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9th P. M. 87, 87, 87, 87.

The new creation. OVE divine, all love excelling,


Fix in us thy humble dwelling;

All thy faithful mercies crown. Jesnis, thou art all compassion,

Pure unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation;

Enter every trembling heart.

2 Breathe, Obrenthe thy loving Spirit

Into every troubled breast; Let us all in thee inherit;

Let us find that second rest.
Take away our bent to sinning;

Alpha and Omega be;
End of fruith, as its beginning,

Set our bearts at liberty.

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3 Come, almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy life receive; Suddenly return, and never,

Never more thy temples leave :
Thee we would be always blessing,

Serve thee as thy hosts above,
Pray, and praise thee without ceasing,

Glory in thy perfect love.

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4 Finish then thy new creation;

Pure and spotless let us be ; Let us see thy great salvation,

Perfectly restored in thee: Changed from glory into glory,,

Tul in heaven we take our place, Till we cast our crowns before thee,

Lost in wonder, love, and praise.


4th P. M. 886, 886. The pure in heart shall see God. That, with thy children, I may know

Ny sins on earth forgiven;
Give me to prove the kingdom mine,
And taste, in holiness divine,

The happiness of heaven.
2 Me with that restless thirst inspire,
Thut sacred, infinite desire,

And feast my hungry heart;
Less than thyself cannot suffice;
My soul for all thy fulness cries,-

For all thou hast and art.
3 Jesus, the crowning grace impart;
Bless me with purity of heart,

That now beholding thee,
I soon may view thy open face,
On all thy glorious beauties gaze,

And God forever see.
A perfect heart the Redeemer's throne,

FOR a heart to praise my God,
A heart that always feels thy blood,

So freely spilt for me :-
4 A heart resign'd, submissive, meek,

My great Redeemer's throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,-

Where Jesus reigns alone.
30 for a lowly, contrite heart,

Believing, true, and clean;
Which neither life nor death can part

From Him that dwells within :

C. M.

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4 A heart in every thought renew'd,

And full of love dirine ;
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,

A copy, Lord, of thine.
5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart;

Come quickly from above;
Write thy new name upon my heart.-

Thy new, best name of Love. 501

L. M. The nero covenant. 0

GOD, most merciful and true,

Thy nature to my soul impart; 'Stablish with me the cov'nant new,

And stamp thine image on my heart. 2 To real holiness restored,

O let me gain my Saviour's mind; And in the knowledge of my Lord,

Fulness of life eternal find. 3 Remember, Lord, my sins no more,

That them I may no more forget; But, sunk in guiltless sbame, adore,

With speechless wonder, at thy feet. 4 O'erwhelm'd with thy stupendous grace,

I shall not in thy presence move; But breathe unutterable praise,

And rapt'rous awe, and silent love. 5 Then every murm'ring-thought, and vaim,

Expires, in sweet contusion lost: I cannot of my cross complain,

I cannot of my goodness boast. 6 Pardon'd for all that I have done,

My mouth as in the dust I hide; And glory give to God alone,

My God in Jesus pacified.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 7s.
Perfect submission.
THEN, my Saviour, shall I be

Perfectly resign'd to thee!
Poor and vile in my own eyes,
Only in thy wisdom wise !
2 Only thee content to know,
Ignorant of all below!
Only guided by thy light!
Only mighty in thy might!
3 So I may thy Spirit know,
Let him as he listeth blow :
Let the manner be unknown,
So I may with thee be one -
4 Fully in my life express
All the heights of holiness;
Sweetly let my spirit prove,
All the depths of humble love.

Christ all in all.
HOLY and true, and righteous Lord,

I wait to prove thy perfect will: Be mindful of thy gracious word;

And stamp me with thy Spirit's seal. 2 Open my faith's interior eye:

Display thy glory from above; And all I am shall sink and die,

Lost in astonishment and love. 3 Confound, o'erpower me by thy grace,

I would be by myself abhorr'd; All might, all majesty, all praise,

All glory, be to Christ my Lord. 4 Now let me gain perfection's height;

Now let me into nothing fall,
As less than nothing in thy sight;
And feel that Christ is all in all.

L. M. 504

1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.
The price of our high calling.
thee, great God of love, I bow,

; By faith I see thee passing now:

I have, but still I ask for more :
A glimpse of love cannot suffice;
My soul for all thy presence cries.
2 More favour'd than the saints of old,

Who now by faith approach to thee,
Shall all, with open face, behold

In Christ, the glorious Deity;
Shall see and put salvation on,
The nature of thy sinless Son.
8 This, this is our high calling?s prize;

Thine image in thy Son I claim;
And still to higher glories rise,

Till, all transform'd, I know thy name,
And glide to all my heaven above-
My highest heaven in Jesus' love.

L. M.
Mark of perfection.
never speak one evil word !

O how shall '1, most gracions Lord,

This mark of true perfection find! 2 Thy sinless mind in me reveal;

Thy Spirit's plenitude impart; And all my spotless life shall tell

The' abundance of a loving heart. 506

Renouncing all for Christ.
TOME, Saviour, Jesus, from above,

Assist me with thy heavenly grace;
Empty my heart of earthly love,

And for thyself prepare the place.

L. M.

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