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owing, it is said, to an officer of the Ex- streets. After the atmospheric air was cise having left a lighted candle burning in thoroughly discharged from the pipes, the one of the rooms. The whole amount of gas burnt with extraordinary brilliancy, produce destroyed is estimated at L.50,000. and attracted great crowds of admiring

Planting of Timber.- The Duke of A. spectators. We anticipate with much pleatholl is now enjoying the benefit which pro- sure the prospect of our streets being lightvident ancestors sometimes confer upon ed with gas, the effect of which can only their heirs. His Grace's estates have been be known by those who have seen it in hitherto considered as rather extensive than productive ; but his forests have now at. tained to such a growth, that, we under- 4.-Circuit Court, Perth.-Twenty-four stand, he will be able to cut timber to a persons were indicted for trial at the Perth very large amount annually, we may say circuit, which opened on the 16th, and almost in perpetuity, as he has continued ended on the 18th ult. One was transportthe excellent practice of his noble father, ed for life, one for fourteen, and five for and planted millions of trees annually. seven years. Two were sentenced to im

A Whale caught in the West of Scot. prisonment for six months, two for twelve land.. On the evening of Sunday last, the months, and one for eighteen months. 19th instant, off Cardill Point, about 14 Three were outlawed for not appearing; miles from Campbeltown, a large whale two accussed of housebreaking, and two was discovered about mid-channel. Mr of assault, were dismissed simpliciter from Campbell of Cardill immediately got four the bar; and against four the diet was deboats manned and armed with every of serted pro loco et tempore. The only case fensive weapon they could muster, (him- of novelty which occurred, was that of Alself accompanying the expedition.)—Aslan Jamieson and J. Macdiarmid, the forthey approached, the peaceful arctic wan. mer accussed of an assault upon the perderer lay slumbering on the ocean, and son of Margaret Robertson, and the latter, appeared to be in a weakened condition, of celebrating a clandestine marriage, under which created a belief that it would prove the assumed name of a clergyman. The an easy conquest; but on coming to close particulars of this case were described at quarters, and probing it with their wea- page 381, of our last number. The jury pons, it evinced a powerful activity, in- found Macdiarmid guilty of celebrating stantly plunged, and made considerable the clandestine marriage, but not under the play, placing the assailants in imminent assumed name of a clergyman; and found danger. Notwithstanding the hazard, they the libel not proven against Jamieson. continued the pursuit, and finally succeed Macdiarmid was accordingly sentenced to ed in towing it into Port Ree, at Cardill. banishment from Scotland for life, and It measured 94 feet in length, and 56 in Jamieson was dismissed from the bar. circumference.

Aberdeen.-The Circuit Court was opene Ayrshire.--Yesterday the foundation ed here on the 21st ult., and occupied two stone for the county of Ayr buildings was days. There were sixteen indictments belaid by Alexander Hamilton, Esq. of fore the Court, which were disposed of as Grange, Most Worshipful Grand Master follows:-John Ritchie, for stealing sheep of the most Ancient Mother Lodge Kil. from the parks of Gordon Castle, was senwinning, and Provincial Grand Master of tenced to be hanged at Aberdeen, on the the county of Ayr. L.27,000 are already 5th June ; but was recommended to mercy provided for the erection of those parts now on account of his youth, being only sevencommenced. Twenty-three mason lodges teen years of age. One was sentenced to were present.

seven, and one to fourteen years transporta27.-Forgery of Bank Notes.-By the tion; two to one year's, and two to three paper laid on the table of the House of months imprisonment; the diet against Commons, it appears that, from 1783 to five was deserted pro loco et tempore ; (F0 1796, both inclusive, there were only three were dismissed from the bar; and two capital convictions, and but four prosecu- were outlawed, having failed to appear. tions; while, in the years 1816, 1817, Inverness.-At the Circuit Court here, and up to the 25th of February 1818 only, on the 27th ult., Duncan Cameron, and there were fifty-six capital convictions, and George Macintosh, ensigus on half-pay of two-hundred and eighty-eight prosecutions. the 42d regiment, were accused of the

An account of the total number of sove. murder of Alexander Robertson, late enreigns and half-sovereigns issued from the sign in the Middlesex militia. It appearBank of England :--The number of sove- ed, that on the 19th of October last, the reigns, 2,275,708; the number of half- parties had dined at the Boat-house of sovereigns, 1,185,247.

