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4. Our sorrows and our tears we pour 3. Behold! on flying clouds he comes, Into the bosom of our God;

And every eye shall see him move : He hears us iu the mournful hour,

Though with our sins we pierced him once, And helps to bear the heavy load.

Then he displays his pardoning love. 6. Oh, could our thankful hearts devise

4. The unbelieving world shall wail, A tribute equal to thy grace,

While we rejoice to see the day: To the third heaven our songs should rise,

Come, Lord! nor let thy promise fail, And teach the golden harps thy praise.

Nor let thy chariot long delay.

Oily SA 40. Meeting of Ministers. Hy. 861. 38. Goľs Gondness to Men. [lly. 84.

1. Pour out thy Spirit from on high ; 1. YE sons of men, with joy record

Lord, thine assembled servants bless; The various wonders of the Lord ;

Graces and gifts to each supply, And let his power and goodness sound, And clothe thy priests with righteousThrough all your tribes, the earth around.

ness. 2. Let the high heavens your songs invite, 2. Wisdom, and zeal, and faith impart, Those spacious fields of brilliant light;

Firmness, with meekness from above, Where sun, and moon, and planets roll, To bear thy people on our heart, And stars that glow from pole to pole. And love the souls whom thou dost

love : 2. Sing earth, in verdant robes arrayed,

Its herbs and flowers, its fruits and shade; 3. To watch, and pray, and never faint ;
Peopled with life of various forms,

By day and night strict guard to keep; Of flesh, and fowl, and beasts, and worms. To warn the sinner, cheer the saint,

Nourish thy lambs, and feed thy sheep :4. View the broad sea's majestic plains, And think how wide its Maker reigns ;

4. Then, when our work is finished here, That band remotest nations joins,

In humble hope our charge resign: And on each wave his goodness shines.

When the chief Shepherd shall appear,

O Godl may they and we be thine ! 5. But oh! that brighter world above, Where lives and reigns incarnate love!

41. On opening a Place for Worship. [Hy. 576. God's only Son, in flesh arrayed, For man a bleeding victim made.

| 1. And will the great, eternal God,

On earth establish his abode? 6. Thither, my soul, with rapture soar,

And will he, from his radiant throne, There, in the land of praise adore ;

Accept our temples for his own! The theme demands an ungel's lay,

2. These walls we to thy bonor raise ; Demands an everlasting day.

Long may they echo with thy praise!

And thou, descending, fill the place 39. Offices of Christ. [ly. 162.

With choicest tokens of thy grace. 1. Now to the Lord, who makes us know | 3. Here let the great Redeemer reign, The wonders of his dying love,

With all the graces of his train; Be humble honors paid below,

While power divine his word attends, And strains of nobler praise above.

To conquer foes, and cheer his friends. 2. To Jesus, our atoning priest,

4. And in the great decisive day, To Jesus, our exalted king,

When God the nations shall survey,
Be everlasting power confessed,

May it before the world appear,
And every tongue his glory sing.

That crowds were born to glory here.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here be - low;

Praise him a - bove, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost.

Triumph in God. [Ps. 18. v. 2. Blest is the man to whom the Lord

Imputes not his iniquities; 1. Just are thy ways, and true thy word,

He pleads no merit of reward, Great Rock of my secure abode;

And not on works but grace relies. Who is a God beside the Lord ?

Or where's a refuge like our God i 3. From guile his heart and lips are free; 2. 'Tis he that girds me with his might,

His humble joy, his holy fear, Gives me his holy sword to wield;

With deep repentance well agree, And while with sin and hell I fight,

And join to prove his faith sincere. Spreads his salvation for my shield. 4. How glorious is that righteousness 8. He lives and blesséd be my Rock

That hides and cancels all his sins! The God of my salvation lives;

While a bright evidence of grace The dark designs of hell he broke:

Through his whole life appears and shines. Sweet is the peace my Father gives. 4. Before the scoffers of the age

44. Divine Protection. [Ps. 91. iii, I will exalt my Father's name,

1. What though a thousand at thy side, Nor tremble at their mighty rage,

At thy right hand ten thousand, died; But meet reproach and bear the shame.

