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& Well he remembers all our sighs,

2. Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, His love exceeds our best deserts :

And with the angels bear thy part, His love accepts the sacrifice

Who all night long unwearied sing Of humble groans and broken hearts. High praises to th' eternal King. 2. In his salvation is our hope,

3. All praise to thee, who safe hast kept, And in the name of Israel's God,

And hast refreshed me while I slept; Our troops shall lift their banners up, Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake, Our Davies spread their flags abroad.

I may of endless life partake. 4. Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear; Now let our hopes be firm and strong;

14. Lord, I my vows to thee renew; Till thy salvation shall appear,

Scatter my sins as morning dew; And joy and triumph raise the song.

Guard my first springs of thought and will,

And with thyself my spirit fill. 74. Hope in Afliction. [Ps. 42. iii. 5. Direct, control, suggest, this day, 1. My spirit sinks within me, Lord,

All I design, or do, or say: But I will call thy name to mind;

That all my powers, with all their might, And times of past distress record,

In thy sole glory may unite. When I have found my God was kind. 2 Huge troubles, with tumultuous noise,


[Ps. 697. Swell like a sea, and round me spread;

1. GLORY to thee, my God, this night, Thy water-spouts drown all my joys,

For all the blessings of the light:
And rising waves roll o'er my head.

Keep me, o keep me, King of kings, 3. Yet will the Lord command his love,

Beneath thine own almighty wings.
When I address his throne by day;
Nor in the night his grace remove,

2. Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son,
The night shall bear me sing and pray.

The ill which I this day have done;

That with the world, myself, and thee, 4 I'll cast myself before his feet,

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
And say,-“ My God, my heavenly Rock,
Why doth thy love so long forget

3. Teach me to live, that I may dread
The soul, that groans beneath thy The grave as little as my bed;
stroke ?"

Teach me to die, that so I may 8. rll chide my heart that sinks so low;

Rise glorious at the judgment-day. Why should my soul indulge her grief? | 4. O, let my soul on thee repose, Hope in the Lord, and praise him too;

And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close ! He is my rest, my sure relief.

Sleep, which shall me more vigorous make, 6. Thy light and truth shall guide me still, To serve my God when I awake.

I'hy word shall my best thoughts employ, And lead me to thy heavenly hill,

5. Be thou my guardian, while I sleep, My God, my most exceeding joy.

Thy watchful station near me keep;

My heart with love celestial fill, 75.

Morning. [lly. 686. And guard me from th' approach of ill. 1. AWAKE, my soul, and with the sun

6. Lord, let my soul forever share Thy daily stage of duty run ;

The bliss of thy paterpal care: Shake off dull sloth, end joyful rise

'Tis heaven on earth, 'tis heaven above, To pay thy morning sacrifice.

To see thy face, and sing thy love!


To God the Fa-ther, God the Son, And God the Spi - rit, Three in One,

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77. Morning Worship. [Ps. 5. ii.) 4. I love thy habitation, Lord,

The temple where thine honors dwell: 1. WHENE'ER the morning rays appear,

There shall I hear thy holy word,
Thou, Lord, my early voice shalt hear:
To thee my lifted hands shall rise,

And there thy works of wonder tell. And faith look up with longing eyes. | 5. Let not my soul be joined at last, 2. O God, thy pure unsullied mind

With men of treachery and blood, In tents of sin no joy can find:

Since I my days on earth have passed Far from thy throne shall evil flee,

Among the saints, and near my God. Nor e'er inhabit, Lord, with thee.

79. 3. But I, by boundless mercies led,

Confession and Pardon. (Ps. 32. iv. Thy temple's sacred courts will tread; 1. WHILE I keep silence and conceal Up to thy house with joy repair :

My heavy guilt within my heart; Thy mercies shall surround me there.

What torments doth my conscience feel I

What agonies of inward smart! 78.

Conscious Integrity. [PS. 20. 2. I spread my sins before the Lord, 1. JUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways, And all my secret faults confess:

And try my reins, and try my heart; 1 Thy gospel speaks a pardoning word, My faith upon thy promise stays,

Thy holy Spirit seals the grace.
Nor from thy law my feet depart.