Rothiemurchus, where they drank freely. 30.-Edinburgh Gas Light.-Last night in the course of some after-play, a series the Gas Light Company commenced give of scuffles ensued, and Cameron gave the ing light to such "shops as had taken deceased a blow on the left temple, which branches from their pipes in the principal made him reel, and blood proceeded from

the wound, although no one saw any in munity:-Three boys, named Robertson, strument in the hand of Cameron. 'The M‘Dougall, and Wilson, charged with deceased, after receiving the blow, walked theft, and being habit and repute thieves, the same night three or four miles, and a were found guilty, and sentenced to transfew miles the following day. The jury portation for life. While Lord Pitmilly found Macintosh not guilty, and Cameron was addressing them, they shewed the utguilty of culpable homicide ; he was ac- most depravity, and frequently laughed. cordingly sentenced to fourteen years trans- Walter Turnbull, agen ten, and Hill portation, and Macintosh was dismissed Boyd Hay, aged nine, accused of breaking, from the bar. Eight other cases of minor on the 7th December 1817, into the house importance, came before the Court: Two of John M'Intyre, Bridgetown, and of were outlawed for not appearing ; one was stealing therefrom 203. Gd. and a one pound sentenced to three months, one to nine note, were next put to the bar. Turnbull months, and two to twelve months im- was very unwilling to plead guilty, but he prisonment, and two were acquitted. did so at last; but Hay at once pleaded

Stirling. Only two cases came before guilty. the Stirling circuit, on the 18th ult. Ro- These pannels, when placed at the bar, bert Galloway, a carter, was sentenced to six presented a most afflicting spectacle ; for months imprisonment, for stealing oats from they were so small, that they were mounta field near Falkirk. The other case was a ed on the dock seat, and were bathed in most distressing one, and was shortly notic- tears. ed at page 378 of our last Number. It was The Advocate-depute, observed, that that of Peter Robertson, portioner of Corn some persons might consider apology from town in the parish of Logie, and county of him necessary for bringing such infants to Stirling, who was accused of the murder the bar of their country. He was well aof Elizabeth his daughter. It appeared in ware of the tender years of the prisoners at evidence, that the pannel, having quarrel. the time he raised the indictment against led with Margaret' Malcolm, his servant, them. He deemed it proper to notice the for having allowed one of his children to very laudable conduct of the fathers of these go to a dancing-school ball, against his ex. boys. They discovered that their sons had press orders, he, in the heat of passion, gone home with property which they knew threw a pair of tongs at Margaret Malcolm, did not belong to them. In these circumand which, having missed her, struck stances, as they had no alternative, they Elizabeth, one of his children, whereby gave them up to the proper authorities ; she was killed. Mr Maconochie, Advo. and thus it was discovered who had comcate-depute, charged the Jury on the part mitted the housebreaking libelled. The of the Crown, and Mr Jeffrey on the part present case evinced the vigilance of the of the pannel, when Lord Pitmilly having police, which could not be praised too summed up the evidence, the Jury found much. It, as well as the former, demon. the pannel guilty of culpable homicide. strated that there was among the lower or. Lord Pitmilly, after a suitable admonition, ders a looseness of principle, and a tensentenced the pannel to six months impri dency to conmit crime. He concluded by sonment in the jail of Stirling.

saying, God oniy knows what is the cause Glasgow.— The business before the Glas of this deterioration of character, and what gow Circuit, occupied the Court from Tues can be its cure. The present conviction day the 28th April, to Saturday the 2d in. will teach young persons, if they know stant. Forty-one cases were brought be. right from wrong, that if they commit a fore the Court, eleven of which were de- crime it matters nothing in the eyes of the serted pro loco et tempore. The number of law whether the prisoner is nine or sixty indictments were sixty ; of these two years of age. William Baird, and Walter Blair, for six Lord Pitmilly expressed a hope, that different acts of assault and robbery on the an institution for the instruction of juvehigh-way, were sentenced to be executed nile delinquents would be established in on the 3d June. Four were sentenced to Glasgow. . Their Lordships would concur transportation for life; ten to transportation with the Magistrates in the formation of from seven to fourteen years, and nine to an establishment. imprisonment; five were outlawed. The The prisoners were then sentenced to be Advocate-depute sent some cases to the confined in Bridewell for twelve months, higher, and some to the lower courts. the libel being restricted ; and to be kept Blair who was sentenced to die, is a young separate from the other prisoners, man, and has received a liberal education. Jedburgh.-There were six cases before He was once before tried at the Glasgow the Court here, which opened on the circuit, and was dismissed upon a verdict 22d ult. Three were sentenced to trans. of not proven.