Thy God his chosen people saves 6. To David and his royal need

Among the dead, amid the graves.
Thy grace forever shall extend:

2. So when he sent his angel down,
Thy love to saints, in Christ their head,
Knows not a limit, nor an end.

To make his wrath in Egypt known,

And slew their sons, his careful eye 40. Confession and Pardon. Ps. 32. iii. Passed all the doors of Jacob by. 1. BLEST is the man, forever blest,

3. But if the fire, or plague, or gword, Whose guilt is pardoned by his God; 1 Receive commission from the Lord, Whose sins with sorrow are confessed.

To strike his saints among the rest, And covered with his Saviour's blood. Their very pains and deaths are blest.

4. The sword, the pestilence, or fire, | 8. He dies ; the heavens in mourning stood; Shall but fulfill their best desire ;

He rises, and appears a God: From sins and sorrows set them free, Behold the Lord ascending high,

And bring thy children, Lord, to thee. No more to bleed, no more to die ! 45. Personne Grace (Ps. 138. ii.) 4. Hence and forever from my heart

Hol I bid my doubts and fears depart! 1. To God I cried, when troubles rose, –

And to those hands my soul resign,
He heard me, and subdued my foes ;

Which bear credentials so divine.
He did my rising fears control,
And strength diffused through all my soul. 48.

The Sons of God. (Hy. 386. 2. The God of heaven maintains his state, 1. Nor all the pobles of the earth, Frowns on the proud, and scorns the great;

Who boast the honors of their birth, But from his throne descends, to see

So high a dignity can claim, The sons of humble poverty.

As those who bear the christian name. 3. Amid a thousand snares I stand, Upheld and guarded by thy hand;

2. To them the privilege is given Thy words my fainting soul revive,

To be the sons and heirs of heaven; And keep my dying faith alive.

Sons of the God who reigns on high, 4. Grace will complete what grace begins,

And heirs of joy beyond the sky.
To save from sorrows and from sins; 3. His will he makes them early know,
The work, that wisdom undertakes,

And teaches their young feet to go;
Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes.

Whispers instruction to their minds,

And on their hearts his precèpts binds. 46. God incomprehensible. [Hy. 54.

*| 4. Their daily wants his hands supply, 1. What finite power, with ceaseless toil, Their steps he guards with watchful eye; Can fathom the eternal mind I

Leads them from earth to heaven above, Or who th'almighty Three in One,

And crowns them with eternal love. By searching to perfection find i 2. Angels and men in vain may raise, 49. God entreated for Zion. Hy, 446.

Harmonious, their adoring songs;
The laboring thought sinks down oppressed,

1. INDULGENT Sovereign of the skies!

And wilt thou bow thy gracious ear? And praises die upon their tongues.

While feeble mortals raise their cries, 3. Yet would I lift my trembling voice,

Wilt thou, the great Jehovah, hear? A portion of his ways to sing; And mingling with his meanest works,

2. How shall thy servants give thee rest, My humble, grateful tribute bring.

Till Zion's mouldering walls thou raise 1

Till thy own power shall stand confessed, 47.

Miracles of Christ. Hy. 116.! And make Jerusalem a praise ? 1. Behold, the blind their sight receive; 3. Look down, O God! with pitying eye, Behold, the dead awake, and live;

And view the desolation round;
The dumb speak wonders, and the lame See what wide realms in darkness lie,
Leap like the hart, and bless his name!

And cast their idols to the ground. 2. Thus doth th' eternal Spirit own

4. Loud let the gospel trumpet blow, And seal the mission of the Son;

And call the nations from afar; The Father vindicates his cause,

Let all the isles their Saviour know, While he bangs bleeding on the cross. 1 And earth's remotest ends draw dear.

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50. - Vanity of Man. [Ps. 39. iv.) 3. The gospel bids the dead revive; 1. O LET me, heavenly Lord! extend

Sinners obey the voice and live;

Dry bones are raised and clothed afresh, - My view, to life's approaching end: What are my days -a span their line;

And hearts of stone are turned to flesh. And what my age, compared with thine ? 4. May but this grace my soul renew, 2. Our life advancing to its close,

Let sinners gaze and hate me too; While scarce its earliest dawn it knows,

The word that saves me, doth engage Swift, tbrough an empty shade, we run,

A sure defence from all their rage. And vanity and man are one. 3. God of my fathers ! here, as they,


Condescension of God. (Hy. 74. I walk, the pilgrim of a day; A transient guest, thy works admire,

1. Thus saith the high and lofty One,

“I sit upon my holy throne; And instant to my home retire.

