Venice described (tr. by R. Barton) adapted to assist as a guide to the model of Venice now exhibiting at the Egyptian hall, Piccadilly


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Página 28 - Had stamp'd her image in me, and even so, Although I found her thus, we did not part, Perchance even dearer in her day of woe Than when she was a boast, a marvel, and a show.
Página 53 - That deep descent (thou canst not yet discern Aught as it is) leads to the dripping vaults Under the flood, where light and warmth were never...
Página 51 - They were his first appearance, and his last. The sea, that emblem of uncertainty, Changed not so fast for many and many an age, As this small spot. To-day 'twas full of masks ; And lo, the madness of the Carnival, The monk, the nun, the holy legate masked! To-morrow came the scaffold and the wheel ; And he died there, by torch-light, bound and gagged, Whose name and crime they knew not.
Página 4 - A few in fear. Flying away from him whose boast it was, That the grass grew not where his horse had trod, Gave birth to VENICE.
Página 33 - Estimate of the Situation" method, on the other hand, the orator has no opportunity, because the procedure is simply an accurate process of reasoning. It is divided into four parts. The first part consists of a careful study of the "mission," ending in a clear determination of what the "mission" really is — that is, what is the thing which it is desired to do ? The second part consists of a careful study, and eventually a clear comprehension, of the difficulties in the way; the third part consists...
Página 76 - Latin styles are blended together; the name of the architect is unknown, but it is supposed to- have been the work of Martino Lombardo.

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