3. For this shall every humble soul 2. (I hate to walk, I hate to sit

Make swift addresses to thy seat;
With men of vanity and lies;

When floods of huge temptation roll, The scoffer and the hypocrite

There shall they find a blest retreat. Are the abhorrence of mine eyes.]

4. How safe beneath thy wings I lie, . 3. Among thy saints will I appear,

When days grow dark, and storms apWith bands well washed in innocence;

pear! But when I stand before thy bar,

And when I walk, thy watchful eye
The blood of Christ is my defence.

Shall guide me safe from every spare.


Brotherly Watchfulness. [Ps. 141.) 4. In every pang that rends the heart,

The Man of sorrows had a part; 1. My God, accept my early vows,

He sympathizes with our grief,
Like morning incense in thy house;

And to the sufferer sends relief.
And let my nightly worship rise
Sweet as the evening sacrifice.

5. With boldness, therefore, at the throne, 2. Watch o'er my lips, and guard them, Lord,

Let us make all our sorrows known;

And ask the aid of heavenly power, From every rash and heedless word; Nor let my feet incline to tread

To help us in the evil hour. The guilty path where sinners lead.

83. S. O may the righteous, when I stray,

Morning Worship. [Hy. 693. Srnite and reprove my wandering way! 1. Fortu in thy name, O Lord, we go, Their gentle words, like ointment shed,

Our daily labor to pursue ; Shall never bruise, but cheer my head. Thee, only thee, resolved to know, 4. When I behold them pressed with grief, ||

In all we think, or speak, or do. I'll cry to heaven for their relief;

2. Still would we bear thy easy yoke, And by my warm petitions prove,

And every moment watch and pray; How much I prize their faithful love.

Would still to things eternal look,

And hasten to thy glorious day. 81. Opening of Worship. [ly. 6.

3. For thee alone we would employ 1. Jesus, where'er thy people meet,

Whate'er thy bounteous grace hath given; There they behold thy mercy-seat;

Would tune our course with even joy, Where'er they seek thee, thou art found, And closely walk with thee to heaven.

And every seat is hallowed ground. 2. For thou, within no walls confined, 84. Evening Worship. ly. 695. Inbabitest the humble mind;

1. Great God! to thee my evening song Such ever bring thee where they come,

With humble gratitude I raise; And going, take thee to their home.

O let thy mercy tune my tongue, 3. Great Shepherd of thy chosen few!

And fill my heart with lively praise. Thy former mercies here renew; Here to our waiting hearts proclaim

2. My days unclouded as they pass, The sweetness of thy saving name.

And every gentle, rolling hour,

Are monuments of wondrous grace, 82.

And witness to thy love and power. Sympathy of Christ. [Hy. 172. 1. WHERE high the heavenly temple stands. 3. And yet this thoughtless, wretched hearty The house of God not made with hands,

Too oft regardless of thy love, A great High Priest our nature wears,

Ungrateful, can from thee depart, The guardian of mankind appears.

And, fond of trifles, vainly rove. 2. Though now ascended up on high, 4. Seal my forgiveness in the blood He bends to earth a brother's eye;

Of Jesus; his dear name alone Partaker of the buman name,

I plead for pardon, gracious God! He knows the frailty of our frame.

And kind acceptance at thy throne. 3. Our fellow-sufferer yet retains

5. Let this blest hope mine eyelids close, A fellow-feeling of our pains ;

With sleep refresh my feeble frame; And still remembers, in the skies,

Safe in thy care may I repose, His tears, his agonies, and cries.

And wake with praises to thy name.

Praise God, from whom all bless-ings flow; Praise him, all creatures here be-low;

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a - bove, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Ho - ly Ghost.

85. God in the Seasons. [Ps. 65. iii. ( 2. How did the spreading branches shoot, 1. On God the race of man depends,

And bless the nations with the fruit !

But now, O Lord, look down and see, Far as the earth's remotest ends, Where the Creator's name is known,

Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree! By nature's feeble light alone.

3. Why is her beauty thus defaced ? 2 At his command the morning ray

Why hast thou laid her fences waste ! Smiles in the east, and leads the day:

Strangers and foes against her join, He guides the sun's decliving wheels

And every beast devours thy viue. Over the tops of western bills.

