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2 Still heavy is thy heart!
Still sink thy spirits down?
Cast off the weight—let fear depart,
And every care be .
What though thou rulest not;
et heaven, and earth, and hell,
Proclaim, God sitteth on the throne,
And ruleth all things well.

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3 The Lord, who built the earth and sky,

In mercy stoops to hear th y cry;

His promise all may freely claim :
and receive in Jesus' name.


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4 Thus shall the soul be truly blest,
That seeks in God his only rest;
May I that happy person be,
In time and in etermity. -

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2 o that my heart might dwell aloof
From all created things;

And learn that wisdom from above,
Whence true contentment springs.

3 Courage, my soul; thy bitter cross,
In every trial here,

Shail bear thee to thy heaven above,
But shall not enter there.

4 The sighing ones, that humbly seek In sorrowing paths below,

Shall in etermity rejoice, where endless comforts slow.

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6 Courage, my soul; on God rely;
Deliv'rance soon will come;

A thousand ways has Providence
To bring believers home.

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2. But should the surges rise,
And rest delay to come,

Blest be the sorrow, kind the storm,
Which drives us nearer home.

3 Soon shall our doubts and fears
All yield to thy control :
Thy tender mercies shall illume
he midnight of the soul.

4 Teach us, in every state,
To make thy will our own;

And when the joys of sense depart,
To live by faith alone.

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8 on hope, believing against hope,
Jesus, my Lord, my God, 1 claim;
Jesus, my strength, shall fist me up;
Salvation is in jesus name.
To me he soon shall bring it nigh;
My soul shall then outstrip the wind;
On wings of love mount up on high,
And leave the world and sin behind.

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Casting all your care upon Him.

ST; on the Lord thy burden roll,

}}. Nor let a care remain;

His mighty arm shall bear thy soul,
Alid all thy griefs sustain.

2 Ne'er will the Lord his aid deny
To those who trust his love;

And they who on his grace rely,
Shall sing his praise above.

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"THEE, Jesus, full of truth and grace,
Thee, Saviour, we adore;
Thee in affliction's furnace praise,
And magnify thy power,

° Thy power, in human weakness shown, Skall make us all entire;

We now thy guardian presence own,
And walk, unburnt, in fire.

3 Thee, Son of man, by faithwa see,
And glory in our Guide;

Surrounded and upheld by thee,
The fiery test abide.

4 The fire our graces shall refine,
Till, moulded from above,

We bear the character divine,—
The stamp of perfect love.

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9 While thou, Almighty Lord, art nigh,
My soul disdains to fear;
Both sin and Satan I defy, o
Still impotently near;
The earth and hell their wars may wage-
I mark their vain design :
And calmly smile to see them rage
Against a child of thine.

788 S. M.

The unchangeable truth and love of Jesus,

I all to thee resign,
And bow before thy chast'ning rod;
Nor will I, Lord, repine.

9 Why should my heart complain,
When wisdom, truth, and love

Direct the stroke, inflict the pain,
And point to joys above!

3 How short my suff'rings here;
How needful every cross :
Away with doubt, distrust, and fear,
Nor call my gain my loss.
4 Then give, or take away,
I'll bless thy sacred Name:
Jesus to-day, and yesterday,
And ever, is the same.

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