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8. The flowers that spring along the road

We scarcely stoop to pluck; We walk o'er beds of shining ore,

Nor waste one wishful look.
4. We tread the path onr Master trod,

We bear the cross he bore;
And every thorn that wounds our feet

His temples pierced before.

4. Here would I learn how Christ has died

To save my soul from hell;
Not all the books on earth beside,

Such heavenly wonders tell.
6. Then let me love my Bible more,

And take a fresh delight
By day to read these wonders o'er,
"And meditate by night.

666. Heaven invisible and holy. [lly. 52. / 668. A Harvest

A Harvest Hymn. (Hy. 642. 1. Nor eve hath seen, nor ear hath heard, | 1. To praise the ever-bounteous Lord, Nor sense nor reason known,

My soul, wake all thy powers :
What joys the Father has prepared

He calls, and at his voice come forth
For those that love the Son.

The smiling harvest hours. 2. But the good Spirit of the Lord

2. His covenant with the earth he keeps ; Reveals a heaven to come;

My tongue, his goodness sing; The beams of glory in his word

Summer and winter know their time, Allure and guide us home.

His harvest crowns the spring. 3. Pure are the joys above the sky,

3. Well pleased the laborers behold And all the region peace;

The waving yellow crop; No wanton lips, nor envious eye,

With joy they hear the sheaves away, Can see or taste the bliss.

And sow again in hope. 4. Those holy gates forever bar

4. Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow Pollution, sin, and share:

The seeds of righteousness: None shall obtain admittance there,

Smile on my soul, and with thy beams But followers of the Lamb.

The ripening harvest bless. 6. He keeps the Father's book of life; There all their names are found;

669. Morning and Evening. [Uy. 682. The hypocrite in vain shall strive

1. Hosanna, with a cheerful sound, To tread the heavenly ground.

To God's upholding hand;

Ten thousand spares attend us round, 667. The Saints Pilgrimage. [Hy. 589. And yet secure we stand. 1. Great God! with wonder and with praise 2. That was a most amazing power, On all thy works I look;

That raised us with a word; But still thy wigilom, power, and grace, And every day, and every hour, Shine brightest in thy book.

We lean upon the Lord. 2. The stars that in their courses roll

3. The evening rests our weary bead, Have much instruction given;

And angels guard the room;
But thy good word informs my soul

We wake, and we admire the bed,
How I may soar to heaven.

That was not made our tomb. 3. The fields provide me food, and show 4. God is our sun, whose daily light The goodness of the Lord;

Our joy and safety brings :
But fruits of life and glory grow

Our feeble flesh lies safe at night
In thy most holy word.

Beneath his sbady wings.

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Where there are works to make him known, Or saints to love the


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670. The Saviour eralted. [lly, 140.2. The words of his extensive love 1. He, who on earth as man was known,

From age to age endure;

The angel of the covenant proves,
And bore our sins and pains,
Now, seated on th' eternal throne,

And seals the blessing sure.
The God of glory reigns.

3. Jesus the ancient faith confirms, 2. His hands the wheels of nature guide

To our great fathers given;
With an unerring skill;

He takes young children to his arms, And countless worlds, extended wide,

And calls them heirs of heaven.
Obey his sovereign will.

4. Our God, how faithful are his ways! 8. While harps unnumbered sound his praise

His love endures the same;
In yonder world above,

Nor from the promise of his grace,
His saints on earth admire his ways,

Blots out the children's name. And glory in his love. 4. When troubles, like a burning sun,


Suffer little Children." Hy. 589, Beat heavy on their head;

1. See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand, To this almighty rock they run,

With all-engaging charms;
And find a pleasing shade.

Hark! how he calls the tender lambs, 6. How glorious he-how happy they,

And folds them in his arms !
In such a glorious friend!
Whose love secures them all the way,

| 2. “Permit them to approach,' he cries, And crowns them at the end.

“Nor scorn their humble name;

It was to bless such souls as these 671. Covenant with Abraham. [ly. 538. The Lord of angels came.” 1. How large the promise, how divine, 3. We bring them, Lord, with fervent prayer, To Abra'm and his seed

And yield them up to thee; “I'll be a God to thee and thine,

Joyful that we ourselves are thine,
Supplying all their need."

Thine let our offspring be!

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4. If orphans they are left behind, | 2. Sweet to look inward, and attend
Thy guardian care we trust;

The whispers of his love ;
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts, Sweet to look upward to the place
If weeping o'er their dust.

Where Jesus pleads above. 678. The faithful Covenant. [Hy541. 3. Sweet on his faithfulness to rest,

Whose love can never end; - O Lord, thy covenant is sure

Sweet on his covenant of grace,
To all who fear thy name;
Thy mercies age on age endure,

For all things to depend.
Eternally the same.

4. Sweet in the confidence of faith, 2. In thee our fathers put their trust;

To trust his firm decrees;
Thy ways they humbly trod;

Sweet to lie passive in his hands,
Honored and sacred is their dust,

And know no will but bis.
And still they live to God.

5. If such the sweetness of the streams, 3. Heirs to their faith, their hope, their prayers, What must the fountain be, We the same path pursue:

Where saints and angels draw their bliss Entail the blessing to our heirs;

Immediately from thee?
Lord! show thy promise true.

Evening Hymn. (Hy. 694. 1. How deep and tranquil is the joy

1. Dreap Sovereign, let my evening song Which thou hast kindly given

Like holy incense rise;
To those who seek the presence, Lord, Assist the offerings of my tongue
And tread the path to heaven.

To reach the lofty skies. 2. T is in the silence of the shade

2. Through all the dangers of the day My sober thoughts begin,

Thy band was still my guard,
And earth's illusive charms appear

And still to drive my wants away
But vanity and sin.

