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Commerce, on ,506.

Trade against Swindlers and Sharpers, Compliments, on the use of unmeaning, at notices from, 79. 173. 271, 365. 463. the close of letters, 497.

553. Compound Interest, method of computing,

327. Confession, 324. Conscience. 224.

Content, 136.
Conversazione, 9. 121. 209. 307. 503.

Happiness, 224.
Corn, average prices of, 93. 190. 236. 382.

ideal, 32. 478. 568.

Hive, the, XXXI. 32. XXXII. 186. Corrections, 31.

XXXIII, 223, XXXIV.324. XXXV. 431. Correspondents, acknowledgments to, 2.

XXXVI. 517. 182, 280. 375. 470. 56).

Hogarth, Life of William, 233. Curran, Right Hon. Philpot, memoir of, Holstein, Madame de Stael, memoir of, 329.

141. Course of Exchange, 95. 191. 287. 383. Hooping Cough, remedy for, 128. 479, 569.

Humanity, 32,



Debt, National, abstract of the, 522.
De Luc, Jean Andre, memoir of, 486.

I11 an, in Cornwall, description of, 417. Dividends, list of, 89. 184. 281. 377. 473.

India Intelligence, 370. 563.

Industry, essay on, 20. Dodd's Report on the intended Iron Bridge Inquiry, an, 508. from Holborn-hill to Snow-hill, 120.

, Biblical, 207. Drunkenness, on, 14.

Ink, Permanent, for marking linen, recipe

for making, 521. Intelligence from the London Gazette, 77, 172. 270. 364. 459. 552.

-, foreign and domestic, 79. 173.

271.365. 463. East India Births, Marriages, and Deaths,

literary, 85, 180, 278, 374. 178.

469. 560. Last India Shipping, 94. 98. 194. 290. 382.

, India, 370. 492. Erskine, Hon. Henry, memoir of, 331. Interest, compound, method of computing,

; University, 466.557. 435.

327. Espionage, story respecting French, 487.

-, simple, method of computing, Exchange, course of, 95, 191, 287, 383.

430. 479. 569.

Interior of Africa, observations respect. Exmouth, Lord, memoir of, 99.

ing, 511.
Extracts, Irish, 33, 129. 213. 320. 508.
from a Lawyer's Portfolio, 489.

Journal of the Proceedings of the House of
Lord, 73. 16).

House of
Commons, 73. 164.

Irish Extracts, 33. 129. 213. 320. 508.

Falsehood, 431.
Foreign and Domestic Intelligence, 79.

173. 271, 365, 463. 553.
Fragmenta, XX. 36. XXI. 218. XXII. 423. Kemble, Mr. address to, 17.
Freemasons of Scotland, Grand Lodge,

election of officers for, 554. Friendship, 325.


Lawyer's Portfolio, extracts from a, 199. G.

Legeods of Lampidosa, 6, 103, 201. 297.

411. Gazette, Intelligence from the London, Letters from a Father to a Son in an Office 71. 172, 270, 364. 459. 552.

under Government, V. 109. VI. 225. Gleaner, the, IV. 133. V. 309. VI. 517. VII. 331. VIII. 499. Gold Coin, the, 335.

Life Annuities, 93. 191. 287. 383. 479. Greek Patronymics, 108. 207.422.

Literary Garden, XXV. 25. XXVI, 115. Gritton, Lieut. Francis, fuperal of, 553. XXVII. 245. XXVIII. 304, XXIX, Guardians, Society of, for the Protection of 428,

Literary Intelligence, 85. 180, 278. 374. Pliant, Peter, history of, 18.205. 301, 430.
469, 560.

London Markets, 92. 188. 284. 380. 476. Poetry, 69, 158. 263. 358. 419. 550.

Politic economy of the British Isles, 338.
Long, Beestoo, Esq. meunoirs of, 483. Potatoes, 244. 340.

, method of preserving, 15,

Tops, method of extracting potass

from, 311. M.

Poverty, the crime of, 113.

Preferments, 276. 371. 467.
Man, the Seven Ages of, T. 313. II. 493. Pride, 432.
Markets, London, 92, 188. 284, 380, 476. Prosperity and adversity, 223.

