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28. At Cathlaw House, Mrs Riddell,
Dec. 12, 1817. At Calcutta, the lady of younger of Camieston, a daughter.
Captain W. D. Playfair, a son.

29. At London, the lady of Lieutenante
April 13, 1818. At Boston, the lady of Colonel James Allan, sith regiment, a
George Sholto Douglas, Esq. Charge des
Affaires of his Britannic Majesty, a son. 31. At Logie Green, Mrs Alexander

16. At Stockholm, Viscountess Strang. Gordon, a son.
ford, lady of his Britannic Majesty's Am- LatelyLady Fitzherbert, a son.
bassador at that Court, a son and heir. At Castletown, Isle of Man, the lady of

* 27. At Somborne, Hampshire, the Right General Cumming, a daughter.
Hon. Lady Kennedy, a son.
• 28. At Fareham, the lady of Lieutenant-

Col. Campbell, 46th regiment, a daugh.

Dec. 6, 1817. At Calcutta, John Trotter
At Rothiemay, Lady Jane Taylor, a of Castlelaw, Esq. to Matilda, fourth daugh-

ter of the Hon. Sir Francis Macnaughton,
30. At Naples, the lady of Thomson Judge in the Supreme Court of Bengal

Bonar, of Camden Place, in the county of April 30, 1818. At Aberdeen, Captain
Kent, Esq. a son.

Hector H. M'Lean, of the 93d regiment
May 2. At Dalry, the wife of Mr Ro- of foot, to Miss Ann M*Leod, youngest
bert Ferguson was delivered of four chil. daughter of the late Rev. Mr M.Leod,
dren, one boy and three daughters; but they minister of Kilfinnichin and Bannessan,
did not live above an hour or two.

At Perth, the lady of Lieuterant May 5. At Cuckney, the Rev. William
Acheson French, of the 80th regiment, su- Rogers, minister of Rescobie, to Miss Am
perintending officer of that station, a daugh- Oldham, of Milthorpe, parish of Norton

Cuckney, Nottinghamshire.
- At Haughton, Mrs Farquharson of 11. At Auchencruive, Thomas Spencer
Haughton, a son.

Lindsay, of Hollymount House, county of
6. At Banff, the lady of James William Mayo, Esq. to Margaret Hester, only
Mackenzie, Esq. younger of Pittrichie, a daughter of R. A. Oswald of Auchen-
son and heir.

cruive, Esq.
9. At London, the lady of the Hon. D. At Conan-house, the seat of Sir Hec-
M. Erskine, a daughter.

tor Mackenzie of Gairloch, Bart the Rer.
- At Edinburgh, Mrs Craigie of Dum- John Macdonald, minister of Urquhart, to
barnie, a daughter.

Janet, eldest daughter of the late Kenneth
- At Brahan Castle, the Hon. Mrs Mackenzie, Esq.
Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son and 12. At London, the Right Hon. Henry

Manvers Pierrepont, to the Lady Sophis
10. Mrs Gordon, Abercromby Place, Cecil, only daughter of the late Marquis of
Edinburgh, a son.

- At Edinburgh, the lady of Roderick 16. At Cork, Captain Thomes Mosse, of
Macleod, Esq. jun. of Cadboll, a son. the 1st, or Royal Scots, regiment of foot,

13. At Paris, Lady Harriet Drummond, to Margaret Essex, eldest daughter of Ma-
a daughter.

jor-General Gordon.
The wife of Stephen Souten, a la- - At London, Horace Beauchamp Ser:
bouring man of the parish of Sollinge, of mour, Esq. third son of the late Lord
her 26th child in 25 years.

Hugh Seymour, to Elizabeth Mallet Palk,
16. At Relugas, the lady of Thomas eldest daughter of the late Sir Lawrence
Lauder Dick, Esq. a daughter.

Palk, M. P. for the county of Devon.
17. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir James 18. At London, on the 7th current, and
Montgomery, Bart. M. P. a daughter. remarried at Carron-house on the 18th, Mr

19. The lady of Sir A. O. Molesworth John Walker of Orchardhead, Stirling
of Pencarrow, Cornwall, Bart. a son. shire, to Mary Ann, second daughter of

21. At Edinburgh, Lady Heron Max. Mr Charles Lea Jeffrey, Broadway, West-
well, a daughter.

23. At Springfield, Mrs Macduff of Bon. - At London, the Hon. Colonel Sere
bard, a son.

mour to Lady. Charlotte Cholmondeley,
26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone of daughter of the Marquis of Choliondeley.
Alva, a son.

The Prince Regent gave the bride away.
-Mrs W. Buchanan, 16, Duke Street, 19. At Slynon, county of Angleser,
Edinburgh, a son.

