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SUNDAY-SCHOOLS are the acknowledged nur. series of the Church of Christ. In them the children of the Church should be taught the Bongs of Zion. Hitherto both Sunday-schools and churches have been embarrassed for lack of & Hymn-Book which they might use in common. Sunday-school Hymn-Books have lacked variety, and church Hymo-Books have been deficient in hymns adapted to Sunday-schools. A two-fold expenditure, and a wide dissimilarity between the Hymn-Books of Sunday-schools and those of the congregations in which they worshipped, were among the results of using both classes of books.

The desideratum was a church Hymn-Book that should embrace a sufficient number of chil. dren's hymns for Sunday-school purposes, and a Sunday school Hymn-Book that might be purchased either bound with the standard HymnBook of the Church, or separately in a cheap form.

The following collection of hymns is designed to secure both these o vjects. Published as a Supplement to the Chu 'ch Hymn-Book, it renders that volume complete, and more perfect in its adaptation to the use of Sunday-schools than any other extant. Published separately, it supplies, at the least possible expense, nearly all the choice hymns of our language, that are peculinrly suited to the capacities of the young and the wants of Sunday-schools. In either

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