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Yet blame not Martha for this rancoroas


It is but fair she should retaliate.
TAS it a tear of fond regret

To take poor Nell for better or for worse

a thy cheeks None could be found, though she had got Or did a tale of woe beget

to tempt ye, Those lucid drops which volumes speak. Youth, wit, and beauty, aye and e'en a Was it a tear of charity

purse : That fell for those whom Vice destroy;

You stand annazed, why Reader it was Or did it trembling leave thioe eye

empty! In a sweet ecstacy of joy.

“ How very easy 'tis," cries Torr, " to No matter how, or whence, or why,

write; If Virtue's spirit bovered near,

I find no hardship verses to indite." The drop that moistens beauty's eye " That to believe," quoth Dick, “ we oaths Mut e'er be deemed a precious tear. D. don't need 'em ;

The hardship is, for those wko have to read 'em !


“ Let's write an epigram," cried Dick: YRIES Martha, “ All mon creatures I

Agreed l” says Tom; and in a miaate detest,

They coined a rhyme, as lame as lkis, Or rich or poor, from greatest to the

Wbich, after all, had nolking in it. least,"

N, S.


T , ,


Fourth West India Regiment being perTUESDAY, NOV, 25, 1817. This Gazette notifies the appointment mitted to bear on its colours and appoint

dalonpe." Bristol, fient, John Wardell the younger, of Whitby, York, Gent ; John Fryer, of Wolverhampton, in the countv of Stafford,

TCESDAY, DEC, 2. Gent.; and Richard Godman Kirkpatrick, This Gazette contains addresses of con. of Newport, Isle of Wight, Gent, to be

dolence to the Prince Regent from the Masters Extraordinary in the High Court Presbytery of Dumfermline, the township of Chancery. It also contains an Order of of Stourbridge, and parish of Oldswinford; Council, continuing the prohibition of the

the Corporation of Waterford, the Corpoexportation of gunpowder, saitpetre, and ration of the City of York, the Borough of arins to the Coast of Africa, the West.

Burton-upon-Trent, Carnarvon, Maccles Indies, and South America, without leave

field, and the Corporation of Kingstoxfrom the Privy Council.

upon-Thames.-Also addresses to Prince Leopold from the borough of Portsmouth,

the Presbytery of Ayr, the borough of SATURDAY, NOV. 29.

Tewkesbury, and the town of Birmingham, This Gazette contains a Proclamation, to which most respectful answers were reprohibiting his Majesty's natural-born sub turned in the name of his Serene Highness jects from serving or enlisting, or entering by Sir Robert Gardiner. theinselves to serve in the military forces or ships of war, raised or set forth by the

SATURDAY, DEC. 6. persons exercising or assuming to exercise ibe powers of Government in certaio pro

This Gazette contains a Proclamation vinces and parts of provinces in Spanish for calling in, on or before the 31st of DeAmerica, or in the military forces of his

cember instant, that part of the current Catholic Majesty employed in Spanish

coin commonly called the Old Tower HalfAmerica, or in his said Majesty's ships of

pence and Farthings; it also coatains a

reward of 10001. to any person who shall war. This Gazelle also contains a Proclama.

discover the ofiender or ofenders who set tion, further proroguing Parliament to the

fire to the Woollen and Worsted Spinaing 27th January, then to meet for the dispatch

Mill at Kidderminster, on the 23d ult. of divers urgent and important affairs. It also notifies the appointirent of James Col.

SATURDAY, DEC. 20. quhoun, Esq. as Consul General for Ham Tbis Gazette contains 35 addresses of Lurgh, Bremen, and Lubeck ; and of the condolence to the Prince Regent, and serea

to Prince Leopold, on the death of the as a Regiment of Jancers; and that Robert
Princess Charlotte.--It also notifies the Melville, Esq. has been appointed Consul
Prince Regent's command, that the 19th for Amsterdam, the Helder, Vlieland, the
Light Dragoons shall be armed and equipped Texel, Terschelling, and Harlingen.

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VHE Secretary to the SOCIETY of

of TRADE against SWINDLERS and SHARPERS, held at No.36, Essex-street, Strand, by a Circular bas informed the Members thereof, that Notes, of one of which the following is a copy, are now in circulation at Brussels, and have been remitted within a very few days from that place to a Member of that Society:

Brussels Crchange Office. I promise to pay Mr. Nathaniel Nether. land or Bearer on Demand, Five pounds Sterling. June 18, 1817.

