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Whiston is a Historical interpreter and does a remarkable job of outlining the design and order of the book; seeing the 7 trumpets as part of the 7th seal and makes a clear case for the 7 Vials being a main part of the 7th trumpet. I think the following statementy is remarkable because of the time of his writing when these things have not been fulfilled and are yet in his future.
"""The Six first Seals, andthestx first Trumpets of the seventh Seal are all Over before the End of the 1260 years of Antichrist's Reign: and the seventh Trumpet or seven Vials contained in it follow immediately after that time;."
He has other good insights however he makes a very confusing preasentation by jumping ahead and then back to Daniel. His arguments are often difficult to follwo. and he doews make a few interpretive minstakes. He is not alonhe in saying the 2nd beast of 13 isw the same as the false prophet of 19. see the proper explan\ation the exposion of Rev found at www.moellerhaus.com.

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