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JOSEPH CLAUDE NIEPEE, of Firth Street, engines. Communicated to him by a foreigner Soho Square, Middlesex; for certain improve residing abroad. Dec. 15. ments in the means of propelling boats and other JEAN FREDERICK, Marquis de CHABAN. vessels. Communicated to him by a foreigner NES, of Drury-lane, Middlesex ; for certain im residing abroad. Novernber 25, 1817.

provements upon his inventions applicable to the FRANCIS BAISLEE of Oxford Street, Middle purposes of warming, cooling, and conducting air sex, Stationer; for certain improvements on in houses and other buildings, and also of warmmachinery used for cutting paper." Nov. 28. ing, cooling, evaporating, condensing, and taking

JOHN HAGUE, of Pearl Street, Spitall-fields, the residuum from liquids, and to other useful Middlesex, Engineer; for certain improvements purposes. Partly communicated to him by a foin the method of expelling molasses or syrup from reigner residing

abroad. Dec. 19. sugars, and

also in the refining of sugars. Now. 28. JEAN FREDERICK, Marquis de CHABANJOHN TURNER, of Biriningham, Warwick- NES, of Drury-Lane, Middlesex; for a new me shire, Button-maker; for certain improvements thod of constructing pipes or tubes of copper, in the plating copper or brass,

or a mixture of sheet-lead, sheet-iron, tin, or other metals, ar copper and brass with pure or standard gold, or mixture of metals, capable of being reduced into gold mixed with a greater portion of alloy, and sheets. Dec. 19. in the preparation of the same for rolling into JOHN LEWIS, clothier, WILLIAM LEWIS, sheets. Dee. 5.

dyer, and WILLIAM DAVIS, engineer, all of WILLIAM BUSK, of Pousbourn-park, Hert- Brimscomb, Gloucestershire; for certain improve fordshire, and ROBERT HARVEY, of Epping, ments on wire-gig inills, for the purpose of dress Essex, victuallers; for their certain improvements sing woollen and other cloths, that may require in the means or node of making pipes and tubes such process.

Dec. 19. of porcelain, clay, or other ductile substances, ARTHUR HOWE HOLDWORTH, of DartDec. 5.

mouth, Devon, Esq. ; for his improvements on WILLIAM STRATTON, of Gutter-lane, gasometers. Dec. 19. Cheapside, London, Engineer; for his improve THOMAS PAPPS, No. 4, Clayton Place, Kenments on certain part or parts of gas apparatus. nington, Surrey, accountant; for eertain improveDec. 5.

ments in books of accounts, commonly known JOSEPH WILD, of Pyle-well-house, South- under the names or denomination of cash-book, ampton, Esq. for a machine for separating com, bought and sale day-books, or journal and ledger. gruin, and suedis, from the straw. Dec. 5.

Dec. 19. STEPHEN PRICE, of Stroud, Gloucester- WILLIAM CLELAND, of Bolton-le-Moors, shire, Engineer; for his improved substitute for Lancashire, gentleman; for his improvement in teasles to be used in the dressing of woollen cloth the bleaching of flax and hemp, and also in the or fabrics which require dressing. Dec. 5. bleaching of yarn and cloth, or other goods made

MOSES POOLE, of Lincoln's Inn, Old Square, of either of these articles. Dec. 20. Middlesex ; for certain improvements on steam



II. ECCLESIASTICAL. Dec. 3, 1817.-John Gunning, Esq. to be Sur- Jan. 12, 1818.The Rev. H. H. Phillips to the geon-Extraordinary to his Majesty.

Rectory of Folkton, near Scarborough. 31.-George Smith Gibbs, M. D. and F. R. S to - Rev. D. Hoste, to the Rectory of Hopton, be her Majesty's Physician Extraordinary, and Suffolk. William Tudor, Esq. to be her Majesty's Surgeon - Rev. A. E. Hobart, to the Rectory of BenExtraordinary

nington, near Boston. Jan. 2, 1818.-John Stockdale, Esq. to be Stand- 13.-The Senate of the University of Glasgow ard Bearer to his Majesty's Band of Gentlemen has conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity on Pensioners.

the Rev. William Manuel, minister of the Scots 8.- Major-General Sir Peregrine Maitland, K. Church, London Wall. C. B. to be Lieutenant-Governor of the province 24.-Rev. W. W. Dickens, to the Rectory of of Upper Canada.

