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8 Come the great day, the glorious hour,
When earth shall feel his saving power,

All nations fear his Name :
Then shall the race of men confess
The beauty of his holiness,

His saving grace proclain. 20

L. M.
The glories of Jehovah.
CERVANTS of God! in joyful lays,
His glorious Name let all adore,
From age to age, forever more.
9 Blest be that Name, supremely blest,
From the sun's rising, to its rest,
Above the beavens his power is known,
Through all the earth his goodness shown.
3 Who is like God! so great, so high,
He bows himself to view the sky;
And yet, with condescending grace,
Looks down upon the human race.
4 He hears the uncomplaining moan
Or those who sit and weep alone;
He lifts the mourner from the dust;
In Him the poor may safely trust,
5.0 then, aloud, in joyful lays,
Sing to the Lord Jelioval's praise;
His saving Name let all adore,
From age to age, forever more.

3d P. M. 4 68 & 2 8e,
The universal King.
VOUNG men and maidens, raise

Your tuneful voices high; Old men and children, praise

The Lord of eårth and sky: Him three in one, and one in three, Extol to all eternity.

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9 The universal King

Let all the world proclaim;
Let every creature sing

His attributes and name :
Him three in one, and one in three,
Extol to all eternity.
3 In His great Name alone

All excellences meet,
Who sits upon the throne,

And shall forever sit:
Him three in one, and one in three,
Extol to all eternity.
4 Glory to God belongs;

Glory to God be given,
Above the noblest songs,

Of all in earth and heaven:
Him three in one, and one in three,
Extol to all eternity.

11th P. M. 76, 76, 77, 78,
The Triune God of truth and grace.
MEET and right it is to sing,
Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace: Join we then with sweet accord,

All in one thanksgiving join; Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Eternal praise be thine.
2 Thee the first-born sons of light,

In choral symphonies,
Praise by day, day without night,

And never, never cease;
Angels, and archangels, all

Praise the mystie" Three in One Sing, and stop, and

gaze, and fall O'erwhelm'd before thy throne.

3 Vying with that beavenly choir,

Who chant thy praise above,
We on' engles' wings aspire,

The wings of faith and love;
Thee they sing, with glory crown'd;

We extol the slaughter'd Lamb;
Lower if our voices sound,

Our subject is the same. 4 Father, God, thy love we praise,

Which gave thy Son to die; Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we glorify; Spirit, Comforter divine,

Pruise by all to thee be given, Till we in full chorus join,

And earth is turn'd to heaven.

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9th P. M. 87, 87.
The Triune God glorified.

U Fountain of eternal love,
Who, bis wand'ring sheep to gather,

Sent a Saviour from above.

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9 To the Son all praise be given,

Who, with love unknown before, Left the bright abode of heaven,

And our sin and sorrows bore. 8 Equal strains of warm devotion

Let the Spirit's praise employ; Author of each pure emotion ;

Source of wisdom, peace, and joy.
4 Thus, while our glad hearts, ascending,

Glorify Jehovah's Name,
Heavenly songs with ours are blending

There the theme is still the same.

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3d P. M. 4 68 & 2 88.
Longing for the house of God.
ORD of the worlds above,
The dwellings of thy love,

Thine earthly temples, are;
To thine abode my heart aspires,
With warm desires to see my God.
20 happy souls that pray,

Where God appoints to hear!
O happy men that pay

Their constant service there!
They praise thee still; and happy they
That love the way to Zion's hill.
8 They go from strength to strength,

Through this dark vale of tears,
Till each arrives at length,

Till each in heaven appears:
O glorious seat! thou, God our King,
Shalt thither bring our willing feet.
4 The Lord his people loves;

His hand no good withholds
From those his beart approves,

From humble, contrite souls:
Thrice happy he, O God of boats,
Whose spirit trusts alone in thee!


19th P. M. 664, 6664. Invocation of and praise to the Trinity.

OME, thou Almighty King,

Help us to praise :
Father all-glorious,
O'er all victorious,
Come, and reign over us,

Ancient of days.

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L. M.
Joy of public worship.
GREAT God, attend, while Zion sings
To spend one day with thee on earth
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.


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