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2, Visit, thou, this soul of mine,

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief;
Fill me, I thou Light divine!

Scatter all my unbelief:
More and more thyself display,
Shining to the perfect day.

2. Let the people praise thee, Lord!

Be by all that live adored:
Let the nations shout and sing,
Glory to their Saviour King;
At thy feet their tribute pay,

And thy holy will obey. 8. Let the people praise thee, Lord !

Earth shall then her fruits afford;
God to man his blessing give,
Man to God devoted live;
All below, and all above,
One in joy, and light, and love.

1033. Invitation.

Hy. 246. 1. Ye who in his courts are found,

Listening to the joyful sound,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Full of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings;

Take the peace the gospel brings. 2. Turn to Christ your longing eyes,

View his bleeding sacrifice;
See in him your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven:
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.

1031. Filial Prayer. Ps. 123. ii. 1. LORD, before thy throne we bend;

Lord, to thee our eyes ascend:
Servants to our Master true,
Lo! we yield the homage due:
Children, to our Sire we fly,

Abba, Father, hear our cry!
2. To the dust our knees we bow,

We are weak, but mighty thou:
Sore distressed, yet suppliant still,
We await thy holy will;
Bound to earth and rooted here,

Till our Saviour God appear.
3. From the heavens, thy dwelling-place,

Shed, O shed, thy pardoning grace:
Turn to save us—none below
Pause to hear our silent woe;
Pleased or sad, a thoughtless throng,

Still they gaze, and pass along.
4. Leave us not beneath the power

Of temptation's darkest hour:
Swift to seal their captives' doom,
See our foes exulting come!
Jesus, Saviour, yet be nigh,

Lord of life and victory! 1032.

Christ the Light [Hy. 191.! 1. CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies,

Christ, the true, the only light,
Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night;
Day-spring from on high, be near;
Day-star, in my heart appear.

1034. The Lord's Supper. Luy. 655. 1. Many centuries have fled

Since our Saviour broke the bread,
And this sacred feast ordained,
Ever by his church retained :
Those his body who discern,

Thus shall meet till his return,.
2. Through the churches' long eclipse,

When, from priest or pastor's lips,
Truth divine was never heard,
Mid the famine of the word,
Still these symbols witness gave

To his love who died to save.
3. All who bear the Saviour's name,

Here their common faith proclaim;
Though diverse in tongue or rite,
Here, one body we upite;
Breaking thus one mystic bread,

Members of one common head.
4. Come, the blesséd emblems share,

Which the Saviour's death declare;
Come, on truth immortal feed;
For his flesh is meat indeed :
Saviour! witness with the sign,
That our ransomed souls are thing

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1035. Learning of Christ. [lly. 114. 1. Go to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel the tempter's power,
Your Redeemer's conflict see,

Watch with him one bitter hour;
Turn not from his griefs away,

Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.' 2. Follow to the judgment-hall ;

View the Lord of life arraigned;
O the wormwood and the gall!

O the pangs his soul sustained!
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss;

Learn of him to bear the cross.
8. Calvary's mournful mountain climb;

There, adoring at his feet, Mark that miracle of time,

God's own sacrifice complete: “ It is finished,”-hear him cry;

Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 4. Early hasten to the tomb,

Where they laid his breathless clay;
All is solitude and gloom,

Who hath taken him away?
Christ is risen ;-he meets our eyes;
Saviour, teach us so to rise.

1036. The Saviour's Invitation. [ly, 202. 1. From the cross uplifted high,

Where the Saviour deigns to die,
What melodious sounds we hear,
Bursting on the ravished earl-
“Love's redeeming work is done

Come and welcome, sinner, come ! 2. “Sprinkled now with blood the throne

Why beneath thy burdens groan?
On my piercéd body laid,
Justice owns the ransom paid-
Bow the knee, and kiss the Son-

Come and welcome, sinner, come ! 3. “Spread for thee, the festal board

See with richest bounty stored;
To thy Father's bosom pressed,
Thou shalt be a child confessed,
Never from his house to roam ;

Come and welcome, sinner, come! 4. “Soon the days of life shall end

Lo, I come-your Saviour, Friend!
Safe your spirit to convey
To the realms of endless day,
Up to my eternal home-
Come and welcome, sinner, come?"

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The Rock of Ages. [ly. 188. 1038.

Childlike Trust.

[Hy. 811. 1. Rock of Ages! cleft for me,

1. QUIET, Lord, my froward heart, Let me hide myself in thee;

Make me teachable and mild, Let the water and the blood,

Upright, simple, free from art, From thy wounded side that flowed,

Make me as a weanéd child: Be of sin the perfect cure;

From distrust and envy free, Save me, Lord, and make me pure.