At Mr. W. G. Parkins, No. 3, Ingram Court, Fenchurch Street, London, 18th June, 1817.


£ five.

There are written marks upon them to give them the appearance of having been some time in circulation. On taking them to No. 3, Togram Court, the name of Parkin is on the door of a Counting house there; and no one is to be found, and the notes consequently are not paid.

The Secretary also repeats the description of the Notes of the “ Í Pswick and SUFFOLK BANK," of which notice was given in 1811, 1813, and 1815, one of them having been negotiated a few days ago.

They are for One, Two, and Five Pounds, entitled, " Ipswich and Suffolk Bank," signed " For RALPH HOLDEN, SANDERS and Co. Ralph HOLDEN,” are made payable to Bearer on Demand, there, or at “ Messrs. WINKLEY, BROTA ERS, and Co. No. 6, St. Michael's. Alley, Cornbill, London," and are marked or entered,

“ T. L. LAWRENCE." Also, that the persons urdermentioned, viz. John Elliott, late of New Street, Gough Square, but now of Chapel Street, Pentonville ; WILLIAM Hawkins, Beau. fort Cottage, Brixton Washway ; John STAFFORD and Co, alias CHARLEY WADSWORTH, No. 108. Bishopsgate Street Within, are reported to the Society as vutit to be balloted for as Members thereof.

On the 1812 Sept. 1817, dieri, after a lingering illness, deeply lamented by all who knew him, Lieut. Francis Gritton, aged 42, Adjutant for many years of the first regi. Europ. Mng. Vol. LXXll. Dec. 1817.

ment of Herefordshire local militia.--His remains were yesterday interred with masonic and military bonours, attended by upwards of one hundied brethren of the dif. ferent Lodges of the county, and a detachment of our Militia, commanded by Captaip Jones, with their band, in full uniform. Colonel Matthews and other Officers, from respectful feelings towards the deceased, attended as mourners.

Form of the Procession.
Company of Soldiers.
Officer commanding.

Band of Music,
Two Tylers with drawn swords.
Two Proviocial Grand Stewards with

wands. Brethren not of the Lodges in the Province

two and two, juniors first.

Tyler with sword. Brethren of the Vitrovian Lorge.- Ross.

(Arranged as Palladian.)

Tyler with sword.
Brethren of the Royal Edward Lodge,

(Arranged as Palladian.)

Two Tylers with swords.
Brethren of the Palladian Lodge, Here-

Entered Apprentice.
Fellow Crafts,

Sen, and Jon. Deacons with wands,

Secretary with a roll.

Treasurer and Chaplain.
W and W J. Wardens with wands.
Two P. Grand Stewards with wands,

Royal Arch Brethren.
Knights Templars, &c.
Past P. Grand Officers.

Provincial Grand Tyler.
Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of
Herefordshire, without their jewels, but

with wards, Past Master of the Palladian Lodge, bear.

ing on a cushion covered with black cloth
the Book of the Funeral Service, sup-
ported by Two Stewards.
R. W. Master of the Palladian Lodge.

John Alley.jun. R. G. D.
Three Grand Stewards.

Mourners not relations of the deceased.

Ciergy man.

Corpse. 4 B

With Military and Masonic Insignia on the of bis relations. In the prime of his days Collin.

he has been recalled, the hour of his bodily Relations of the Deceased.

trial has passed, and the spirit which aniAttendants of the Fuperal.

mated him has tied to its account before his No Brethren in office of the other Lodges Maker. May we who survive him, mindfal wore their jewels, but only those of the that in life we border but on death, so emLodge to which the deceased belonged. ploy our time, that hope may hover round

The brethren were uniformly dressed in our hearts in our last moments, softening black clothes, with white stockings; aprons the pangs of disease, and cheering us on to and gloves.