Thy mercy stood prepared.
3. "T is here the troubled springs of life
Are calmed to sweetest rest;

3. Perpetual blessings from above The stillness of this hour expels

Encompass me around,
The tumult of my breast.

But Oh, how few returns of love

Hath my Creator found! 4. Far, far above all mortal things I walk with God alone;

4. What have I done for him that died And while he names celestial joys,

To save my wretched soul ?
I call them all my own.

How are my follies multiplied, 6. Then let the noisy world pursue

Fast as the minutes roll!
The trifles of a day,-
Mine be the silent, secret joys

6. Lord, with this guilty heart of mine,

To thy dear cross I flee,
That never fade away.

And to thy grace my soul resign, 675.

To be renewed by thee. Comfort in Sickness. [Hy. 666. 1, WHEN languor and disease invade 6. Sprinkled afresh with pardoning blood, This trembling house of clay,

I lay me down to rest,
T is sweet to look by faith abroad,

As in th'embraces of my God,
And long to fly away.

Or on my Saviour's breast.

Let God the Fa-ther and the Son, And Spi - rit be

adored, Where there are



works to make him known, Or saints to love the Lord, Or saints to love the Lord.

677. God's Providence. [Ps. 36. iv.1 3. The swelling floods tumultuous rise1. ABOVE these heavens' created rounds,

The angry tempests roar,

Lift their proud billows to the skies,
Thy mercies, Lord, extend;
Thy truth out-lives the narrow bounds,

And lash the trembling shore.
Where time and nature end.

4. The Lord, the mighty God on high, 2. Safety to man thy goodness brings,

Controls the raging seas;
Nor overlooks the beast;

He speaks -and noise and tempests fly; Beneath the shadow of thy wings

The waves sink down in peace.
Thy children choose to rest.

6. Thy sovereign laws are ever sure;
3. From thee, when creature-streams run low, Eternal truth is thine;
And mortal comforts die,

And, Lord, thy people should be pure, Perpetual springs of life shall flow,

And in thine image shine. And raise our pleasures high. 4. Though all created light decay,

679. Resurrection of Christ. Hy. 36. And death close up our eyes, Thy presence makes eternal day,

1. Again the Lord of life and light Where clouds can never rise.

Awakes the kindling ray,

Unseals the eyelids of the morn, 678. God Eternal and Almighty. Ps. 93. ii. And pours increasing day. 1. The Lord, the God of glory, reigns,

2. O what a night was that which wrapt In majesty arrayed;

A guilty world in gloom!
His rule omnipotence sustains,

O what a sun, which broke this day.
And guides the worlds he made.

Triumphant from the tomb! 2. Ere rolling worlds began to move, 3. The powers of darkness leagued in vain, Or skies were stretched abroad,

To bind our Lord in death; Thine awful throne was fixed above,

He shook their kingdom when he fell, Thou everlasting God.

By his espiring breath.

4. And now his conquering chariot wheels 1 3. Bebold his patience, bearing long Ascend the lofty skies ;

With those who from him rove; Broken beneath his powerful cross,

Till mighty grace their hearts subdues, Death's iron scepter lies.

To teach them—“God is love." 5. This day be grateful homage paid, 4. O may we all, while here below, And loud hosannas sung :

This best of blessings prove; Let gladness dwell in every heart,

Till warmer hearts, in brighter worlds, And praise on every tongue.

Proclaim that “God is love.”
6. Ten thousand thousand voices join
To bail this happy morn;

The Same.

(Hy. 76. Which scatters blessings from its wings 1. Amid the splendors of thy state, On nations yet unborn.

My God, thy love appears,

With the soft radiance of the moon 680. God's Power and Majesty. [Hy. 62. Among a thousand stars. 1. The Lord, our God, is full of might, | 2. Sinni, in clouds, and smoke and fire, The winds obey his will ;

Thunders thy dreadful name; He speaks. and, in his heavenly height, But Zion sings, in melting notes, The rolling sun stands still.

The honors of the Lamb. 2. Rebel, ye waves, and o'er the land

3. In all thy doctrines and commands, With threatening aspect roar;

Thy counsels and designs The Lord uplifts his awful hand,

In every work thy hands have framed, And chains you to the shore.

Thy love supremely shines. 3. Howl, win is of night, your force combine;' 4. Angels and men the news proclaim Without his high behest,

Through earth and heaven above,
Ye shall not, in the mountain-pine,

The joyful and transporting news,
Disturb the sparrow's nest.

That God, the Lord, is love.
4. His voice sublime is heard afar,
In distant peals it dies;

683. Praise to Christ. [Hy. 125. He yokes the whirlwind to his car,

1. To our Redeemer's glorious name And sweeps the howling skies.

Awake the sacred song; 5. Ye nations, bend-in reverence bend; O may his love-immortal flameYe monarchs, wait his nod,

Tune every heart and tongue. And bid the choral song ascend

2. For us he left his throne on high, To celebrate your God.

Left the bright realms of bliss,

And came on earth to bleed and die681. God 13 Love.

[lly. 75. Was ever love like this? 1. Come, ye that know and fear the Lord, 13. Dear Lord, while we adoring pay And raise your thoughts above:

Our humble thanks to thee,
Let every heart and voice accord

May every heart with rapture say,
To sing that “God is love."

· The Saviour died for me."
2. This precious truth his word declares, 4. O may the sweet, the blissful theme
And all his mercies prove;

Fill every heart and tongue, Jesus, the gift of gifts appears,

Till strangers love thy charming name, To show that “God is love."

And join the sacred song.

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