Adisham cum Staple. 16.-Williain Wright, Esq. to be Surgeon Aurist 30.-Mr Alexander Torrance, to be Assistant in Extraordinary to her Majesty.

and Successor to his father in the pastoral charge 19.-Major-General Sir John Keane, K. C. B. to of the parish of Glencorse. be Governor and Coinmander-in-Chief of the Isl- Feb. 2.-Rev. R. M. Austin, to the Rectory of and of St Lucie.

Rowliston, Wilts. 24.-The Right Hon. Frederick John Robin- - Rev. s. Picart, to the Rectory of Hartlebury, son, and in his absence, the Right Hon. Thoinas Worcestershire. Wallace, to be President of the Board of Trade. 3.-Mr James Paterson, to be minister of the

Mr Andrew Wilson, Painter, to be Master of Associate Congregation of Auchtergaven. the Academy in Edinburgh, belonging to the Trus- 7.-Rev. T. Pearce, M. A. to the Rectory of tees for Manufactures, &c. in Scotland.

Hawkinge, and perpetual Curaey of Folkestone, 30.—The Crown has instituted two new Profes- Kent. sorships in the University of Glasgow, Chemistry The Senatus Academicus of the Marischal Col. and Botany. To the former chair Dr Thomas lege and University of Aberdeen have conferred the Thomson has been presented, an Dr Robert degree of D. D. upon the Rev. Thomas Ross, Grahamn to the latter.

minister of Kilmani vaig, in the Presbytery of AberFeb. 6.-Sir James Mackintosh, M. P. to be Pro- tarff, and Synod of Glenelg. Aessor of Law in the East India College at Herts.

Irish Appointments. Member Returned to serve in Parliament. to the diocese of Down; the Hon. G. Gore to Kil

To be Deans, the Hon. and Rev. Edward Knox Feb. 7.–The Right Hou. F. J. Robinson, for lala. Tuam-J. Radcliffe, Esq. LL. D. is appointthe borough of Ripon.

ed Vicar-General, vice Burton.




GAR. Lieut. Gen. Sir Lowry Cole, G. C. B. to be

Gov. of Gravesend and Tilbury Fort, Brevet Capt. Lord George Lennox, 9 Dr, to be

vice Sir J. Floyd, dead 15th Jan. 1818 Major in the army

25th Oct. 1817. Capt. T. Poppleton, 53 F. to be Major in

Staff and Miscellaneous. the army

25th Dec.

Lieut. Col. Lord Cha. Manners, 5 Dr. to be Ex8 Dr. Gen. Sir B. Tarleton, Bt. fm. 21 Dr. to

tra Aide-de-camp to H. R. H. the Prince Rebe Col. vice Sir J. Floyd, dead

18th Jan, 1818.

gent, with the rank of Col vice Baron Eben, dismissed

8th Nov. 1817. 9 Ass. Surg. J. Tobin, fm. 50 F. to be Ass.

F. Cockburn, to be Dep. Qua. Mas. Surg. vice M'Andrew, h. p. 84 F. Ist do. 11 J. K. Stewart, to be Cornet by purch. více

Gen. to the Forces in Canada, vice Myers, dead James, prom. 11th Dec. 1817.

25th Dec. 1817.

Lieut. T. Hill, fm. h. p. to be Adj. of a Rec. Dis14 W. T. Carruthers, to be Cornet by purch. vice Hammond, ret.

trict, vice Gladwin, h. p. do.

18th do, 20 R. B. Russel, to be Cornet by purch. viec

Staff Surg. T. O'Maley, fm. h. p. to be Surg. to Willcox, prom.

the Forces, vice Safé, dead

11th Dec Ist Jan. 1818. 21 M. Gen. LordR. E. H. Somerset, K.C. B.

