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22, The Righteous and the Wicked. (Ps. 1. iii. 3. O blest Redeemer of mankind!

Thy shield, thy saving strength, shall be 1. HAPPY the man whose cautious feet

The shield, the strength, of every mind,
Shun the broad way that sinners go;

That loves his name, and trusts in thee.
Who hates the place where atheists meet,
And fears to talk as scoffers do.

4. Remember, Lord, thy chosen seed;

Israel defend from guilt and woe; 2. He loves temploy the morning light

Thy flock in richest pastures feed, Among the statutes of the Lord;

And guard their steps from every foe. And spends the wakeful hours of night

a 5. Zion exalt, her cause maintain, With pleasure pondering o'er his word.

With peace and joy ber courts surround: 3. He, like a plant by gentle streams,

In showers let endless blessings rain,
Shall flourish in immortal green;

And saints eternal praise resound.
And heaven will shine, with kindest beams,
On every work his hands begin. 24.

The Resurrection. [Ps. 88. ii. But sinners find their counsels crossed ;

(Stanzas 2–6 omitted.) As chaff before the tempest flies, | 1. SHALL man, O God of light and life, So shall their hopes be blown and lost,

Forever moulder in the grave! When the last trumpet shakes the skies.! Canst thou forget thy glorious work,

Thy promise, and thy power to savel 23. Deliverance from Temptation. (Ps. 20. 1.17. Cease, cease, yo vain desponding fears : 1. BLESSED be the Lord, who heard my prayer, When Christ, our Lord, from darkness The Lord my shield, my help, my song,

sprang, Who saved my soul from sin and fear, Death, the last foe, was captive led,

And tuned with praise my thankful tongue. And heaven with praise and wonder rang. 2. In the dark hour of deep distress, 8. Him, the first fruits, his chosen sons By foes beset, of death afraid,

Shall follow from the vanquished grave; My spirit trusted in his grace,

He mounts his throne, the King of kings, 'And sought, and found his heavenly aid His chareh to quicken, and to save.

[Ps. 102. i


Trust in God.

1. Faith sees the bright, eternal doors 8. Yet, Lord, thy kindness deigns to show

Unfold to make his children way; Enough for mortal minds to know; They shall be clothed with endless life, While wisdom, goodness, power divine, And shine in everlasting day.

Through all thy works and conduct shine. 10. The trump shall sound, the dust awake, 14. O may our souls with rapture trace From the cold tomb the slumberers

Thy works of nature and of grace; spring;

Explore thy sacred dame, and still Through heaven with joy their myriads

Press on to know and do thy will! rise,

And bail their Saviour, and their King. 25.

The Beatitudes. (Hy. 380. 1. SWIFT as declining shadows pass,

1. BLEST are the humble souls that see Our days in quick succession fly;

Their emptiness and poverty;
And, transient as the withering grass,

Treasures of grace to them are given,
Amid our youthful hopes we die.

And crowns of joy laid up in heaven. 2. Bat thou, our Saviour, shalt endure,

2. Blest are the men of broken heart, Thy years unchanged, eternal Lord!

Who mourn for sin with inward smart; Thy grace through every age is sure,

The blood of Christ divinely flows,
And firm the promise of thy word.

A healing balm for all their woes.
God's Farthfulness. [Ps. 106. i.

3. Blest are the meek, who stand afar 1. To God, the great, the ever blest,

From rage and passion, noise and war; Let songs of honor be addressed :

God will secure their happy state, His mercy firm forever stands;

And plead their cause against the great. Give him the thanks his love demands. 2. Who knows the wonders of thy ways?

4. Blest are the souls, that thirst for grace, Who shall fulfill thy boundless praise Hunger and long for righteousness; Blest are the souls that fear thee still, They shall be well supplied, and fed And pay their duty to thy will.

