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21st P. M. 66, 84, 66, 84. Continued.- Pressing toward the mark. THOUGH

GH nature's strength decay,
And earth and hell withstand,
To Canuun's bounds I urge my way,

At His command;
The wut'ry deep I pass,

With Jesus in iny view;
And through the howling wilderness

Mly way pursue.

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2 The goodly land I see,

With peace and plenty blest;
A land of eacred liberty,

And endless rest.
There milk and honey flow,

And oil and wine abound;
And trees of life forever grow,

With mercy crown'd.

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3 There dwells the Lord onir King,

The Lord our Righteousness,
Triumphant o'er the world and sin,

The Prince of Peace;
On Zion's sacred height,

His kingdon still maintains ;
And, glorious, with his saints in light

Forever reigns.

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4 He keeps his own secure;

He gnards them by bis side;
Arrays in garments white and pure

His spotless bride;
With groves of living jnys,

With strening of sacred blies,
With all the fruits of parade,

He still supplies,


5 Before the great Three One

They all exulting stand,
And tell the wonders he hath done

Through all their land:
The list'ning spheres attend,

And swell the growing fame; And sing, in songs which never end,

The wondrous Name.

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21st P. M. 66, 84, 66, 84.
Continued. Joining the heavenly choir.
THE God who reigns on high
I The grent archangels sing,
And, Holy, holy, holy, cry,

Almighty King!
Who was and is the same,

And evermore shall be ;
Jehovah, Father, great I AM

We worship thee.

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2 Before the Saviour's face

The ransom'd nations bow;
O'erwhelm'd at his almighty grace,

Forever new :
He shows his prints of love,

They kindle to a flame!
And sound, throngh all the worlds above,

The slaughter'd Lamb.

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3 The whole triumphant host

Give thanks to God on high ;
Hri), Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

They ever cry:
Hail, Abrah'm's God, and mine!

(I join the heavenly lays,)
All might and majesty ore thine,

And endless praise,

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L. M.
The redeemed in heaven.

The saints in countless myriads stand;
Of every tongue redeem'd to God,
Array'd in garments wash'd in blood,
2 Through tribulation great they came;
They bore the cross, despised the shame;
But now from all their labours rest,
In God's eternal glory blest.
3 They see the Saviour face to face;
They sing the triumph of his grace;
And day and night, with ceaseless praise,
To him their loud hosannas raise.
4 O, may we tread the sacred road
That holy saints and martyrs trod;
Wage to the end the glorious strife,
And win, like them, a crown of life.

7th P. M. 8 lines 79. The spirits of the just made perfect. VHO are these array'd in white,

Brighter than the noon-day sun!
Foremost of the sons of light;

Nearest the eternal throne
These are they that bore the cross ;

Nobly for their Master stood;
Suff'rers in his righteous cause;

Foll'wers of the dying God.
2 Out of great distress they came :

Wasb'd their robes, by faith, below,
In the blood of yonder Lamb,

Blood that washes white As snow;
Therefore are they next the throne;

Serve their Muker day and night.
God resides among his own,

God doth in his saints delight.



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27th P. M. 4 lines 11e. 'I toould not live alray. I

WOULD not live alway: I ask not to stay

Where storm after storni rises dark o'er the way
The few lurid mornings that dawn on us here
Are enongh for its joys, full enough for its cheer.
2 I would not live alway; no-welcome the tomb !
Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its gloom :
There sweet be my rest till he bid me arise,
To hail him in triumph descending the skies.
8 Who, who would live alway, away from his God,
Away from yon benven, that blissłul abude,
Where rivers of pleasure flow bright o'er the

And the noontide of glory eternally reigns!
4 There saints of all ages in barmony meeting
Their Saviour anil brethren transported to greet
While anthems of rapture unceasingly roll,
And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the soal.

10th P. M. 8 lines 8g Having a desire to depart. I LONG to behold in array

With glory and light from above;
The King in bis beauty display'd, -

His beauty of holiest love:
I languish and sigh to be there,

Where Jesus hath fix'd his abode;
O when shall we meet in the air,

And fly to the mountain of God! 2 With him I on Zion shall stand,

Fur Jesús hath spoken the word; The breadth of Immanuel's land

Survey by the light of my Lord. But when, on thiy bosom reelinea,

Thy face I am strengthen'd to see, My fulness of rapture I find,-

My heaven of heavens in thee.

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Sath P.10

3 How happy the people that dwell

Secure in the city above!
No pain the inhabitants feel,

No sickness or borrow shall prove.
Physician of souls, unto me

Forgiveness and holiness give;
And then from the body set free,

And then to the city receive.

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10tlı P. M. 8. lines 8s. --And to be with Christ, which is far better. 0

WHEN shall we sweetly remove,

O when shall we enter our rest,
Return to the Zion above,

The mother of spirits distress'd ;
That city of God the great King,

Where sorrow and death are no more,
Where saints our Immanuel sing,

And cherub and seraph adore

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2 But angels themselves cannot tell

The joys of that holiest place,
Where Jesus is pleased to reveal

The light of his heavenly face :
When, caught in the rapturous flame,

The sight beatific they prove;
And walk in the light of the Lanıb,

Enjoying the beams of his love.

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8 Thou know'st in the spirit of prayer

We long thy appearing to see,
Resign'd to the burden we bear,

But longing to triumph with thee :
'Tis good at thy word to be here;

'Tis better in thee to be gone, And see thee in glory appear;

And rise to a share in thy throne.

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