Marriage, on, 245.
Marriages, 84. 178. 277. 372. 467, 558.
Melancholy, on, 431.

Memoir of William Blanchard, 3. Lord
Exmouth, 99. Madame de Stael Hol.

Quakers' yearly epistle, 47.
stein, 141. Lord Colchester, 195. Dr.

Question, arithmetical, 217.
Saunders, 291. Right Hon. P. Curran,
329. Hon. Henry Erskine, 331, 435.
Dr. Collyer, 407. Charles Aldis, Esq.

425. Mr. Raymond, 433. Beeston
Long, Esq. 483. Jean Andre De Luc, Raghery, or Rathlin, description of, 510.

Raymond, Mr, funeral of, 369.
Mind and Body, 223.

memoir of, 433.
human, on the faculties of, 324.

Reasonable Man, definition of, 32.
Miscellanea, 31.

Recipes, XVI. 14. XVII, 128. XVIII.521.
Miscellaneous Information, XXXVII. 126.

Reflections, 32.

on consistency and inconsist. Miscellaneous thoughts, 224.

ency of character, 315. Mortality, yearly bill of, 556.

Remarks on a tour from Bristol to Wales,


Repository, XLI. 39. XLII. 137. XLIII. N.

238. XLIV. 335. XLV. 441.
Resentment, 223.

Retirement, serious, 136.
National Debt, abstract of the, 529.

Royal Academy, proceedings of, 555.
Navy, state of the, 2.

Runnington's, Mr. Serjeant, evidence on

the operation of the Insolvent Act, 39. 0.

Obituary, 84. 179. 277.373. 468. 559.
Opera House Collonade, description of, 5, Saline and Saccharine, on the, 514.

Saunders, Dr. memoir of, 291,
Scandal, on, 520.

Science, reflections on modern improve.

ments in, 30.

Select Sentences, 137. 324, 432.
Parliamentary Journal, House of Lords, Self Confidence, 223,
73, 161.

Consequence, 432.
House of Com- Selfishness, on, 325.
mops, 73. 164.

Sermons, funeral, preached on occasion of
Papers. 73. 168, 265. 361. the death of the Princess Charlotte, list
Partnerships, dissolutions of, 90, 186. 283. of those published, 542.
378. 474. 565.

Shoreditch, 224,
Passion or Anger, thoughts on, 520.

Soup, Portable, 18.
Patents, new, 91. 187. 283. 476,566. Spasms in the stomach, remedy for, 198.
Patronymics, on Greek, 108, 207, 422. de Stael Holstein, Madame, memoir of, 141.
Paving Act, abstract of, 126.

Stage Coach, the, 215,
Permanent Ink, recipe for making, 521, State of the Navy, 2.
Perseverance, 92.

Papers, 170.
Phillips's Speech (Brown v Blake), 53. Steam Boats, on the danger of, 23.
Pigs, cheap mode of feeding, 125.

Stocks, price of, 96, 19%. 28. 384, 480,
Pleasurist, the, 223.


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#ucconion, Royal, to the Throne of Great The Falls of the Clyde. Mr. Robinson. Britain, 441.

Monody to the Memory of the Princess Table of, 443.

*Charlotte. Mr. Isaacs. The Father and Sugar,"average prices of, 93. 190. 286,0R. his Children. Mr. Denning. A Friend 478. 568.

indeed. Address on Closing of the Sat. Suspicion, 218.

tey Theatre, &c. &c. 453. Superstition, 492.

The Man in the Moon. Lilliput Mr. Sybil's Leaf, 337.

Fisher's Hamlet. Husbands and Wires.
Outwitted at Last. Opening of the
Surrey Theatre, &c. 547.
Thoughts on Passion or Anger, 520.

.., Reflections, &c. 521.

Timber for Shipbuilding, method of de. Tabitha Truepenny, letter from, 497. fending from attacks of the seasons, 521, Tales, 218,

Time, Age of, 514. Taste, 220.

Tiger Hunt, 117.
Tate's method of computing simple interest, Time, on the employment of ,324.

Translations, 221.
Theatrical Journal. Closing of Covent Truepenny, Tabitha,letter from, 497.

