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The morning the Saviour arose from the tomt
And took from the grave all its terror and glove
20 let me be thoughtful and prayerful to-ds;
And not spend a moment in trifling or play
Rememb'ring these seasons were graciouslyping
To teach me to seek, and prepare me for, bestea
3 In the house of my God, in his presence and fi
While I worship to-day may my heart be sinon
In the school while I learn, may I listen with a
And be grateful to those who watch over me the
4 Instruct me, my Saviour, for thine would I
Nor am I too young to be noticed by thee;
Renew all my heart, keep me firm in thy
I would love thee, and serve thee, and ging

the praise.

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5th P. M. 4 lines 78. Welcome, day of rest.

To the world in kindness given; Welcome to this humble brenst,

As the beaming light from heaven. 2 Day of soft and sweet repose,

Gently now thy moments run, As the peaceful streamlet flows,

Radiant with a summer's sun. 3 Day of tidings from the skies,

Day of solemn praise and prayer, Day to make the simple wise,

O how great thy blessings are ! 4 Welcome, welcome, day of rest,

With thy influence all divine; Mny thy hallow'd hours be blest

To this feeble heart of mine.

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33d P. M. 66, 66.
Close of the Sabbath.
THE light of Sabbath eve

Is fading fast away;
What record will it leave,

To crown the closing day!
Is it a Sabbath spert,

Of fruitless time destroy'd?
Or have these moments lent,

Been sacredly employ'd !
2 To waste these Sabbath hours,

O may we never dare;
Nor taint with thoughts of ours

These sacred days of prayer:
But may our Sabbaths here

Inspire our hearts with love;
And prove a foretaste clear

Of that sweet rest above,

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S. M.
Hymn for an infant class,
AVIOUR, do thou appear,

-: Give to our youthful hearts thy fear,

And perfect righteousness.
2 Thy boundless grace reveal,

And all our fears remove;
And let our youthful spirits feel

The kindlings of thy love.
3 Subdue our hearts to thee,

And may our infant tongues
From all offence and guile be free,

And full of cheerful songs.
4 Call us each one by name,

Receive each child as thine; And O, regard our youthful claim,

With benefits divine. 42

8th P. M. 4 linus 7s. An infant's prayer. JESUS, Saviour, Son of God, J Who for nie life's pathway trod, Who for me became a child Make me humble, meek, and mild. 2 I thy little lamb would be, Jesus, I would follow thee; Samuel war thy child of old, Take me, too, within thy fold. 3 Tench me how to pray to thee; Make me holy, heavenly: Let me love what thou dost lovo; Let me live with theo sbove.

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S. M. The infant school. WITHIN these walls be peace,

Love through our borders found, In all our youthful palaces

Prosperity abound. 2 God scorns not humble things;

Here, though the proud despise, The children of the king of kings

Are training for the skies,

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P. M. 64, 64, 67, 64.
The happy land.
THERE is a happy land,
Where saints in glory stand,

Bright, bright as day:
O how they sweetly sing:-
Worthy is our Saviour King;
Lond let his praises ring

Forever more.
2 Come to this happy land,

Come, come away;
Why will ye doubting stand!

Why still delay!
O we shall happy be,
When, from sin and sorrow free,
Lord, we shall live with thee,

Blest evermore.
3 Bright, in that happy land,

Benms every eye
Kept by A Father's band,

Love cannot die.
O, then, to glory run;
Be a crown and kingdom won ;
And, bright above the sun,

Reign evermore.


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