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ein great spoil. And love his cemmandments above gold. yea aboze fine gold. Thelam of his mouth shall be better unto us than thousands of golul and silver. Pf. 119. 167; 48, 44, 162, 127. 72. Let us go and thank Him heartily, as for other benefits of his Paffion, so forthefe hopes we have of becoming so perfectly in love with Him that we shall exactly resemble Him. Pf. 42. 11. Hope thou in God, for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my Countenance and my God. Pl. 66. 18, 19, 20. Ifiregard iniquity in my heart: the Lord will not hear me. But zerily God hath heard me: He hath attended to the voice of my Prayer. Blefeld be Goil, which hath not turned Away me prayer, nor his mercy from me.

$. 11. JULY HOW can we think that we love our Savior so dearly as we oughı?' and without love, who can be welcome guests at his holy Talle? They are often in our thoughis whom we love with a fenfible paffion; Our minds are perpetually looking towards’em; we delight in their Company, and conversation; and ever labor to recommend our felves to their affec. tions, by conforming our selves to their Will and humour, How do we study to please 'em and if they will tell us what will please 'em, o how glad are we of th'opportunity to serve 'em? Nay, we can cross our selves and our own inclinations, to follow theirs. We love they should be honor'd and esteemid by all; we are much caf down if we have giv’n’em any difguít; and not a little troubled that others have offended 'em, or done 'em any wrong. O that we felt but this little sign ota tender Love and regard to our fweet Redeemer!that our hearts were wounded, now that we are going to behold his Wounds, for the just offer ce we have at any time given Him; and the great forge:fulness and ingratitude of most of those that are call’d by his Name. He may well be displeas'd, if it be but for thedsfects of our love, and the coidnest of our affections to Him, who has desery'd to be remembred with the greatest panion : for we have long profefld Love to Him; we have receiv'd many testimonies of his special kindness to us: and given many assurances of ours to Him. And yet how pale and diin are thiofc marks of a great Love to him, which are plain. Jy visible in us to others? Are we ever cafting our eyes towards Him? doth He often present Himself before our minds? and féclingly touch our hearts? are we never better pleas'd than when we are going to Him? is the queston rather what will



please Him, than whether we shall do it? He has declared his Will in his holy Gospel, are we glad to hear of it, and read it, and very desirous to know it in all things?can we forsake olil own Wills chearfully to follow his ? and does it grieve u : much that his excellent Laws are not obsero'd; and that all Christians do not loveand honor Him! O Lord, Thou know. eft our weakness, and how hard it is to keep our Minds and hearts so ftedfastly fixt upon iovisible things; and in great piry therefore haft ordained holy Mysteries, for a frequent remembrance of Thee, and to represent thyself, and thy Love more fenseblyito us.By this means we hope to grow in time to a pere fect Love; ever bearing Thee in mind ; and delighting to give Thee thanks and praise; and conforming our felves to thy blessed will; and desiring and studying ihat thy Name may be hallowed and honored by us, and all men else through. out the World. This hope incourages us to go to thy Table, tho'very unworthy to be entertain'd by Thee. There we hope also our Lord will meet us, and speak kindly to us; as those that love Him, at least a little becter than anything besides, and are refolvid and determin'd to love Him more and more. He invites us thither to increase our Faith, and to nourilh our Love, and to strengthen our Hope, and to excire our Gratitude, and exercise all our graces: and therefore we will not refuse his kindness, even because we desire and long to love Him So much. But first let us examine our felves whether we be sure that this, indeed, is the very sense of our hearts : that we really love to please Him in everything, and heartily mean to proceed in this Love, to the most ready and willing obedience to all his Commands. Aod does it not become us humbly to Confess the foolish wandrings of our affections, from Him; to blula for shameihat we fall so short of our own Resolutions; and to excite our felves to greater watchfulness and diligence in well doing?Ought not the very remembrance ofour former coldness to put a greaterhear into us;andour former backwardness, make us to be more forward and zealous? should we not vow our hearts again to Him,aod lecHimknow that we shall not think we live, when we do not love Him;and that we shall be willing to dy, that we may more love Pim? But how can we hope to grow still better by these new expreflions of his Love to which He invites us, without bis gracious allistance? which ought to be faithfully implored. Let us go then to Him before hand, and desire Him to raise up



those thoughts and affections in us, which we can't produce in our selves that we may bring Hearts full of Love to Him, and carry them away full of Jov, to find them more inlarged to love and serve Him.

