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700. The King of Saints. [Hy, 176./ 4. No chilling winds, or poisonous breath,

Can reach that healthful shore; 1. COME, ye that love the Saviour's name,

Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,
And joy to make it known;

Are felt and feared no more.
The Sovereign of your hearts proclaim,
And bow before his throne.

16. When shall I reach that happy place,
2. Behold your King, your Saviour, crowned And be forever blest !
With glories all divine;

When shall I see my Father's face,
And tell the wondering nations round,

And in his bosom rest?
How bright those glories shine.

6. Filled with delight, my raptured soul 8. When in his earthly courts we view

Can bere no longer stay;
The beauties of our King,

Though Jordan's waves around me roll, We long to love as angels do,

Fearless I'd launch away. And with their voice to sing. 4. O for the day-the glorious day!

703. The everlasting Song. (Hy. 317. When heaven and earth shall raise, With all their powers the raptured lay, 1. Earth has engrossed my love too long 1 To celebrate thy praise.

'Tis time I lift mine eyes

Upward, dear Father, to thy throne, 701. Happiness in God. Hy. 289. And to my native skies. 1. In vain I search creation o'er,

2. There the blessed man, my Saviour sits: My spirit finds no rest;

The God! how bright he shines !
The whole creation is too poor,

And scatters infinite delights
Too mean to make me blest.

On all the happy minds.
2. Let earth with all its charms depart,
Unworthy of the mind;

3. Seraphs, with elevated strains, In God alone this restless heart

Circle the throne around;
An equal bliss can find.

And move and charm the starry plains,

With an immortal sound. 3. Thy favor, Lord, is all I want; Here would my spirit rest;

4. Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs; O seal the rich, the boundless grant,

Jesus, thy love they sing!
And make me fully blest.

Jesus, the life of all our joys,

Sounds sweet from every string. 702. The promised Land. Hy. 511.

5. Now let me mount and join their song, 1. On Jordan's rugged banks I stand,

And be an angel too;
And cast a wishful eye
To Capaan's fair and happy land,

My heart, my hand, my ear, my tongue,

Here's joyful work for you. Where my possessions lie. 2. Oh, the transporting, rapturous scene,

| 6. I would begin the music here, That rises to my sight!

And so my soul should rise:
Sweet fields arrayed in living green,

O for some heavenly notes to bear
And rivers of delight!

My passions to the skies !
3. O'er all those wide extended plains 7. There ye that love my Saviour sit,
Shines one eternal day;

There I would fain bave place, There God, the sun, forever reigns,

Among your thrones, or at your feet, And scatters night away.

So I might see his face.

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Where there are works to make him known, Or saints to

love the Lord.


704. The aged Christian's Experience. [Ps. 71. iii. 1. Tuy righteousness, O God, is high,

Unsearchable thy deeds;
Thy glory spreads beyond the sky,

And all my praise exceeds. 2. Oft bave I heard thy threatenings roar,

And oft endured the grief;
But when thy hand hath pressed me sore,

Thy grace was my relief.
3. By long experience have I known

Thy sovereign power to save;
At thy command I venture down

Securely to the grave.
4. When I lie buried deep in dust,

My flesh shall be thy care;
These withering limbs with thee I trust,
To raise them strong and fair.

Longing for Peace. (Ps. 120. 1. Thou God of love, thou ever blest,

Pity my suffering state ;
When wilt thou set my soul at rest

From lips that love deceit?
2. Hard lot of mine! my days are cast

Among the sons of strife,
Whose never-ceasing brawlings waste

My golden hours of life.

3. Oh, might I fly to change my place,

How would I choose to dwell
In some wide, lonesome wilderness,

And leave these gates of hell !
4. Peace is the blessing that I seek;

How lovely are its charms !
I am for peace; but when I speak,

They all declare for arms.
6. New passions still their souls engage,

And keep their malice strong;
What shall be done to curb thy rage,

O thou devouring tongue! 6. Should burning arrows smite thee through

Strict justice would approve;
But I would rather spare my foe,

And melt his heart with love.

706. Pilgrimage to Heaven (Hy, 365. 1. LORD, what a wretched land is this,

That yields us no supply,
No cheering fruits, no wholesome trees,

Nor streams of living joy!
2. Yet the dear path to thine abode

Lies through this weary land;
Lord! we would keep that heavenly road,

And run at thy command.

3. Our journey is a thorny maze,

But we march upward still; Forget these troubles of the ways,

And reach at Zion's hill.
4. See the kind angels at the gates,

Inviting us to come!
There Jesus, the forerunner, waits,

To welcome travelers home! 6. There, on the hills of life and peace,

2. Death rides on every passing breeze,

And lurks in every flower;
Each season has its own disease,

Its peril every hour!
3. Our eyes have seen the rosy light

Of youth's soft cheek decay,
And fate descend in sudden night

On manhood's middle day.
4. Our eyes have seen the steps of age

Halt feebly to the tomb;
And yet shall earth our hearts engage,

And dreams of days to come! 5. Turn, mortal, turn! thy danger know:

Where'er thy foot can tread,
The earth rings bollow from below,

And warns thee of her dead!

6. Turn, mortal, turn! thy soul apply

To truths divinely given: The dead who underneath thee lie, • Shall live for hell or heaven!

Our toils recount, our Saviour bless,

And all his triumphs tell. 6. Eternal glory to the King,

That brought us safely through; Our tongues shall never cease to sing, And endless praise renew.

