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Thus far the Lord hath led me on.. Watts. 366
Thus saith the Lord-'tis God...C.Wesley 131
Thy ceaseless, inexhausted love.C. Wesley 179
Thy every suff'ring servant, Lor.C. W'es'ey 471
Thy gracious presence, O my God.. Steele. 463
Thy luw is perfect, Lord of ... Montgomery 406
Thy life I read, my gracious....S. Stennett 643
Thy loving Spirit, Lind, alone...C.Wesley 299
Thy mercy heard my infunt praye. Glenelg 400
Thy name to me, thy nature gra.. Tesley 314
Thy presence, everlasting God.. Doudridye 379
Thy presence, gracious God, affor. Faweill 24
Thy presence, Loril, the place...C.Wesley 340
Thy way is in the sea.

.. Fawelt 499
Thy word, almighty Lord ....Montgomery 408
Times without number lave l...C. Wesley 521
'Tis finish'i! so the Saviour snill. .Stennett 92
"Tis finish'd! the Messiah di-g..C.Wesley 92
To bless thy chosen rare.... Tated Brady 594
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The Grid

whom heaven's triumphant... Unknoin 682
To father, Son, and Itoly Ghost, Who
sweetly all agree.

Watts 681
To Father, Son, and Spirit, Ascribe we
equal glory..

.C.Wesley 684
To Father, Son, and Spirit, ever blest,

Eternal praise and worship.... Unknown 683
To God the Father, Son.........J. Wesley 681

To God the Father, Son, And... Unknown 684
To God the Father's throne.. Walts 682
To Jesus, our exalted Lord. .....Steele 167
To thee be praise forever...

Unknown 684
To thee, greut God of love, I.,,.C. Wesley 304
To thee, O God, when creatur.. Doddridge 651
To thee, our God and Saviour.....llarreis 393
To the hills I lift mine eyes .....C.Wesley 338
To us a child of hope is born, . Montgomers 78
To us a child of royal birth......C. Wes'ey 79
Tremendous God, with humble..C. Wesley 639
Try us, O God, and search the....Wesley 416

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Unchangeable, almighty Lord...C.Wesley (11
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb...,Watts 656
Urge on your rapid course....... C. Wesley 434
Vain are all terrestrial pleasures..... Ford 475
Vain, delusive world, adieu......C.Wesley 476
Vain man, thy fond pursuits........Jlant 2013
Victim divine! thy grace we....C. Wesley 166
Vital spark of heavenly flame.......

Pope 40%
Walk in the light! so shalt tho. B. Barton 500
Watch'd by the world's malig ..C.Waley 487
Watchman, tell us of the night... Brroring
Weary souls, that wander wide..C. Risley
We bring no glitt'ring treasures.. Phillips my
We, by his Spirit prove.........C. Wesley 978
Weep not for å brother deceased. C. Wesley 654
We have no outward righteous..C.Il'esley 983
We journey through a vale of... B. Barton 44
We know, by faith we know....C.exey 500
Welcome, sweet day of rest........ Watts 149
We lift our hearts to thee.......J. Wesley 389
What am I, O thou glorious God C. Nasley :71
What are those soul-reviving. Pratts Cor. 607
What glory gilds the sacred page..Ceper
What is our calling's glorious ....Wesley 999
What majesty and grace ......S. Sternet 123
What! never speak one evil wo.C.eslen 204
What now is my object and aim.C.1' 477
Wbat shall I do my God in love.C. Wesley 185
What various hindrances we meet.Coope? 836
When all thy mercies, O my God. Addison 501
When death before my sight .......Steele 398
When first the Spirit left the thi Judkin 123
When, gracious Lord, who sh..C. 1ex'ey 95?
When I can read my title clear.
When Israel, of the Lord beloved. W. Se vi 49
When Israel out of Egypt came..C. Wesley !
When I survey the wondrous cross. Maths #3
When Jesus left his Father's. Montgomery 606

... Ilan 439

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When languor and disease invade. Toplady 395
When, my Saviour, shall I be...C. Wesley 303
When o'er the deep we rode....... Anon 625
When, O my Saviour, shall it be..C.Wesley 509
When on Sinai's top I see..... Montgomery 176
When on the brink of death..... Colyer 399
When power divine in mortal.J. E. Smith 472
When quiet in my house I sit....C.Wesley 408
When rising from the bed of death. Addison 219
When shall I hear the inward vo.c. Wesley 288
When shall I see the welcome ho.c. Wesley 319
When shall the voice of singing. Pratt's Col. 599
When shall thy love constrain...C. Wesley 255
When the last trumpet's. Bickersteth's Col. 661
When through the torn sail.........lleber 626
When to the exiled seer were. G. Robinson 576
Where are the dead... Montgomery 202
Wherefore should I make my mo.C. Wesley 380
Where is the Hebrew's God..... C. Wesley 144
Where is the Saviour now.. .Bap. Col. 520
Where shall my wond'ring soul..c. Wesley 286
Wherewith, Q Lord, shall I draw.C. Wesley 218
Which of the monarchs of the ea.C. Wesley 504
While dead in trespasses I lie...C.Wesley 187
While life prolongs its precious lig. Dwight 198
While shepherds watch'd th. Tale & Brady 73
While thee I seek, pro.Mrs.Il.M. Willianis 373
While thou art intimately nigh..C.Wesley 529
While through this world we. Montgomery 555
While we walk with God in light.c. Wesley 430
While witb ceaseless course the su. Neroton 630
Who are these array'd in white..C.Wesley 567
Who in the Lord confide........C.Wesley 143
Who make the Lord of hosts. Montgomery 141
Whom man forsakes thou wilt no.c. Wesley 220
Why do we mourn for dying friends. Watis 057
Why is my heart with grief. Wilson's Col. 460
Why not now, my God, my God.C.Wesley 248
Why, O my soul, o why...... ... Colton 462
Why should our tears in sor. Conder's Col. 650

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