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cmtf,(without clearly perceiving any Thing) Ser. vir. to border upon an Absurdity, may be not so in itself, but merely owing to our Want of more extensive Views. One Proof from a Matter of Fail should weigh more to confirm a mysterious Doctrine, than all the ideal and metapbyfical Arguments, which fall short of Demonstration, to disprove it. Because we are very competent fudges of Matter of Fast; but all our Ideas about the intrinsic Nature of God are short and indistinct: and where our Ideas are indistinff, our Knowledge, which is founded upon them, must be soo too. One intermediate Idea, which is wanting, might, if taken into the Account, make our Conclusion quite different: And one foreign Idea, which has intruded where it has nothing to do, will, like a little Leaven, spread and diffuse itself, and give a Tincture to the whole Mass of our Reasoning.

This is only a general Answer to the Difficulties with which this Doctrine is attended. Under mysecond Head, which must be reserved for another Discourse, I (hall remove particular Objections.


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La(Jy MOVERS Lecture.

On the Doctrine of the Trinity

iiivt , Matthxw XXVill. Jov ,,i',;Jt.

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Go ye therefore and teach all Nations^ bap",

sizing them-in the Name of the Father,

and of she $ont and of the Holy Ghost.

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,HE Deity is to human Minds,Sir.vrn.

what the main Ocean is to naiv"

row Veflels: They may take in.

as much Knowledge of his Nature, as their

scanty Dimensions will admit; and yet

these will remain an infinite Surplus stilt, |

which we want Capacities to receive *

',, - J . , • t /i d

» See CWw/A's Intellectual Syftem.

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