Pleased with all that pleases thee. 2. Should my tears forever flow,

2. What thou shalt to-day provide, Should my zeal no languor know,

Let me as a child receive; This for sin could ne'er atone;

What to-morrow may betide, Thou must save, and thou alone;

Calmly to thy wisdom leave : In my hand no price I bring,

'T is enough that thou wilt care, Simply to thy cross I cling.

Why should I the burden bear 8. While I draw this fleeting breath,

3. As a little child relies When mine eye-lids close in death,

On a care beyond his own; When I rise to worlds unknown,

Knows he's neither strong por wise, And behold thee on thy throne,

Fears to stir a step alone; Rock of Ages ! cleft for me,

Let me thus with thee abide, Let me hide myself in thee.

As my Father, Guard, and Guide.

Praise the Lord ye heavens, a - dore him; Praise him, an-gels in

the height;

Sun and moon, re - joice before him; Praise him, all ye stars

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1039.. Praise to God. (Ps. 148. v. 3. Riches come of thee and honor,

Power and might to thee belong; 1. PRAISE the Lord ! ye heavens, adore him, Thine it is to make us prosper, Praise him, angels in the height;

Only thine to make us strong. Sun and moon, rejoice before him ;

4. Lord, to thee, thou God of mercy, Praise him, all ye stars of light!

Hymns of gratitude we raise; 2. Praise the Lord-for he hath spoken;

To thy name, forever glorious,
Worlds his mighty voice obeyed;

Ever we address our praise !
Laws which never shall be broken,
For their guidance he hath made.

1041. Christ's Birth [Hy. 107.

1. Hark! what mean those holy voices, 8. Praise the Lord-for he is glorious ;

Sweetly sounding through the skies? Never shall his promise fail;

Lo! th' angelic host rejoices;
God hath made his saints victorious,

Heavenly hallelujahs rise.
Sin and death shall not prevail.

2. Listen to the wondrous story, 4. Praise the God of our salvation,

Which they chant in hymns of joy Hosts on high his power proclaim;

“Glory in the highest, glory! Heaven and earth, and all creation,

Glory be to God most high!
Laud and magnify his name !

3. “ Peace on earth, good-will from heaven,

Reaching far as man is found; 1040. The Grer of good Gifts. Ily. 22. Souls redeemed, and sins forgiven ;

Loud our golden harps shall sound. 1. BLEST be thou, O God of Israel, Thou, our Father, and our Lord !

4. “ Christ is born, the great Anointed; Blest thy majesty forever!

Heaven and earth his praises sing i Ever be thy name adored.

O receive whom God appointed,

For your Prophet, Priest and King! 2. Thine, O Lord, are power and greatness, | 6. “Hasten, mortals, to adore him ; Glory, victory, are thine own;

Learn his name and taste his joy; All is thine in earth and heaven,

Till in heaven ye sing before him,
Over all thy boundless throne.

Glory be to God most high!"

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1042. Christ eralted. [Ps. 18. vi.] 1044. Glory of the Church. Hy. 433. 1. Lo! the Lord Jehovah liveth!

1. Glorious things of thee are spoken, He's my rock, I bless his name:

Zion, city of our God;
He, my God, salvation giveth;

He, whose word cannot be broken,
All ye lands, exalt his fame.

Formed thee for his own abode.
2. O'er bis enemies exalted,
See the great Redeemer rise !

On the rock of ages foundedThough by powers of hell assaulted,

What can shake thy sure repose !

With salvation's walls surrounded.
God supports him to the skies.

Thou may'st smile at all thy foes. 3. God, Messiah's cause maintaining,

Shall his righteous throne extend: 2. See, the streams of living waters,
O'er the world the Saviour reigning,

Springing from eternal love,
Earth shall at his footstool bend.

Well supply thy sons and daughters,

And all fear of want remove:
The Same. [Hy. 141.

Who can faint while such a river 1. JEsus comes, his conflict over,

Ever flows thy thirst tassuage !
Comes to claim his great reward :

Grace, which, like the Lord, the giver, Angels round the victor hover,

Never fails from age to age. Crowding to behold their Lord. 2. Yonder throne for him erected,

3. Round each babitation hovering, Now becomes the victor's seat;

See the cloud and fire appear!
Lo, the man on earth rejected!

For a glory and a covering,
Angels worship at his feet.

Showing that the Lord is near ;8. Day and night they cry before him,

He who gives them daily manna, "Holy, holy, holy Lord !”

He who listens when they cry, All the powers of heaven adore him; Let him hear the loud hosanna All obey his sovereign word.

Rising to his throne on high.


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