portation for seven and one for 14 years ; Among the other cases at this Circuit, one was banished Scotland for life ; and we deem the following deserving of record, the other case, that of Thomas Fleming, As a lesson to the juvenile part of the com. accused of sheep-stealing, in consequence of an objection taken by the prisoner's posed to be the Ultima Thule of the ancounsel, was certified to the High Court of cients. It is about three miles in length, Justiciary.

and one and a half in breadth, situated Dumfries.--Five cases came before the nearly 20 miles distant from any land, to Dumfries Circuit. John Lissens Black- the westward of the clusters of Orkney and wood, for robbing on the highway, was of Shetland, to which last it is politically sentenced to be hanged on the 30 June annexed. It affords excellent and extennext. One was transported for life, and sive pasturage for sheep, and is inhabited two for seven years; and a boy of 14 years by 26 or 27 families. of age, for stealing in a shop, was ordered Scottish Burgh Reform.-A bill is at to confinement and hard labour for 10 present in Parliament, introduced by the months.

Lord Advocate, for regulating the expenImprovements in Edinburgh.On Wed- diture, &c. of the royal burghs of Scotland, nesday last, a set of elegant plans for the by the provisions of which, a state of the improvement of the Cathedral Church of receipts, disbursements, &c. of each burgh St Giles, in this city, were laid before the is to be annually made up, and lie with Magistrates and Council. They are drawn the town-clerks for a limited time for the by Mr Archibald Elliot, architect. By inspection of the burgesses ; any two or one plan it is proposed to have only two more of whom, upon discovering any mischurches, viz. the present High Church, application of the burgh funds, may proand another similar, to the west of it, secute the Magistrates before the Barons of where the present New North Church Exchequer, and, if their complaints shall stands, and, taking away that church, the prove well founded, the Magistrates are to Tolbooth Church, and part of the Old be compelled to refund out of their own Church : by another, to have three church- pockets, and also to pay the costs of suit; es--the High Church, the Old Church, but if the complaint is not proved, the exand a new erection in place of the New Pences to fall on the complainers. This North and Tolbooth Churches, and also bill is not likely to satisfy the burgesses of accommodation for the General Assembly, Scotland, as it still continues the practice Presbytery, &c. The designs are much of self-election of magistrates,--the grand admired, and, when carried into execution, source of every abuse hitherto complained will be highly ornamental to the city. of. Accordingly, most of the public bo

Remarkable Approach of an Island of dies of Edinburgh have already held meetIce to our Shores.--A letter from Thurso, ings on the subject, and resolved to oppose dated 29th April, states, that an Iceberg, the measure by every constitutional means or island of ice, has actually been stranded in their power'; and, from the provincial upon the island of Fowla, the most west

newspapers we learn, that the bill has been ern of the Shetland islands. This Iceberg viewed in the same light in many of the is said to extend full six miles in length, other cities and burghs of Scotland, which and of course is an object of terror to the have also resolved to use their utmost ene natives.--Fowla or Fula, in lat. 60. 6. deavours to prevent its passing into a law. N. long. 2. 17. W. of Edinburgh, is sup

BRITISH LEGISLATION. Acts passed in the 58th year of the Reign of Geo. III. or in the Sixth Session of the Fifth

Parliament of the United Kingdom, CAP. I. To repeal an Act made in the Cap. III. For continuing to his Majeslast Session of Parliament, intituled, " An ty certain duties on malt, sugar, tobacco, Act to continue an Act to empower his Ma- and snuff in Great Britain ; and on penjesty to secure and detain such persons as sions, offices, and personal estates in Enghis Majesty shall suspect are conspiring land, for the service of the year 1818– against his person and Government.”- Feb. 23. Jan. 31. 1818.