My name is God, I dwell on high, 4. O spare me, Lord! in mercy, spare,

And fill my own eternity.
And nature's failing strength repair;
Ere, life's short circuit wandered o'er,

2. “But I descend to worlds below, I perish, and am seen no more.

On earth I have a mansion too;

And never from the contrite heart, 51. The Gospel.

Hy. 52. And humble soul will I depart. 1. This is the word of truth and love,

3. “The broken spirit I revive; Sent to the nations from above;

I bid the mourning sinner live: Jehovah here resolves to show

Heal all the broken hearts I find, What his almighty grace can do.

And ease the sorrows of the mind." 2. This remedy did wisdom find,

4. O may thy pardoning grace be nigh, To heal diseases of the mind;.

Lest we should faint, despair, and die! This sovereign balm, whose virtues can Thus shall our better thoughts approve Restore the ruined creature, man

The methods of thy chastening love.

53. Christ, the Physician. [Hy. 185./ 55. The reconciled Sinner. Hy. 384. 1. DEEP are the wounds which sin has made: | 1. TREMBLING before thine awful throne. Where shall the sinner find a cure?

O Lordl in dust my sins I own: In vain, alas, is nature's aid-

Justice and Mercy for my life The work exceeds all nature's power. Contend !-01 smile and heal the strife.

2. The Saviour smiles! upon my soul 2. And can no sovereign balm be found! New tides of hope tumultuous rollAnd is no kind physician nigh,

His voice proclaims my pardon found, To ease the pain, and heal the wound,

Seraphic transport wings the sound. Ere life and hope forever fly?

3. Earth has a joy unknown in heaven, 3. There is a great physician near,

The new-born peace of sin forgiven!

Tears of such pure and deep delight,
Look up, O fainting soul, and live;
See, in his heavenly smiles, appear

Ye angels! never dimmed your sight.
Such ease as nature cannot give! | 4. Ye saw of old, on chaos rise,

The beauteous pillars of the skies: 4. See, in the Saviour's dying blood,

Ye know where morn exulting springs, Life, health, and bliss abundant flow! And evening folds her drooping wings. Tis only this dear sacred flood

5. Bright heralds of th' eternal Will, Can ease thy pain, and heal thy woe.

Abroad his errands ye fulfill;

Or, throned in floods of beamy day, 54.

Man's Inferiority.
Man's Inferiority. Hy. 211. Symphonious, in his presence play;

| 6. But I amid your choirs shall shine,
1. SAALL the vile race of flesh and blood And all your knowledge will be mine:
Contend with their Creator, God?

Ye on your barps must lean to hear Shall mortal worms presume to be

A secret chord that mine will bear. More holy, wise, or just, than he ? 2 Bebold, he puts his trust in none

6. God's care for the Church. (Hy. 438. Of all the spirits round his throne:

1. WHILE to its grief my soul gave way, Their natures, when compared with his,

To see the work of God decline, Are neither holy, just, nor wise.

Methought I heard the Saviour say

" Dismiss thy fears, the ark is mine. 3. But how much meaner things are they

Who spring from dust, and dwell in Clay: | 2. “Though for a time I hid my face,
Touched by the finger of thy wrath,

Rely upon my love and power;
We faint and vanish like the moth.

Still wrestle at the throne of grace,

And wait for a reviving hour. 4. From night to day, from day to night, We die by thousands in thy sight;

| 3. “Take down thy long-neglected harp, Buricd in dust whole nations lie,

I've seen thy tears, and heard thy prayer;

The winter season has been sharp, Like a forgotten vanity.

But spring shall all its wastes repair." 8. Almighty Power, to thee we bow; 4. Lord! I obey,—my hopes revive;

How frail are wel how glorious thou ! Come, join with me, ye saints, and sing: No more the sons of earth shall dare

Our foes in vain against us strive, With an eternal God compare.

For God will help and triumph bringe

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