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9 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy Gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound;

Muy thy presence
With us evermore be found.
8 So, whene'er the signal 's given

Us from earth to call away,
Borne on Angels' wings to heaven,
Glad the summons to obey,

May we ever
Reign with Christ in endless day.

C. M.
For a blessing on the truth.
O GOD by whom the seed is given,
Whose word, like manna shower'd from heaven

Is planted in our breast ;2 Preserve it from the passing feet,

And plund'rers of the air ; The sultry sun's intenser heat,

And weeds of worldly care.
3 Though buried deep, or thinly strown,

Do thou thy grace supply:
The lupe in earthly furrows sown

Shull' ripen in the sky.

9th P. M. 87, 87, 87, 87.
The apostolic benediction.
AY the grace of Christ our Saviour,

And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favour,

Rest upon us from above : Thus muy we abide in union

With each other and the Lord; And possess, in sweet communion,

Joys which earth cannot afford.

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Praise him, all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

C. M.
To Wacheweetly all agree

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
To save a world of sinners lost,

Eternal glory be.

C. M. Double. THE God of mercy be adored,

Who saves by his redeeming word,

And new-creating breath;
To praise the Father and the Son,

And Spirit all-divine,-
The One in Three, and Three in One-

Let saints and angels join.

S. M.
God, the Father, Son,
Be glory, ns it was, is now,

And shall forever be.

1st P. M. 6 lines 88. IMMORTAL, honour, endless fame,

Attend the almighty Father's Name :
The Saviour Son be glorified,
Who for lost mán's redemption died;
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Comforter, to thee!

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2d P. M. 6 lines &s. NOW to the great and sacred Three,

Eternal praise and glory given, Throuxh all the worlds where God is known, By all the angels near the throne,

And all the saints in earth and heaven, 1136

3ů P. M. 468 & 9 88 O God the Father's throne

Perpetuul honours raise;
Glory to God the Son,

Aril to the Spirit praise :
With all mur powers, Eternal King,
Thy everlasting praise we sing.

4th P. M. 886, 886 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To

The Girl whom heaven's triumphant host

And saints on earth adore; 1- lory as in nges pust, And now it is, and so shall last

When me shall be no more. 1138

5th P. M. 4 lines "s. SAN VING we to our God above,

Praise eternal as his love; Praise him, all ye heavenly bost,Father, Sun, and Holy Ghost. 1139

6th P. M. 6 liner 14. PRE PRAISE the Name of God most high;

?'raise aim, all below the sky;
Pruuise him, all ye heavenly host-
F:*her, Sun, and Holy Ghost:
As through countless ages past,
Evermore his praise shall last.

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8th P. M. 87, 87, 47. TREAT Jehovah! we adore thee, God the Spirit, join'd in glory

On the same eterpal throne : Endless praises

To Jehovah, Three in One. 1141

9th P. M, 87, 87, 87, 87.

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Praise the Father's boundless love;
Praise the Lamb, our expiation;

Praise the Spirit from above,
Author of the new creation,

Him by whom our spirits live;
Undivided adoration

To the one Jebovah give.

10th P. M. 4 lines 88. LL praise to the Father, the Son, The'eternal, supreme Three in One,

Wus, is, and shall still be address'd.
1143 12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76.
FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Join with the celestial host,

Who praise thee evermore!
Live by earth and heaven adored,

The Three in One, the One in Three;
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

All glory be to thee! 1144

17th P. M. 4 lines 10s. TO TO Father, Son, and Spirit, ever blest,

Eternal praise and worship be address'd; From age to age, ye suints, his Name adore, And spread his fame, till time shall be no more,

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19th P. M. 664, 664. God--the Father, Son,


All praise be given :
Crown him, in every song;
To lim your hearts belong :
Let all his praise prolong,

On earth-in heaven.
1146 25th P. M. 72, 87, 77, 87.

TO Father, Son, and Spirit
One Deity, in Persons Three,

Let all thy works adore theo:
As was from the beginning,

Glory to God be given,
By all who know thy Name below,
And all thy hosts in heaven.

1147 26th P. M. 76, 76, 76, 76.
To thee be praise forever

Thou glorious King of kings:
Thy wondrous love and favour

Each ransom'd spirit sings:
We'l celebrate thy glory,

With all thy saints above,
And shout the joyful story

Of thy redeeming love.

1148 27th P. M. 4 lines 11s.
FATHER Almighty, to thee be addresaid,

Al glory and worship, from earth and from

heaven, As was, and is now, and shall ever be given.

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