CAP. IV. For raising the sum of thirty Car. II. To suspend until the end of millions by Exchequer bills for the service the present Session of Parliament the ope- of the year 1818.- Feb. 23. ration of an Act made in the last Session of The Bank of England may advance Parliament, to provide for the more deli- twenty millions on the credit of this act. berate investigation of presentments to be CAP. V. To indemnify such persons in made by grand juries for roads and public the united kingdom as have omitted to works in Ireland, and for accounting for qualify themselves for offices and employ; money raised by such presentments.- Feb. ments, and for extending the time limited 18.

for those purposes respectively until the

25th of March 1819; and to permit such Cap. VIII. To authorize the governors persons in Great Britain as have omitted of the hospital of King Charles II. for to file affidavits of the execution of inden- ancient maimed officers and soldiers of the tures of clerks to attornies and solicitors, army of Ireland (usually called the Royal to make and file the same on or before the Hospital of Kilmainham) to suspend or first day of Hilary Term 1819, and to al- take away the pensions of such pensioners low persons to make and file such affida- of the said hospital as shall be guilty of any vits, although the persons whom they ser- fraud in respect of prize money or pensions, ved shall have neglected to take out their or of any other gross misconduct.- March 17. annual certificates.--March 17.

CAP. IX. To further continue until the CAP. VI. For indemnifying persons 5th day of July 1818, two Acts of the 54th who, since the 26th day of January 1817, year of his present Majesty, for repealing have acted in apprehending, imprisoning, the duties of customs on Madder imported or detaining in custody, persons suspected into Great Britain, and for granting other of high treason or treasonable practices, duties in lieu thereof.-- March 17. and in the suppression of tumultuous and CAP. X. To rectify a mistake in an Act unlawful assemblies.- March 17.

passed in the 55th year of the reign of his CAP. VII. To indemnify all persons present Majesty, for punishing mutiny and who have been concerned in advising, issu- desertion, and to indemnify certain per. ing or carrying into execution any order or sons in relation thereto.-- March 17. orders for permitting the importation and In the recited Act March was inserted exportation of certain goods and commodi. by mistake instead of November. ties in foreign bottoms into and out of cer- CAP. XI. For punishing mutiny and tain of his Majesty's West India islands.- desertion, and for the better payment of March 17.

the army and their quarters...March 17.


ALEXANDER HALIBURTON, of Haigh JOHN ASHTON, of Great Tower Street, LonIron-works, near Wygan, Lancashire, Esq.; for don, Wine Merchant, and THOMAS Gill of certain improvements in steam-engines and boil- Greek Street, Soho, Middlesex, Hydrometer-maers. February 27, 1818.

nufacturer ; for certain improvements in or on JOSHUA ROUTLEDGE, of Bolton-le-Moor, instruments and apparatus for ascertaining the Lancashire, Engineer; for an improvement or strength of spirituous liquors, an also the specific improvements upon the rotative steam-engine. gravity of fluids and metals. March 14. February 27,

Sir THOMAS COCHRANE, Knight, comJOHN SUTHERLAND, of Liverpool, Lan- monly called Lord Cochrane; for the working or cashire, and also of No. 99, Houndsditch, Lon- making of a manufacture, being lamps for streets, don, Coppersmith; for various improvements in which effectuate and regulate the combustion of a the construction of an apparatus for the purifying certain purified essential oilor spirit

obtained from of liquids. March 7.

different ligneous, carbonaceous, or bituminous THOMAS HEPPENSTALL, of Doncaster, substances, usually called spirit of tar or oil of tar, Yorkshire, Machine-maker; for an improvement and also working or making a manufacture, bem upon the engine or machine for cutting or redu- ing an arrangement or arrangements of parts of cing into what is called chaff, different articles, as lamps, whereby all other lamps in which flame is dry fodder for horses and cattle. March 7. inclosed, a4 in street lamps, within glass vessels or

GEORGE WYKE, of Bath, Somersetshire, cases capable of transmitting light, and of protectEsq. and WILLIAM SAMPSON, of Bristol, in ing the name from the wind and weather, are the same county, Merchant; for improvements adapted to the production of a clear light, by the on pumps, which improvements are applicable to combustion or decomposition of the said purified machinery of various descriptions. March 14. oil or spirit therein, and the use of the said puri

