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2 Lost are they now, and scatter'd wide,

In pain, and weariness, and want: With no kind shepherd near, to guide

The sick, and spiritless, and faint. 8 Thon, only thou, the kind, and good,

And sheep-redeeming, Shepherd art; Collect thy fock, and give them food,

And pastors after thine own heart. 4 Give the pure word of gen'ral grace,

And great shall be the preachers' crowd: Preachers who all the sinful race

Point to the all-atoning blood. 5 Thine only glory let them seek;

O let their hearts with love o'erflow; Let them believe, and therefore speak,

And spread thy mercy's praise below.

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L. M.
Prepare ye the way of the Lord,
MOMFORT, ge ministers of grace,
O lift ye up the fallen race,

And cheer them by the Gospel word.
Go into every nation, go;
Speak to their trembling hearts, and cry,-
Glad tidings unto all we show :

Jerusalem, thy God is nigh.
8 Hark! in the wilderness a cry,

A voice that loudly calls,--Prepare ; Prepare your hearts, for God is nigb,

And waits to make his entrance there. 4 The Lord your God shall quickly come;

Sinners, repent, the call obey: Open your hearts to make him room;

Ye desert souls, prepare the way.

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6 The Lord shall clear his way through all;
Whate'er obstructs, obstructs in vain;
The vale shall rise, the mountain fall,

Crooked be straight, and rugged plain.
6 The glory of the Lord display'd

Shall all mankind together view;
And what his mouth in truth hath said,

His own almighty hand shall do.

C. M.
Let thy priests be clothed with salvation.
JESUS, the word of mercy give,
J And let it swiftly run;
And let the priests themselves believe,

And put salvation on.
2 Jesus, let all thy servants shine

Illustrions as the sun;
And, bright with borrow'd rays divine,

Their glorious circuit run.
3 Beyond the reach of mortals, spread

Their light where'er they go;
And heavenly influences shed

On all the world below.
4 As giants may they run their race,

Exulting in their might;
As burning luminaries

The gloom of hellish night.
5 As the bright Sun of righteousness,

Their healing wings display;
And let their lustre still increase

Unto the perfect day,

Labourers together with God.
THUS saith the Lord is God conimands.

Workers with God, the charge obey;
Remove whate'er his work withstands,

Prepare, prepare his people's way.

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L. M.

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6. M.

VWhviezd for thee: 132 INSTITUTIONS OF THE GOSPEL. 2 Lift up, for all mankind to see,

The standard of their Saviour God,
And point them to the shameful tree,

The cross, all stain'd with hallow'd blood.
3 Himself prepares his people's hearts,

Breaks and binds up, and wounds and heals;
A mystic death and life imparts ;

Empties the full, the emptied fills :
4 He fills whom first he hath prepared ;

With him the perfect grace is given:
Himself is here our great reward,

Our future and our present heaven.

S. M.
Sow beside all waters.
Ow in the morn thy seed;

To doubt and fear give thou no heed,

Broad-cast it o'er the land.
2 Thou know'st not which shall thrive,

The late or early sown;
Grace keeps the precious germ alive,

When and wherever strown:
3 And duly shall appear,

In verdure, beauty, strength,
The tender blade, the stalk, the ear,

And the full corn at length.
4 Thou canst not toil in vain :

Cold, heat, and moist, and dry,
Shall foster and mature the grain

For garners in the sky.

L. M.
The angels of the churches,

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Us with thy flaming eye behold;
Still in thy Church do thou appear,

And let our candlestick be gold.

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2 Still hold the stars in thy right hand,

And let them in thy lustre glow,The lights of a benighted land,

The angels of thy Church below. 3 Make good their apostolic boast;

Their high commission let them prove; Be temples of the Holy Ghost,

And fill'd with faith, and hope, and love. 4 Give them an ear to hear thy word;

Thou speakest to the churches now!
And let all tongues confess their Lord,
Let every knee to Jesus bow.

S. M.
For a blessing on ministers.
TESUS, thy servants bless,

Who, sent by thee, proclaim
The peace, and joy, and righteousness

Experienced in thy name :
The kingdom of our God,-

Which grace divine imparts;
The power of thy victorious blood,

Which reigns in faithful hearts.
2 Their souls with faith supply,

With life and liberty;
And then they preach and testify

The things concerning thee:
And live for this alone,

Thy grace to minister;
And all thou hast for sinners done,

In life and death declare. 215

L. M. For the success of ministers. FATHER of mercies, bow thine ear,

Attentive to our earnest prayer: We plend for those who plead for thee : Successful pleaders may they be.


2 O, clothe their words with power divine,
And let those words be ever thine;
To them thy sacred truth reveal;
Suppress their fear, inflame their zeal.
3 Teach them to sow the precious seed;
Teach them thy chosen flock to feed;
Teach them immortal souls to gain,-
And thus reward their toil and pain.
4 Let thronging multitudes around
Hear from their lips the joyful sound;
In humble strains thy grace implore,
And feel thy Spirit's living power.

C. M.
God's blessing ensures success.

N; word,

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Thy servants' labours bless;
Now let the prayer of faith be heard,

And grant them full success.
2 Long have they in thy vineyard wrought,

And with un wenried toil;
Alas! they spend their strength for naughty

Upon a sterile soil.
3 Arise, O God, exert thy power;

Thy people's hopes sustain;
And richly on thy vineyard shower

The first and latter rain.
4 Lord, we commend the work to thee;

Thy servants guide and bless; Thy guidance gives security, Thy blessing,

--full success. 217

He giveth the increase. HIGHe on his everlasting throne,

The King of saints his work surveys; Marks the dear souls he calls his own,

And smiles on the peculiar race.

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L. M.

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