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48 C. M.

The Desire of all nations.

(o, thou Desire of all thy saints,

J Our humble strains attend,

While, with our praises and complaints,
Low at thy feet we bend,

2 How should our songs, like those above, With warm devotion rise; . How should our souls, on wings of love, Mount upward to the skies.

3 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise
In us the heavenly flame;

Then shall our lips resound thy praise,
Our hearts adore thy Name.

4 Now, Saviour, let thy glory shine,
And fill thy dwellings here, -
Till life, and love, and joy divine,
A heaven on earth appear.
5 Then shall our hearts enraptured say,+
Come, great Redeemer, come,
And bring the bright, the glorious day,
That calls thy children home. -

49 13th P. M. 10 10, 11 11. Peace, power, and love.

LL thanks to the Lamb, who gives us to meet: His love we proclaim, his praises repeat: We own him our Jesus, continually near, To pardon and bless us, and perfect us here.

2 In him we have peace, in him we have power,
Preserved by his grace throughout the ..o.
In all our temptation he keeps us, to prove
His utmost saswation, his fulness of love.

8 Pronounce the glad word, and bid us be free , Ah! hast thou not, Lord, a pleading for me? The peace thou hast given, tills moment impar. And open thy heaven, O Love, in my heart.

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5 The hardness of our hearts remove,
Thou who for all hast died :

Show us the tokens of thy love,
Thy feet, thy hands, thy side. -

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ATHER of everlasting grace,
Be mindful of thy changeless word;
We worship tow'rd that holy place,
In which thou dost thy name record;
Dost make thy gracious nature known;
That living temple of thy Son.

2 Thou dost with sweet complacence see The temple fill'd with light divine; And art thou not well pleased with me, Who, turning to that heavenly shrine, Through Jesus to thy throne apply, Through Jesus for acceptance §

3 With all who for redemption groan,
Father, in Jesus’ name we pray;
And still we cry and wrestle on,
Till mercy take our sins away:
Hear from thy dwelling-place in heaven,
And now pronounce our sins forgiven.

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? Well pleased in him thyself declare;
hy pard'hing love reveal;
* Peaceful answer of our prayer,
*ry conscience sei.

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