JOHN READ, of Tipton, Staffordshire, Gen- fied essential oil or spirit in such lamps. April 8. tleman, and WILLIAM HOWELL, of Wednes- JOHN JAMES ALEXANDER MCARTHY, bury, in the same county, Ground Bailiff; for a of No. 4, Spring Gardens, Westminister, Middle new system of working and getting the main or sex, Gent. ; for a method or methods of applying thick mine of coal. March 14.

granite or other materials in the making, conRICHARD PENN, of Richmond Hill, Sur- structing, or forming pavements, pitching and rey; for a mode of manufacturing ornamental covering for streets, roads, ways, and places. wooden furniture, by the application of machine April 8. ry, March 14.


I. CIVIL. April 6.-General his Grace the Duke of Richmond, &c, K. G. to be Captain General and Go. vernor-in-Chief of the provinces of Lower and Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the islands of Prince Edward and Cape Breton.

7.-His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased to declare and ordain, that FieldMarshal his Serene Highness Prince Leopold George-Frederick of Saxe Cobourg of Saalfield, late consort of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte Augusta, deceased, sball henceforth, 12th do. Capt. Stepney, from 60 F. with Capt. Wood, 20 L. C. Russell to be Cornet by p. vice At- 4 W.I.R. kinson, pro.

4th Apr.

upon all occasions whatsoever, be styled and cal.

Adjutant Wedderburn antedated to the led " his Royal Highness," before his name and

8th Jan. 1818. such titles as now do, or hereafter may belong to 3 Lieut. & Capt. Alex. Fead antedated to him.


25th Dec. 1813. 16.-William Neill, Esq. to be a Deputy-Lieu

John H. Stapleton antetenant of Ayrshire.

dated to the

do. 21.--Kirkman Finlay. Esq. M. P. elected Lord

C. 0. Prendergast anteProrost of Glasgow, in consequence of the resig

dated to the

do. nation, from indisposition, of James Black, Esq.

R. F. G. Cumberland anMay 7.-The Honourable Archibald Douglas of

tedated to the

do. Douglas, and Charles Chisholme of Chisholme, 32 F. J. G. Campbell to be Ensign by p. vice Esqs. to be Deputy-Lieutenants of the County of

Darroch, ret.

12th Mar. 1818. Roxburgh.

36 Gen. G. Don, fm. 95 F. to be Colonel,

vice St John dead II. ECCLESIASTICAL. 53 Bt. Lt. Col. John Mansel to be Lt. Col.

19th Feb. April 10.-Rev. P. Kelland, to the Rectory of

56 Laneross, Devon.

Lt. Gen. Sir J. Murray, Bt. fm. 3 W.L 11.–The Rev. John Grierson, minister of Dun

R. to be Colonel, vice Norton dead

31st Mar. ning, to the church and parish of Dunblane, va

60 Lieut. Wm. Proctor, fm. 21 Dr. to be cant by the death of the Rev. Mr Stirling. 11.—The Rev. Mr Adam, of Baron Smith's

Lieut. vice Fleeson, Cape Corps 20th do.

62 Episcopal Chapel, Blackfriar's Wynd, Edinburgh,

Assist. Surg. E. Hollier, from 19 Dr. to

be Assist. Surg. vice Home, ret. h. p is appointed Rector of St John's, Christianstadt,

53 F.

12th do. and English Chaplain in the island of St. Croix.

63 Lieut. C. Perceval antedated to the 16.- The Original Burgher Seceders of Falkirk have given an unanimous call to Mr John Russell,

15th Aug. 1815.

E. C. Colls, antedated to the preacher, to be their pastor.

16th do 20.— The Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh,


Black, antedated to the patrons of the parish of Wemyss, unanimously

94th Mar. 1817. agreed to present the Reverend Mr John Mac

72 Ensign D. Matheson to be Lieut. vice lauchlan, minister of Alva, to be minister of

Cameron, dead

12th do Wemyss, vacant by the death of the Reverend

Vol. Paul Hughes to be Ensign, vice MaMr George Gibb.


do. 92.-Mir Andrew Ferrier, preacher of the gos


Capt. J. M. Shand antedated to the pel, was ordained minister in the Associate con

15th Jan. 1819. gregation, Newarthills.

