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Abba, Father, hear thy child...C. Wesley 180
Abraham, when severely tried.. C. Il esley 461
According to thy gracious word Montgomery 163
A charge to keep i have

C. Iesley 343
A fountain of life and of grace....C.M'esley 171
Again the kind revolving year...C. Wesley 620
A goodly, formal saint.,

C. Wesley 267
Ah, how shall fallen man.. Epis. Col. 189
Ah, Lord, with trembling I confe.c. Wesley 514
whither should I go...

.C.Wesley 217
Alas, and did my Saviour bleed.... Watts 94
All glory and praise to Jesus our.C. Wesley 126
All glory to God in the sky......C.Wesley 82
All glory to the dying Lamb... ... Watts 94
All hail!! happy dry..

C. Wesley 74
All Hail the power of Jesus' name. Perronet 110
All praise to Him who dwells in.C. Wesley 369
All praise to our redeeming Lord.c. W'es'ey 423
All praise the Father, the Son. Unknown 683
All praise to the Lamb! accepterl. C. Wesley 275
All praise to the Loril, who rules. C. Wesley 696
All thanks to the Lamb, who giv.c. Wesley 36
All things are possible to him....C.Wesley 293
All-wise, almiglity, and all-go. Montgomery 453
All yesterday is gone.

Prali's Col, 199
Almighty God of love.

C. l'exley 588
Almighty Maker, God..

Watts 46
Alinighty Maker of my frame....... Steele 637
Almighty Spirit, now behold., Montgomery 691
Am I a soldier of the cross, Watts 438
A nation God delights to bless...C.Wesley 615
And am I born to die...


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And am I only born to die...... C. Wesley 643
And are we get alive..... ..C.Wesley 491
And can it be that I should gain.C. Wesley 968
And can I yet delay..

.C.Wesley 258
And can my heart aspire so high....Steele 281
And did the Holy and the Just.....,Steele
And let our bodies part... ...C.Wesley 131
And let this feeble body fail. ,...C. Wesley 574
Ani must I be to judgment brou.C.Wesley 665
And must this body die... Watu 659
And will the great eternal God. Doddridge 581
And wilt thou yet be found......C.Wesley 514
Angel of covenanted grace ......C.Wesley 34
Angels, from the realms of glo. Montgomery 11
Angels our march oppose........C Wesley 489
Appointed by thee, we meet.....C.Wesley 46
Are there not in the labourer's..J. Westy 486
Arise, and bless the Lord..... Montgomery 14
Arise, grest God! and let thy gra., Merriek 58
Arise, my soul, arise.

C. Wesley 984
Arise, my soul, on wings sub.Ch. Psalmody 419
Arise, my soul, with raptare rise. Epis. Col. 368
Arise, yo saints, arise. .... Anon. 441
Arin me with thy whole armour,...Wesley 131
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake!. C. Wesley 596
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! Thing

own immortal strength put on.C.Wesley 145
As pants the hart for cooling. Tale & Drady 513
Assembled at thy great command,. Caliger 593
As strangers here below.....Cunder's Col. 443
A stranger in the world below...C.Wesley 559
A thousand oracles divine., .....C.Wesley 63
Author of faith, etemal Word...C. Wesley 269
Author of faith, to thee I cry....C. Wesley 994
Author of faith, we seek thy face.C. Wesley 355
Author of good, we rest on thee... Merrick 378
Author of our salvation, thee.....C.Wesley 164
Awake, and sing the song...... Hammond 8
Awaked from sin's delusive.Ca. Paalmedy 235
Awake, Jerusalem, awako.......C. Wesley 145

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Awake, my soul, and with the suu.... Ken 358
Awake, my soul ! stretch every. Doddridge 494
Awake, my soul, to meet the da. Doddridge 360
Awake, ye saints, awake. Cotterill 151
Away, my needless fears... .C. Wesley 529
Away, my unbelieving fear.......Wesley 467
Away with our sorrow and fear..C.Wesley 560
Baptized into thy name. .C. Wesley 155
Because for me the Saviotr prays.c. Wesley 230
Before Jehovah's awful throne..... Watis 16
Before thy mercy-seat, O Lord...Bathurst 42
Behold! I come with joy to do...C. Wesley 480
Behold, O Lord, before ihy throne...Steele 609
Behold the Christian Warrior.. Muntgomery 431
Behold, the

heathen waits to know.. Vokc 586
Behold the Saviour of mank, S. Wesley, sen. 86
Behold, the servant of the Lord..C. IVesley 499
Behold the sure Foundation-stone... Watts 575
Behold the throne of grace.... .. Newton 336
Behold what condescending lov. Doddridge 159
Bebold! with awful ponip.

.Hart 666
Being of beings, God of love...