a blessed immortality. And may Almigbts The processing then moved slowly from God, of his infinite goodness, at the grand the dwelling-bouse of the deceased to Here- tribunal of unbiassed justice, extend bis ford Cathedral, where the body was received mercy towards this our brother, and all of into the choir amidst the solemn peals of the us, and crown our hope with everlasting organ. The funeral service having been bliss. This we beg is thy name, O Great read by the Rev. Brother Watkins, a sacred Jehovah ! to whom be honour and glory, chaupt was given by the choristers, and the now and for ever.'' procession advanced to the grave, where the This funeral oration was delivered in a corpse was deposited with the usual Masonic mode so highly impressive, that the feelings riles. An excellent discourse on the prin of the audience were strongly affected, and ciples of masonry having been read by many an eve and heart bore witness to its Brother Bird, P.M. the Right Worshipful effect on their minds. Brother John Allen, jun. Provincial Grand The military then advanced, and having Director, addressed the Lodges assembled in fired three vollies over the grave, the proa manner so feeling and impressive, that we cession returned in silence, and the Brethrea conceive our readers will be highly gratified retired to their lodge-room, where we hy its perusal, and we have taken some pains understand that a vote of thanka, on the sug. in procuring a copy of it,

gestion of the Res. Brother Waikirs, was " BRETHREN -- From time immemorial unanimously given to Brother Allen, for it has been a custom amongst ouir fraternity, the feeling address he had made, and me at the request of a brother on his death-bed, admirable way in which the whole arrangeto accompany his corpse to the place of ment of the funeral was conducted, interment, and there to deposit it with the The vast concourse of people assembled usoal formalities. In conformity with this on the occasion, testified by their mander, ancient usage, and as Master of the Lodge, the deep interest they took in the scene I have this day requested your assistance, before them, and the unisereal feeling of in the last melancholy duty we owe to each regret will be a source of infinite comfort other. It has pleased the Great Creator to to the relatives of the deceased. remove our beloved and respected Brother

TIE KING'S HEALTH. from the cares and troubles of this life, and

Windsor Castle, Dec. 7. therehy to weaken that bond of union by “ His Majesty has been uniformly comwhich we are connected so closely together; posed througli the last mooth, and has enbut the principles of our order remain un- joyed good general health, though his Mas impaired, and their benign infuence is jesty's disorder continues unchanged. strongly felt within us. That brotherly love

H1, Halford, which we have been tauglit as a first prin

" 11. Baillie, ciple, has activated 11. this day, and we are

“ 1. llelerden, here assembled, as Masons, to offer up be

R. Wilhs," fore the world the last tribute of our fra. EDINBURGH,

Dec, 6.-The 30th Nopem. ternal affection. The body of our compa her falling this year upon Sunday, the Franion has been committed to the earth, but teroity of Free and Accepted Masons as. his memory will ruill be cherished amongst sembled on Monday, the lat in:1, in Frrevis; and thongh the grave be not the place mason's Hall, Edinburgh, for the purpose of panegyric, still those who knew our of appointing Grand Office Barers for the deceased brother's worth, his benevolence ensuing year, when the following were unaof heart, his honesty of principle, may, I nimnusly elected : trust, be permitted, even here, to express His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, their feelings and deplore his loss. As a Grand Master, and Patron of the Order for man, as an oficer, and a mason, he per. Scotland. formed the duties of his life becomingly. Sir John Majoribanks, of Lepa, bart. M. P. Ilis frailties shall be forgniten--for lie Acting Grand Master under his Royal High: blackened no man's reputation, he injured no inun's character. ln bis nature he was Most Noble George Marquis of Tweedale, generous and compassionate : his hand and Grand Master elect. biedicart were open alike to the distresses of Right Hon. the Earl of Fife, Past Grand others. Ilis good name will not be buried Master. with him-il shall live in the recollection William Inglis, of Middleton, Esq. Subof his friends, and be as balm to the grief stitute Grand Master.


John Ilay, younger, of Hayston and Newington, Surrey, in union with the NaSmithfield, Esq. Senior Grand Warden. tional Society, was held ou Thursday 4th De.

Sir William Harailton, of Preston and cember, W. Clutton, treasurer, took the Fingalton, bart, Junior Grand Warden. Chair. The meeting was attended by the

Sir John Blay, of Hayston and Smithfield, Rev. T. T. Walmsley, secretary to the Nabart. Grand Treasurer.

tional Society ; the Rev. W. Johnson, $uAlexander Lowrie, Esq. Grand Secre- perintendant of the National Society's Centary.

tral School, Rev. W. Carter, Siater, Judd, James Bertram, Esq. Grand Clerk. Robins, Hales, King, Holland, Horsburg, Dr. John Lee, Grand Chaplain.

