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VIII. Anticipation of Marginal Notes, on the Declaration of
the British Government of the Ninth of January, 1819, in the
American National Intelligencer


IX. A Letter to the Right Honorable the Earl of Buck-
inghamshire, on the subject of an Open Trade to India. By


X. The Letters of GRACCHUS on the East India Question 575

XI. Letters of ProBus in answer to GRACCHUS


N. B. The important contents of this number will, it is hoped,

apologise for any apparent disrespect to the favors of Corre-
spondents. It has been our object in this instunce, and it ever
will be, to diversify our subjects as much as we can in justice to
those already in the course of clucidation.

No. III.
Amongst other Pamphlets, will contain the following.
Several Pamphlets in further illustration of the India Question.
Dr. Marsu's Answer to Mr. GANDOLPILY.
MR. GANDOLPHY's Second Answer to Dr. Marsh.
Lord Redesdale's Answer to Sip. Samuel Romilly, on the appointment of

a Vice Chancellor.
Sir SAMUEI, POMILLY's Letter to that Nople Lord.
Answer to the Charge delivered by the Lord Bisiop or Lincoln to the

C'lergy of that Diocese, by the Rev. Joun CETWODE EUSTACE.
Further Papers on the American Question.
Further Communications on the Subject of Undue Marriages, in Answer to
Mr. Wylde's Letter to the Clergy of Somersetshire,

&c. &c. &c,

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