C. Wesley 32
Be it my only wisdom here......C. Wesley 502
Beneath our feet, and o'er our head. Heher. 202
Bid me of men beware.... ...C. Wesley 349
Blessing and honour, praise and..J.Wesley 68
Blest are the pura in heart.

Keble 299
Blest are the sons of peace..

Watts 412
Blest be our everlasting Lord....C. Wesley 61
Blest be the dear uniting love...C, Wesley 677
Blest be the tie that binds..

.Fawcett 424
Blest Comforter divine. .Pres. Col. 117
Blow ye the trumpet, blow......C.Wesley 180
Brethren in Christ, and well belo. C. Wesley 422
Bright and joyful is the morn, Montgomery 78
Brightest and best of the sons..

.Heber 76
Bright was the guiding star that led..Lite 407
But can it be that I should proye.C. Wesley 308
By cool Siloam's shady rill.........Heber 604

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By faith I to the fountain fly.....C. Wesley 214
By thy birth, and by thy tears.... Glenelg 239
Call'd from above, I rise.. .C.Wesley 163
Captain of our salvation, take....C.Wesley 376
Cast on the fidelity...

.C. Wesley 473
Centre of our hopes thou art.....C.Wesley 425
Chastised by an indulgent God..C. Wesley 392
Children of the heavenly King....Cennick 491
Christ, from whom all blessings.C. Ferley 420
Christians, brethren, ere we..H. K. White 677
Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day..C.Wesley 97
Come, and let us sweetly join....C.Wesley 428
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Hon-

our the means ordaind by.....C. Wesley 156
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, One

God in persons three..., ...C. Wesley 979
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To

whom we for our children cry... Wesley 605
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Whoss

one all-perfect God we own..... Werley 67
Come, holy, celestial Dove......C. Wesley 254
Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickenin.C. Wesley 330
Come, Holy Ghost, inspire our. Pratt's Col. 88
Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts in.c. Wesley 405
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove. Watts. 190
Come, humble sinner, in wliose bre. Jones. 91B
Come, let our souls adore the Loril. Steele. 610
Come, let us anew our journey pursue, With
vigour arise....

.c. Wesley 510
Come, let us anew our journey pa.C. Wesley 631
Come, let us ascend.

.C. Wesley 559
Come, let us join our cheerful songs.. Watis 9
Come, let us join our friends abo.C. Wesley 519
Come, let us join with one accord. C. Wesley 151
Come, let us tune our loftiest song..., West 9
Come, let us use the grnce divine.C. Wesley 039
Come, let 118 who in Christ belie.C.Wesley 8
Come, Lord, and claim me for th.c. Wesley 306
Come, my soul, thy suit prepare... Newtos 335

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Come, O my God, the promise Be.C. Wesley 329
Come, O my guilty brethren, com.C.Wesley 201
Come, O my soul, in sacred lays. Blacklock 52
Come on, my partners in distress.C, Wesley 551
Come, Othou all-victorious Lord.c. Wesley 197
Come, Othou greater than our he.c. Wesley 297
Come, thou Traveller unknown.C. Wesley 387
Come, O thou nniversal Good....C. Wesley 319
Come, o ye sinners, to the Lord..C. Wesley 212
Come quickly, gracious Lord, and.c. Wesley 328
Come, Savioar, Jesus, from above, J. Wesley 304
Come, sinnere, to the gospel feast. C. Wesley 209
Come, sound lis praise abroad...... Watts 13
Come, Spirit, Source of light.....Beddome 118
Come, thou Almighty King...., Unknown 21
Come, thou Desire of all thy saints.. Steele 36
Come, thou everlasting Spirit....C.Wexley 168
Come, thou Fount of every bless. Robinson 535
Come, thou high and lofty Lord..C. Wesley 429
Come, thou omniscient Son of ma.c. Wesley 309
Come, thou soul-transforming Spirit...Jay 679
Come to Calvary's holy moun. Montgomery 208
Come, weary sinners, come. .C. Wesley 216
Come, wisdom, power, and grace.C. Wesley 427
Come, ye disconsolate..

Mnare 183
Come, yo sinners, poor and needy....Hart 205
Come, ye that love the Lord.. Wat's 534
Come, ye that love the Saviour's na..Steele 10
Comfort, ye ministers of grace....Wesley 130
Commit thou all thy griefs.,...-J.Wesley 464
Cut me not off, almighty Lord...C.Wesley 398
Daughter of Zion, from the du. Montgomery 142
Day of God! thou blessed day.11. F. Gould 152
Deathless spirit, now arise....... Toplady 401
Deem not that they are blest alone. Bryant 445
Deep are the wounds which sin has. Steele 196
Deepen the wound thy hands hav.C. Wesley 311
Delightful work, young souls to Straphan 603
Depth of mercy i can there be...C.Wesley 943

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