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trust, avoid both the main entrance, through a pannel of that very chamand a large arch at one corner of the ber. If he continued to live, the fate building, opening on the water from of Isabel was certain. The Dwarf the vaults, among which Isabel was listened for a moment whether he confined. Within both of these en could hear a stir in his father's bedtrances, as the Dwarf well knew, room; he then took from his pocket a armed retainers of his father stood small essence box, opened it, and sentinels. He rowed them to the kneeled 'beside the sleeping ruffian, other corner which joined the canal; holding in one hand the lamp, so as to and Lorenzo gave a low whistle, after afford himself light, and not to shine which, in a few seconds, a window on the eyes of the slumberer. With near the top of the palace opened, and the other hand he held under the nosa rope ladder was let down. The trils of Isabel's gaoler the little scentnurse of Isabel had agreed to secure box. It contained a sponge, saturatin this way the undiscovered return of ed with some chemical preparation. her young master. They gave the But whatever may have been the comgondolier his directions, and mounted position of the liquid, its vapor had a singly and safely. They then tra- speedy and powerful effect. The versed the vast silent palace till they brow of the sleeper had been bent reached the corridor, which led to the and menacing; his lips worked rapidchamber of Monteco. The portraits ly, his hands were clenched, and the of a long and illustrious line looked blood coursed in the arteries of his cold and motionless from the walls on temples, and his face was flushed and their descendant. The pair stopped dark. The intent and noiseless at some distance from the door of the Dwarf held the box with motionless ante-room, before a recess of some fingers ; and his slow quiet breathing, depth. In this Sidney was to conceal contracted eye-brows, and closed himself. “Wait my return,” said lips, marked his resolution, and his Lorenzo, “ for a quarter of an hour, power of restraining his own eagerunless in the mean time you should ness.

After he had remained in this hear a noise in yonder apartments; posture for the space perhaps of three in the latter case, or otherwise, at the minutes, the forehead of the victim end of the time appointed, make your relaxed, his cheeks grew pale, the escape as secretly as you can to the veins of his temples sank, and his ladder by which we entered, and so mouth no longer moved. His whole depart. I fear in that case you will form became languid and loose, inhave to swim at least as far as to the stead of being gathered up and disspot where we are to find the gondola. torted ; and the poinard dropped from I shall be able to give you no assist- his fingers, and would have fallen upon ance, for if you do not see me before the floor, but that the wary boy set the time, and undiscovered, my doom down the essence-box on the pallet, is fixed.” The young soldier stood and caught the dagger as it fell. Perin the recess so hidden, that a strong haps to retain his own stiletto, perand general light would have been haps for the mere convenience of usnecessary to render him observable. ing the weapon which he held in his He laid his hand upon his sword, and hand, Pietro being now so completely held his breath. Meantime Lorenzo in a swoon, as to make it certain that went on his way to the door of the he would neither shriek nor groan ante-room. He opened it with a pass under the death-blow, the Dwarf key; and hetween him and his fa- lifted the dagger with an untrembling ther's chamber Pietro lay, stretched arm and watchful eye,—but paused upon his pallet, with a sword on his for a moment to listen and discover if pillow, and a dagger in his hand. To Adrian Monteco were awake, when, pass him was impossible ; and moreo- being satisfied that he had distinguishver the descent to the vaults was ed the breathings of his sleeping pa

