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Did Christ o'er sinners weep...... Beddore 993
Draw near, 0 Son of God, draw..C.Wesley 189
Dread Jehovah ! God of nations. Cong. Col. 610
Earnest of future bliss........... Toplady 999
Encompass'd with clouds of dis. Noel's Col. 918
Enthroned is Jesus now.. ..Judkin 111
Enthroned on high, Almighty..Ilumphries 191
Equip me for the war.. .C. Wesley 437
Ere mountains rear'd their..Sp. of Psalms 55
Etemal Beam of Light divine....C. Wesley 459
Eternal depth of love divine.....J. Wesley 69
Eternal Power, Almighty God...... Steele 6
Eternal Power, whose high abode.. Watts 23
Etemal Source of every joy....Doddridge 619
Eternal Source of joys divine........Steele 46%
Eternal Spirit, God of truth...... Unknown 116
Eternal Wisdom ! thee we praise... Watte 41
Ever fainting with desire..... .C.Wesley 891
Except the Lord conduct the plan. C. Wesley 135
Except the Lord our labours bl... Bathurst 811
Expand thy wings, celestial Dov.c. Wesley 120
Extended on a cursed tree........J.Wesley 88
Far from my thoughts, vain world, Watts 150
Far from these scenes of night....... Steele 598
Far froin the world, O Lord........ Cowper 88
Father, at thy footstool see... ...C.Wesley 42
Father, be hold with gracious eye.C. Wesley 38
Father' divine, thy piercing eye.Doddridge 886
Father, glorify thy Son..........C. Wesley 191
Father, hear the blood of Jesus..C.Wexley 106
Father, how wide thy glory shines. Watia *
Father, I dare believe... .C, Wesley 259
Father, if I may call thee so.....C. Wesley 233
Father, if thou must reprove.....C. Wedley 456
Fatlier, in to thy hands alone.....C. Wesley 489
Father, in whom we live........C.Wesley 681
Father, I stretch my hands to th. C. Wesley 944
Father, I wait before thy throne.... Watts 999

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Father of all, in whom alone.. .C. Wesley 405
Father of all, whose... .J. Wesley 50
Father of boundless grace. C. Wesley 590
Father of eternal grace... .C. Wesley 812
Father of everlasting grace, Be..C.Il'esley 38
Father of everlasting grace, Thy.C. Wesley 280
Father of heaven, whose love.. Pratt's Col. 44
Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord,.C. Wealey 385
Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord, My Sa-

viour, and my Head..........C. Wesley 264
Father of Jesus Christ, the Just..C.Wesley 226
Father of lights, from whom pro.c. Wesley 193
Father of lights, thy needful nid.c. Wesley 460
Father of me, and all mankind..C. Wesley 356
Father of mercies, bow thine ear, Bedeume 133
Father of mercies, condescend...... Morell 587
Father of mercies, in thy word...... Steele 403
Father of mercies, send thy gra, Doddridge 618
Father of our dying Lord..... C. Wesley 119
Father of spirits, hear our prayer.... Bond 372
Father of spirits, nature's Psal. 56
Father, our hearts we lift....... Wesley 80
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Tb.C.ll'esley 683
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Oa.C. 11esley 318
Father, supply my every need...C.Wesley 489
Father, to thee my soul i lift....C. Wesley 65
Flung to the heedless winds....... Luther 599
Forever bere my rest shall be....c. Wesley 315
Forever with the Lord........ Montgomery 563
Forewarn'd by my Redeemer's. .C. Wesley 401
Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go.C. Wesley 375
Fouptain of life, to all below.....C.Wesley 356
Fountain of mercy, God of..Christ. Psain. 613
Friend after friend departs.... Montgomery 617
From all that dwell below tbe skies. W'atis 13
From Calvary & cry was hear. Cunningham 87
From every stormy wind that blow.Stowell 339
From Greenland's icy imountains.... Jleber 584
From the cross uplifted high...... llawei211
From whence these direful....Wesley jr. 88

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God of unspotted purity.... C. Wesley 515
God's holy law transgress'd..... Baldome 177
Go, preach my gospel, saith the Lo. Watts 127
Go, ye messengers of God........ Marsden 590
Grace, 'tis a charming sound...Dodelridge 173
Gracious God, my sins forgive...C. Wesley 234
Gracious Redeemer, shake......C.Wesley 511
Gracious Spirit, love divine. ... Stocker 118
Grunt me within thy courts a. Montgomery 498
Great First of beings! mighty. Boston Col. 48
Great God, accept a heart... ....C. Wesley 64
Great God, attend, while Zion sings. D'alis 28
Great God, beneath whose piercing. Roscoe 616
Great God, indulge my humble cla, Watts 285
Great God, let all our tuneful. lleginbotham 373
Great God, now condescend....... Feliowe 158
Great God of nations, now to. The Psalmist 613
Great God, this hallowed day of. C. It'es'ey 148
Great God, to me the sight afford.c. Wesley 63
Great God, to thee my evening song. Steele 365
Great Got, what do I see and lear.. Luther 673
Great is the Lord our God.... .Watts 579
Great Jehovah!'we adore thee.. Unknown 693
Great King of glory, come..

Francis 578
Great Ruler of the earth and skies.. Steele 615
Great Shepherd of thy people, hear. Newton 26
Great Source of being and of lo. Doddridge 141
Great Spirit, by whose mighty pow. Ilaweís 117
Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah....Oliver 493
Had I the gift of tongues......... Stennett 501
Hail! Father, Son, and Holy Gh.C. Wesley 67
Hail! Father, whose creating.S. W'esc", jr. 69
Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord.....C.Wesley 66
Hail! sacred truth, whose pie. Baptist Col. 410
Hail! the day that sees him rise. C. Wesley 100
Hail! thou once despised Jesus,. Bak-well 119
Hail! to the Lord's anointed.. Montgomery 81
Hail! to the Sabbath-day........ Budifinch 153
Happy soul, thy days are ending.C. Wesley 660

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