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The greatest change in this edition of “Choice Readings" is the introduction of the editor's discussions of the most important topics in Elocution. With this addition the volume can be used as a manual for instruction, as well as a book of selections. The chief difficulties that perplex the student of elocution are treated in language as simple as the technical nature of the subject permits. The main object in the introduction of this new material has been to furnish the student with practical working systems leading up to the certain acquisition of the fundamental excellences of good reading and good speaking. The original order of the chapters is slightly changed; the introductory remarks to each. chapter are retained with unimportant modifications.

About one-half of the old selections have been supplanted by new ones which, it is hoped, will prove as stimulating and attractive as their predecessors. The exceptionally strong selections still hold their places in the volume. In the work of preparing this edition the editor received from his associates in the school of oratory valuable assistance, which he here gratefully acknowledges. This revised edition is sent forth with the confident belief that it is a better and more serviceable book than the old one; and it is hoped that, by making the path to success in public speaking more clear and straight, it will meet with public favor and approval.

The editor is greatly indebted to the following publishers for permission to use the selections from works of which they hold the copyright, viz.: Harper and Brothers, “The Boy Orator of Zepata City," from The Exiles, and “Her First Appearance,"



from Van Bibber and Others; American Publishers' Corporation,

Scene from ‘The Little Minister'”; The Century Company, “The Two Runaways" and "The Trial of Ben Thomas," from Two Runaways and Other Stories; The Bowen-Merrill Company, “The South Wind and the Sun," and "Knee-Deep in June," from Afterwhiles, and H. S. Edwards' “Mammy's Li'l' Boy."

R. McL. C.

EVANSTON, Ill., June, 1898.

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