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A Collection of Hymns, selected chiefly from
the Standard Hymn-B00k

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JULY 10, 1940

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1875, by NELSON & PHILLIPS,

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



Resolved, That we recommend the Book Agents to publish a small collection of hymns, mostly from our Hymn Book, for use in Sunday-schools and in Social Worship. . H. HuntER, P, esident.

Feb. 11, 1875. M. J. TALBot, Secretary.


In compliance with the above resolution of the Book Committee, we requested Rev. H. W. Warren, D.D., to select the hymns, and Eben Tourjée, Mus. Dr., to edit the musical department, of the accompanying work. NELSON & PHILLIPS.


The Hymns in our Standard Hymn Book are not only doctrinal, but unusually expressive of strong devotional feelings, and of the fullest and richest spiritual experiences. They are as profitable for devotional reading as for private and public worship. This Collection could have no higher commendation than is furnished by the fact that the Hymns are mainly selected from our official Hymn Book; and I think, selected with good taste and judgment. It is of the very first importance that the children in our Sunday-schools should know the Hymns in common use in our public worship. This will prepare them to join in the singing in our social meetings, and to take part in the devotional services of the sanctuary. It will be an incentive to them to attend public worship, because they will be prepared to share in its exercises. These Hymns will furnish them with sentiments and spiritual songs that will be useful to them in hours of penitence, of temptation, of adversity, of religious joy, of closet devotion, and when dying. O ! how different from those flippant, sentimental, semi-religious songs used in so many of our Sunday-schools | The importance of having the same hymns generally used at our family altars, in our Sunday-schools, and in our public congregations, cannot well be over estimated. This Collection, published by the Book Agents upon the recommendation of the Book Committee, by its cheapness, by the skill with which it has been compiled, and by its simple music, provides admirably for meeting this great desideratum, not by superseding our general Hymn Book, but by leading to higher appreciation and more general use. E. S. JANES.

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