Exchanges. to be Col. vice Sir B. Tarleton. 8 Dr.

Lieut. Col. Symes, from 69 F. with Lieut. Col. 15th do.

Sturt, 80 F.
C. Phillips, to be Comet by purch. vice

Bailey, from 30 F. with Major Dal-
Bacon, prom.

ilth Dec. 1817.

rympton, 80 F. 3F.Gds. W. H. Judd, to be Assist. Surg. vice Brev. Major Russell, from 20 F. rec. diff. with Tyndal, res.

1st Jan, 1818. Capt. Gethin, h. p. 31 F. SF. Brevet Lieut. Col. W. Jervois, fm. h. p.

Jones, from 55 F. rec. diff. with Brey. 57 F. to be Capt. vice Bradbridge, h. p. Major Loftie, h. p. 81 F.

25d Dec. 1817.

Capt. Shaw, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Brev. MaCapt. T. Cross, fm. h. p. to be Capt. vice

jor Weare, h. p. Davis, h. p.

24th do.

Mullins, from 7 F. rec. diff. with Capt. 28 Lieut. R. P. Gilbert, to be Capt. by

Berkeley, h. p. 48 F. purch. vice English, ret. 18th do Morrison, from 43 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Ensign T. Wheeler, to be Lieut. by purch. Freer, h. P. vice Gilbert


Lunn, from 86 F. rec. diff. with Capt Gam-
J. C. Browne, to be Ensign by purch. vice mell, h. p. 104 F.

Walsh, from 8 F. with Capt Ball, h. p. 34 F. 34 Lieut. J. G. Bower, fm. 14 F. to be Licut. Rossie, from 1 Ceylon "Reg. with Capt.

vice Hamilton, h. p. 14 F. Ist Jan. 1818. Cleather, h. p. 3. Ceylon R. 45 J. W. Birch, to be Ensign by purch. vice Fitz Clarence, from Staff in Ionian Isl. Bolton, ret.

18th Dec. 1817. with Capt. Wharton, h. p. 73 F. Ass. Surg. J. M'Donell, fm. 84 F. to be

King, from 87 F. With Capt. Fitz Clarence, Ass. Surg. vice Tobin, 9 Dr. Ist Jan.1818. h. p. 73 F. 55 Brevet Lieut. Col. R. Frederick, to be Lieut. Rathbone, from 19 Dr.rec. diff. with Lieut.

Lieut. Col. vice Alen, ret. 25th Dec. 1817. Ruddack, h. p. 20 Dr. 58 Lieut. D. Morrison, to be Adj. vice Tip- Ormsby, from 6 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. son, res. Adj. only

11th do. Carnie, h. p. 60 W.J. Percival, to be Ensign by purch. Alcock, from 60 F. with Lieut Steele, h. p. vice Somerset, prom.


Trant, from 80 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ink64 Lieut. J.T. Walford, tobe Adj. vice Moore, son, h. p. res. Adj. only

1st Jan. 1818. - Biggam, from 81 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 67 Ensign J. Robinson, fm. 84 F. to be En

Duval, h.p. sign, vice Brady, h. p. 84 F.

do. Macleod, from 85 F. with Lieut. Dixon, h. 73 Capt. A. Coane, to be Major by purch. vice Gordon, ret. 24th June 1817.

Dixon, from Rifle Brigade, rec. diff. with 76

Brevet Major A. M'Donald, to be Major, Lieut. llius, h. p. 80 F.
vice Fraser

25th Dec. 1817. Keogh, from 54 F. with Lieut. Makepeace, Lieut. J. Fraser, to be Capt. vice M‘Don

58 F. ald


Orr, from 89 F. with Lieut. Hewson, h. p. Ensign R. N. Frizell, to be Lieut. vice

Fraser, from 4 W. I. R. with Lieut. Pur. Fraser

do. don, h. p. 16 F. 78

Lieut. J. Chisholm. fm. h. p. to be Pay- Pollington, from 1 Ceylon R. rec. diff. with

master, vice Ferguson, dead 11th do. Lieut. Tranchell, h. p.3 Ceylon R. 85 Paym. J. Harrison, fm. late Ger. Leg. to Virgo, from 1 Ceylon R. rec. dift. with

be Paym. vice Boulton, 5 Dr. G. do. Lieut. Tulloh, h. p. 3 Ceyrn R. 84 Thomas M'Bean, to be Ensign by purch. - Kellett, from 2 Ceylon R. with Lieut. Hay, vice Daunt, prom.