rent, he lifted the weapon again, but a purse of gold, a small fask of wine, not this time to arrest it in its descent. several written papers, and lastly, a It came down straight, and steady, bunch of keys. To these it was that and flash-like, and was buried to the the longings of Lorenzo were directhilt in the heart of the retainer. The ed. The slumberer pronounced faintblood started from the wound, and ly, “ Your dagger, your dagger! covered the right hand of Lorenzo. Beltramo, make no half-blows." The But the sleeping bulk remained mo- Dwarf started at hearing these recoltionless and silent. And so the deed lections of secret and bloody deeds; was done. The Dwarf well knew but he immediately stepped forward that Sidney would have been likely to with a stealthy pace, and had gained scruple at, if not to resist such an ac- the middle of the chamber, when tion, and had concealed from him eve- again he heard, in the hasty and imry thing, but the one fact, that he was perfect accents of a dream, “ Ah ! all, about to attempt gaining possession of all my lands,-Monte Rico, Pallici, the keys of Isabel's dungeon. Be- Orana,-ah, they must all go. Had fore he proceeded to undertake the she not died in prison, by heaven, she yet more hazardous part of the enter- should have wedded Soradino.” But prise, he looked down for a moment these fearful workings of the slumwith a smile of grim and resolved tri- berer's menacing and ambitious spirit, umph on the corpse, which, a moment only gave additional earnestness to the previously, had been a living soul; resolution of the boy, and before the and then, as through all that had gone sentence was accomplished, his hands before, since he first began to act in were on the keys. He lest a crimson stead of meditating, he seemed chang- mark upon the spot from which he ed from a weeping and despairing boy, lifted them, and the same red witinto a firm, subtle, and venturous ness was visible in a line along the

He gently and fearfully drew floor, where the drops had trickled aside the pallet with its burthen, suf- down his fingers, to the oriental carficiently to enable him slightly to open pet. The slumberer was silent, and the door of the chamber. He open- when he murmured again in his dised it at first but a hair’s-breadth, and turbed sleep, Lorenzo was too far to found that there was light within, hear the sound. He slided through which would prevent any danger of the narrow opening of the door, drew disturbing Monteco, by a sudden it gently after him, and then disposed glare, and would make the use of a the pallet and the corpse as much as" lamp unnecessary. He therefore laid possible after the manner in which

wn that which he carried; and they looked be re he had done th stood for a considerable time listening slaughter. To avoid attracting Sidto the breathing of his father. It ney's attention, he washed his hands was heavy and irregular, starting into of the blood in a vase of water, which ejaculations, and broken with mutter- was intended for the use of his faings. The Dwarf was satisfied that ther, and then, for the first time, there was sufficient chance of success found leisure to contemplate his prize, to justify him in attempting the enter- to clasp it to his breast, and hastily prise.

He entered the chamber repeat a thanksgiving. through the narrow opening, which moment made the awaking of Monwas all he had room to make, and teco more probable, and he hurried off looked around him. He never before to the young Englishman. He found had been in the apartment in which him tranquil, watchful, and hitherto his father slept. He faltered for a undisturbed by any noise. They enmoment. But there was sufficient tered the ante-chamber together, and before him to give him new courage; the boy who held the lamp, so carried for on a small carved table, close to it as not to throw its rays upon the the bedside of his parent, were laid spot where lay the cold and gory car


But every

case. They readily discovered the times before they had arrived in their key of the door which led to the stair- slower progress at the point they had case, and they soon accomplished the pitched upon. When they stood reawinding descent to the vaults. By dy for the onset, their unconscious anday these were readily accessible tagonist was at the farthest part of through the archway which opened this walk from them; he turned, and on the canal, and Lorenzo had fre- came towards them, and when he was quently traversed them. Through a opposite their stations, and in the act narrow break in the walls, which his of turning to measure back his footsmall form had enabled him to pene- steps, Sidney seized his arms behind, trate, he had even been able to get while Lorenzo flung a cloak over his beyond the places where the various head, and prevented him from shoutiron gratings would have been inter- ing for help. They then forced the posed between him and the dungeon, soldier to stretch his tall form upon and more than once had thus reached the ground, and tied his hands, and its door. But he had now the keys, more completely gagged his mouth; which would open these obstructions. after which, they proceeded half to Before, however, they had reached carry, half to drag him, into the inthe first of them, they found them- terior of the vaults, where he would selves in a spot from which several not be likely to be found, by those gloomy aisles, and vast chambers of who would come to relieve him. shadow branched, while in one direc- Here, having selected a pillar, in tion, after creeping silently round a which an iron chain was fixed, they pillar, behind which they had deposit- bound the captive to it with many ed their lamp, Lorenzo pointed out to convolutions, and left him in solitude Sidney a faint broad glimmer, through and darkness. which a few points of light were seen They again seized their lamp, and to twinkle. “ There,” said the hastened on their way. The keys Dwarf in a whisper, “a sentinel is which Lorenzo had bought, at stationed. Through that passage we bloody and fearful a price, opened the must reach our boat; and the first of iron barriers ; and they speedily our proceedings must be to master and reached the door of the cell.