Pardoning Love.
1. How oft, alas! this wretched heart

Has wandered from the Lord;
How oft my roving thoughts depart,

Forgetful of his word ! 2. Yet sovereign mercy calls,—Return:

Dear Lord, and may I come?
My vile ingratitude I'mourn,

O take the wanderer home. 3. And canst thou, wilt thou, yet forgive,

And bid my crimes remove ?
And shall a pardoned rebel live

To speak thy wondrous love?
4. Almighty grace, thy healing power

How glorious, how divine!
That can to life and bliss restore

So vile a heart as mine. 6. Thy pardoning love, so free, so sweet,

Dear Saviour, I adore;
O keep me at thy sacred feet,

And let me rove no more.

709. The Dead who die in the Lord. [Hy. 478. 1. In vain our fancy strives to paint

The moment after death,
The glories that surround a saint,

When he resigns his breath.
2. One gentle sigh his fetters breaks ;

One effort-and he's gone!
And lo! the willing spirit takes

Its mansion near the throne.
8. We strive, but all our efforts fail

To trace that upward flight;
No eye can pierce within the vail,

Which hides the world of light.

4. Yet though we see them not-we know

Saints are supremely blest;
Are freed from sin, and care, and woe,

And with their Saviour rest.

708. Warnings from the Dead. Hy, 466. 1. Beneath our feet and o'er our head

Is equal warning given:
Beneath us lie the countless dead,

Above us is the heaven!

6. On harps of gold his name they praise,

His face they always view;
And if we here their footsteps traco,

There we shall praise him too.

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Where there are works to make him known, Or saints to love the

710. Sick-bed Devotion. [Ps. 39. vi. 711. The aged Christian's Hope. [Ps. 71. i. 1. God of my life, look gently down, Bebold the pains I feel;

1. My God, my everlasting hope, But I am dumb before thy throne,

I live upon thy truth;

Thy hands have held my childhood up, Nor dare dispute thy will.

And strengthened all my youth. 2. Diseases are thy servants, Lord,

They come at thy command;
I'll not attempt a murmuring word

2. [My flesh was fashioned by thy power,

With all these limbs of mine;
Against thy chastening hand.

And from my mother's painful hour 3. Yet I may plead with humble cries,

I've been entirely thine.]
Remove my sharp rebukes :
My strength consumes, my spirit dies,
Through thy repeated strokes.

3. Still has my life new wonders seen

Repeated every year;
4. Crushed as a moth beneath thy hand, Behold my days that yet rernain,
We moulder to the dust:

I trust them to thy care.
Our feeble powers can ne'er withstand,
And all our beauty 's lost.

4. Cast me not off when strength declines, 6. I'm but a stranger here below,

When hoary hairs arise;
As all my fathers were;

And round me let thy glory shine,
May I be well prepared to go,

Whene'er thy servant dies. When I the summons hear. 6. But if my life be spared awhile,

5. Then in the history of my age, Before my last remove,

When men review my days, Thy praise shall be my business still,

They'll read thy love in every page, And I'll declare thy love.

In every line thy praise.

712. Breathing after Comfort. [Ps. 119. xiii. 714. Blessedness of Benevolence. [ly. 305. 1. My God, consider my distress,

1. Blest is the man whose softening heart Let mercy plead my cause;

Feels all another's pain; Though I have sinned against thy grace, To whom the supplicating eye I can't forget thy laws.

Was never raised in vain : 2. Forbid, forbid, the sharp reproach, 2. Whose breast expands with generous Which I so justly fear;

warmth, Uphold my life, uphold my hopes,

A stranger's woes to feel;
Nor let my shame appear.

And bleeds in pity o'er the wound 3. Be thou a surety, Lord, for me,

He wants the power to heal.
Nor let the proud oppress;

3. He spreads his kind, supporting arms, But make thy waiting servant see

To every child of grief;
The shinings of thy face.

His secret bounty largely flows, 4. Mine eyes with expectation fail;

And brings unasked relief. My heart within me cries,“When will the Lord his truth fulfill,

4. To gentle offices of love And make my comforts rise ?"

His feet are never slow;

He views, through mercy's melting eye, 6. Look down upon my sorrows, Lord,

A brother in a foe.
And show thy grace the same
As thou art ever wont t'afford

6. Peace from the bosom of his God,
To those that love thy name.

The Saviour's grace shall give;
And when he kneels before the throne,

His trembling soul shall live.
713. Repentance in View of the Cross. [Uy. 120.
1. The Saviour hanging on the tree, 715. The returning Backslider.

In agony and blood,
Methought once fixed his eyes on me, 1. PROSTRATE, dear Jesus! at thy feet
As near the cross I stood.

A guilty rebel lies; 2. Sure, never to my latest breath

And upwards to the mercy-seat

Presumes to lift his eyes.
Can I forget that look:
It seemed to charge me with his death,

2. If tears of sorrow would suffice
Though not a word he spoke.

To pay the debt I owe, 3. Alas, I knew not what I did,

Tears should from both my weeping But all my tears were vain;

eyes Where could my trembling soul be hid,

In ceaseless torrents flow.
For I the Lord had slain.

3. But no such sacrifice I plead 4. A second look he gave, which said,

To expiate my guilt; "I freely all forgive; •

No tears, but those which thou hast This blood is for thy ransom paid;

shedI die, that thou may'st live.

No blood, but thou hast spilt. 6. Thus while his death my sin displays | 4. Think of thy sorrows, dearest Lord ! In all its blackest hue,

And all my sins forgive:
Such is the mystery of grace,

Justice will well approve the word
It seals my pardon too!

That bids the sinner live.

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