The Undead President Starring Ronald Reagan in the Role of an Afterlifetime

Light of the World, 2007 - 84 páginas
Ronald Reagan former president of the United States is dead. Yet as of now Ronald Reagan is not a Dead President (on money with an image of a dead president) By 2016 all presidents who are already dead will be Dead Presidents with their picture on a one dollar coin. Ronald Reagan: the anti-CHrist is president of the Undead. (Zombies who live forever) Once you use or accept a dollar coin with his image you will become undead and burn in the lake of fire and brimstone forever and ever. (Rev 13:15-18,14:9-11) Therfore if you value your eternal life help me make sure Reagan remains an Undead President. This short 84 page book works us through this complicated scenario and ends with a suggestion on how to avoid becoming one of the Undead.

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