Garden Theatre. The Election. Mr. Tyranny, 423.
Crisp. The Bridge that carried us safe
over. Miss Buggids. My Uncle. Mr.
Pearman. Bachelor's Wives, or the

British at Brussels, Mr. Putler. Mr.
Amberst. Waterloo, or the Bridge and
the Battle. Constantine and Valeria. Vegetables, number of known, 21,

Vanity, 424. Poor Vulcan, &c. 64. Miss Stevenson, The Wizard, or the Vinegar, method of preparing different Brown Man of the Moor. The Persian Virtue, 324.

kinds of, 125. Hunters, or the Rose of Gurgistan. University Intelligence, 466.537, Fire and Water. Teasing made easy. The Actor of all Work. First and se. cond Floor. The Fatal Island. The Vicar of Wakefield, &c. &c. 153.

W. Ms. Stanley. Mrs. Bellchambers. Mr.

Bonnel Thornton, Miss Brunton. Rus. Wanderer, I, 26. II. 132. III. 229. IV. sian Festival. Closing of the Haymarket 905. V. 495. Theatre. Disguises. Wanted : a Go Waterloo Bridge, Mr. Dodd's claim to be vergess. An Address, including a new the designer of, $9. plan for changing the order of perform- Whitsunday, 224. ances at the English Opera House. At Wife, on the necessity of choosing a reliall in the Ring, 257.

gious one, 507.
Mr. Maywood. Miss Campbell. Miss Wienholt, J. B. letter from, 433.

Byrne. The Duke of Savoy, or the Wittless, Will, letter from, 207.
Wife and the Mistress, The Youthful Woman, 137.
Days of Frederick the Great. Closing Works, good, on the motives to, 24.
of the English Opera, &c. 954.

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A Pecules, Redericus, 353,

Feldborg's History of Norway, 448.

Female Scripture Biography, 447. Brazil, History of, 251.

Macbeth and Kemble, 235. Broome's Selections from Fuller and Manfred, by Lord Byron, 150. South, 533.

Maurice's Observations on the Ruins of Correspondence between a Mother and her Babylon, 56. 145. Daughter, 152.

Modern Manners, 351. Evening Hours, 253.

Moore's Lalla Rookb, 55. Ellis's Journal of the Embassy to China, Robertson's Practical Example Book, on. 392, 444. 526.

the Use of Maps, 533. Education, Intellectual, practical esmy on, Walpole's Memoirs relating to European 352.

and Asiatic Turkey, 523. Evans's Expursion to Windsor, &c. 353, Wine

and Spirit Dealer's Assistant, 58.


A .

Lament and Tribute, 545
Bride's Dirge, 449.

Lines to a Lady, 551.
Bridal Elegy, 452.

-, onber shedding tears, 552. Coinage, the new, 158.

Moore, Sir Johti, Barial of; 72. Claremont, 451.

Music, 360. Devotion, 551,

Monologue on the Death of H.R.H. the Doctor and his Medicine Chest, 70,

Princess Charlotte, 543, Elegiac stanzas on the death of the Princesa, Negro, the Freed, 264. Charlotte, 452.

Ode recited by Mr. Young, at the farewell English versus French, 551.

dinger given to Mr, Kemble, 71, Fragment, a, 160.

to the Memory of Mr. Samuel Webbe, Friendship's Farewell, 263.

72. Funereal Wreath, 450.

Pearl Island, the, 358. Jlall of Flowers, 263.

Soliloquy, 360. Hero's Orphan Girl, 264.

Soppet, 360, Hogue Bye, or the Knight of Hamboya, Tear, the, 264, .

Waterloo, a relic from, 60.




ANDREWS, D. 375 Cooper, H.
Bower, W. 87 Campbell, G.
Boss, s.

ib/Cook, T. Brooke, J. 18% Cook, G. Bristov,

ib Crosby, R. Batt, S.

975 Cooper, H. Baber, J. 566 Dyer, J. Bower, J.

362' Dunn, w,

182 Feard, R. 182, Levins, M. & Co. 87/Smith, D.
980 Fisher, W. ib Mason, P. 182 Story, T.

ib Fossett, M. 562 Marshall, J. 562 Sykes, J.
573 Gardner, T. C. 182 Norris, P. 182 Sicel, W.

ib Harvey, W. 87 Rebbeck, J. 87 Taylor, J. 562 Hughes, E. E. 182 Rawlins, J. 470 Taylor, s.

