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35 S. M.

Claiming the promise.

SUS, we look to thee, * •] Thy promised presence claim; Thou in the midst of us shalt be,

Assembled in thy name:

2 Thy name salvation is,
Which here we come to prove:

Thy name is life, and health, and peace,
And everlasting love.

3 Not in the name of pride
Or selfishness we meet;

From nature's paths we turn aside,
And worldly thoughts forget.

4 We meet the grace to take,
Which thou hast freely given;

We meet on earth for o dear sake,
That we may meet in heaven.

5 Present we know thou art,
But Q, thyself reveal!

Now, Lord, let every bounding heart
The mighty comfort feel.

6 Q may thy quick'ning voice
The death of sin remove; -

And bid our inmost souls rejoice,
In hope of perfect love.

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O's God is here! let us adore,
And own how dreadful is this place;
Let all within us feel his power,
And silent bow before his face;
Who know his power, his grace who prove,
Serve him with awe, with rev'rence love.

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* Boing of beings! may our praise
Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill;
Still may we stand before thy face,
Still lear and do thy sov’reign will;
To thee may all our thoughts arise,
Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice.

37 S. M. The presence and grace of Jesus,

() THOU who art the light

Of all thy saints below,

That we may worship thee aright,
Thy sov’reign grace bestow.

9 Our rising world obey'd
Thy Godhead's high command:

And all the heavenly host are sway'd
By thy creating hand.

8 Yet all things made anew
To wond'ring mortals seem,

When the Eternal Word we view
Descending to redeem. -

40, be thou present now,
And make thy mercy known,

While at thy footstool, Lord, we bow.
And our Deliv'rer own.

5Then shall we live to thee, -
And honour this thy day; -
ine own devoted servants be,
And never from thee stray.



38 C. M.

4 blessing on the word.

O. more we come before our God;
Once more his blessing ask:
O may not duty seem a load,
Nor worship prove a task.
2 Father, thy quickoning Spirit send
From heaven, in Jesus' name,
And bid our waiting minds attend,
And put our souls in frame. - --

8 May we receive the word we hear,
Each in an honest heart;

And keep the precious treasure there,
And never with it part.

4 To seek thee, all our hearts dispose;
To each thy blessings suit;

And let the seed thy servant sows,
Produce abundant fruit.

39 C. M. God’s service delightful.

ITH joy we hail the sacred day,

Which God has call?d his own;

With joy the summons we obe
To worship at his throne.

2 % chosen temple, Lord, how fairl
As here o servants throng

To breathe the humble, fervent prayer,
And pour the grateful song.

3 Spirit of grace! O deign to dwell
Wi. thy, Church below;
Make her in holiness excel,

With pure devotion glow. o

4 Pet Peace within her walls be found—
Let all her sons unite,

To spread with holy zeal around,
Her clear and shining light.

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3 Heavenward our every wish aspires, - For all thy mercy's store; The sole return thy love requires, Is that we ask for more.

- 4 For more we ask; we open then
Our hearts to embrace thy will;
Turn, and revive us, Lord, again; *-
With all thy fulness fill.

o 5 Qome, Holy Ghost, the Saviour's love

- Shed in our hearts abroad;

So, shall we ever live, and move, a
And be, with Christ in God.



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