1st Jan. 1818. 3 Ceylon R. 87 Paym. J. Sherlock, fm. h. p. to be Paym. 20 Lieut. Abbott, from 1 Ceylon R. rec. diff. with vice Wetherall, ret. upon


2d Lieut. Minter, h. p. 3 Ceylon R.
11th Dec. 1817.

Fleming, from 1 Ceylon R. rec. diff. with 92 Surg. A. Anderson, fin. b. p. 61 F. to be with 2d Lieut. Newnan, h. p. 3 Ceylon R. Surg. vice Hicks, dead 1st Jan. 1818.

C. Smith, from Rifle Brig. with Ensign 97 Ensign W. Mansell, fm. b. p. 39 F. to be

Sievwright, h. p. 25 F.
Ensign, vice Grant, res. 18th Dec. 1817.

Ensign Simkens, from 28 F. with Ensign Homan, 99

Brevet Major J. Martin, to be Major, vice h. p. 54 F.
Meyers, dead

4th do.

Wilson, from 59 F. rec. diff. with Ensign
Lieut. J. Armstrong, to be Capt. vice Hunter, h. p.


Nixon, from 66 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Ensign J. Taylor, to be Lieut. vice Arm

Gould, h. p. 4 F. strong,


Assist. Surg. Hurst, from 33 F. with Assist. Surg. Ensign J. Aird, to be Ensign, vice Tay

Stobo, h. p. 37 F. lor

11th do.

Mackay, from 35 F. with Assist. Surg. : 2W.I.R. Lieut. T. Dely, fm. 1 W. I. R. to be Spray, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.

Paym. vice Nosworthy, ret. 11th Dec.
R.W.I.R. Lieut. J. Grant. fm. h. p. 5 W. I, R. to Resignations and Retirements.

be Lieut. vice Flood, dead 25th do. Lieut. Col. Alen, 55 F. York Ch. Capt. S. Noel, fm. h. p. 7 W. I. R. to

Gordon, 73 F. be Capt. vice Vallancey, dead 18th do. Capt. English,

28 F. Ensign W. H. Souper, to be Lieut. vice Seward, Royal Art. Hemmings, res.

25th do. Lieut. Himmins, York Chass. Gent. Cadet T. Richardson, to be Ensign, Cor. & En. Hammond, 14 Dr. vice Souper


Bolton, 15 F. 2Cey.R. Lieut. J. Bell, fm. 3 Ceylon Regt. to be

Grant, 97 F.
Lieut. vice Roberts, dead 25th. Nov. Paym. Garthwaite, 1 Surrey Mil.
R. Ar. 1 Lieut. F. A. Griffiths, to be 1 Lieut. Surg. Houlton, East Norfolk Mil.

vice Bland, superseded 1st Jan. 1818. Assist. Surg. Tyndal, 3 F. G.

P. 99 F.


3 F. G. Capt. J. Elrington to be Adj. vice Murray 1st Lieut. Bland, Royal Art.

res. the Adj.only 8th Jan. 1818.

34 F. Ensign J. Reed, from h. p. Reg. to be Cashiered.

Ens. viee Trewhitt, ex. rec diff.

do. Lieut. Mockler, 84 F.

47 F. Lieut. E. Dundee, from 86 F. to be Lieut. vice Young, exch.

do. Dismissed.