With living streams, and living bread. 3. Remember what thy mercy did

5. Blest are the merciful who prove For Jacob's race, thy chosen seed;

By acts, their sympathy and love; And with the same salvation bless

From Christ, the Lord, shall they obtain The meanest suppliant of thy grace.

Like sympathy and love again. 4. O may I see thy tribes rejoice,

And aid their triumphs with my voice! 6. Blest are the pure, whose hearts are clean This is my glory, Lord, to be

From the defiling power of sin; Joined to thy saints, and near to thee.

With endless pleasure they shall see

A God of spotless purity. 27.

God mcomprehensible. [Hy. 55. 1. GREAT God! in vain man's narrow view

7. Blest are the men of peaceful life, · Attempts to look thy nature through;

Who quench the coals of growing strife; Our laboring powers with reverence own

They shall be called the heirs of bliss, Thy glories never can be known.

The sons of God, the God of peace. 2. Not the high seraph's mighty thought, 8. Blest are the sufferers, who partake

Who countless years his God has sought, Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake!
Such wondrous height or depth can find, Their souls shall triumph in the Lord,
Or fully trace thy boundless mind.

Glory and joy are their reward.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here be - low;

Praise him

a - bove, ye heavenly host; Praise Fa-ther, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost.

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God our Portion. (Ps. 4. ii. / 30. Com

Christ's Sufferings. [Ps. 22. ii. 1. O God of grace and righteousness,

1. Now let our mournful songs record Hear and attend when I complain ;

The dying sorrows of our Lord, Thou hast enlarged me in distress,

When he complained in tears and blood, Bow down a gracious ear again.

As one forsaken of his God.

2. The Jews beheld him thus forlorn, 2. Ye sons of men, in vain ye try

And shook their heads, and laughed in scorn; To turn my glory into shame;

“He rescued others from the grave; How long will scoffers love to lie,

Now let him try himself to save.”
And dare reproach my Saviour's name!

3. They wound his head, his hands, his feet, 3. Know that the Lord divides his saints Till streams of blood each other meet;

From all the tribes of men beside; By lot bis garments they divide, He hears and pities their complaints

And mock the pangs in which he died. For the dear sake of Christ who died.

4. But God, his Father, heard his cry; 4. When our obedient hands have done

Raised from the dead, he reigns on high; A thousand works of righteousness,

The nations learn his righteousness,
We put our trust in God alone,

And humble sinners taste his grace.
And glory in his pardoning grace.

31. The Prosperity of Fools. [Ps. 73. ii. 6. Let the unthinking many say,“Who will bestow some earthly good ?”

1. LORD, what a thoughtless wretch was I

To mourn and murmur and repine,
But, Lord, thy light and love we pray;

To see the wicked placed on high,
Our souls desire this heavenly food.

In pride and robes of honor shine! 6. Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice, 2. But, 0, their end, their dreadful end ! At grace and favors so divine ;

Thy sanctuary taught me so ;
Nor will I change my happy choice,

On slippery rocks I see them stand,
For all their corn, and all their wine.

And fiery billows roll below.

3. Now let them boast how tall they rise- 133.

Prayer in Afliction. (Ps. 143. ii. I'll never envy them again; There they may stand with haughty eyes, l 1. My God, thy long delay to save Till they plunge deep iu endless pain.

Will sink thy servant to the grave :

My heart grows faint, and dim mine eye; 4. Their fancied joys, how fast they flee! Make haste to help before I die.

Just like a dream when man awakes; Their songs of softest harmony

2. The night is witness to my tears, Are but a prelude to their plagues.

Distressing pains, distressing fears;

O might I hear thy morning voice, 5. Now I esteem their mirth and wine

How would my wearied powers rejoice! Too dear to purchase with my blood :

3. In thee I trust, to thee I sigh, Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine,

And lift my heavy soul on high; My life, my portion, and my God.

