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681 C. M. Perfection of the law and testimony, HY law is perfect, Lord of light;

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2 Let these, O God, my soul convert, * - And make thy servant wise; * Let these be gladness to my ears, The dayspring to mine eyes, 8 By these may, I he warn’d betimes; Who knows the guile within: , Lord, save me from presumptuous crimes, Cleanse me from secret sin.

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OW perfect is thy wor
Thy judgments all are just;
And ever in thy promise, Lord, ,
May man securely trust.

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Light upon the narrow path.

RIGHT was the guiding star that led, ith mild, benignant ray,

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ht and grace are given;

thus escape the coming wrath,

And reign with him

685 1.

in heaven. st P. M. 6 lines 8a.

The divine Interpreter.
PIRIT of Truth, essential God, s

Who didst thine a hed in their hearts t

ncient saints inspire, by love abroad,

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e worship thee.

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3 Still we believe, almighty Lord, , ...
Whose presence fills both earth and heaven,
The meaning of the written word
Is by thy inspiration given;
Thou only dost thyself explain
The secret mind of God to man.

3 Come, then, divine InterpreteryThe Scriptures to our hearts apply; . And, taught by thee, we God revere; Him in three persons magnify: And still the triune God adore, Who was, and is, forever more. .

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3 Then let our hearts obey
The gospel's glorious sound;

And alfits fruits, from day to day,
Be in us and abound.

687. 1st P. M. 6 linto $.
Delight in the word.
WHEN quiet in my house I sit, ,
Thy book be my companion still:
My joy thy sayings to repeat-,
alk o'er the records of thy will,
And search the oracles divine,
every heartfelt word be mine.

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