Hammond, Wye, Rofley, England, RichWilliam Cunninghain, Esq. Grand Jew- ardson, Algar, Frith, and others of the Comeller,

mittee, and many of the most respectable Alexander Peacock, Esq. Grand Bible ladies and gentlemen of the parisb, supporBearer.

ters of the schools, "The different classes At the conclusion of the election, upon went through an examination in spelling, the motion of the Right Worshipful the reading, writing, and arithmetic, and in reMaster of St. Luke, in a speech of muci ligious instruction, to the great satisfaction feeling and interest, seconded by the Right of the audience, and the unqualified approWorshipful Proxy Master of the Mother bation of the examiners. Those schools Lodge, Kilwinning, a respectful Address bave only been established on the present of sincere condolence was unanimou:ly plan little more than a year, and now convoted to his Royal Highness the Prince tains 380 boys, and 180 girls, of whoin about Regent and Patron of the Order, upon the 120 are clothed. late calamity which bis Royal Highness and On Wednesday the 10th, being the (49th) the country have sustained by the death of anniversary of the foundation of the Royal her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte Academy of Arts, a general assembly of Augasia. As the last tribute of respect to the Acadeinicians was held at their aparta the extraordinary merits of her Royal High ments in Somerset House, when the followness, the Most Worshipful Grand Master ing distribution of premiums took place, viz. had recalled the arrangements which had To Mr. William Scoular, for the best been made for celebrating the anniversary Model in Relievo (of the Judgment of of their tutelar Saint, in the asual convivial Paris), the Gold Medal and the Discourses manner, and bad issued instructions for as of the Presidents Reynolds and West, hand. sembling the brethren, and devoting the day somely bound and inscribed. to solemn and religious worship. In con To Mr. Charles H. Smith, for the best sequence of these instructions, which inet Architectural Design (a Royal Academy of with the warmest approbation from the Arts), the Gold Medal and the Discourses brethren at large, immediately after the of Reynolds and West. election was concluded, the whole body, Tu Mr. Richard Carruthers, for the best consisting of upwards of a thousand brethren, Copy made in the Painting School, the Sil. in deep mourning, walked in solemn ina ver Medal and the Lectures of the Profes. sonic procession from Freemason's Halliu sors Barry, Opie, and Fuseli. the High Church, where the Rev. Dr. Lee, To Ms. Henry Wyatt, for a Copy made Chaplain to the Grand Lodge, delivered a in the Painting School, the Silver Medal. inost appropriate and pathetic discourse, To Mr. C. G. Christmas, for the best from the prayer of Solomon at the dedica. Drawing of an Academy Figure, the Silver jion of the Temple, Second Chronicles, chap. Medal and the Lectures of Barry, Opie, vi. 201h, 28th, 29th, 39th, and 31sı ver-es. and Fuseli.

After Divine Servis the different Lodges To Mr. W. Ross, for a Drawing of an returned in procession from the High Church Academy Figure, the Silver Medal. to Freemason's Hall. The streets

To, Mr. James Heilernan, for the best Jined with a party of the Scots Greys, and model of an Academy Figure, the Silver the band of the 85th regiment accompanied Medal, and the Lectures of Barry, Opie, the procession, performing sacred music, and Fuseli. with their drums mufiled. Though the To Mr. William Scoular, for a Model of wreets were crowded to excess, the litinost an Academy Figure, the Silver Medal. segularity prevailed. During the proces. To Mr. Samuel Patterson, for the best sion not a murmur was heard ; the feelings Architectural Drawing from a Public of every spectator harmonized with those of Building, the Silver Medal, and the Leca the craft, and the sympatiy at an event tures of Barry, Opie, and Fuseli. which fills the nation with such sincere sor To Mr. Sydney Smirke, for an Archio sow and regret, appeared visible in the tectural Drawing from a Public Building, countenance of every individual, and gave the Silver Medal. a character to the scene at once striking and To Mr. William Bennes, for the best impressive.

Drawing from the Antique, the Silver The first half-yearly examination of the Medal, and the Lectures of Opie and children of the United Parocbial National Fuseli. Charity and Sunday Schools of St. Mary, To Mr. W. Edwards, for the next best





Drawing from the Antique, the Silver of the whole island must have been Medal,

dreadful, The shipping bas suffered to To Mr. Edward Lambert, for a Drawing an unknown and appalling extent ; but from the Antique, the Silver Medal. as the particulars are not ascertained, it

To Mr. Joseph Bonomi, for the best would be barbarity to guess at the proModel from the Antique, the Silver Medal, bable desolation. and the Lectures of Fuseli and Opie.