James Orr, Esq. Edinburgh, to Rachel,

second daughter of Robert Scott, Esq. of burgh, and grand-daughter of the late Revo
this city

Thomas Boston of Ettrick.
May 19. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant Jo- 30. On his passage home, on board the
seph Hume, R. N. to Miss Dorothy Ro- William Pitt East Indiaman, Archibald
bertson, daughter of the late Alexander Seton, Esq. of Touch.
Robertson, Esq. of Prenderguest.

April 12. In the guard-room of Kinross
21. At Cheltenham, Sir William Cun. jail, in extreme wretchedness, Andrew Ni.
ningham Fairlie, Bart. of Robertland and col, well known in the Court of Session
Fairlie, to Anne, only daughter of the late and caricature shops under the name of the
Robert Cooper, Esq. banker, Woodbridge. Kinross Lawyer. From a tradesman in

At Urquhart, the Rev. Archibald easy circumstances and of decent character,
Baird, Auchtermuchty, to Miss Margaret he reduceù himself, by his most litigious and
Mudie, daughter of James Mudie, Esq. quarrelsome temper, to the state of a beg-
Cockley, Kinross-shire.

gar, and finally an outcast from all society.
27. At London, the Count de Lusi, of Rather than yive up his pretended rights
the 1st regiment of Prussian guards, to to the famous midden-stead, he obstinately
Miss Maria Giffard, daughter of the Mar. refused all supply from the poor funds of his
chioness Dowager of Lansdowne.

native parish; and, in order that he might
June 1. At Garscube, the seat of her retain what he conceived would be the means
grandfather, Sir Ilay Campbell of Succoth, of bringing him once more within the walls
Bart. Sir George Sitwell of Renishaw, Bart of the Parliament House, wandered about
to Susan, eldest daughter of Crawfurd Tait from place to place, until at last, from his
of Harvieston, Esq.

habits of life, and his habits both of body
2. At Edinburgh, J. C. Macleod, Esq. and mind, he became such a nuisance,
junior of Geanies, to Miss Stewart Su- that, disowned by every relation, and shut
therland, youngest daughter of the late out from every house, it was found neces-
Captain Alexander Sutherland, 30th regi- sary to convey him to the common prison,

which he quitted only for that asylum,

“ where the wicked cease from troubling,

and where the weary arc at rest."
Oct. 6, 1817. At Kedgeree, on his pas- 22. At Topsham, in the 78th year of his
sage to Europe, Cornet Alexander Leigh age, Captain Carter, R. N. With the ex-
Strachan, 6th regiment Bengal cavalry, ception of Admiral Schank, he was the
eldest son of James Strachan, Esq. Edin- only surviving officer who went to the

North Cape of Lapland, to observe the
Nov. 26. Killed in the attack upon Nag. transit of Venus in 1768, in the Emerald,
pore, by the Berar Rajah, in the 21st year commanded by Sir Charles Douglas, of
of his age, Mr H. D. Niven, assistant-sur- which the deceased was then First Lieute-
geon Hon. East India Company's service, nant.
second son of the Rev. Dr Niven, Dun- 23. At Avignon, Colin Macdonald Bu-

chanan, younger of Drummakill.
Jan. 1, 1818. Fell, in a sally from Kore- 27. The Rev. James Scott, late senior
gaum, near Poonah, (having volunteered minister of Perth, at the advanced age of
his services,) Thomas Wingate, assistant. 85. Mr Scott was ordained minister of
surgeon to the second battalion Ist native Kinfauns in 1759 ; admitted minister of
infantry, and eldest son of Dr Daniel Perth 1762 ; and resigned his charge, in
Wingate, Stirling, aged 21.

consequence of the infirmities of age, in
13. On board the William Pitt East In- 1807.
diaman, William Hall, Esq. a partner in 28. Mr Robert Wilson, merchant, Leith.
the house of Messrs Palmer and Co. Cal. At Gartur, John Graham, Esq.

30. At Berwick upon Tweed, Mrs Bar-
Feb. 10. At St Lucie, Mrs Mary Rus- bara Hodgson, aged 88, relict of the late
sel, wife of John I. I. Alexander, Esq. of Dr Henry Hodgson, formerly Mayor of
that island, and relict of the late Hon. that town.
Robert Cullen, one of the Lords of Ses- May I. At London, the Hon. J. Doug-
sion and Justiciary in Scotland.

las. The deceased was grandfather to the
12. At sea, Mr Peter Murray, surgeon present Marquis of Abercom ; he was fa-
of the Hon. East India Company's ship ther to the Countess of Aberdeen ; and he
Charles Grant.

was son-in-law to the Earl of Harewood,
28. At the Havannah, Lieutenant Tho. having married the Noble Earl's daughter,
mas Sibbald, R. N. son of the late Wil. Lady Frances Lascelles, who died last
liam Sibbald, Esq. merchant, Leith. year.