51 F. J. Meade to be Ensign by pur. vice Lord Lieut. Ruxton, 69 F.

Hay, 85 F.

do. 55 F. Capt. A. Macdonald to be Major by po Removed.

vice Frederick, prom.

do, Lieut. Driscoll, 99 F.

Lieut. T. G. Peacocke to be Capt. by pur.

do. Deaths.

Ensign I. Heard, to be Lieut. by pur. do. Gen. Morse, Royal Eng,

28th Jan. 1818. H. M. St. V. Rose to be Ensign by pur. Sir J. Floyd. Bt. 8 Dr. 10th do.

do. Lieut. Gen. Johnstone, R. Mar.

18th do. 60 F. Lieut. J. P. Passly to be Capt. vice Bower, Major-Gen. Seymour,

24th Oct. 1817. Lieut. Col. Fraser, 76 F.

63 F. Lieut. W. Wood, from h. p. 10 F. vice Baynes, R. Art. 18th Jan. 1818.

Lieut. Lowman, exch.

do. Major Chapman, 3 Dr. G.

do. 85 F. Ensign W. G. Lord Hay, from 51 F. to Larigwerthy, h. p. 24 F.

be Ensign, vice Hamilton, ret.

do. Burdett, 1 W. I. R. 21st Oct. 1817. 86 F. Lieut, W. Young, from 41 F. to be Li. Capt. Bower, 60 F.

1st Jan. 1818.
vice Dundee, exch.

do. Lieut. Allen, 24 F.

26th May 1817. 91 F. B. Lt. Col. T. H. Blair to be Major by p.. Beale, h. p. 56 F.

8th Nov.
vice Meade, ret.

do Baylee, h. p. 58 F.

12th Jan. 1818.

Lieut. R. G. Lavers to be Captain by pur. Rogers, 58 F. 16th do.

do. Parkinson, R. York Ra. 26th Oct. 1817.

Ensign W. H. Barker to be Lieut. by pur. Ensign William Silk, late Invalids Jan. 1818.

do. Paym. Lieut. Philby, Sussex Mil. 27th Dec. 1817.

A. Maclean to be Ensign by pur. Surgeon Hicks, 92 F.

96 F. Capt. Hon. H. F. C. Cavendish, from h. Assist. Surg. Shannan, 14 F. 19th June 1817.

p. 25 F. to be Capt. vice F. Glasse, ex. Nixon, R. Art.

25th Dec.
rec. dift.

do. Baker, (drowned off St Lucia) Royal 1W. I. R. Lieut. S. Gordon, to be Capt. vice Bur. Art.

21st Oct.

dett, dec. Staff and Miscellaneous.

Lieut R. Wickham, from h. p. 6 W. I. R. Bolten, Insp. of Hosp.

9th Jan. 1818.

to be Lieut. Woulfe, Stair Surg, at Dominica 13th Nov. 1817.

Lieut. J. Hylton, from h. p. 5 W. I. R. Birmingham, Hosp. Assists to the Forces at Do

to bc Lieut. vice Walsh, exch. mimica 6th do.

25th Dec. 1817. Oliver, ditto, at Antigua

22d do. Cape Cor. Ensign O. G. Stockenstroom to be William Williams, ditto, at Dominica, 18th Oct.


8th Jan. 1818.

Lieut. C. H. Somerset, from 60 F. vice Alterations and Additions.

Walsh, exch.

9th dos Brevet Major P. Anderson, att. to Port. Army, to J. Van Ryneweld to be Ensign, vice be Lt. Col. in Port. Serv. 4th Sept. 1817.


8th do.