87 Hooper, R. & Co. 562 Richmond, T. G.662 Wesi, G. 462' Kilner, W. and J. 502'Seddon, J. P.



ASTELL, J. 871 Bradford, R. 471 Dickenson, R. &J. ib, Creen, J. 471, Irwin, T.
Adlington, J. ib Bridgeman, J. V. ib Dyson, J. ib Goring, T. ibl Jordan, W.
Allen, B.
ib Brandun, J. J. ¡b Downes, J.J. ib Gregory, G. ib: Jervis, d.

$76 Abrahams, M. 162 Barfild, E. ¡b Deacon, w. 502 Grove, I. 562. Jacob. A.

ib Ashmead, T. ib Beldon, B. ¡b Durliam, F. jun. ib Greensmith. J. ib Iredale, W. B. Arnold, G. 280 Bartlett, R. 36 : Doswell, d. ib Henlock, W. 88 Jackson, J. B. Apedaile, G. 379 Beard, W.J.

ib Dodian, M. ib Harley, J. ib Knight, J. 88 Amiss, J. ib Bath, w. ib Eccles, J.

87 Hewitt, c. ib Kershaw, T. W. ib Ansell, T. ib Bailey, E. ib Entwisle, J. P.

ib Harison, J. ib Kearney, P. 183 Ailwright, s. 470 Bruce, A. and Co. ib Edleston, J. jb Herbert, J. ib Kneller, W. G. 578 Aaron, a. ib Cooper, T. 87 Elliott, c.

ib Hannaford, E. ib Knapp, J. ib Appleby, R. 470|Clark, s. ib E isson, G. ib Hill, w.

ib Knight, J. & Co. 471 Aldham, w. 471 Coppard, J. ib Elliott, G.

183 Hollands, J. ib Kent, w.

ib Atherstone, H. il Chalk, w. ib Elton head, J.

ib Hix, J.

ib Kendrick, F. Abram, T. 56.Curry, T. ib Evans, E.

$75 Hay, N.

ib Kilner, W. & Co. ib Archer, T. in Cox, G.M. ib Etchells, J. ib Huntley, R. ib Kendrick, W. Ambrose, T. & Co. ib Coupland, G.

ib Eales, W.

ib Hoseason, w. 183 Kelsby, W. Arnold, D. and N. ib Cole, J.

182 Evans, R.
ib Holt, J.

ib Kirk, s.
Ainsworth, R.&Co.ib Cottell, J. ib Edwards, T. ib Hannum, E. ib Kirkby, J.
Bell, w.
87 Coulter, J. 183 Eady, T

171 Humphreys, S. ib Kirkman, E. Brentnall, J. iCozens, w 260 Evans, M. sen. ib Hiscock, É. ib Leader, B. Brevitt, W. it Chester, C. jun, ib Emeny, J.,

ib Hazel, G. ib Lobato, E. A. P. ibe Bath, R. it Cooper, G. sen. ib Ellison, J. ib Hanbury, C.

ib Lazarus, L. Burgess, G. ib Cuttin, J. W. ib Elliott. R. jun. 562 Hanbury, w. ib Lynch, P.

185 Barker, J. in Cartwright, G. ib Elliott, J. ib Haynes, M. S. ib lee, W. Bone, H.

id Casson, J. & Co. ib Ellis, J. A. ib Hurdis, R. 981 Lakeman, D. H. ib
Benson, M. in Cowell, w. jun. ib Fleining, T. 87 Houghton, H. ib Lewarn, W.
Burn, J.
ib Cramp, J. ib Fox, E.

ib Heyles, r.
ib Linder, R.

Brundred, B. ib Commins, N. $75 Fossett, M. and Co. ib Hensman, T. & W.ib Lewis, E.
Blackley, H. ibiCrosby, R. ib Fawell, T. ib Holroyd, s.l. 281 Lansdell, J.
Bleads, J. ib Cooper, w.

