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C. M.
Feeling after God,
THOU hidden God, for whom I groan -

Till thou thyself declare,
God, inaccessible, unknown,-

Regard a sinner's prayer: 2 A sinner welt'ring in his blood,

Unpurged and unforgiven: Far distant from the living God,

As far as bell from heaven.
3 An unregen'rate child of man,

To thee for help I call;
Pity thy fallen creature's pain,

And raise me from my fall.
4 The darkness which through thee I feel,

Thou only canst remove ;
Thine own eternal power reveal,

Thine everlnsting love.
Ő I would not to thy foe submit;

I hate the tyrant's chain;
Send forth the pris'ner from the pit,

Nor let me cry in vain.
6 Show me the blood that bought my peaco,

The cov'nant blood apply;
And all my griefs at once sball cease,

And all my sins shall die. 315

L. M.
Sin's incurable

The helpless all for succour came;
The sick to be relieved and heal'd,

And found balvation in thy name :
2 Thou seest me helpless and distress'd,
Weary, I come to thee for rest;
Feeble, and faint, and

blind, and poor; And, sick of sin, implore a cure.

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L. M.

3 My sin incearable disease,

Thou, Jesus, thou alone canst heal; Inspire me with thy power and peace,

And pardon on my conscience seal. 316

The inbred leprosy. TESUS, a word, a look from thee,

Can turn my heart, and make it clean; Purge out the inbred leprosy,

And save me from my bosom sin.
9 Lord, if thou wilt, I do believe
Thou canst the saving grace impart;
Thou canst this instant now forgive,

And stamp thine image on my heart.
3 My heart, which now to thee I raise,
I know thou canst this moment cleanso;
The deepest stains of sin erface,

And drive the evil spirit hence. 4 Be it according to thy word;

Accomplish now thy work in me; And let my soul, to health restored,

Devote its deathless powers to thee. 317

The leper.
JESUS, if still thou art to-day,
Present to heal,-in me display

The virtue of thy Name.
9 Now, Lord, to whom for help I call,

Thy miracles repeat;
With pitying eyes behold me fall

A leper at thy feet. 3 Loathsome, and vile, and self-abhorr’d,

1 sink beneath my sin; But, if thou wilt, a gracious word

of thine can make me clean.

C. M.

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S. M. Hardness of heart lamented. 0

THAT I could repent!

( that I could believe! Thou, by thy voice, the marble rend,

The rock in sunder cleave :
Thou, by thy two-edged sword,

My soul and spirit part;
Strike, with the laminer of thy word,

And break my stubborn heart. 2 Saviour, and Prince of peace!

The double grace bestow; Unloose the bands of wickedness,

And let the captive go:
Grant me my sins to feel,

And then the load remove :
Wound, and pour in, my wounds to beal,

The balm of pard'ning love. 319

L. M. The Physician needed. 0

THOU, whom once they flock'd to hear,

Thy words to hear, thy power to feel,Suffer & sinner to draw near,

And graciously receive me still. 2 They that be whole, thyself hast said,

No need of a physician have; But I am sick, and want thine aid,

And wait thine utmost power to save. 8 Thy power, and truth, and love divine,

The same from age to age endure : A word, a gracious word of thine,

The most invetrate plague can cure. 4 Helpless howe'er my spirit lies,

And long hath languish'd at the pool: A word of thine shall make it rise,

And speak me in a moment whole.

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The le good Physician. yarattended fame Seperial exults to bear trail-restoring Name,

it's ear.

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1st P. M. 6 lines 88,
Desiring conviction.
TATHER of lights, from whom proceeds
Whose goodness, providently nigh,
Feeds the young ravens when they cry;
To thee I look; my heart prepare ;
Suggest, and hearken to my prayer.
? Since by thy light myself I see
Naked, and poor, and yoid of thee,
Thine eyes must all my thoughts survey,
Prerenting what my lips would say:
Thou seest my wants; for help they call;
And, ere I speak, thou know'st them all.
8 Fain would I know, as known by thee,
And feel the indigence I see;
Fain would I all my vileness own,
And deep beneath the burden groan;
Abhor the pride that lurks within,
Detest and loathe myself and sin.
4 Ab, give me, Lord, myself to feel;
My total misery reveal :
Ah, give me, Lord, I still would say,
A heart to mourn, a heart to pray:
My business this, my only care,
My life, my every breath, be prayer.

L., M.
Christ, the good Physician.
JESUS, thy far-extended famo

My drooping soul exults to hear;
Thy Name, thy all-restoring Name,

Is music in a sinner's ear.
9 Sinners of old thou didst receive
With comfortable words, and kind;
Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve,
Heal the diseased, and cure the blind.


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3 And art thou not the Saviour still,

In every place and age the same! Hast thou forgot thy gracious skill,

Or lost the virtae of thy pame! 4 Faith in thy changeless name I have :

The good, the kind Physician, thou Art able now our souls to save,

Art willing to restore them now, 322

L. M. The healing power of Christ. THOUGH eighteen hundred years are past TH

Since Christ did in the flesh appear, His tender mercies ever last,

And still his bealing power is here. 2 Would he the body's health restore,

And not regard the sin-sick soul! The sin-sick soul he loves much more,

And surely he will make it whole. 3 All my disease, my every sin,

To thee, O Jesus, I confess:
In pardon, Lord, my cure begin,

And perfect it in holiness.
4 That taken of thine utmost good,

New, Saviour, now, on me bestow; And purge my conscience with thy blood,

And wash my nature white as snow, 323

C. M.
Lord, help my unbelief.

OW sad our state by nature is;

Our sin, how deep it stains ;
And Satan binds our captive souls

Fast in his slavish cbains,
2 But there's a voice of sov'reign grace
Sounds from the sacred word :-
Hol yo despairing sinners, come,

And trust a faithful Lord.

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