$. 12. AUGUST. DOES it not seem long since we were at the Table of the Lord ? with what thoughts, with what affections then do we receive this new Invitation to it ? let us fee what joy, what delight it raises in our hearts, that we may know whether indeed we love Him or not. His Love is so great that one would think it never should flip out of our minds. Our Lord has done luch great things for us, that we may be tempted sooner not to believe 'em, than to forget 'em. But this is one piece of the greatness of that Love, that it has taken care, it should be alway remembred. He has not thought it enough to dy for us, but He has left us a reprefentation of it, and a command to shew the Lord's death till He come. I Cor. 11. 26. What do we think of that Command? Is it a burden to us to yield obedience to it? Do ve unwillingly hear the motion to go and do this in remem brince of Him? What! is it a sad thing to think of declaring the Goodness of the Lord? To magnify the Love of God our Savior? To celebrate his praises, profess our felves his forvints, and to ingage to Him our Fidelity? Does it make ns figh to think of going to receive the tokens of his Love to represent the death and satisfaction of Christ Jesus for our fias; to wait on God for the pardon of 'em; and to be put in allured Hope of immortall Life? We are not such stran. gers, sure, to our own Happiness, but know better things even things that accompany Salvation. Let us give glory there. fore to the Lord, that He calls us again to gracionsly to show forth his Death; let Him know that we mean to o. bey Him, [to attend Him at his holy Table] and thank Him

But with what blushing should we look there upon that Love which we have sometime sighted? with what hatred upon those Sins which murdered the Lord of Life ; with what joy should we think of the Hope there is that they may be pardon'd; and how should we stand admiring at that wile Goodness, which made that Bloud, which finners shed, to be th’ Expiation for their fins? Sure we don't believe these things, or else we shall begin already to feel



our hearts burn with love to Him; and ready to offer up themselves in Sacrifice, before we come to his Altar. We must excite our Faith, that it may stir up our Love, and that it may carry all the passions of our hearts along with it to Him. Let us shew Him that the desire of our hearts is to the remembrance of his Name; that our care is to please Hins : : our fear to offend Him; our joy to do his Will, and our forrow than we can do no more for Him. Let it be a great Comfort to us, that He knows our Sincerity, and sees into the very fecrets of our hearts; how affectionately we ftudy to be like Him; what a pleasure it is when we can stedfastly think on Him; how it grieves us when our thoughts are broken, our affections heavy and dull, and our power

falls so shot of our Will and desires. And we may be assured that He pities us; that notwithstanding this, He will kindly entertain us; and receive the poorest oblation we are able to make Him at his Table. Let us Eat and be satisfied, and bless the Name of the Lord. He has invited us; He expects us; He loves to see us there; and will make us know that He loves us, and delights to do us good. Let us go and declare, before Angels end Men, that we are Christans; and mean to live and dy in his holy Re. ligion. And let us now take shame to our felves that we have at any time contradicted our Belief. Let us acknowledge the breach of that Faith into which we were bapriz’d: and declare before we go, how great a trouble it is to ns, that we love, Him no more; and how desirous we are and fully resolv'd to love Him better and better,

$. 13. SEPTEMBER. SHALL we not be too bold in going so oft to the Table of(the Lord? may we not offend Hi by our forwardnels to approach into his presence? No fure; not if Love carry us thither, and accompany us there. And who can want that, who innows and confiders how forward He was to do that which we remember? When He came to offer Himself a Sacrifice for us, He says, Lo, I come : in the volume of the book. it is written of Me: I delight to do thing will, O, my Goil. Pl: 49.70'S. And when He are the last Meal with his Disciples, He faith again, noith defire, I have desired to ent this passover with you before I suffer.S. Luke 22. is Behold what a heariy vehemence there was in his



Love! what an ardor in his defire; to be made a Offering for us, and to be remembred by us! With what desire should our souls approach to his holy Table in remembrance of Him, who took fuch content in dying for us, and was fo defirous to institu!c this holy Feast, for a perpetual Re: membrance of his Death? With the lame joy that children use to welcome a Festival; with such a hunger and thirst as a laboring man goes to his supper, ought we to go torbic Supper of the Lord : that we may chear and refresh our Souls with the Memory of our Master and only Savior; with praises and joyful thanksgivings; with the Love of God and of our Brethren; with the hopes of his Mercy here and eternally; Let us awake-then our Faith; call up our Love ; quicken our desires; excite all that is within us to bless the Lord, and speak good of his Name; and say with a great joy, Lo, we come, according to thy Command, and delight to do thys Will,o God; with desire we bave desired to do this in Re. membrance of our Lord; to delare thy mighty Acts, and show forth the greatness of thy Love, to professour felves thy Servants, and to glory in the holy Name of our Miter Jesus; to offer up our Selves unto Thee an oblation of Love; to renew our Covenant with Thee, and with all Our Brethren; to give Thee thanks that we are of thy Family, and for all the Benefits we have receiv'd, and Thou hait ftill in store for thy faithful Servants. But who is able tell how much He has already done for us; or find out all that He designs us? who can praise Him according to his excellent kindness, and his wanderful works to the children of men? The thoughts of Angels are not wide enough to com. prehend’em : And if we had their Spirits and could love Him, and acknowledge Him with their inlargedfaffection, it would be too little a present to make unto Him. O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is gracious; and his dureth for ever.

Pf. 118.29. O give thanks unto [lim, who is so delirous of us, such narrow Souls, fuch little hearts, that can hold so little love unto Him. Let us go to Him, and desire thu He would inlarge 'em, or that He would till 'em to the height with his Love. Since He is content if He may but lodge and dwell in our breasts, and have the government of us in his hands, let us go and Vow that He Thall potsess us solely to Himself; that no affection, no des fire fhall dwell in us without his leave, and all be order'd


mercy in.

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