The Parliamentary Or Constitutional History of England;: From the Earliest Times, to the Restoration of King Charles II. Collected from the Records, ...

J. and R. Tonson, and A. Millar, ... and W. Sandby, 1763

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Página 513 - are the ancient and undoubted Birth-right and Inheritance of the Subjects of England ; and that the arduous and urgent Affairs concerning the King, State, and Defence of the Realm, and of the Church of England, and the Maintenance and Making of ' Laws, and Redrefs of Mifchiefs and Grievances which daily happen within this Realm, are proper
Página 26 - the whole Ifland is my lawful Wife ; I am the « Head, and it is; my Body; I am the Shepherd, * and it is my Flock : I hope, therefore, no Man
Página 31 - Their Point of Doctrine, is that arrogant and ' ambitious Supremacy of their Head, the Pope; * whereby, he not only claims to be Spiritual Head * of all Chriftians, but alfo to have an Imperial * Civil -Power over all Kings and Emperors ; de" throning and decrowning Princes with his Foot
Página 64 - this Cafe fully : Precedents in the Times of Minors, of Tyrants, of Women, of Simple Kings, not to be credited ; becaufe for fome private Ends. By the Law this Houfe ought not to meddle with Returns, being all made into the Chancery, and are to be corrected or reformed by that Court only, into which they are returned. An. 35 H.
Página 407 - But he humbly craves Liberty, that where the Charge is more full than he finds the Truth of the Fact, he may make Declaration of the real Truth in fuch Particulars, the Charge being brief, and not containing all Circumftances.' The Lords allowed him Time, to April the
Página 82 - himfelf.—This Attendance renewed the Remembrance of the laft, when we departed with fuch Admiration. It was the Voice of God in Man : The good Spirit of God in the Mouth of Man. I do not fay, the Voice of God, and not of Man. I am not one of Herod's Flatterers. A
Página 406 - by Colour of his Office and Authority, without Bill or Suit depending ; terrifying the Vintners by Threats and Imprisonments of their Perfons, to buy Wines, for which they had no Ufe nor Need, at higher Rates than they were at that Time vendible. Proved by the Depofi.tions of John Child, Henry
Página 340 - Whereupon the Lord Chancellor^ removing again to his Seat as a Peer, did acknowledge, that, contrary to the Orders of the Houfe, he had fpoken^ at the laft Conference, more than he had Direction from the Houfe to do, and owned that he had erred therein. Which Acknowledgment the Lords, in general, accepted of* The
Página 513 - the fame : And that the Commons in Parliament have like Liberty and Freedom to treat of thefe Matters in fuch Order, as in their Judgments
Página 355 - Heart and of my Back, though joined with that Comfort of Mind, that perfuadeth me that I am not far from Heaven, whereof I feel the firft Fruits : And, becaufe, -whether I live or die,

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