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Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here be - low

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God the Judge. [Ps. 7. ii. 3. My flesh shall thy first call obey.

Shake off the dust, and rise on high; 1. The Lord is Judge: before his throne Then shalt thou lead the wondrous way All nations shall his justice own:

Up to thy throne above the sky. 0, may my soul be found sincere,

4. There streams of endless pleasure flow; And stand approved, with courage there!

And full discoveries of thy grace,

Which we but tasted here below, 2. The Lord, in righteousness arrayed,

Spread heavenly joys through all the Surveys the world his hands have made ;

place. Pierces the heart, and tries the reins, And judgment from on high ordains. 59. God our Confidence. Ps. 31. iii.

1. Lord, in thy great, thy glorious name, 3. My God, my Shield! around me place

I place my hope, my only trust; The shelter of the Saviour's grace:

Save me from sorrow, guilt, and shame, Then, when thine arm the just shall save, Thou ever gracious, ever just. My life shall triumph o'er the grave.

2. Thou art my rock-thy name alone

The fortress where my hopes retreat; 58. Resurrection. Ps. 16. iv. O, make thy power and mercy known;

To safety guide my wandering feet. 1. When God is nigh, my faith is strong, His arm is my almighty prop:

3. Blessed be the Lord-forever blessed, Be glad, my heart, rejoice, my tongue,

Whose meray bids my fears remove; My dying flesh sball rest in hope.

The sacred walls, which guard my rest,

Are his almighty power and love. 2. Though in the dust I lay my head,

4. Ye humble souls, who seek his face, Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave Let sacred courage fill your heart! My soul forever with the dead,

Hope in the Lord, and trust his grace, Nor lose thy children in the grave.

And he shall heavenly strength impart

Christ's Coming. Ps. 97. ii. 3. Then let my soul march boldly on,-

Press forward to the heavenly gate; 1. The Lord is come; the heavens proclaim

There peace and joy eternal reign, His birth; the nations learn his name;

And glittering robes for conquerors wait. An unknown star directs the road Of eastern sages to their God.

| 4. There shall I wear a starry crown,

And triumph in almighty grace, 2. All ve bright armies of the skies,

While all the armies of the skies Go, worship where the Saviour lies:

Join in my glorious leader's praise. Angels and kings before him bow,

Tbose gods on high, and gods below. 63. The Christian Race. [Hy. 362. 3. Let idols totter to the ground,

1. AWAKE, our souls, away, our fears, And their own worshippers confound; · Let every trembling thought be gone; Let Judah shout, let Zion sing.

Awake, and run the heavenly race, And earth confess her sovereign King.

And put a cheerful courage on.

2. True, 'tis a straight and thorny road, 61. . Praise. [Ps. 150. ii.

And mortal spirits tire and faint;

But they forget the mighty God, 1. PRAISE ye the Lord—let praise employ,

That feeds the strength of every saint: In his own courts your songs of joy; The spacious firmament around

3. The mighty God, whose matchless power Shall echo back the joyful sound.

Is ever new and ever young,

And firm endures, while endless years 2. Recount his works in strains divine.

Their everlasting circles run. His wondrous works-how bright they shine!

4. From thee, the overflowing spring, Praise him for his almighty deeds,

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply; Whose greatness all your praise exceeds. While such as trust their native strength

Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 3. Awake the trumpet's piercing sound,

To spread your sacred pleasures round; 15. Swift as an eagle cuts the air,
In praise awake each tuneful string,

We'll mount aloft to thine abode;
And to the solemn organ sing.

On wings of love our souls shall fly,

Nor tire amid the heavenly road. 4. Let all, whom life and breath inspire, Attend, and join the blissful choir; 64.

Cheering News from Missions. Lly. 601. But chiefly ye, who know his word, Adore, and love, and praise the Lord!

| 1. Hark! how the distant nations sing,

The mountains and the valleys ring;

And while they welcome Jacob's star, 62. The Christian Warfare. [ly. 347. With joy we listen from afar. 1. STAND up, my soul, shake off thy fears, 12. 'Tis Jacob's star that sheds its light And gird the gospel armor on;

On lands till now involved in nighty March to the gates of endless joy,

And gives the promise of a day, Where Jesus, thy great Captain's gone. Whose glories never fade away. 2. Hell and thy sins resist thy course; | 3. For joy of this the people sing,

But hell and sin are vanquished foes : For joy of this the mountains ring:
Thy Saviour nailed them to the cross,

The sacred joy, the cheerful sound,
And sung the triumph when he rose. I Will spread, ere long, the world around

To God the Fa - ther, God the Son, And God the Spi- rit, Three in One,

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Be hon - or, praise, and glo- ry given, By all on earth, and all in heaven.

65. Character of a Sarnt. (Ps. 15. ii., 66. Confession and Prauer [Ps. 61. ir. 1. Who shall ascend thy heavenly place, 1. LORD, I am vile, conceived in sin,

Great God, and dwell before thy face? And born unholy and unclean;
The man that minds religion now,

Sprung from the man, whose guilty fall And bumbly walks with God below.

Corrupts his race, and taints us all. 2. Whose bands are pure, whose heart is clean; 2. Soon as we draw our infant breath

Whose lips still speak the thing they mean: The seeds of sin grow up for death:
No slanders dwell upon his tongue;

Thy law demands a perfect heart,
He hates to do his neighbor wrong.

But we're defiled in every part. 8. (Firm to his word he ever stood,

3. Great God, create my heart anew, And always makes his promise good, And form my spirit pure and true; Nor dares to change the things he swears, No outward 'rites can make me clean, Whatever pain or loss he bears.]