March 10. At Charlestown, South Ca- At London, John Crawford, Esq.
rolina, Mrs Christiana Boston, spouse to late of Monorgan, in Perthshire.
Tucker Harris, Esq. M. D. in the 68th 2. At Kinloch, Mr Hog of Kinloch.
year of her age. Mrs Harris was a daugh- 3. At Glasgow, Mr James Russel, jun.
ter of the late Rev. Thoinas Boston of Jed- grocer, High Street. Mr Russel has lett

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. report of the the influence of his philo- Burgh elections, proceed-

le city of, 83 sophical writings, 466 ings in the Court of Ses-
usement of the Baillie, Robert, of Jervis- sion respecting those of E-

wood, account of his ini dinburgh, Aberdeen, and
of Eschylus, quitous trial and execu Inverness, 281_that of
on the, 112 tion, 323

Edinburgh declared null
Reports. 92.

Joanna, remarks on and void, 585
386, 493, 591 her Plays on the Passions, Burghs, Scottish, report of
the political 517

the state of, ordered by the
18_Treatment Bank of England, accounts Convention in 1691, 307
an slaves there, presented to Parliament Burkhardt, M., the African
lavages of the from the, 581

traveller, notice of his
in, 373_Death Bankrupts, lists of English death, 272
tey of, 479

and Scotch, 92, 191, 293, Burns, Robert, original
ription of the pas- 393, 497, 593

poetry of, 70-Poetical
the Simplon, io Barbour, the, a vapour a. epistle of, 130-Propos-
- Spanish colonies rising from the sea, so ed monument to, 282-

ographical sketch called in Halifax, 17 Original Letter and Poem
--State of the con- Battle of Sheriffmur, ac by, 727
- etween the insur- 'count of the, 240

Byron, Lord, review of his
and the Spanish Beppo, a Venetian story, Fourth Canto of Childe
srities, 7, 101, 277, review of, 348

Harold's Pilgrimage, 449
Binning, Lord, on his bill Cabinet, the, No. 1. 547
- United States of, for erecting lunatic asy- Canals, commencement of
sing of Congress, 81 lums in Scotland, 410 one between Edinburgh
state of the finances Birds, on the natural his and Glasgow, 283_-Pro-

the army of. 173_ tory of, 110, 320-On g ress of the great Caledo-
gress of the navy, 373 the incubation of, 526 nian, 585
Emigrations from Eu. Birkbeck, Mr, review of his Caraccas,geographical sketch
pe to, ib.--Rigorous journey in America, 253, of, 7
clusion of British West Births, register of, 94, 192, Celestine, discovery of, in
adia vessels from the 294, 393, 498, 596

theCaltonhill, Edinburgh,
orts of, 578_Dispute Blood-money conspiracy dis 507
petween, and Spain, ib. covered in London, 282 Cemetery, remarkable sub-
alytical notices of foreign Bright, Dr, review of his terraneous one near Mon-
journals, 158

'I'ravels in Lower Hun trose, 316
necdote, remarkable, of a gary, 549

Ceylon, insurrection in the
Bohemian Gypsey, 107 Britain, revenue of in 1816 island of, 479

nimal, unknown, one of and 1817, 181-State of Chaucer, remarks on his
- immense size reported to

the currency, 237-Pub- poetry, 327-Sonnettc on
exist in America, 531

lic debtot, 281-Golda Grete Capitaine, escrib-
Arabian Nights Entertain and silver coin issued in, ed to, 363*
ments in Arabic, notice

ib.--- Bank of England Chaussier, Professor, obser-

notes in circulation, 282 v ations of, on the death
- Armorial bearings in St

-Army estimates, ib. of General Pichegru,
Giles's cathedral, Edin- British Legislation, 86, 181, 135
burgh, 538

488, 586

China, review of the pro
** Army of Britain. state of, Brown, Dr Thomas, review c eedings of the late em

ut his poem of Agnes, 153 bassy to, &c. 143
Assembly. General, report Bruce, Dr, of New York, Chinese books in the Royal
by, respecting the mode of notice of his death, 335

Library at Paris, notice
providing for the poor in Buenos Ayres, geographical of, 168
Scotland, 503_Proceed- sketch of, loi

Church records, curious ex-
ings of the Assembly, 581 Burgh reform, proceedings tracts from, 103
Atheist, the, a French Tra- in Scotland on the sub-

of Scotland, view of
gedy, review of, 562 ject of, 85, 190, 284, the constitution of, review
Bacon, Lord, remarks on 382, 408, 585

oi, 259

of, 159

the following donations :-To the poor of been considered a work of high authority,
the Relief Chapel, Campbell Street, Glas- and equally esteemed on both sides of the
gow, L. 200—Sabbath Evening Schools, Tweed.
L. 50-To the Royal Infirmary, L. 150,- 13. At Torthorwald Manse, Mrs Yors.
To the Lunatic Asylum, L. 50-To the toun, relict of the Rev. Peter Yorstour,
poor of his native parish, Falkirk, L.50. minister of the gospel in Closeburn, aged 96.