The intelligence from South America To Mr. C. Garrard, for a Model from continues to be contradictory and fallathe Antique, the Silver Medal.

cious. We are glad to hear a rumour The General Assembly afterwards pro that the mediation of the European Soveceeded to appoint officers for the ensuing reigns bas been offered between Spain year, when Benjamin West, Esq. was una and the Colonies; and trust it will be nimously re-elected President. The New effectual in restoring tranquillity on terins Council consists of J. Jackson, J. Flax- honourable and advantageous to both. man, J. Yend, and A. W. Callcott, Esq. The King of Spain has issued a decree Old Council, W. Mulready, A, E, Chalon, granting immunities to settlers in Cuba. T. Phillips, and M. A. Shee, Esqrs. Vi. It bas strangely enough been taken up sitors in the Life Academy, new list, H, fiercely as an English party question ; Fuseli, T. Phillips, M. A. Shee, and J. though

conceive nothing less Ward, Esqrs. Old list, Sir W. Beechey, connected with British feelings or inteW. Mulready, W. Owen, R. Smirke, and

With not only the Americas, but H. Thomson, Esqrs. Visitors in the Paint the Topian Islands, the Cape of Good ing School, new list, w. Mulready, M. A. Hope, &c. &c. inviting our emigrants to Shee, H. Thomson, and D. Wilkie, Esqrs. colonize them. It is surely altogether imOla list, Sir W. Beechey, Sir T. Lawrence, probable that five British subjects should J. Northcote, and J. Ward, Esqrs. Audi. think of choosing Cuba. tors re-elected, G. Dance, and J. Faring A general bill of all the christenings and ton, Esqrs.

burials from December 10, 1816, to DecemWilliam Hone has been tried for blas. ber 16, 1817. phemous political libels on the Creed, Christened in the 97 Parishes within the Lord's Prayer, &c. in the Court of King's Walls 1014.- Buried 1085. Bench. He conducted his own defence, Christened in the 17 Parishes without the and was pronounced by the Jury, not Guilty. Walls 5429.-- Buried 3939. A more innocent publisher is now in Win. Christened in the 23 out-parishes in Midchester gaol for twelvemonths, being con. dlesex and Surrey 12716.- Baried 10108. demned for the same offence in an infi. Christened in the 10 parishes in the city nitely less degree.

and liberties of Westmioster 4940.- Buried Very recent accounts have been received 4636. from India. The Madras army is about to

Christened. be put in motion , but on the other side of Males, 12,6242

In all, 24,129. the peninsula, tranquillity is restored, -Females, 11,5055 AN UNPRECEDENTED OCCURRENCE.

Buried. By the election of Mr. John Saunders as Males, 10,033

In all, 19,968. Common Council for Candlewick Ward, Females, 9,935) there is now a Deputy and his foor sons in

Whereof have died, the Corporation.

Under two years of age

5698 It is with great concern we have to re Between two and five ...

2019 cord the occurrrence of one of those tre Five and ten.....

929 mendous visitations, a hurricane, in the Ten and twenty

706 West Indies. The accounts have been Twenty and thirty

1364 received via America, and are, we sin- Thirty and forty

1795 cerely trust, exaggerated ; but still there Forty and fifty...

1993 is enough of misery to afflict every heart. Fifty and sixty

1:58 The storm took place on the 21st of Oc Sixty and seventy...

1614 tober, and swept the whole region for Seventy and eighty.

1924 two hundred miles, ravaging in its course Eiglity and nioety

683 Antigua, Barbadoes, St. Vincent, St. Lu Ninely and a hundred cie, Martinique, Dominique, and Guada A hundred.....

7 loupe. The scene of greatest horror, A hundred and one however, seems to have been St. Lucie, A hundred and three where the Government house and the A hundred and five barracks were overthrown. In the former, Decreased in the burials this year 348. Governor Lieutenant-general Seyinour, his There have been executed in the city of wife, family, and household, to the num Londoo and county of Surrey, 26; of which ber of fifty souls, perished. In the latter 10 only have been reported to be buried 200 military were destroyed. Where within the bills of mortality. such consequences ensued, the situation


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