4. Return, almighty God, return; 3. Seasons and times obey his voice;

Nor let thy bleeding vineyard mourn: The evening and the morn rejoice

Turn us to thee, thy love restore, To see the earth made soft with showers, We shall be saved, and sigh no more.

Laden with fruit, and dressed in flowers. 4. The desert grows a fruitful field; 87.


[Hy. 92 Abundant food the valleys yield;

1. This curious frame, these noble powers, The valleys sbout with cheerful voice,

To thy creating band I owe: And neighboring hills repeat their joys.

Thy providence preserves me safe, 5. Thy works pronounce thy power divine; And crowns my every wish below.

O'er every field thy glories shine;
Through every month thy gifts appear;


12. Oft in the vision

2. Oft in the visions of the night, Great God! thy goodness crowns the year.

ear My thoughts still on thy mercies rove;

And every midnight wakeful hour, 86. Prayer for the Church. [Ps. 80. ii. I trace the wonders of thy love. 1. LORD, thou hast planted with thy hands 3. The various and exhaustless theme A lovely vine in heathen lands;

Ench rising morn my soul pursues, Did not thy power defend it round,

In fervent prayer ascends to thee, And heavenly dews enrich the ground! | And still her grateful song renews.

Thy mercies, Lord, through endless years, | 90. The Poor in Spirit blessed. [Hy. 389.

Shall still my raptured powers employ;
Yet endless years will still but swell | 1. Ye humble souls, complain no more,
My wonder, gratitude, and joy.

Let faith survey your future store;

How happy, how divinely blest, 88.

The sacred words of truth attest.
Star of Bethlehem (Hy. 192.

2. When conscious grief laments sincero, 1. WHEN Marshalled on the nightly plain, .

And pours the penitential tear;
The glittering host bestud the sky,

Hope points to your dejected eyes,
One star alone, of all the train,

The bright reversion in the skies. Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. 2. Hark! barkIto God the chorus breaks,

8. In vain the sons of wealth and pride From every host, from every gem;

Despise your lot, your hopes deride:

In vain they boast their little stores ; But one alone the Saviour speaks,

Trifles are theirs; a kingdom yours: It is the Star of Bethlehem

A kingdom which can ne'er decay, & Once on the raging seas I rode, The storm was loud, the night was dark,

While time sweeps earthly thrones away;

The state which power and truth sustain, The ocean yawned-and rudely blowed The wind that tossed my foundering bark.

Unmoved forever must remain 4. Deep horror the my vitals froze,

5. Jesus, to thee I breathe my prayer; Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem;

Reveal, confirm my interest there: When suddenly a star arose,

Whate'er my humble lot below, It was the Star of Bethlehem.

This, this my soul desires to know. 6. It was my guide, my light, my all;

6. O let me hear that voice divine It bade my dark forebodings cease;

Pronounce the glorious blessing mine! And through the storm, and danger's thrall,

Enrolled among thy happy poor, It led me to the port of peace.

My largest wishes ask no more. 6. Now safely moored-my perils o'er, I'll sing, first in night's diadem,

91. Prayer in choosing a Paster. [lly. 566. Forever and for evermore, The Star--the Star of Bethlehem!

1. O LORD, thy pitying eye surveys

Our wandering paths, our trackless ways:

Send forth, in love, thy truth and light, Invocation.

Invocation. (Hy. 204. To guide our doubtful footsteps right. 1. Cows, sacred Spirit, from above,

2. In humble faith, bebold we wait: And fill the coldest heart with love,

On thee we call at mercy's gate; Soften to flesh the rugged stone,

Our drooping hearts, O Godl sustain, And let thy godlike power be known

Shall Israel seek thy face in vain ? 2. Speak thou, and from the baughtiest eyes | 3. O Lord! in ways of peace return, Shall floods of pious sorrow rise ;

Nor let thy flock neglected mourn; While all their glowing souls are borne May our blest eyes a shepherd see, To seek that grace which now they scorn.

Dear to our souls, and dear to thee. 3. O let a holy flock await,

4. Fed by his care, our tongues shall raiso Numerous around thy temple-gate,

A cheerful tribute to thy praise : Each pressing on with zeal to be

Our children learn the grateful song, A living saerifiee to thee.

And theirs the cheerful noves prolong.

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