In addition to the general results given in former reports, the present will be found to contain the following. Under the head Thermometer, the mean daily range, or the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures, and the mean temperature of spring water, running at the depth of about 3 feet beneath the surface : Under Barometer, the mean daily range of the mercurial column, or the quantity of elevation and depression in the course of 24 hours. These results, it is conceived, will convey a more accurate idea of the nature of the weather, than could be derived from the mere average temperature and pressure. Great fluctuations in the barometer are generally supposed to indicate an approaching storm, but we have found of late, that a sudden change of temperature, as indicated by the thermometer, is a more sure prognostic of a gale

than even a depression of the mercurial column. The high winds during the month of Jamuary were always preceded by a sudden elevation of temperature. To the report we have annexed the results of the rats' bladder hygrometer, invented by Mr Wilson, in which the point of complete saturation is denoted by 0, and the point of extreme dryness by 100. From the delicate nature of the instrument, however, we cannot promise our readers a regular report on this point, thoagh we shall endeavour to do so, as long as it remains uninjured. The mean temperature of January is about two degrees lower than the same month last year, and the quantity of snow and rain considerably greater. Mean state of the atmosphere, with regard to dryness, 0.00137 grains of moisture to the cubic inch.

VOL. 11.

12th day,


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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, Extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from

Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat, 42.1 Maximum,

52.0 cold,



92.0 temperature, 10 A.' M. 37.8 Lowest maximum,


30.0 10 P. M. 35.4 Highest minimum,


43,5 c. of daily extremes,

37.1 Highest 10 A. M.


50.0 .. 10 A. M. and 10 P. M.

Lowest ditto,


27.5 4 daily observations, 36.8 Highest 10 P. M.


16.5 whole range of Thermometer, 307.5 Lowest ditto,

22.5 Mean daily ditto, 9.9 Greatest range in 24 hours, 15th,

20.0 temperature of spring water, 37.7 Least ditto,


4.5 BAROMETER. Inches.


Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 10) 29.372 Highest 10 Ar M.


30.135 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 10) 29.369 Lowest ditto,


28.688 both (temp. of mer. 40) 29.370 Highest 10 P. M.


30.090 Whole range of barometer,

12.423 Lowest ditto,


28.824 Mean daily ditto,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 21st,


Least ditto,
Mean of 10 A, M..


HYGROMETER. Degrees. 10 P. M. 6.0 Highest 10 A. M.


15.0 both, 6.7 Lowest ditto,


0.0 Rain in Inches,

2.858 Highest 10 P. M.


18.0 Evaporation in ditto,

1.031 Lowest ditto,



WILSON'S HYGROMETER. Mean of 10 A. M. 18.0 Greatest dryness, 27th. 10 P. M.

43.0 .. 10 P. M.

Least ditto, 1st, 10 A. M.

0.0 Fair days 13; rainy 18; wind, west of meridian, 26 ; east of meridian, 5.



Jan. 17{
Calm. frost, calm.

snow, frost.

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21 (M. 18



Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock

in the evening. Ther. Baro. Attach. (Wind. Remarks.

Attach. .

Ther. Baro.


Wind. Remarks.
Jan. 1
M. 32 29.792M. 35 Misty, keen

M. 32/29.131 M. 39
E. 27 .909 E. 33

Stormy day,
E. 35 .160 E. 35

SM. 32 .934 M. 33

Mis. for. cl.

M. 321 s. E.

.284 M. 34 E. 331


Keen frost, .783 E. 33 aft. w. mod. E. 30 .815|E. 33


sunsh. w. m. M. 31 .472 M. 34

Snow, frost.

M. 37 964/M. 35 19

Fresh. wind
E. 35 .258 E. 33

wind high.
E. 39 .953 E. 38


moderate. SM. 361 .102M. 35

Snow, sl. mn.

M. 45
S. E.

.683/M. 42
E. 38/28,993 E. 36

Mild, slight
and fr. w. m.
E. 45 469 E. 44

S. W.
M. 35/29.976M. 35

show. w. m. Frost.

.141M. 42

Ditto, sunsh.
E. 37

S. E.
.153/E. 37 day, w. mod.

E. 381
.631 E. 10

N. W.
M. 35

forenoon. .607 M. 35

Cold aftern.
E. 40

M. 4129.994M. 42
.368 E. 38)

wind high.

