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9th P. M. 87, 87. The lambs of Christ. HUMBRE TUMBLE praises, holy Jesus,

Infant voices raise to thee; In thy mercy, O receive us!

Suffer us thy lambs to be. 2 Blessed Jesus, thou hast bidden

Babes, like us, to come to thee; Though' by thy disciples cuidden,

Thou didst tell thein not to flee. 3 Saviour, condescend to feed us,

Richly let thy mercy flow; Send thy Spirit, blessed Jesus;

Light and life on us bestow.

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6th P. M. 6 lines 79. IIosanna to Jesus. CHILDREN of Jerusalem U Sang the praise of Jesus' name; Children, too, of modern days Join to sing the Saviour's praise :

Hark! while infant voices sing Loud hosannas to our King! 2 We are taught to love the Lord, We are taught to read his word; We are taught the way to heaven: Praise for all to God be given :

Hark! while infant voices sing

Loud hosannas to our King!
3 Parents, teachers, old and young,
All unite to swell the song:
Higher and yet bigher rise,
Till hosannas reach the skies :

Hark! while infant voices sing
Loud hosannas to our King!

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P. M.
Infant praise and prayer.
HELPime to praise thy name

While I am young
Let me thy truth proclaim

With my infant tongue:
Angels from the skies
Will look down with gladsome eyes,
When thy praises rise,

By infants sung.
2 Keep us in peace and joy

Through childhood's days;
Help each little girl and boy

To walk in thy ways:
So sball we be free
From the thorns of misery;
Heaven our home shall be,

Thine all the praise. 50

P. M.
The Lord': prayer.
UR Father in beaven,


May thy kingdon holy

On earth be begun! O give to us daily

Our portion of bread; It is from thy bounty

That all must be fed. 2 Forgive our transgressions,

And teach us to know That humble compassion

Which pardons each foe; Keep us from temptation,

From weakness and sin, And thine be the glory


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8th P. M. 87, 87, 47.

TIGHTY God, while angels bless thee,

May not infants lisp thy name?
Loril of men as well as angels,
Thou art every creature's theme !

Hallelujah, hallelujnh, Amen!
2 Lord of every land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days,
Sounded through the wide creation,
Be thy just and lawful praise :

Hallelujah, hallelujah, Amen!

9th P. M. 87, 87.
Evening hymn.
Bless tliy little lamb to-night;

, me, Through the darkness be thou near me,

Keep me safe till morning light.
2 Through this day the hand has led me,

And I thank thee for thy care ;
Thou hast warın'd me, clothed, and fed me.

Listen to my evening prayer.
8 Let my sins be all forgiven,

Bless the friends I love so well;
Take me, when I die, to heaven,

Happy there, with thee to dwell.

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L. M.
The morning of life.
IN life's gay morn let children learn

To love the sacred place of prayer;
From sinful ways delight to turn,

And early pay their tribute thero,

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5th P. M. 4 lines 78.

Thanks to God.
FATHER I from thy throne above,

upon us in love
Happy children of the free,
Grateful songs would raise to thee.
2 Thanks for Sunday-schools so dear,
Where we're taught thy word and fear,
From that holy book of thine,
Fill’d with precious truths divine.
8 Saviour! 'mid all earthly strife,
Through the cares and ills of life,
May the precepts thou hast given
Guide us in the path to heaven.

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C. M.
The Sabbath-school.
Where'er through life I roam,

ear to me,
My heart will often turn to thee,

My childhood's Sabbath home.
2 Within thy courts of Him I've heard

Whose birth the angels sung,
When o'er the shepherds fill'd with fear,

The star of glory hung.
3 O holy place ! where first we shed

The penitential tear;
Where youthful steps are taught to tread

ln paths of peace and prayer.
4 When all our wand'rings here shall cease,

And cares of life shall end,
In God's eternal Sabbath place

Muy we our anthenas blend.

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