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771 12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76.

A shelter from the storm.
SAVIOUR, now in me perform
Be my shelter from the storm,

My shadow from the sun :
Weary, parch'd with thirst, and faint,

Till thou the abiding Spirit breathe :
Every moment, Lord, I want

The merit of thy death. 2 Never shall I want it less

When thou the gift hast given, Fill'd me with thy righteousness,

And seal'd the heir of heaven; I will trust in thee, my God,

Till I thy perfect glory see; Till the sprinkling of thy blood

Shull speak me up to thee. 772

L. M.
The Lord is my refuge.
THY is my heart with grief oppress'd!

Can all the pains I feel or fear,
Make thee, my soul, forget thy rest--

Forget that God, thy God, is near! 2 Hast thou not often call'd the Lord

Thy refuge, thy almighty friend ! And canst thou fear to trust that word

On which thy hopes of henven depend! 3 Lord, form my temper to thy will;

If thou my faith and patience prove, May every painful stroke fulfil

Thy purposes of faithful love. 4 O may this weak, this frinting mind,

A Father's hand, adoring, see: Confess 'thee just, and wise, and kind,

And trust thy word, and cleave to thee.

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L. M. Trial and faith of Abraham.

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His faith by his obedience show'd; He with the harsh command complied,

And gave his Isaac back to God.
2 His son the father offer'd up,-

Son of his age, his only son;
Object of all his joy and hope,

And less beloved than God alone.
8 for a faith like his, that we

The bright example may pursue;
May gladly give np all to thee,

To whom our more than all is due.
4 Is there a thing than life wr.ore dear!

A thing from which we cannot part! We can; we now

to tear The idol from our bleeding heart. 5 Jesus, accept our sacrifice;

All things for thee we count but loss; Lo! at thy word our idol dies,

Dies on the altar of thy cross. 6 For what to thee, O Lord, we give,

A hundred-fold we here obtain; And soon with thee shall all receive,

And loss shall be eterual gain.

L, M.
Tlope in God.
POD of my strength, in thee alone
O why hast thou thine aid withdrawn

Why hast thou, Lord, forsaken me! 20 let thy light my footsteps guide,

Thy love and truth my spirit fill; That in thy house I may reside, And worship at thy holy hill.

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8 Then will I at thine altar bend;

My harp its softest notes shall raise, And from my lips to heaven ascend

The song of thankfulness and praise, 4 Why then, my soul, art thou cast down!

Why art thou anxious and distress'd! Hope thou in God, his mercy own,

For I shall yet enjoy his rest. 775

C. M.
Trusting in the mercy of God.

, And whence thine anxious fears! Let former mercies fix thy trust,

And check thy rising tears. 2 Affliction is å stormy deep,

Where wave succeeds to wave; Though o'er my head the billows sweep,

I know the Lord can save.
3 His grace and mercy trust, my soul,

Nor murmur at his rod :
In vain the waves of trouble roll,

While he is still thy God. 776

S. M.
All-sufficiency of His grace.
ESUS, my Lord, my God,

Thy promise I embrace;
And bail, beneath the Father's rod,

Thy all-sufficient grace. 2 My oft-repented prayer

The kindest answer gains, When, by thy gracious aid, 'I bear

Life's keen and varied pains. 3 Should dread of want oppress,

And men or fiends assnil, Infirmities my frame oppress,

And earthly comforts fail,

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4 Still may I trust in thee,

And calm each rising fear; For none of these can injure me

While thou, O Christ, art near. 8 My faith as gold refine;

Each grace and virtue prove;. That in my spotless life may shine

The light of perfect love.
6 Thus shall thy mighty power

Upon thy servant rest;
Who glories in the trying hour,

By thee upheld and blest, 777

C. M. The Lord my portion. FTERNAL Source of joys divine, O! could I say,The Lord is mine!

'Tis all my soul desires. 2 My hope, my trust, my life, my Lord,

Assure me of thy love;
O speak the kind, transporting word,

And bid my fears remove. 3 Then shall my thankful powers rejoicu,

And triumph in my God,
Till heaveniş rapture tune my voice

To spread thy praise abroad. 1778

C. M. In. IIis presence there is fulness of joy.

THY gracious presence, O my God, With this, beneath affliction's load,

My heart no more complains. 2 This can my every care control, -

Gild each dark scene with light: This is the sunshine of the soul;

Without it all is night.

3 O happy scenes above the sky,

Where thy full beams impart Unclouded beauty to the eye,

And rapture to the heart. 4 Her portion in those realms of bliss,

My spirit longs to know; My wishes terminate in this,

Nor can they rest below. 5 Lord, shall the breathings of my heart

Aspire in vain to thee!
Confirm my hope, that where thou art

I shall forever be.

6 Then shall my cheerful spirit sing

The darksome hours away,
And rise, on faith's expanded wing,

To everlasting day.


S, M. Whoso trusteth in the Lord shall be safe. TOMMIT thou all thy griefs

And ways into His hands,To his sure trust and tender care

Who earth and heaven commands;
Who points the clouds their course,

Whom winds and seas obey :
He shall direct thy wand'ring feet,

He shall prepare thy way. 9 Thou on the Lord rely,

So, safe, shalt thou go on;
Fix on his work thy steadfast eye,

So shall thy work be done.
No profit canst thou gain

By self-consuming care;
To him commend thy cause, -his ear
Attends the softest prayer.

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