471 Fry, E.

185 Hughes, R. ib Littlewood, J. 9=6 Barker, s.

id Cowen, G. ib Fennell, T.andCo. ib Hazard, T. R. 376 Lytlepool, H. Busst, J. 389 Carlisle, J. ib Parrell, c. ib Hanham, W. ib Lockwood, G. Beavan, L. C. ib Cutler, A. in Frisby, R,

ib Hix, W.

il Lamb, J. J. Biddle, J. ibjCooke, J. ib'Frewing, J.

ib Henry, R. ib! Lloyd, R. Boarne, J. ib Collinson, J. ib Fusiain, W. ibi Hainmond, H.

jun. Bate, W.

ib{Cooper, B. ib Furnival, s. 281 Harris, J. ib Latiam, J. Byers, A. and Co. ib Cowdroy, w. ib Field, J.

37) Haswell, B. ib Lingtord, J. Heal, G.

jb Charlton, G. 562 Fletcher, B.jun. ib Hillier, H. ib Lloyd. S.T. Best, J.

ib Cohen, E. H. ib Ferties, A. ib Hester, J. ib Lloyd, T. H. Betts, J. T.

eso Collyer, R. ib Freeman, C.H.W. ib Hobbs. E. · ib Langborn, J. Booth, J. and Co. i9 Clark, J. ib Forman, J. jun. ih Hildebrant, C. 471 Lawrence, D. Booth, G. ih Darwin, J. & Co. 87/ Firth, w. 471 Hall, J. R. ib Ladbrooke, J. Bloomfield, J. ib Davies, J. ib Fletcher, J. & Co. ib Hobson, J. ib Mathews, J. 18 Body, W. ib De Wint, H. ib Flack, J.

ib Hall, W.

ih May, W. Bonsall, R. ib Deacon, B. ib Fothergill, G. ib Howell, J.and Co. ib Manr, R. and Co. ib Bernoulli, J. & E. i5 Davis, W. ib French, s. 502 Hawke, W. ib Mansell, T. ib Bailey, W. 37: Druili, G. R. 189 Futtit, W.

ib Holbrook, T. ib Murrell, W. ib Barker, J.

id Davis, c. ib Frodsham, S. ib Hutchinson, W. i Marriott, G. Barnes, w. ib Day, w. ib Gedrych, c. 88 Hewitt, H. ib Mann, J.

18$ Batt, S. ib Dowsett, s. ib Greenwood, J.

ib Home, G. ib Mosley, J.o.& Co. ib Byrchall, S. B.

it Diggles, G. ib Graham, J. ib Heaton, J. & Co. ib Mann, J. H. ib Burman, T.

ib Daman, T. ib Gill, H. R. ib Harding, G.& Co. 562 Mitchell, J. Beerenbroek, C. in Donald, J. ib Gregory, J. ib Harrison, J. ib Meacock, R. ib Boswood, J. ib Daman, T. ib Grithiths, w. 189 Handey, J. ib Morgan, J. Bell, J. 471 Dauncey, J. 281 Green, W. ib Holt, R.

ib Mycock, H. Bray, J.S.

ib Dickenson, J. ib Goudie, J. ib Haywood, J. ib Alerewether, w. ic
ih Dalrymple, H: 375 Gompertz, H. ib Hardy, R. ib Mayor, J.

ib Butcher, U.

in Deicambe, d. ib Glasson, R. ib Hughes, P. ib Malins, J. ss1 Broad, T. ib Dobson, P. ib Geraldis, 8. C. 281 Jackson, T. Bo Manderson, W. Bennett, s. ib Dearn, J. ib Gray, B. and Co. ib Johnson, J. ib jun.

376 Belling, W.

ib Davies, J. ib Gomersall,J.&C0975 Jackson, W. ib Mayne, E. G. ib Bolsham, J.

ib Doddl, T. 471 Gibbons, j. 376 Jackson, G. jun. ib Michell, R. Baum,J.

ib Downs, S. M. ib Granville, A. ib Johnson, T. 183 Mercer, w. ib Beard, w.

il Daniel, G. & Co. ib Gloscodine, J. ib James, R. 981 Minoft, S. and Co. ib Bachcit, W.P.

ib Davies, W: 1) Green, R. 471 Jackson, W. &Co. ib. Massey, S.

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Bray, w.

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