty-four hours, it actually booters that had been forming in Candeish marched 41 miles, not including the pursuit.

was defeated by Captain Davies. On fint In concluding, I beg you will excuse the receiving authentic intelligence of the come prolixity of this report, and have the honor mencement of this part of the insurrection, to remain, Sir, your most obedient servant,

I suggested to Mr. Russell, that the reformed H. SMITA,

horse should, if possible, be prepared to Major 14th, commanding detachment. check it. The reformed horse were then

acting against the Naiks in Berar, but orders SIR, Camp Soonle, April 19. for their recall were immediately trans. I have the honour to report, that since my milled and as promptly executed, so that the letter of yesterday's date, I received ipfor first division of them arrived on the frontier mation that the body of horse who were of Candeish just as the banditti were as. attacked on the morning of the 17th, fed in suming a tangible form. The gallant cose such haste immediately after that affair, that duct of the Nizam's borse, and the complete they crossed the Godavery in the direction şout of the insurgents that ensued, hayo of Nassuck; I consequently deeped any already been reported to your Excellency. further pursuit of little use, and accordingly left Paitre, and arrived here yesterday.

(6) Not received,

page 391.

The fugitives from this defeat joined the Extract from a Despatch from the Governor party from the southward, and shared in the in Council, of Bombay, to the Secret Como losses it met with at the hands of the Vin mittee, dated 26th of May. chookur. It appears to have been the intention of under, have been placed in possession of

The forts of Ryghur, Singhur, and Poorboth parties to form a junction, after which,

our troops. by the accounts of the prisoners, they were to have come to Poonah; but probably their proclamation for the apprehension of Trim

His Highness the Peishwa has issued a play was to have plundered the country, and buckjee Dainglia, and his adherbents. to have taken advantage of any opening that might afford them a prospect of success against any of our detachinents or their

SATURDAY, NOV, 8. supplies.

This Gazette contains an order for a A body of the insorgenis has long been mentioned as having descended into the

Court and general mourning, for which sce south of the Concan; they have lately moved north as far as Rooee Ashtumee, and the fear of their approach has occasioned the desertion of the villages on the Bombay

TUESDAY, Nov, 11. road; two companies of Native Infantry This Gazette notifies the appointment of marched from Poonah this inording to keep Mr. Alexander Louis Prevost, as Agent and open the communication.

Consul-General in London for the Swiss

Extract of a Letter from the Vinchoor (7)

Members returned to serve in Parliament, I set off on Saturday, at night, in pursuit Borough of Romney-Cholmeley Dering of of the troops that had come from Mahadeo,

Cavendish-square, in the County of Middlewhich amounted to 2,000 horse, and 2 or

sex, Esq. in the room of Admiral Sir Jobn' 300 foot : they effected a junction with the

Thomas Duckworth, Bart. Knight Grand other rebels from Gunnaispoor, (who had

Cross of the Most Honourable Military' previously been defeated by the Nizam's

Order of the Bath, deceased. troops), I came in sight of them at last, when they immediately took to flight and

SATURDAY, NOV. 22. were pursued for several coss, till I totally dispersed them and took about 500 horses: This Gazette contains the official account this done, I halted on Saturday morning at

of the Funeral of the late Princess CharJaunderee, and remained there all day ; on

Jolte. *

It also notifies the appointment of Monday I marched to Lassoor, and shall the Rev. J, B, Jenkinson, as Dean of Wore more on Tuesday to Vinchoor.

cestershire, in the room of the deceased Dr. A. Onslow.

(7) An officer of the Peishwa.

* For particulars of which, vide page 399,


R. FOSS, No. 36, Essex-street, Strand, rey," stating that his house is situate half a

Secretary to the SOCIETY of GUAR mile from Richmond.* DIANS for the PROTECTION of TRADE The Irish papers say that Mr. Williain against SWINDLERS and SHARPERS, · Johnson, has been appointed to the vacant by a Circular bas informed the Members seat on the Bench. Much exertion was used thereof, that the persooʻundernamed, viz. - for the elevation of Mr. Burton, and his prea

WILLIAM SERVICE, alias SARVIS, of No.7, tensions were powerfully secouded by Lord Webb's County Terrace, Kent Road, is re Sidmouth, Lord Colchester, and Mr. Peel, ported to that society as improper to be


who has a due recollection of the services posed to be ballotted for as a member there rendered to bim at the Oxford election, by of ; also,

the brother of Mr. Burton, Lord Castle ROBERT ARMITSTEAD, mentioned De- reagh's vote, however, and the promise made cember, 1815, lately resided at No. 5, Data at the Union, prevailed. But though Mr. Jane, Wood-street, and states that be is about Burton has not reached the Judgeship, be taking a ware house in Broad-street, has secured the Serjeantcy, for which Hr.

ANTHONY Power, who has been so often noticed, has also just sent an order for some * Vide the cover of the European Magybooks, in a letter dated" Richmood, Sur. zice, for October, 1817.

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