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S. M
The only wise God.
THOU, the eternal Lord,

Art high above our thought;
And worthy to be fear'd, adored,

By all thy hands have wrought:
None can with thee compare,

Thy glory fills the sky;
And all created beings are

As nothing in thine eye.
2 Or thine unbounded power,

To thee the pruise we give;
Omni pntently great, and more

Than heart can e'er conceive:
Whene'er thou wilt proceed,

Thy work can none withstand,
Or frustrate thy determined deed,

Or stay the Almigbty's hand.
3 Thou, Lord, art wise alone;

Thy counsel doth excel;
Most wonderful thy works we own,

Thy ways unsearchable :
Who knows the mystery,

The judgments can explain,-
Of Him whose eyes in darkness see,

And search the heart of man?

C. M. Glory, mercy, grace. TATHER, how wide thy glory shines, 1 How high thy wonders rise! known through the earth by thousand signs,

By thousands through the skies.
Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power;

Their motions speak thy skill:
And on the wings of every hour

We read thy patience still.

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3 Part of thy Name divinely stands,

On all thy creatures writ
They show the labour of thy hands,

Or impress of thy feet.
4 But when we view thy strange design,

To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compassion join

In their divinest forms :
5 Here the whole Deity is known,

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brighter shone,

The justice or the grace.
6 Now the full glories of the Jamb

Adorn the heavenly plains
Brigbt seraphs learn Immanuel's Name,

And try their choicest strains.
10 may I bear some hamble part,

In that immortal song!
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,

And love coinmand my tongue.

C. M.
Wisdom and goodne88.
BLEST be our everlasting Lord,
Thy sov’reign goodness we record,

Thy glorious power we sing.
2 By thee the victory is given:

The majesty divine,
Wisdom and inight, and earth and heaven,

And all therein, are thine.
3 The kingdom, Lord, is thine alone,

Who dost thy right maintain,
And, high on thy eternal throne,

Q’er men and angels reign.

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waad se known 3 The dictates of thy sov'reign will

With joy our grateful hearts receive; All thy delight in us fulfil;

Lo, all we are to thee we give. 4 To thy sure love, thy tender care,

Our flesh, sonl, spirit, we resign; O fix thy sacred presence there,

And seal the abode forever thine. 95

C. M.
Infinite love.

THOUSAND oracles divine

Their common beams unite, That sinners may with angels join,

To worship God aright.
9 Triumphant host! they never cease

To laud and magnify
The triune God of holiness,

Whose glory fills the sky.
3 By faith the upper choir we meet,

And join with them to sing Jehovah, on his shining seat,

Our Maker and our King. 4 For God, made flesh, is wholly ours,

And asks our noblest strain; The Father of celestial powers,

The Friend of earth-born man. 96

C. M.
God is love.
GREAT God! to me the sight afford

To him of old allow'd;
And let my faith behold its Lord,

Descending in a cloud.
2 In thy revealing Spirit come,
Thine attributes proclaim,
And to mine inmost soul make known

The glories of thy Name.

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3 Jehovah, Christ, I thee adore,

Who gav'st my soul to be; Fountain of being and of power,

And great in majesty.
4 The Lord, the mighty God, thou art,

But let me rather prove
That name inspoken to my heart,

That fav'rite name of Love.
6 Merciful God, thyself proclaim

In this polluted breast;
Mercy is thy distinguish'd name,

And suits the sinner best.
6 Our mis'ry doth for pity call,

Our sin implores thy grace; And thou art merciful to all

Our lost, apostate race.

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ve Teceive,

S. M.

Love and mercy.

C. M.

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u That pants to sing thy praise ; Thou, who without beginning art,

And without end of days :
Thy goodness is display'd,

Ön all thy works impressid ;
Thou lovest all thy hands have made,

But man thou lovest best. 2 Gracious art thou to all

Who truly turn to thee;
O hear me, then, for pardon call,

And show thy grace to me:
Through mercy reconciled,

For Jesus' sake forgiven;
Receive, O Lord, thy favour'd ehild,

To sing thy praise in heaven.

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