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L. M.
Safety and security in the arms of Jesus.
COD of my life, whose gracious power
G Through varied deaths my soul bath led,
Or turn'd aside the fatal hour,

Or lifted up my sinking head ;-
2 In all my ways thy hand I own,-

Thy ruling providence I see ;
Assist me still my course to run,

And still direct my paths to thee.
3 Whither, O whither should I fly,

But to my loving Saviour's breast !
Secure within thine arms to lie,

And safe beneath thy wings to rest.
4 I have no skill the snare to shun,

But thou, O Christ, my wisdom art :
I ever into ruin run,

But thou art greater than my heart.
6 Foolish, and impotent, and blind,

Lead me a way I have not known;
Bring me where I my heaven may find, -
The heaven of loving thee alone.

C. M.
Sanctified affliction.
LORY to thee, thou righteous God,
For under thy paternal rod,

Paternal love I see.
% Though bumbled in the lowest deep,

Thy gracious hand I bless;
And, thinking of thy love, I weep,

For my unfaithfulness.
3 Thou dost in tenderness chastise,

And graciously reprove :
My Father-Ali within me cries,

Thy ways are truth and love.

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S. M.
The soul's only refuge.
HOU refuge of my soul,

On thee, when sorrows rise,
On thee, when waves of trvuble roll,

My fainting hope relies. 9 To thee I tell my grief,

For thou alone canst heal;
Thy word can bring a sweet relief

For every pain I feel.
3 But, 0, when doubts prevail,

I fear to call thee mine;
The springs of comfort seem to fail,

And all my hopes decline.
4 Yet, Lord, where shall I flee!

Thou art my only trust; And still my soul would cleave to thee,

Though prostrate in the dust. 1765 12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76.

Smarting under the rod. NATHER, if thou must reprove

For all that I lave done, Not in anger, but in love,

Chastise thine humbled son. Use the rod, and not the sword;

Correct with kind severity; Bring me not to nothing, Lord,

But bring me home to thee. 2 True and faithful as thou art

To all thy church and me, Give a new, believing heart,

That knows, and cleaves to, thee; For when we our hearts resign,

O Jusus, to be fill'd with thee, Thou art ours, and we are thine,

Through all eternity!

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C. M.
Chastisement received with humility.
IT is the Lord, who doth not grieve,

Or needlessly reprove;
Saviour, we thankfully receive

The tokens of thy love.
2 These tokens may we ever prize,

And answer their intent,
By list'ning to thy word, that cries,-

Be zealous, and repent.

5th P. M. 4 lines Ts.
Weak and helpless.
ON of God, thy blessing grant;

Still supply my every want;
Tree of life, thine influence shed:
From thy fulness I am fed.
2 Tend'rest branch, alas! am 1,-
Wither without thee and die;
Weak is helpless infancy:
O confirm my soul in thee!
3 Unsustain'd by thee, I fall;.
Send the help for which I call :
Weaker than a bruised reed,
Help I every moment need.
4 All my hopes on thee depend;
Love me, save me to the end;
Give me persevering grace;

Take the everlasting praise.

4th P. M. 886, 886. God a very present help in trouble.

GOD, thy faithfulness I plead :
My present help in time of need,
My great deliy'rer thou!
Hasie to mine aid, thine ear incline,
And rescue this poor soul of mine :

I claim the promise now.


2 Where is the way? ah, show me where, That I thy mercy may declare,

The power that sets me free: How can I my destruction shun! How can I from my nature run!

Answer, O Lord, for me.
3 One only way the erring mind
Of man, short-sighted man, can find,

From inbred sin to fly :
Stronger than love, I fondly thought
Death, only death, can cut the knot,

Which love cannot untie.
4 But thou, O Lord, art full of grace;
Thy love can find a thousand ways

To foolish man unknown:
My soul upon thy love I cast;
I rest me, till the storm be past,

Upon thy love alone.
5 Thy faithful, wise, almighty love,
Still every stumbling-block remove,

And make an open way: Thy love shall burst the shades of death, And bear me from the gull beneath,

To everlasting day.

C. M.


The Lord is my rock, THOU rock of my salvation, haste;

Extend thine ample shade; And let it over me be cast,

To screen my naked bead.
2 Defend me in this trying hour;

My sure protection be;
My shelter from the tempest's power,

Till I am fix'd on thee.

3 0 set upon thyself my feet,

And make me surely stand;
From fierce temptation's rage and heat

Protect me with thy hand.
4 Now let me in the cleft be placed ;

Nor my defence remove;
Within thine arms of love embraced,

Thine arms of endless love.

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C. M,
The shadow of a great rock in a weary land.
Now to the baven of thy breast,

Be thon my refuge and my rest,

For O! the storm is high.
2 Protect me from the furious blast;

My shield and shelter be:
Hide me, my Saviour, till o'erpast

The storm of sin I see.
3 As welcome as the water-spring

Is to & barren place,
Jesus, descend on me, and bring

Thy sweet, refreshing grace.
4 As o'er a parch'd and weary land,

A rock extends its shade,
So hide me, Saviour, with thy band,

And screen my naked bead.
5 In all the times of my distress

Thou hast my succour been;
And in my utter helplessness,

Restruining me from sin;
6 How swift to save me didst thou move

In every trying hour;
O still protect me with thy love,

And shield me with thy power.

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