May 4. At Brechin, the Rev. Mr Will, At his house, Wester Duddingston,
minister of Guthrie.

Robert Kay, architect, aged 78.
- At Stround on the Green, near Kew, At Edinburgh, Captain David Hew.
William Mactavish, Esq. of Dunardry, an, 21st foot, or Royal North British fusi-
son of the late Simon Mactavish, Esq. of leers.
Montreal, Canada.

At Wilson Park, Portobello, Jolin
At Gortnagally, near Dungannon, Philip Donaldson, Esq. assistant-surgeon
John Woods, an industrious farmer, at the in the Fifeshire militia, and surgeon in
advanced age of 122 years. He lived a Portobello.
regular and sober life. His wife died

14. At Walkhampton, John Williams,
about two years ago, aged 82 years. He at the advanced age of 100. He was the
was 42 years old the day of her birth. He eldest of eighteen sons, of Jane Williams,
was born in the year 1696, in the reign of late of Brentor, Devon, (who died in her
William III. ; of course he has lived in the IIIth year,) seventeen of whom are now
reigns of five successive monarchs.

alive and in perfect health, and their joint
5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Alison Hay of ages amount to 1379 years. - John Williams
Haystown, in the 90th year of her age. retained his faculties to the last, and had

- At Dublin, in the 25th year of his strength sufficient to gain his livelihood by
age, Mr Archibald Robertson, only remain- hard labour, until within a fortnight of his
ing son of George Robertson, Esq. Bower- dissolution.
Lodge, Irvine.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Arbuthnot, relict
At Aberdeen, Mrs Jean Duncan, of Robert Arbuthnot, Esq.
relict of the late Mr Robert Duncan, mer- 15. At the manse of Carluke, Mrs Wal.
chant there, in the 92d year of his age. ker, wife of the Rev. James Walker, mini-

7. At Florence, Lady Campbell, wife of ster of Carnwath.
Sir Guy Campbell, Bart.

-- At Areon Cottage, near Inverness,
At Fernie, Francis Balfour, Esq. of Mrs Mackenzie of Lentran, ageri 77.

16. At Inverness, Miss Janet M'Gilli-
8. At Edinburgh, in the 73d year of his vray, daughter of the kte Archibald M-Gil.
age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Ettrick- livray, Esq. of Daviot.
hall, late one of the Keepers of the Records At Maybole, Mrs Margaret M'Cir.
of Scotland.

mont, wife of the Rev. Charles Logai,
At Edinburgh, Colin Mackay, Esq. minister of Maybole.
in the 83d year of his

- At Gaddesby, near Leicester, Eliza,
9. At Edinburgh, Thomas Brown, Esq. wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Cheney, of the
of Waterhead, aged 82.

Scots Grovs.
10. At Glasgow, Mr William M'Kech- 17. At Glasgow, Mrs Taylor of Kirkton-
nie, late of Richmond, Virginia.

At Hamilton, John Torrance, Esq. - At Crossmount, Capt. James Men-
Sheriff-Clerk Depute for the Middle Ward zies, Royal Perthshire militia.
of Lanarkshire.

At Edinburgh, Mr WiHiam Sawers,
11. At Burdiehouse Mains, Mr Alex- bookseller.
ander Peacock, architect, agel 83.

18. At Milnholm, near Langholm, in
13. At Edinburgh, in the 73d year of the prime of life, William Keir, Esq. con-
his age, Mr William Scott, teacher of elo- ductor of improvements to his Grace the
cution and geography, Mr Scott was the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry in the
father of elocution in this country, and for district of Eskdale, and late Captain in the
a period of upwards of 40 years distin. Dumfrieshire yeomanry cavalry.
guished himself by his extensive useful. - At Eden Farm, in the 60th year of
ness in his profession, having instructed in her age, Elinor, widow of the late Lord
this elegant accomplishment a great pro. Auckland.
portion of our countrymen who have risen 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Hunter,
to eminence in the senate, the pulpit, and eldest son of Lieutenant-General Hunter of
at the bar. He is also well known as the Burnside.
author of several useful and popular ele. The Hon. Mrs Grenfell, Lady of
mentary works on subjects connected with Pascoe Grenfell, Esq. M. P. of Taplow
education ; amongst others, a system of House, Bucks, and sister of Lord Viscount
geography, and a pronouncing dictionary Doneraile of Doneraile, in the kingdom
of the English language, which has always of Ireland.

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