95 28.-The Congregation of South Shields gave a

Lieut. Gen. Sir T. Hislop, Bt. to be Cocall to Mr Andrew Stark, preacher of the gospel,

lonel, vice Don 36 F. 4th April 1818.

100 Lieut. J. Williams to be Capt. by purch. to be their pastor, vice the Rev. William Bruce,

vice Steele, ret.

12 Mar. resigued.

Ensign T. Kerr to be Lieut. by purch. vice Williams


3W.I.R. M. Gen. Sir J. Kemp, G. C. B. fm. 60F.

to be Col. vice Sir J. Murray, 56 F. 2 L. G. G. A. Reid to be Cornet and Sub Lieut.

31 Mar. 1818. by pur. vice Harley ret. 7th Mar. 1818. 4 Ensign J, Curten, fm. late Meuron's W. N. Burrows to be Cornet and Sub

Reg. to be Ensign, vice Watts Lieut. by purch. vice Chalcroft, ret.

95th Feb. 12th do. Cape Cs. Lieut. J. Fleeson, fm. 60 F. to be Lieut. 3 Dr. Lloyd antedated to the 11th May

vice Somerset, 21 Dr. 20th Mar. 9 Major De Lancey antedated to the

24th Oct.
Cornet R. Norris to be Lieut. by purch.

Gen. A. Earl of Lindsey to be Gov. of Charle-
mont, vice Norton dead

31st do, vice Smith, ret. 18th Mar. 1818.

—Sir H. Dalrymple, Bt. to be Gov. of Biac.. H. Fergusson to be Cornet by purch. vice

ness Castle, vice Earl of Lindsey

do. Norris

do. Henry Knight to be Cornet by purch.

Hospital Staff

19th do. Dep. Insp. Fraser antedated to the 16th July 1817. 18 Cornet H. De Lapasture to be Lieut. by Hosp. As. A. Gibson, fm. h. p. to be Hosp. As. purch, vice Woodberry 19th do. vice Nicoll, dead

12th Mar. 1818. 19 Assist. Surg. Jas. Dunne, fm. h. p. 53 F. to be Assist. Surg. vice Hollier, 62 F.




Driberg, from 19 F, with Capt. M'Glasban, 21 Lieut. F. de Visme to be Capt. by p. vice 1 Ceylon Regt. Craufurd

19th do,

Waldron, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Capi. Cornet G. F. Boulton to be Lieut. by pur. Thomson, h. p.9 F. vice de Visme

do. Lieut. Bradshaw, from 5 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. C. H. Somerset, from Cape Corps, Lieut. Sir H. J. Seton, h. p. 52 F. to be Lieut. by p. vice Proctor, 60 F.

Gowan, from 30 F. rec. dift. with Lieut.

20th do. Mac Dougall, h. p. 22 F. Lieut. G. W. Prosser to be Capt. by pur. Oldershaw, from 69 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Cox, ret.

24th Jan. Dickson, h. p. 10 F. Cornet A. M. Bayard to be Lieut. by pur. Armstrong, from 70 F. rec. dift. with vice Prasser


Lieut. Hunter, h. p.
Rich. Wright to be Cornet by purch. vice Daniel, from 7 F. rec. dift. with Lieut.


Gage, h. p. 1 F. G. Lieut. & Capt. Hon. 0. Bridgman ante- Seaver, from 15 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. dated to the

95th Dec. 1813. Sperling, h. p. 60 F.

Thomas Starke antedated froin Royal African Corps with Licut. to the

do. Armstrong, h. p. 21 F. Charles P. Ellis antedatod Çornet Loft, from 15 Dr. rec. diff. with Comet to the

do. Elton, h. p. James Simpson antedated Kenyon, from 2 Dr. with Cornet Trollope, to the


58. F. Edward Clive antedated to Ensign Savage, from 1 F. with Ensign M'Gregor, the


h. p. William Grimstead ante Surgeon Wynne, from R.'Wagg. Train with Sur dated to the


geon Thomas, h. p. 57. F. B. Lord Hotham antedated Assist. Surg. Wharrie, from 81 F. with Assist. to the

Surg. Raleigh, h. p. 81 F.


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