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4 Then will I read and pray,

While I have life and breath;
Lest I should be cut off to-day,
And sent to eternal death.

C. M.
Jesus a Shepherd.
CEE the kind Shepherd, Jesus, stands,

And calls his sheep by name;
Gathers the feeble in his arms,

And feeds each tender lamb.
2 He 'll lead us to the heavenly streams

Where living waters flow;
And guide us to the fruitful fields

Where trees of knowledge grow.
3 When, wand'ring from the fold, we leave

The straight and narrow way,
Our faithful Shepherd still is near

To guide us when we stray.
4 The feeblest lamb amidst the flock

Shall be the Shepherd's care ;
While folded in our Saviour's arms,

We're safe from every snare.

6th P. M. 6 lines 18.

Jesus a refuge.
ITTLE children, stop and think;
Shun the wicked linr's path;
Fly from scenes of strife and wrath;
Read with prayer the holy Word;
Follov Jesus Christ the Lord.
2 Jesus is the Christian's rock;
He will safely guide liis flock;
In his arms the lambs will bear;
Children, seek your refuge there;
of your Saviour stop and think;
Fly to Him from ruin's brink!

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4 Let the sweet work of prayer and praise

Employ our youngest breath;
Thus we're prepared for longer days,

Or fit for early death. 13

5th P. M. 4 lines 18.

Religion. TIS religion that can give 'T'S

Sweetest pleasures while we live 'Tis religion must supply Solid comforts when we die. 2 After denth its joys will be Lasting as eternity: Let me then make God my friend, And on all his ways attend. 14

8th P. M. 87, 81 47. Rewards of early piety. COD has said_“Forever blessed They shall find the path of wisdom, And the narrow way of truth :"

Guide us, Saviour,
In the narrow way of truth.
2 Be our strength, for we are weakness."

Be our wisdom iind our guide;
May we walk in love and meekness,
Nearer to onr Saviour's side :

Naught can harm us, While we thus in thee abide. 3 Thus, when evening shades shall gather,

We may turn our tearless eye
To the dwelling of our Father,
To our home beyond the sky-

Gently passing
To the happy land on high.

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L. MI, Privileges and duties of the young.

TE are but young--yet we may sing He made the earth, the sea, the sky, And all the starry worlds on high. 2 We are but young--yet we must die; Perhaps our latter end' is nigh; Lord, may we early seek thy grace, And find in Christ & hiding-place. 3 We are but young-we need a guide; Jesus, in thee we would confide; O lead us in the path of truth, Protect and bless our helpless youth. 4. We are but young-yet God has shed Unnumber'd blessings on our head; Then let our youth and riper days Be all devoted to his praise.

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7th P. M. 8 lines 7s God's blessings on children. HAPPY child, whom God doth aid ! :

God our souls and bodies made; God on us in gracious showers. Blessings every moment pours : Compasses with angel bands, Bids them bear us in their hands; Parents, friends, 'twas God bestow'd; Life and all descend from God.

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