It, too, gag him. I have told you how this was readily unsastened by Sidney, for can be done; we must now attempt the trembling Lorenzo was too agitatit.” A double range of low columns ed to find the lock. The Dwarf divided the vault, and they stole along rushed into the prison, shouting, “Isathe wall, and left the centre for the bel ! my sister! I am here.” There pacing of the soldier, for such he was was no answer, and the boy began to by profession, though now in the ser- look in horror towards his companion, vice of Monteco. His measured, but and whispered, “O! heaven! has careless tread, the clanging of his she perished ?” Sidney, however, Feapons against the stones, and the who had not entered the narrow apartsnatches of military songs, with ment, heard a feeble moaning, and, which he ainused his leisure, sounded on looking more closely, they found, from afar through the vault, and serv- stretched before the doorway, the ed to conceal the stealthy noise of miserable and half-lifeless girl. their approach. They reached al- his first eagerness, Lorenzo had most the end of the aisle, and felt the sprung into the dungeon, over that wind blow colder on their cheeks, which was almost the corpse of his while they placed themselves between sister. They lifted up her weak two of the pillars. The soldier was and trembling weight, and, for one wrapped in his cloak, and walked so instant, she opened her eyes, but rapidly up and down the outermost shuddered, and again closed them, twenty yards of the vista, that he had apparently, without having observpassed and repassed them several ed who they were who supported

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her. The boy began to tear his hair, venna. At last she desired to be and almost sank to the earth, but Sid- borne on deck; and she was seated ney pointed out to him, that the best on cushions on the poop, supported chance of reviving the maiden would by Lorenzo. Sidney, from a little be afforded by bearing her to the open distance, contemplated this wreck of air, -a measure which would also facili so much beauty and gladness. Amid tate their escape.

The Englishman all that her form and face recorded of raised her in his arms, where she lay past misery, and foretold of quick delike a withered and trampled flower, cay, he perceived the evident traces and and bore her through the dark chill relics of splendid loveliness. Every vaults, and sounding passages, to the feature, though now writhed by long arch which they had before visited. agony, and subdued almost to death, He whistled slightly, and after his was framed in delicate and exquisite signal had been returned, a gondola proportion; and it was easy to discern shot rapidly to his side. By this time that those pale and shrunken lips the fresh air had, in some degree, re were rather designed for the laugh of stored Isabel, who had not previously a glad heart, and the kisses of affece recovered from the mournful state in tion, than for breathing the dank which she was left by her father. noisomeness of a solitary dungeon. They listed her from the vault into The maiden looked round her feebly the gondola, which bore them to the at the bright smooth sea, and the blue residence of Sidney. They there sky, and bursting into tears, laid her found a larger boat, in which were head on the breast of Lorenzo as he several of the cavalier's attendants, knelt beside her. He kissed her eyes, splendidly appointed and armed. and spoke to her in words of hope and They conveyed their master, together consolation. But she answered, with with Lorenzo and Isabel, for a few a broken and hesitating voice, nay, miles beyond the harbor, and Sidney deceive not thyself, my brother, I then accompanied them on board a shall not live to see the setting of yonswift-sailing vessel, which he had der sun. But for the kindness and hired to carry them to Ravenna. The courage which rescued me from dawn began to open before they enter- but for you, I should now have been a ed the ship, and, while they raised the corpse. Yet I thank you with all my lady up its side, the full light of the broken heart, that before I perish, I morning broke, and breathed around breathe the breath of heaven, and look her in all its glory. A year before upon the sky, and upon you, Lorenzo." she had been as fresh and lovely as Amid some recollected snatches of that day-spring. She was now wast- their childhood, amid many words and ed, and bent by suffering. The light gestures of affection, and sighs of adoof her large dark eyes was gone: her ration, some solemn tears, and some cheeks were pallid and lifeless; and dim smiles, she lived the last hours of through the loose coarse robe which her life. She died before the eveencircled her, her once bounding and ning, and was buried in a small cegraceful limbs were seen to fall over- metery near the shore. wearied and motionless. Her little Monteco did not long survive her. hand was thin, and quivering with He was

