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4 O for the death of those

Who slumber in the Lord !
O be like theirs my last repose,

Like theirs my last reward.

C. M.
Death gain to the faithful.
WWWhen God recalls his own,

THY should our tears in sprrow flow
And bids them leave a world of wo,

For an inuinvrtal crown! 2 Is pot e'en death a gain to those

Whose life to God was given! Gladly to earth their eyes they close,

To open them in heaven.
3 Their toils are past, their work is done,

And they are fully blest;
They fought the fight, the vict'ry won,

And enter'd into rest.
4 Then let our sorrows cease to flow;

God has recall'd his own; But let our hearts, in every wo,

Still say,--Thy will be done. 1083

L. M. The end of that man is peace. HOW blest the righteous when he dies!

When sinks a weary soul to rest! How inildly beam the closing eyes!

How gently heaves the expiring breast! 2 So fades a summer cloud away ;

So sinks the gale when storms are o'er; So gently shuts the eye of day:

So dies # wave along the shore. 3 A holy quiet reigns around, -,

A calin which lite nor death destroys; And canght disturbs that peace profound

Which his unfetter'd soul enjoys.

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2 Saved by the merit of his Lord,

Glory and praise to Christ he gives ;
Yet still his merciful reward

According to his works receives;
And with the seed he sow'd below,
His bliss eternally shall grow.
3 Father,- to us vouchsafe the grace

Which brought our friend victorious through
Let us his shining footsteps trace;

Let us his steadfast faith parsue;
Follow this foll'wer of the Lamb,
And conquer all through Jesus' Name.
4 O may we all, like him, believe,

And keep the faith, and win the prize!
Father, prepare, and then receive

Our halluw'd spirits to the skies, To chant, with all our friends above, Thy glorious, everlasting love. 1086

The croioning hour. SERVANT of God, well done! The battle's fought, the race is won,

And thou art crown'd at last2 or all thy heart's desire

Triumphantly possess'd; Lodged by the ministerial choir

In thy Redeemer's breast. 8 In condescending love,

Thy ceaseless prayer He heard ; And bade thee suddenly remove

To thy complete reward. 4 With saints enthroned on high,

Thou dost thy Lord proclaim, And still to God salvation cry,

Salvation to the Lamb !

S. M.

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Sind by the merito

Graadposite to Christian
Testill has merciful reward

Acording to his with me
And with the read henvises
He is elemally sball gak

Pither, vouche der

Which maght our friend nie
lat w his shining footsteps to

Labis steadfast fata pe
Follow this fill'wer of the Late
And aguer all through Jesz!
40 may we all

, like him, helst
Aal keep the faith

, and vibe
Father, prepare, and then prea

Our lo spirit to the
To chat with all rear friends als
Thy gloriams
, everlasting boy


The crown le
CERVANT dGid, wel bir

Thy glorious morían y post
The lattes fogglt, then
And thou art crowd
Of all the heart's desire

Triumphantly proti
Indged by the ministerial de

In thy Redeemer's breast
In codescending love

Thy ceaselesa prater He head
And bade thee saldenly

To thy complete reward
With saints enthmeed en bied

Thou dost the Lord procking
And still to God salvata 417-

Salvation to the Lamb /


10th P. M. 8 lines 88. Happy death of a sister in the Lord.

Another has enter'd his rest:
Another has 'scaped to the sky,

And lodged in Immanuel's breast;
The soul of our sister is gone,

To heighten the triumph above;
Exalted to Jesus's throne,

And clasp'd in the arms of his love. 2 How happy the angels that fall

Transported at Jesus's name; The saints whom he soonest shall call,

To share in the feast of the Lamb! No longer imprison'd in clay,

Who next from the dungeon shall fly! Who first shall be summond away!

My merciful Lord-Is it I! 3 0 Jesus, if this be thy will,

That suddenly I should depart, Thy counsel of mercy reveal,

And whisper thy call in my heart; O give me a signal to know

If soon tbou wouldst bave me remove, And leave the dull body below,

And fly to the regions above. 1089

10th P. M. S lines 6s. Triumphant death of a brother. WEEP pot for a brother deceased ;

bis A soul out of prison released,

And freed from its bodily chain; With song, let us toilow his flight,

And mount with his spirit above, Escaped to the mansions of light,

And lodged in the Eden of love.

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