E. 56
M. 42
.403 M. 42

M. 31 .958 M. 35
E. 37 .216E. 40
wind high.

Storin. snow

E. 31
.514 M. 37

.958 E. 34) |W.
SM. 36

drift,w.high. E. 38

.952 M. 55
761 E. 39 wind sharp

, .306M, 42

I'ro. nt. fresh

25 M. 31) .515M. 31
UE. 46.338 E. 45

Fresh day, day, wind hi. E. 441 .307 E. 42


wind inoder. 10 {M. 47 28.991 M. 45

Heav.rn. lig.
S. W.

.214M. 40
E. 40 29.105 E. 42

YE. 33 .191 E. 36}

W. 11M. 38 126 M. 10

Sunsh. fo.rn.

W. (E. 35 28.992 E. 40

.254|M. 36 and sno. aft.

E. 38 28.783 E. 39

s. W.
12 M. 52 29.373 M. 36
E. 37 .240 E. 38

S. W.
wind mod.

28 M. 32 .927|M. 35

E. 34 .883 E. 36 13{M. 51 28.751 M. 47 Wind

.998 N. 36 Fresh for. fr. E. 38 29.242 E. 42)

.998 E. 36

14 M. 38.314 M. 39
E. 37 .104 E. 40
S. W. Ditto.

50 {M. 36 .719 M. 37 showery,
E. 36 719 E. 37

E. 15 M. 5228.610 M. 48

} w.
Ditto. with

M. 34.811M. 35
UE. 38 .804 E. 41


thun.and lig. E. 331 768 E. 34 16 M. 34 29.251 M. 37

Snow. rain,
E. 33 .101 E. 37 sleet. w. mo.

.819 E. 41} s. w. High wind,

heavy rain.



34 SM. 31

6 3:29.370 E. 35}n.w. Fresh, fr. nt.

9M. 45

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27 M. 34

Mild, snowy, at.windsnod. Fresh, cold,

"high wind. s. w. Stormy, snor

"drift, windh.

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State of the Barometer, gic. from January 14th, to February 13th, 1818, in the Vicinity of Edinburgh,



Barom. Thermo.




Barwn. Thermo.


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THE weather of late has been uncommonly favourable for the usual labours of the season; and the crops in the ground are in a sound and healthy state. Turnips have been little if at all injured by frost, and never rendered of difficult access by depth of snow; and as fat stock begins to be in better demand, it is expected that the feeder will have a moderate profit on his spring sales. Wheat sowing is now proceeding upon the lands newly cleared from turnip with facility and dispatch wherever the soil is naturally dry. The greatest evil to be apprehended from the mildness of the season and the wetness of the last summer and autumn, is the rot in sheep, of which there has been much complaint in the south, and more lately in Scotland also. Here we have another evil to lament, and a different source of apprehension, namely, the unfitness of the grain of the late districts for seed, and the danger of much bad seed being used, owing to the inability of the farmers to purchase what is sound. In the Highlands of Scotland generally, though there must be numerous exceptions, the oats of last year's growth have suffered too much from frost to be safely sown ; and we happen to know that a number of the proprietors and wealthy farmers of that quarter have ordered seed from the Lowlands; but even here there is much need for caution and selection. Potatoes still continue at a moderate price, and form the chief resource of the labouring classes. The corn. markets continue to be fully supplied, and prices have been nearly stationary. From the averages to be made up to the 15th of the present month, there can be no doubt that the ports will be opened to the importation of most kinds of grain.' The price of butcher-meat rises gradually in this market ; and in retail sells about a penny per pound higher than two months ago, the price being now 6d. and 7d. Landed property has become a more marketable article than it was for the last two years, the public stocks at present holding out less encouragement to speculation, and the successful adventurers wishing to realize their profits by investing them in what must always be the most certain and permanent source of revenue.

At this season, the demand for labour usually begins to revive, and it is a fortunate circumstance for the working classes in this quarter, that a new and extensive source of employment is about to open to them, in the execution of a canal" between Edinburgh and the Forth and Clyde Canal near Falkirk. Ten miles of the line have been already contracted for, and the operations are about to begin, under the direction of a very spirited gentleman, who, we understand, has been employed on similar works of great extent in England.-Feb. 14.

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