assassinated by a young a convulsive tremor; and the blue but Greek, who had spent several years in pulseless veins rose in ridges on its seeking an opportunity to revenge upon meagre whiteness. Her long black him some terrible cruelty which long hair fell round her, as if it already previously he had perpetrated or encircled her with the shadow of permitted, against the fumily of the death. She remained a long time in murderer. The death of Isabel canthe cabin of the vessel, tended by a celled the contract with Soradino, and poor nun, who was going from Ve- Lorenzo inherited the estates of his nice to a convent of her order, at Ra- family; but he transferred them all to

a monastery of Benedictines, in which rial-ground which held the dust of his he himself assumed the cowl, on con sister. He, too, died in his youth, dition that he was permitted to build even before the day which robbed the a cell, and live as a hermit in the bu- world of Sir Philip Sidney.



Cold Winter is coming-take care of your Cold Winter is coming--he'll breathe on toes

the stream Gay Zephyr has folded his fan;

And the bane of his petrific breath His lances are couch'd in the ice-wind that Will seal up the waters; till, in the moonblows,

beam, So mail up as warm as you can.

They lie stirless, as slumber or death! Cold Winter is coming-he's ready to start Cold Winter is coming, and soon shall we

From his home on the mountains afar; He is shrunken and pale—he looks froze to On the panes, by that genius Jack Frost, the heart,

Fine drawings of mountain, stream, tower, And snow-wreaths embellish his car.

and tree

Framed and glazed too, without any cost. Cold Winter is coming-Hark! did ye not hear

Cold Winter is coming-ye delicate fair, The blast which his herald has blown? Take care when your hyson you sip :The children of Nature all trembled in Drink it quick, and don't talk, lest he come fear,

unaware, For to them is his power made known. And turn it to ice on your lip. Cold Winter is coming—there breathes not Cold Winter is coming–I charge you a flower,

againThough sometimes the day may pass fair! Muflle warm of the tyrant beware The soft lute is removed from the lady's He's so brave, that to strike the young hero lorn bower,

he's fainLest it coldly be touched by the air. Ile's so cold he'll not favor the fair. Cold Winter is coming—all stript are the Cold Winter is coming—I've said so begroves,

fore The passage-bird hastens away;

It seems I've not much else to say ; To the lovely blue South, like the tourist, Yes, Winter is coming, and God help the

poor! And returns like the sunshine in May.

I wish it was going away.

he roves,


We are rejoiced to see these volumes, bear the impress of the true poet !the collected fruits of one of the most thoughts whose truth is written in our original minds in our time. Scattered, own hearts ; feelings that make us lay unappropriated, neglected, and out of down the book to exclaim, “ How ofprint, as many of these poems have ten have I felt this myself!"touches been, yet what an influence have they of description so exquisite, that henceexercised! How many veins of fine forth we never see a green leaf or sungold has Coleridge, with all the pro- ny spot, like to what they picture, fusion of genius, laid open for others without their springing to our lips ; to work! In these pages how many tenderness which, both in poet and lines start up old familiar friends, met, reader, gushes forth in tears; and imwith in quotations we knew not agination whose world is built of the whence! and how completely do they honey extracted even from the weeds

* The Poetical Works of S. T. Coleridge, including the Dramas of Wallenstein, Remorse, and Zapolya. 3 vols. London, 1828. W. Pickering.

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