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C. M.
His service is perfect freedom.
PEHOLD! I come with joy to do

The Master's blessed will;
My Lord in outward works pursue,

And serve his pleasure still.
Thus faithful to my Lord's commands,

I choose the better part,
And serve with careful Martha's hands,

But loving Mary's heart. ? Though careful, without care I am,

Nor feel my happy toil,Preserved in peace by Jesus' Name,

Supported by his smile : Rejoicing thus my faith to show,

His service my reward ; While every work I do below,

I do it to the Lord. 30! that the world the art might know

Of living thus to thee;
And find their heaven begun below,

And here thy glory see;
Walking in all the works prepared

To exercise their grace,
They gain at last their full reward,

And see thy glorious face. 808

Self-dedication to the Lord.
ETURN, my soul, unto thy rest;

From God no longer roam;
His hand bath bountifully blest;

His goouness calls thee home. 2. What shall I render unto thee,

My Saviour in distress, For all thy benefits to me,

So great and numberless ?

C. M.


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3 This will I do for thy love's sake,

And thus thy power proclaim;
The cup of thy salvation take,

And call upon thy Name.
4 Thou God of covenanted grace,

Hear and record my vow,
While in thy courts I seek thy face,

And at thine altar bow -
6 Henceforth to thee myself I give;

With single heart and eye
To walk before theo while I live,

And bless thee when I die.

L. M.
Reverential joy and filial fear.
Lord, I have acceptance found

, Still with thy grace and truth surround,

And arm me with thy Spirit's might. 20 may I hear thy warning voice,

And timely fly from danger near;
With rev'rence unto thee rejoice,

And love thee with a filial fear:
8 Still hold my soul in second life,

And suffer not my feet to slide :
Support me in the glorious strife,

And comfort me on every side.
40 give me faith, and faith's increase;

Finish the work begun in me;
Preserve my soul in perfect peace,

And let me always rest on thee.

S. M. Fear of offending God.

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On me this gracious fear,
This horror of offending God,
O keep it always here ;


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2 And that I never more

May from thy ways depart, Enter, with all thy mercy's power,

And dwell within my heart. 811

C. M.
The steward of the Lord.
into thy hands alone

: My all, thy property I own;

The steward of the Lord. 2 Confiding wholly in thy love,

Through Jesus strength'ning me, I wait thy faithfulness to prove,

And give back all to thee.
3 Determired all thy will to obey,

Thy blessings I restore ;
Give, Lord, or take thy gifts away,

I praise thee evermore. 812

Not ashamed of the Gospel. M not ashamed to own my Lord,

, Maintain the honour of his word,

The glory of his cross.
2 Jesus, my God! I know his name;

His name is all my trust;
Nor will he put my soul to shame,

Nor let my hope be lost.
3 Firm as his throne his promise stands,

And he can well secure
What I've committed to his hands,

Till the decisive hour.
4 Then will he own my worthless name

Before his Father's face, And in the New Jerusalem

Appoint my soul & place.


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L. M.
Not ashamed of Jesus,
JESUS, and shall it ever be,

A mortal man ashamed of thee!
Ashamed of thee, whom angels praise,
Whose glories shine through endless days.
2 Ashamed of Jesus that dear Friend
On whom my hopes of heaven depend;
No !-when I blush, be this my shame,
That I no more revere his Name.
3 Asbamed of Jesus !-yes, I may,
When I've no guilt to wash away;:
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,
No fears to quell, no soul to save.
4 Till then--por is my boasting vain-
Till then, I boast a Saviour slain;
And O, nay this my glory be
That Christ is not ashamed of me.

C. M.
Waiting upon the Lord.
STILL, for thy loving-kindness, Lord,
I look to find thee in thy word,

Or at thy table meet.
2 Here, in thine own appointed ways,

I wait to learn thy will:
Silent I stand before thy face,

And hear thee say,- Be still!
3 Be still! and know that I am God

'Tis all I live to know;
To feel the virtue of thy blooil,

And spread its praise below.
4 I wait my vigour to renew,

Thine image to retrieve;
The veil of outward things pass through,

And gasp in thee to live.



S. M.
The signature of God's love,

And wait thy will to prove; My Potter, stamp on me, thy clay,

Thine only stamp of love : Be this my whole desire;

I know that it is thine; Then kindle in my soul a fire

Which shall forever shine. 2 O plant in me thy mind;

o fix in me thy home; So shall I cry to all mankind,

Come to the waters, come.
Jesus is full of grace;

To all his bowels move;
Behold in me, ye fallen race,

That God is only love. 816

L.M Living to the glory of God. THOU! who hast at thy coinmand

The hearts of all men in thy band; Our wayward, erring hearts incline To bave no other will but thine. 2 Our wishes, our desires, control; Mould every purpose of the soul; O'er all may we victorious prove That stands between us and thy love. 3 Thrice blest will all our blessings be, When we can look through them to thee; When each glad heart its tribute pays of love, and gratitude, and praise. 4 And while we to thy glory live, May we to thee all glory give, Until the final summons come, That calls thy willing servants home.


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