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Sing ye praises with understanding."

PSALM xlvii. 1. " Speaking to yourselves in Psalms, and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs ; singing and making Melody in your Hearts unto the

EPHES. v. 19.


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Church and Congregation



AS very many of you have frequently expressed your pish that I would prepare a Hymn Book for your use, khich should include the majority of Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, and also those which are in general use, from other Authors of eminence, I have at length complied, and although I am conscious of imperfection in the present publication, yet I can assure you that it has cost me very considerable labour and enriety; but I never have, and I hope never shall, regret the employment of my best energies at the request, and for the welfare of those, to whom I am so cordially attached, and from whom I have received so many proofs of affection and esteem : and it affords me great pleasure to avail myself of this opportunity of leaving on record my fervent prayers for your present happiness, and eternal salvation.

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