For thee sit waiting all the day,

And wear the tiresome hours away. 32. God all-seeing. [Ps. 139. ii. 4. Break off my fetters, Lord, and show 1. COULD I 80 false, so faithless prove,

Which is the path my feet should go;

If shares and foes beset the road,
To quit thy service and thy love,

I flee to hide me near my God.
Where, Lord, could I thy presence shun,
Or from thy dreadful glory run!

5. Teach me to do thy holy will,

And lead me to thy heavenly hill; 2. If up to heaven I take my flight,

Let the good Spirit of thy love, 'Tis there thou dwell'st enthroned in light;

Conduct me to thy courts above. If down to hell, there vengeance reigns, And Satan groans beneath thy chains. 6. Then shall my soul no more complain;

The tempter then shall rage in vain; 2. If mounted on a morning ray

And flesh, that was my foe before,
I ir beyond the western sea,

Shall never vex my spirit more.
Thy swifter hand would first arrive,
And there arrest thy fugitive.


For a Church Fast. (Hy. 569. 4. Or should I try to shun thy sight

1. LORD, in these dark and dismal days, Beneath the spreading veil of night,

We mourn the hidings of thy fáce ; One glance of thine, one piercing ray,

And when to happier days we turn, Would kiudie darkuess into day.

Those days but teach us how to mourn. 6. The veil of niglit is no disguise,

2. The blessing from thy truth withdrawn, No screen from thy all-sceing eyes;

Its quickening, saving influence gone Thy band can seize thy foes as soon

Unwarned, unwakened, sinners hear, Through midnight shades, as blazing noon.

Nor see their awful danger near. 6. Midnight and noon in this agree,

3. In dews unseen, or scanty showers, Great God, they're both alike to thee;

Thy Spirit sheds his healing powers; Not death can hide what God will spy, The thirsty ground is parched beneath, And bell lies naked to his eye.

And all is barrenness and death. 7. O may these thoughts possess my breast, 4. Yet still thy name be ever blessed, Where'er I rove, wbere'er I rest!

On thee our hope shall safely rest; Nor let my weaker passions dare

Thy saints shall yet exult and sing Consent to sin, for God is there.

The matehless glories of their King

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Praise for past Mercy. [Ps. 34. i. 2. There grow thy saints in faith and love, 1. LORD, I will bless thee all my days,

Blest with thine influence from above;

Not Lebanon, with all its trees,
Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongue;/
My soul shall glory in thy grace,

Yields such a comely sight as these.
While saints rejoice to hear the song. 3. The plants of graee shall ever live;
2. Come, magnify the Lord with me:

Nature decays, but grace must thrive: Come, let us all exalt his name;

Time, that doth all things else impair, I sought th' eternal God, and he

Still makes them flourish strong and fair. Has not exposed my hope to shame. | 4. Laden with fruits of age, they show, 3. I told him all my secret grief,

The Lord is boly, just, and true:
My secret gronning reached his ears; None that attend his gates, shall find
He gave my inward pains relief,

A God unfaithful or unkind.
And calmed the tumult of my fears.
4. To him the poor lift up their eyes, 37.

God's Condescension. (Hy. 72. With heavenly joy their faces shine; A beam of mercy from the skies

1. Up to the Lord, who reigns on high, Fills them with light and hope divine.

And views the nations from afar,

Let everlasting praises fly, 6. His holy angels pitch their tents

And tell how large his bounties are. Around the men that serve the Lord : O, fear and love him, all ye saints, 2. God, that must stoop to view the skies, Taste of his grace and trust his word. And bow to see what angels do,

Down to our earth he casts his eyes, 36. The Church God's Garden. Ps. 92. iv.

And bends his footsteps downward too. 1. LORD, 'tis a plenannt thing to stand 3. He overrules all mortal things, In gardens planted by thy hand;

And manages our mean affairs ; Let me within thy courts be seen,

On humble souls the King of kings Like a young cedar, fresh and green.

Bestows his counsels and his cares.

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