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Self-consecration. 0

JESUS, delight of my soul,

My Saviour, my Shepherd divine, I yield to thy blessed control;

My body and spirit are thine : Thy love I can never deserve,

That bids me be happy in thee; My God and my King I will serve,

Whose favour is heaven to me.

2 How can I thy gondness repay,

By nature so weak and defiled! Myself I have given away;

O call me thine own blessed child: And art thou my Father above!

Will Jesus nbide in my heart! O bind me so fast with thy love,

That I never from thee shall depart.

15 நீராவாக Partheid


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S. M.
Prayer for youth.
CREAT God! with heart and tongue,

u For all our youth we pray;
O may they learn, while they are young,

To walk in wisdom's way! 2 Now, in their early days,

Teach them thy will to know; O God, thy sanctifying grace

On every heart bestow!
3 Make their unguarded youth

The object of thy care ;
Cause them to choose the way of truth,

And My from every spure.
4 Their hearts, to folly prone,

Renew by power divine; Unite them to thyself alone,

And make them wholly thine. 5 Lord, let thy sacred word

Their warmest thoughts employ; There let them daily find the road

Which leads to endless joy. 21

L. M. The youth's supplication. QUARDIAN of souls, throughout my days And let thy kindest love prevail, Though foés unite, and friends all fail. 2 By night and day, where'er I be, Be thru, my Saviour, near to me; In health or pain, in rest or toil, Give me thy kind, approving smile.

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C. M.
The tribute and prayer of children.
LMIGHTY Father, heavenly King!

Who rul'st the world above;
Accept the tribute children bring

of gratitude and love.
2 To thee, each morning, when we rise,

Our early vows we pay,
And ere the night hath closed our eyes,

We thank thee for the day.
3 Our Saviour, ever good and kind,

To us his word hath given;
That children, such as we, may find

The path that leads to heaven.
4 O Lord, extend thy gracious band,

To guide our erring youth;
And lead us to that blissful land

Where dwells eternal truth.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 7.
Prayer for grace.
TESUS, let a little child

Humbly supplicate thy throne ;
Speak to me in accents mild,

O thou great and holy One!
2 Fill my youthful heart with grace,

Make it thy beloved abode;
Show thy reconciling face,

O my Father and my God!
8 May I early learn thy ways,

Early know thy power and love;
Then devote to thee my days,

Till I am removed above.

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