The leprosy lies deep within. 4. (He never deals in bribing gold,

4. No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast, And mourns that justice should be sold: Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling priest, While others wrong and grind the poor, Nor running brook, nor flood, nor sea, Sweet charity attends his door.]

Can wash the dismal stain away. 8. He loves his enemies, and prays

6. Jesus, my God, thy blood alone For those that curse him to his face;

Hath power sufficient to atone: And doth to all men still the same,

Thy blood can make me white as snow, That he would hope or wish from them. No Jewish types could cleanse me so. 6. Yet when his holiest works are done, 6. While guilt disturbs and breaks my peace, His soul depends on grace alone:

Nor flesh nor soul hath rest or ease; This is the man thy face shall see,

Lord, let me hear thy pardoning voice, And dwell forever, Lord, with thee.

And make my broken bones rejoice.

67. Longing for God's House. (Ps. 84. i. . 4. Death, like an overflowing stream,

Sweeps us away; our life's a dream 1 How pleasant, how divinely fair,

An empty tale-a morning flower, O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are!

Cut down and withered in an hour. With long desire my spirit faints

6. Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man; To meet th' assemblies of thy saints.

And kindly lengthen out our span, 2. My filesh would rest in thine abode,

Till a wise care of piety
My panting heart cries out for God;

Fit us to die, and dwell with thee.
My God, my King, why should I be
So far from all my joys and thee i 69.

God incomprehensible. Hy. 56. 3. The sparrow chooses where to rest, | 1. Can creatures to perfection find And for her young provides her nest;

Th' eternal uncreated mind? But will my God to sparrows grant

Or can the largest stretch of thought That pleasure which his children want! Measure and search his nature out? 4. Blest are the saints who sit on high

2. 'Tis high as heaven, 't is deep as hell, Around thy throne of majesty;

And what can mortals know or telli Thy brightest glories shine above,

His glory spreads beyond the sky, And all their work is praise and love.

And all the shining worlds on high. 8. Blest are the souls that find a place

3. God is a King of power unknown; Within the temple of thy grace;

Firm are the orders of his throne; There they bebold thy gentler rays,

If he resolve, who dare oppose, And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.

Or ask him why or what he does ? 6. Blest are the men whose hearts are set

| 4. He frowns, and darkness veils the moon; To find the way to Zion's gate:

The fainting sun grows dim at noon; God is their strength; and through the road

The pillars of heaven's starry roof They lean upon their helper, God.

Tremble and start at his reproof. 1. Cheerful they walk with growing strength,

6. These are a portion of his ways: Till all shall meet in heaven at length;

But who shall dare describe his face i Till all before thy face appear,

Who can endure his light, or stand And join in nobler worship there.

To hear the thunders of his hand ?

Prayer for Peace.

[Hy. 608. Man mortal, God eternal (Ps. 90. i.! 70.

1. Great God, whom heaven, and earth, and 1. THROUGH every age, eternal God,

sea, Thou art our rest, our safe abode:

With all their countless hosts obey, High was thy throne ere heaven was made, Upheld by thee the nations stand, Or earth thy humble footstool laid.

And empíres fall at thy command. 2. Long badst thou reigned ere time began, 12. O show thyself the Prince of peace, Or dust was fashioned into man;

Command the din of war to cease;
And long thy kingdom shall endure,

With sacred love the world inspire,
When earth and time shall be no more. And burn its chariots in the fire.
8. But man, weak man, is born to die, 3. In sunder break each warlike spear,
Made up of guilt and vanity;

Let all, the Saviour's ensigns wear;
Thy dreadful sentence, Lord, was just, The universal Sabbath prove,
"Return, ye sinners, to your dust."

The perfect rest of christian love!


Christ's Condescension. [Ps. 8. iii. 2. [If government be all destroyed-

That firm foundation of our peace, 1. O LORD, our Lord, in power divine,

And violence make justice void,
How great is thy illustrious name!
Through all the earth thy glories shine,

Where shall the righteous seek redress l]
Placed high above the heavenly frame. 3. The Lord in heaven hath fixed his throne,
2. Down from his throne the Son descends, His eye surveys the world below;
A little time our form to wear:

To him all mortal things are known, Beneath th' angelic hosts be bends,

His eyelids search our spirits through. Our sufferings and our guilt to bear.

| 4. If he afflicts his saints so far, 3. But lo! thy power exalts him high,

To prove their love, and try their grace, In glorious dignity enthroned:

What must the bold transgressors fear | He bears our nature to the sky,

His very soul abhors their ways.
O'er all thy works the Ruler crowned.

6. (On impious wretches he shall rain
4. Jesus, the man, in glory sits,
Creation at his feet obeys:

Tempests of brimstone, fire, and death, To him each living tribe submits,

Such as he kindled on the plain Natives of earth, or air, or seas.

Of Sodom with his angry breath.] 6. Jesus, our Lord, in power divine, 6. The righteous Lord loves righteous souls, How great is thy illustrious name!

Whose thoughts and actions are sincere; Through all the earth thy glories shine, And with a gracious eye beholds

Let the whole earth resound thy fame! The men that his own image bear.

72. . The Saint's Refuge. Ps. 11. 713. Prayer and Hope of Victory. [Ps. 20. L 1. My refuge is the God of love :

| 1. Now may the God of power and grace Why do my foes insult and cry,

Attend his people's humble cry! “Fly, like a timorous, trembling dove, Jehovah hears when Israel prays,

To distant woods or mountains fly pa And brings deliverance from on high

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